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Big Brother 4 Premiere
« on: May 31, 2003, 09:26:02 AM »
Just read a news report saying that CBS will have Big Brother on July 8th (Tuesday). Here is a clip of that news article:

The US version of Big Brother will get underway with its fourth season on July 8.

The show, which airs on CBS, will air three times a week with a format largely unchanged from the last season, although no doubt will encompass some surprises and twists.

The Tuesday and Friday shows, airing 8pm ET, will focus on the latest from the gang, including the food compeition, the weekly nominations and the power of veto competition (should it return). Each Wednesday one houseguest will be evicted live at 9pm ET.

Julie Chen returns as presenter of the show.

Also heard, and this again is rumor, that there could be a huge shake up in the format again. Did you see from the article "the power of veto competition (should it return)" I don't know, this is just some things that I have heard.
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