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That makes me good where I love your ideas


STARTING LINE: Huntington Library and Botanical Garden, San Marino, California, USA
LEG 1 (United States → Fiji) : Nadi and Mamanuca Islands, Fiji  | flight to Nadi, sign up a charter flight to Malolo Lailai Island and ferry to nearby islands before heading back to mainland
LEG 2 (Fiji → Australia): Melbourne, Australia  | flight to Melbourne
LEG 3 (Australia): Geelong and Queenscliff, Australia  | travel by marked vehicle across the countryside to Geelong
LEG 4 (Australia → Singapore): Singapore, Singapore  | flight to Singapore; tasks during the night leg inspired by Crazy Rich Asians
LEG 5 (Singapore → Thailand): Phuket, Thailand  | flight to Phuket using a provided Travelocity app to book one of two flights to Phuket with cultural inspired tasks like Muay Thai moves and untying a pontoon raft, plus searching oysters on the sea below
LEG 6 (Thailand → Oman): Muscat, Oman  | flight to Muscat with tasks in rural area outside of Muscat liek steepe mountains
LEG 7 (Oman → South Africa): Cape Town, South Africa  (rural) | flight to Cape Town and drive into a rural countryside (Paarl, Atlantis, etc.)
LEG 8 (South Africa): Cape Town, South Africa  (urban) | drive across Cape Town
LEG 9 (South Africa → Latvia): Riga, Latvia  | flight to Riga; teams would have a bungee jump task in Sigulda
LEG 10 (Latvia → Spain): Barcelona, Spain  | flight to Barcelona
LEG 11 (Spain → United Kingdom): Stratford-upon-Avon and Warwick, England, UK  (via Birmingham) | flight to Birmingham and drive using marked cars to Warwickshire (Stratford-upon-Avon) and finish in Warwick
LEG 12 (United Kingdom → United States): Charlotte, North Carolina, USA  | transport to London Heathrow Airport and travel to Charlotte, North Carolina

FINISH LINE: Latta Plantation Park, Huntersville, North Carolina

5 continents, 10 countries and 34,000 miles with 2 new countries and 0 one-time visited countries with overdue places in Australia and South Africa, as well the state of North Carolina (first visit in the Race franchise)

The reason I posted it that Fiji and Latvia are very overdue. Fiji is in the crossroads halfway between U.S. West Coast and Australia that is famous for being the filming location of Survivor, and Latvia is the one of the Baltic countries remained unvisited in the Race to make the Baltic trio complete. Oman is also overdue that is being unvisited since season 17 and would be the first in HD era.

This route, I love it.

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I want season 33s finale to be in either Boston or the Yosemite Valley

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Leg 1: LA  to Busan, SK
Leg 2: Busan to Taipei, Taiwan
Leg 3: Taipei to Singapore
Leg 3: Singapore to Malaysia (No flight)
Leg 4: Malaysia to Melbourne
Leg 5: Melbourne to Perth
Leg 6: Perth to Cape Town, SA
Leg 7: Rural SA leg
Leg 8: Cape Town to Lagos, Nigeria
Leg 9: Lagos to  Madrid, Spain
Leg 10: Madrid to Lisbon, Portugal
Leg 11: Lisbon to San Juan, Costa Rica
Leg 12: San Juan to Nashville, TN

This was the course for 33 I came up with in the 32 thread. Since they're going to air two seasons filmed at the same time of year and they usually stick to more to tropical and southern hemisphere locations when they film in US fall, I tried to make it as different from 32 as possible. 32 is South America and South East Asia heavy so I'm trying to stick more to other parts of the southern hemisphere.

I assumed that both China and HK are off limits because of politics so I picked SK as the obligatory East Asian trifecta leg since they didn't go there in 32. 31 went to Japan so I picked a new SK city. Since they're not going to mainland China, I wanted a Mandarin-speaking country so I picked Taiwan.  Singapore would probably be the first NEL and they'd just ride the bus to Malaysia. It's been a long time since they've been to Australia so it seems like a no brainer.  South Africa hasn't been visited since 7 so it also seems like a no brainer. It's a thirteen-hour flight so I'd make this a NEL and the next leg non-international travel.

I can't believe they've never been to Nigeria, especially with Lagos being the biggest metro area on the continent. Without India or HK, this could be their chance to do the movie type tasks they love.  I picked the Iberian countries because they're a lot less popular destinations than the other Western European countries. One of them would be the last NEL. Costa Rica hasn't been visited since 8 (lol) and they haven't been to a tropical rainforest country this season so it seems like a fit. Nashville has never been an end and there's a lot they could do but with 31's finale being music heavy, it might seem a bit repetitive.

I'd maybe add a second new country but I've got a lot of places where they haven't been in at least ten years.