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Survivor Network
« on: April 08, 2004, 10:24:10 AM »
REWARD CHALLENGE: Swim and carry (Mogo Mogo wins?)
The CBS press release states that the reward is an overnight giveaway. Could this the rumored hotel reward?

Unfortunately, we are unsure of whether or not its a tribal challenge. We see red and green buffs everywhere, but MB has pulled Editing tricks before. So you never know.

Our best guess? It's an individual one before the merge.


(Left): Mogo Mogo's Rupert carries a red box. Why is he carrying a red box when he is on the green team? We have no clue. Perhaps winning team has to carry the most opposing boxes? Lex carrying a green box is in the background.
(Right): Kathy, Alicia, Tom, Jenna, Shii Ann cheering their teammates on? This has got to be tribal? Or are they nice cheerleaders?
We probably have to guess who might go on the reward based on who is missing from vidcaps. But a few vidcaps interest us.


(Left): Rupert has beads. (Amber does, too, see below). Where are they from?
(Right): Amber and Rob after the merge enjoying a moment. Could it be on a reward? Probably not because they have already merged (note the Blue buff). But you never know.
The tribes merge! Hooray!
(Left): The tribes in blue buffs standing on their tribal carpets. Note buffs scattered across ground.

(Right): Jenna: Yessss! What is she so happy for? Note Rupert's beads and Amber's beads in both pics.

Looks like the tribes merge at Chapera.
IMMUNITY CHALLENGE: Sink and swim (Rob wins?)
And it's the most difficult underwater challenge in Survivor history.

Two people will be safe from the vote. Thanks to the the new DOUBLE IMMUNITY!

So what's the challenge? Probably something similar to the Survivor Borneo challenge of Episode 7.

Description: A combination breath-holding competition and underwater swim race.
Winning Castaway Gets: Immunity.
Winning Castaway: Greg

(Left): Jenna and (Gretchen?) holding their breath.
(Right): Sean and Greg race in the final two-person only heat.

(Left): Rob and Tom holding their breath.
(Right): Rob racing?

(Left): Rupert's beads kind of look like the immunity necklace (right). But they aren't.


So, who wins? Rob appears to be in the final heat. So he's as good as a guess as we have. And he'll definitely give immunity to his love, right?
BOOT: Shii Ann.
This is the first week in a long time that we don't have a good idea of who might get booted.

Whomever does is the first jury member.

The boot likely revolves around whether Robfather will keep his promise to Lex that he will "take of him" if Amber remained safe last week. Though Rob probably wouldn't listen to her, Amber must also decide if her alliance with the (old) Mogo Mogos will stay intact. Her "niceness" could lead her to saving them, too.

Voiceover in promo: The Robfather made a sacred vow to protect Lex. But to him:
Rob: You guys didn't really believe that did ya?
VO: ... a promises means nothing.

Robfather tells Kathy and Lex: "You wanna put our friendship on the line, I will."
That doesn't sound like he's telling them that he's going to backstab them, does it?

But another promo has:

Rob: I made an alliance with Alicia, now I got one with everyone.
JP VO: ...And goes back on his word.
Rob (To Kathy and Lex): Sorry you feel that way, I really truly am.

It sounds like Rob is going to backstab someone -- one promo hints Alicia ... another Kathy and Lex?

That whittles the boot down to:.

There is a rumor that she finished in the same exact position she did in Survivor 2 (first jury member). However, her buddy Jeff Varner thinks she goes a little further than that. Since Varner has been right about just about everything, we might have to trust him. We're pretty sure at some point that ALICIA gets booted by her five (old Chapera) tribemates. With a 6-4 advantage, Rob could offer her up for a sacrifice to show Lex that he is honoring his deal. Alicia is the sixth wheel in the Chapera alliance. At the beginning of the episode Rob makes an alliance with Alicia (and we are shown this for a reason). Then by the end of the episode, he is going to screw over someone. Could be her.

Or it could be KATHY. Rob never mentioned anything about keeping her around. He knows she's a great mental strategist, a reason why he booted Rob Cesternino first. Kathy is seen in the previews in tears, and that usually isn't a good thing. Is she crying that she isn't included in RobFather's plans? Then again, would the rest of (old) Chapera want to boot her? She did make nice on that yacht reward. And Amber specifically made a plan with her. Obviously, she would have some sort of say, right? Varner doesn't like her chances as much, and there are no spoilers putting her near the Final Four. Then again, she did pose with her Teddy Bear and said that the Teddy "protected the rice." Seems like the tribes might get their luxury items at one point which means Kathy is safe? It's a stretch. Sunsawed on EZBoard notes that Tom kicking Kathy in the head in the promos is symbolism for Kathy getting the boot. So much conflicting info!!!!!

LEX is the most obvious post-merge target. He's a huge individual immunity threat. But SurvivorNews claims that he receives a mohawk at some point in the game. Plus, there is a rumor that he is booted prior to the family reward (which would likely get him to last two more episodes). Rob owes Lex, and to screw him over now might not be a good idea to show his own alliance. Lex states: "It's about getting a knife in the back." On an editing level, it makes sense for him to go.

The most interesting possibility is SHII ANN. As revealed in my Ep. 9 Insider Transcript, Shii Ann is not in the long-term alliance of Lex and Kathy. She could be offered up as a sacrifice to RobFather for his gang to boot off. After episode 9, she appears to be the lone person without an alliance with Rob or Amber. Seems like she could be the odd girl out. But Shii is such a wimp in challenges (unless she faces off against Alicia), and it seems she can be ignored for now. She's also not featured heavily in the promos, but everyone else seems to be. Weird?

If Rob and Amber are smart, they will think about jury votes. That means not screwing anyone over. Shii Ann is the perfect boot. Shii has no alliance with either of them.


PREDICTION: Down to Kathy or Shii Devil.....Kathy or Shii Devil.....Kathy or Shii Devil......Kathy or Shii Devil....hmmmn....tough call.....OK, let's be evil this week! The "wrath of God" comes down on the Shii Devil!



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Re: Survivor Network
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Do you think they are right Puddin?

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Re: Survivor Network
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its lex!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Re: Survivor Network
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it's Lex??? i thought it was Shiiann??


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Oh geee in less then 24 yrs they went from Kathy to ShiiAnn and then in the last hr they went to Lex.  How in the world did they do that?


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Re: Survivor Network
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I had Lex first myself..then everyone looked at Snewsers hasn't been changed in a month..Kathy was next on the scorecard...then somehow ..everyone got on the Shi-Ann bandwagon? Anyway..right now I'm 90% sure that its Lex..snewser will post his pick in about a hour??