Author Topic: TAR Wishlist - locations, routes, twists, teams, tasks and prophetic dreams!  (Read 610382 times)

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Re: TAR Wishlist - locations, routes, twists, teams, tasks and prophetic dreams!
« Reply #3725 on: November 12, 2017, 01:48:13 PM »
Another route:

Start: Los Angeles, CA, USA
Leg 1: Guatemala City/Tikal, Guatemala (EL- 12th place)
-Chartered overnight buses to Tikal

Leg 2: Arequipa, Peru (EL- 11th place)
-Leg stays in/around town

Leg 3: Puno (Lake Titicaca), Peru (EL- 10th place)
-Self drive through the Andes to the shores of Lake Titicaca

Leg 4: Lisbon/Faro, Portugal (EL- 9th place; W-turn)
-Another self driving leg; teams given diesel trucks (Dieselgate Redux)

Leg 5: Cape Verde Islands (NEL- 8 teams)
-Ferry from Praia to one of the neighboring islands

Leg 6: Praia, Cape Verde (EL- 8th place)
-Return to Praia via ferry; finish the leg in town

Leg 7: Stockholm/Uppsala, Sweden (EL- 7th place)
-Teams take the train to Uppsala

Leg 8: Riga, Latvia (NEL- 6 teams)
-Ferry across the Baltic Sea to Latvia

Leg 9: Muscat, Oman (EL- 6th place; W-turn)
-Self drive around Oman

Leg 10: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (KRL- 5 teams)
-Urban leg focusing on public transport

Leg 11: Malacca, Malaysia (EL- 5th place)
-Bus to Malacca region; leg in the countryside

Leg 12: Osaka/Kobe/Himeji, Japan (EL- 4th place)
-Train travel and public transit; pit stop either in or overlooking Himeji Castle

Leg 13: Houston, Texas, USA (Finale- 3 teams)
-Train to Tokyo for direct flight from Narita

Reducing to 12 teams over 11 legs:
Merge 2 Malaysian legs into 1
Turn Portugal (8th place), Sweden (6th place), and Oman (5th place) legs into NEL/KRLs
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Re: TAR Wishlist - locations, routes, twists, teams, tasks and prophetic dreams!
« Reply #3726 on: December 07, 2017, 05:52:23 AM »
How's this?

Starting Line:LA, CA (Walt Disney Concert hall????)
Leg-1 Manila, Philippines (culture tasks)
Leg-2 Baguio, Philippines (rice, volcano, ruins, pig/jig type tasks)
Leg-3 Koror, Palau (Survivor, Jellyfish, shipwreck tasks)
Leg-4 Siem Reap, Cambodia (Angkor Wat, Weird Food tasks)
Leg-5 Doha, Qatar (Flyboarding, Arabic Art and culture tasks)
Leg-6 Cape Town, South Africa (Wet/Wild dt, Diamond rb, Waterfront, Charity tasks)
Leg-7 Port Elizabeth, South Africa (Bungee jump rb, penguin, wildlife tasks)
Leg-8 Stockholm, Sweden (Vikings, Swedish pop tasks)
Leg-9 Rovaniemi, Finland (Christmas, Reindeer tasks)
Leg-10 Zurich & Basel, Switzerland (Chocolate, Skiing, Coco Clocks tasks)
Leg-11 Nassau & Freeport, Bahamas (Double Leg, Atlantis tasks in Nassau, and Pirate, Beach, Culture tasks in Freeport) TAR 22 SB
Leg-12 Orlando, Florida (Disney tasks)

what ya think???

the first three legs r up in the air atm...

They maybe Fiji-Australia-Australia or something like that
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