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All Tar 30 possible locations -- No s27 beyond execpt India, China & Colombia


Ireland (Dublin, Moher)
Spain (Barcelona, Madrid)
Germany (Cologne, Berlin, Dresden)
Sweden (Stockholm)
Finland (Helsinki, Rovaniemi)
Russia (Saint Petersburg)
Croatia (Dubrovnik, Split)
Bosnia (Sarajevo, Mostar)
Montenegro (Kotor)
Czech Republic (Prague, Pilsen, Česky Krumlov)
Slovakia (Bratislava)
Slovenia (Ljublijana, Bled)
Hungary (Budapest, Balaton)
Romania (Bucharest, Sighisoara, Sibiu, Brasov)
Belgium (Bruges)
Cyprus (Larnaca, Paphos)
Luxembourg (Luxembourg)
Latvia (Riga)


China (Chengdu, Xian, Beijing, Yangshuo)
Taiwan (Taipei, Taitung, Kaohsiung)
Japan (Osaka, Kyoto, Nara, Kanazawa, Hokkaido)
Philippines (Cebu, Bohol, Boracay, Banuae, Baguio, Vigan, Sagada)
Malaysia (Penang)
Cambodia (Siem Reap, Koh Rong)
Laos (Vientiane, Vang Vieng, Luang Prabang)
Myanmar (Yangon, Inle Lake, Mandalay, Bagan)
Thailand (Chiang Mai)
India (Mumbai, Hyderabad, Rajasthan)
Jordan (Anywhere)
Israel (Anywhere)
Oman (Anywhere)


South Africa (Cape Town, Kruger, Garden Route, Durban)
Kenya (Lake Nakuru, Masai Mara, Amboseli)
Rwanda (Kigali, Volcanos NP)
Ethiopia (Addis Ababa, Gondar, Lalibela, Axum)
Egypt (Cairo, Luxor, Alexandria, Aswan)
Senegal (Dakar)
Ghana (Accra)
Gambia (Coast & Bird Watching)
Cape Verde


Australia (Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Uluru, Whitsundays, Cairns, Fraser Island, Gold Coast, Tasmania, Great barrier Reef)
New Zealand (Queenstown, Wellington, Bay of Islands, Auckland)
Fiji (Suva, Nadi, Yasawa)
Cook Islands (Aitutaki, Rarotonga)

South America I doubt a visit but still

Bolivia (La Paz, Sucre, Salar de Uyuni)
Peru (Cusco, Sacred Valley, Arequipa, Lima, Puno, Nazca, Paracas, Iquitos)
Ecuador (Galapagos, Quito, Cuenca, Otavalo, Tena)
Uruguay (Montevideo)
Colombia (Medelln, Bogot, Salento) More of a hope

North America

Costa Rica (Monteverde, Arenal, Jaco, Quepos, Tortuguero, Tamarindo)
Nicaragua (len, Granada, Ometepe)
Guatemala (Antigua, Tikal)
Belize (Coast)
Canada (Vancouver, Banff, Jasper, Montrel, Toronto, Niagara, Nova Scotia, Vancouver Island, Whistler)
St. Lucia
Cuba (Havana, Trinidad)
Jamaica (Kingston, Montego Bay, Ochos Rio, Port Antonio)
Puerto Rico (San Juan, Vieques)
Dominican Republic (Santo Domingo, Punta Cana, Puerto Plata)

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There were 2 sets I could think of :
the 1st one (aforementioned in a previous post on another topic) as follows [as per an oceania route] :
Leg 1 : New Zealand , and they could probably visit wellington.
Leg 2 : New Zealand (again), and this time they could delve into Maori cultures and customs.
Leg 3 : LAOS !!
Leg 4 : India (it is over visited I know) India is a very chaotic country and is also brimming with culture and traditions.
Leg 5 : Kazakhstan , visit long overdue from season 13. They could probably visit Almaty.
Leg 6 : Kyrgyzstan , this would be a 1st time visit and also teams could travel by bus from Almaty to Bishkek.
Leg 7 : Israel , they could visit Tel Aviv, the place is beautiful and a few beach themed activities could take place.
Leg 8 : Israel (again) , they could delve into Jewish culture and also if possible visit Rosh Hanikra (for its beautiful grottoes)
Leg 9 : Morocco , I know they had just visited it in season 25 but teams can really partake in a myriad of tasks here.
Leg 10 : Portugal , teams could travel over the strait of gibraltar and drive to portugal. There is quite a lot to do in portugal, but it eould especially be nice if the leg laid emphasis on the portuguese carnival.
Leg 11 : IBIZA ! it's a balearic island that (I think) TAR has never visited before and there's loads of fun activities to do there.
Leg 12 : Some quaint city along the eastern coast, not really sure.
the 2nd one, as per an european route [I'm barring south america] :
Leg 1 : Canada ! I really think it'd be nice if they actually had a pit-stop in canada.
Leg 2 : Iceland; it has only been visited once before (Season 6) and I really think it's high time they visited it.
Leg 3 : Ireland; (same as iceland)
Leg 4 & Leg 5 : Any 2 parts of United Kingdom - Such as New England or Wales or Northern Ireland. Really, a culturally diverse place.
Leg 6 : Italy; probably Tuscany.
Leg 7 : Italy (again); probably visit Venice, and something similar to the leg 2 of season 4 detour and combine it with the detour in leg 4 of season 26.
Leg 8 : Pristina in Kosovo! This would be a 1st time visit and even though there might be not a lot to do in Kosovo, there is a lot of serb and albanian cultures at play here, so we could mess around with that.
Leg 9 : Any middle eastern country, really. Probably Qatar or Lebanon, some country that hasn't been visited before.
Leg 10 & Leg 11 : Australia ! Like most people have suggested, one leg in a metropolis like Melbourne and another in the outback.
Leg 12 : They could probably visit Hawai'i again or they could just opt for some city on the Western coast.
Thoughts ??

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Posted this from TAR 30 Pre-Race Speculation thread:

Is there a chance for Iceland to be visited? Imagine racing beneath the northern lights! :hoot:

Hopefully! I mean, they could ANYWHERE in Europe this season IMO.

They might do a leg in Denmark and off to Iceland!

I really hope Finland would be awesome for a visit in TAR 30 that has a Northern Light appearance in springtime.
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Has there been a TAR episode wherein the aurora was seen or visible? ???

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I dont think there was any. Except for Justin proposing to Diana in Iceland. Fingers crossed for next season!

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Ok so I made a route that i want to see on TAR30
Leg 1- New Orleans to Nassau, The Bahamas: Tropical scenery, marine tasks hopefully.
Leg 2- The Bahamas to Valparaiso, Chile
Leg 3 Chile to Cape Town, South Africa - SWIMMING WITH SHARKS!
Leg 4- South Africa to Stockholm, Sweden
Leg 5- Sweden to Reykjavik, Iceland - Racing beneath the northern lights would be AMAZING!
Leg 6- Iceland to Barcelona, Spain - Barcelona is a very Cultural place, maybe an Architecture or Art related task about The history of Spain.
Leg 7- Ibiza, Spain
Leg 8- Spain to Yangon, Myanmar - Myanmar deserves to be in this race. The temples there are so many!
Leg 9- Myanmar to Philippines - Not because its my home country, I would like to see them racing in Cebu or Bohol or ever Palawan!
Leg 10- Philippines to Melbourne, Australia- Great place to host a leg. Beautiful Urban City. And Australia is already Overdue!
Leg 11- Australia to Fiji - Heard of Fiji alot, its basically a Paradise! I think it'll do great as a penultimate leg.
Leg 12- Fiji to Seattle - Seattle will be a great spot to host the final leg. A task similar to Dallas in season 26 at the reunion tower, do it in the Space Needle! Overlooking the skyline of this place would be so Jawdropping!

The chances that most of the places in this route to be visited is Very Slim. But I guess nothing is impossible right? :conf:

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very good wishlist, however if they come to Melbourne, lets hope that they do NOT use public transport! I experienced this VERY ugly today!
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(First post after being a long-time lurker!)

I've always created scenarios in my head as to what route I would enjoy, if I ever got on TAR. I also had the idea that there would always be a new country visited each episode, just to add more variety. Just having fun with destinations, this would be an awesome season:

Leg 1: Los Angeles, USA → Tokyo, Japan
Leg 2: Tokyo, Japan → Osaka, Japan → Busan, South Korea
Leg 3: Busan, South Korea → rmqi, China
Leg 4: rmqi, China → Doha, Qatar
Leg 5: Doha, Qatar → Luanda, Angola
Leg 6: Luanda, Angola → Tel Aviv, Israel
Leg 7: Tel Aviv, Israel → Riga, Latvia
Leg 8: Riga, Latvia → Oppland, Norway
Leg 9: Oppland, Norway → Lyon, France
Leg 10: Lyon, France → Quito, Ecuador
Leg 11: Quito, Ecuador → Santiago, Dominican Republic
Leg 12: Santiago, Dominican Republic → New York City, USA

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 :hiya and  :welcome2: to the R.F.F., TentsOnFire!
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I assume the travel on leg 2 is done entirely without flight and thus I love it  :sab

Speaking of potential torture, I tried to make TAR 30: #BudgetRealness but how it shook out the only actual budget friendly thing done was that there are only 11 legs  :funny:. Before you judge me, here-

LEG 1 - Los Angeles, CA to Vladivostok, Russia
LEG 2 - to Donghae, South Korea
LEG 3 - to Luang Prabang, Laos
LEG 4 - to Luang Prabang, Laos
LEG 5 - to Petra National Park, Jordan
LEG 6 - to Grand Comore, Comoros
LEG 7 - to Moheli, Comoros
LEG 8 - to Cape Town, South Africa
LEG 9 - to Ordino, Andorra
LEG 10 - to Barcelona, Spain
LEG 11 - to Niagara Falls, NY

long winded
Show content
LEG 1 - Los Angeles, CA to Vladivostok, Russia
hooboy. So. LA start is obvious I feel no need to explain it yay done.
Russia is...kind of? really? very? controversial but as it turns out the farther East you get the more different cultures interweave with it, hence Vladivostok, as the ~San Francisco of Russia~ might prove a fun leg. Plus, for those of you who want a "harder" race, the only way to get flights with a decent time difference (in this case 3:20 vs 3:45 arrivals) is for teams to fly east from Russia, thus starting the race off with a bunch of jet lag yay  :conf:

LEG 2 - to Donghae, South Korea
There is, conveniently enough, a fairly long ferry from Vladivostok to Donghae in Korea - this ferry continues onto Japan and I seriously considered routing teams all the way to Japan but in the end 36 hours on a boat is torturous. *THEN* I was going to have teams take a train into Seoul but...certain...things prevented that. As it turns out Donghae has a fairly prevalent culture, focusing more on "traditional" Korea then the modern or generic or not at all culturally relevant aspects focused on in previous visits so here we are.

LEG 3 - to Luang Prabang, Laos
Since production now basically engineers the leg to get their desired outcome, there's enough time extended to the Pit Start to get teams into Luang Prabang around dusk for a leg focusing on shadow puppetry and night markets and whathaveyou  :bunny

LEG 4 - to Luang Prabang, Laos
I'm 90% sure this leg already exists so here we are #budget :)

LEG 5 - to Petra National Park, Jordan
So I've definitely suggested this...often...but I mean it's one of the few World Monuments that TAR hasn't visited (I was going to say 'not for lack of trying' but that was Survivor lol) and it's easy to get to and it's relatively inexpensive especially now so why not visit? It's your standard camel leg good for at least one laugh.

LEG 6 - to Grand Comore, Comoros
LEG 7 - to Moheli, Comoros
I feel like TAR is a little heavy handed with how they handle impoverished destinations, choosing usually to spend time in Africa and spend some sort of time noting that there are adorable children that go to school in spite of being poor which strikes me as tin-eared. Like...just make the tasks relevant to their culture and let the teams figure out and make commentary on it y'know? Bonus points because between legs 6 and 7 there's a fun ferry ride involved :)

LEG 8 - to Cape Town, South Africa
I'm choosing to assume something awful happened to BvM the last time he was in South Africa since that's really the only reason we haven't seen it in more than a decade o_O. 'Urban African legs' are an underutilized category on this show so here's another one for good measure. The best part is it's relatively well connected to everywhere, facilitating the next leg-

LEG 9 - to Ordino, Andorra
The first clue to this leg would be "Make your way to Andorra. Once there, find your next clue at the train station." and that's it  :conf: As it turns out, the most efficient way is to fly into either Barcelona or Toulouse and then traveling by bus; short of a motor accident they should arrive at roughly the same time (toward the end of the day, in case someone is foolhardy enough to try something else lol). From there, there's enough adventure sports and shopping to fill a leg.

LEG 10 - to Barcelona, Spain
Teams would travel by bus/train to Barcelona, arriving for their first clue in late afternoon (yes this is a night leg  :angel) and doing substantially better things than 'participating in this fake tomato fight (independent of whatever meltdowns would occur) or run through this maze'.

LEG 11 - to Niagara Falls, Ontario / NY
As it turns out, there's a decent amount of things to do in Niagara Falls other than 'go to a random park (that isn't actually that great from experience #justsaying) to do a memory challenge' so I figure it's high time to make up for that mediocre leg, especially since HD cameras would make Niagara all the more beautiful. Yes there's a task involving getting fairly close to the waterfalls but there's plenty to do involving casinos, wine, Nikolas Tesla, the traditional finale heights challenge at Skylon Tower (which is definitely not just a way to add a country or anything  :sab) and a memory task likely involving all the different forms of transportation encountered (by my count, there's two ferries, two trains, probably a tram or two, at least one bus, a camel, a helicopter, and knowing Phil probably a bicycle of some sort  :hoot:).

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FranceX2 GermanyX2 Italy Bosnia and Herzegovina EthiopiaX2  Lebanon Uzbekistan Japan

can make me race courser

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I know we just had some in 28, but I would LOVE to see some more Eastern Europe visits (Latvia, Lithuania, Croatia...) as well as maybe Laos.  We've yet to see it on an English-speaking version!

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FranceX2 GermanyX2 Italy Bosnia and Herzegovina EthiopiaX2  Lebanon Uzbekistan Japan

can make me race courser

i want see what could do for me

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FranceX2 GermanyX2 Italy Bosnia and Herzegovina EthiopiaX2  Lebanon Uzbekistan Japan

can make me race courser

Leg 1: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to Nice, France
Leg 2: Nice to Dijon, France
Leg 3: Dijon to Bremen, Germany
Leg 4: Bremen to Nuremburg, Germany
Leg 5: Nuremburg to Naples, Italy
Leg 6: Naples to Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovinia
Leg 7: Sarajevo to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Leg 8: Addis Ababa to Axum, Ethiopia
Leg 9: Axum to Beirut, Lebanon
Leg 10: Beirut to Tashkent, Uzbekistan
Leg 11: Tashkent to Osaka, Japan
Leg 12: Osaka to Yosemite National Park, California
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I would love to see TAR do 11-leg races again.

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I would love to see TAR do 11-leg races again.

I would love too see 13 legs again. The more legs the better, IMO!
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I'd take 11 great legs over 12 mediocre ones.

Not to mention the 11 leg seasons tended to be more creative - 12 had a bunch of random countries while 13 had a bunch of new and challenging tasks in old countries  :bunny

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I'd take 11 great legs over 12 mediocre ones.

Not to mention the 11 leg seasons tended to be more creative - 12 had a bunch of random countries while 13 had a bunch of new and challenging tasks in old countries  :bunny

Given TAR's continually declining ratings, CBS should just shorten the Race instead of cancelling :)

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I made a custom leg for Season 31 with 13 legs

1. L.A. California --> Kingston, Jamaica   NEL
2. Kingston, Jamaica --> Barcelona, Spain
3. Barcelona, Spain --> Rome, Italy (Ends in the Vatican outside of St. Peters)
4. Rome, Italy     Blind Double U-turn
5. Rome, Italy --> Budapest, Hungary
6. Budapest, Hungary --> Nairobi, Kenya
7. Nairobi, Kenya   NEL
8. Nairobi, Kenya --> Colombo, Sri Lanka
9. Colombo, Sri Lanka --> Manila, Philippines   U-Turn
10. Manila, Philippines NEL
11. Manila, Philippines --> Brisbane, Australia
12. Brisbane, Australia --> Vancouver, Canada
13. Vancouver, Canada --> Seattle, Washington
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Okay. First post, my ideas are (I do the routes when I get bored):

Each team has two courtesy of photos.

 Leg 1: Dallas-Belize 
 Leg 2: Belize-Costa Rica
 Leg 3: Costa Rica-Sao Paulo, Brazil
 Leg 4: Brazil-Madrid, Spain (DESPERATELY NEEDED)
 Leg 5: Spain-Zambia (hasn't been used since TAR1)
 Leg 6: Zambia-Dubai, UAE-Doha, Qatar
 Leg 7: Qatar-Athens, Greece-Heraklion, Greece (as with Spain) (Superleg)
 Leg 8: Greece-Riga, Latvia (How could they not have come here!)
 Leg 9: Latvia-Lisbon, Portugal-Porto, Portugal (not since TAR3)
 Leg 10: Portugal-Mumbai, India-Thimpu, Bhutan
 Leg 11: Bhutan-Melbourne, Australia-Auckland, NZ
 Leg 12: NZ-Fiji-Honolulu-San Fransisco

5 new countries

Leg 1: Atlanta-Trinidad and Tobago
Leg 2: Trinidad and Tobago-Ecuador
Leg 3: Ecuador-Cape Town, South Africa
Leg 4: South Africa-Antanananarivo, Madagascar
Leg 5: Madagascar-Toulouse, France (Plane themed leg because of Airbus factory)
Leg 6: France-Santiago, Chile
Leg 7: Chile-Melbourne, Australia
Leg 8: Australia-Singapore-Brunei (Superleg)
Leg 9: Brunei-South Korea (Jeju or Busan, NOT SEOUL)
Leg 10: South Korea-Kuwait (Dave and Mary's FF)
Leg 11: Kuwait-Hurghada/ Sharm El Sheikh,Egypt
Leg 12: Egypt-Washington DC, US.

2 new countries

Leg 1: Denver-Galapagos Islands, Ecuador
Leg 2: Galapagos Islands-Guayaquil, Ecuador (I really like Ecuador! :hrt: :hrt:)
Leg 3: Ecuador-Malaga, Spain via Barcelona, Spain (And Spain too! :hrt: :hrt:)
Leg 4: Spain-Agadir or Fez, Morocco-Sofia, Bulgaria (Superleg)
Leg 5: Bulgaria-Almaty, Kazakhstan
Leg 6: Kazakhstan-Osaka, Japan
Leg 7: Japan-Zanzibar
Leg 8: Zanzibar-Rosario, Argentina (pre assigned flights through Kenya and South Africa) (Soccer themed challenges, Messi was born there)
Leg 9: Argentina-Christchurch, NZ
Leg 10: NZ-Da Nang, Vietnam
Leg 11: Vietnam- Poland (AUSCHWITZ)
Leg 12: Poland- Denver via NYC

One new country.

Also a good special would be teams that have been eliminated 4th.

I have not included teams that participated in All Stars or unfinished business because they already got another chance.

Teams: Derek & Drew TAR 3
            John & Al TAR 4
            Linda & Karen TAR 5
            Hayden & Aaron TAR 6
            Meredith & Gretchen TAR 7
            Joseph & Monica TAR 9
            Nathan & Jennifer TAR 12
            Toni & Dallas TAR 13
            Louie & Michael TAR 16
            Nick & Vicki TAR 17
            Andy & Tommy TAR 19
            Insert here who gets eliminated 4th from TAR 20!!

Nice routes.
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That was 5 years ago.

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if someone do me route that has AregtinaX2 Brazil FranceX2 Germany RussiaX2 Aremina X2 Japan

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Good ol' TAR with no cast gimmicks please for TAR30. :hoot:

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I'd take 11 great legs over 12 mediocre ones.

Not to mention the 11 leg seasons tended to be more creative - 12 had a bunch of random countries while 13 had a bunch of new and challenging tasks in old countries  :bunny

Going off of that, here's The Amazing Race 30: Keep Hope Alive edition. I did the research and gound that this fits #11legs21days like TAR 12 and 13 without a 'keep racing' leg.

LEG 1 - Los Angeles, CA to Tokyo, Japan
LEG 2 - to Tokyo, Japan

So...this is equal parts #budget and trying to get a good Tokyo leg in (for perspective, the city has been visited 4 times and had 0 good legs welp)

LEG 3 - to Vang Vieng, Laos
90% sure this leg exists but still! Bus sides in SE Asia tend to be great (if TAR 1, 2 and 19 aren't enough then TARA 1 <3) and this necessitated a roughly 10 hour one yay

LEG 4 - Ein Gedi, Israel
So this really could be done anywhere in the Middle East (Al Wafrah in Kuwait <3 Jebel Sands in Oman <3 Petra <3) but this set of countries works with Israel so here we are! NEL bc there are camels :)

LEG 5 - Eindhoven, Netherlands
Teeeeeeeechnically this is the only Eurpean leg so I see no reason for it not to be somewhere. Let it be the gnome leg assuming we still do these things, given them a car in AMS and let the fun commence  :bunny

LEG 6 - Ilulissat, Greenland
LEG 7 - Sisimiut, Greenland

I don't know i it's truly possible to make two legs in Greenland but if we can somehow manage two legs in:
- the Botswanan bush
- Swedish/Norwegian Lapland
- (ostensibly two in) Zanzibar
- Sabah in Malaysua

then two in Greenland shouldn't be an issue. The -second- of the two starts with an ~*Intersection*~ and charter helicopters and like...two ARIs followed by a regular Detour, RB,and NEL <3

LEG 8: Mahebourg (but really most of), Mauritius
So this was a fun leg originally in TAR 10 with the teams being routed several thousand miles out of the way just to get there <3 followed by manual drive <3 on the left side <3 aaaaand this leg basically does all of that AND eliminated someone too  :bunny

LEG 9: Malkerns, Swaziland
So the only way teams are able to fly this route is by waiting 10 hours at JNB but...that's Subsaharan Africa amirite? This ends up a self-drive leg even though it's a small distance because...

LEG 10: Johannesburg, South Africa
...they get to DRIVE to Johannesburg which is enough to have a night leg for the first time...ever? Johannesburg is a global city with plenty of history, which means we can treat it like Paris or London or Rome, to say nothing of how those legs actually turned out.

LEG 11: Atlanta, GA
At first this was solely to have the finish line on top of Stone Mountain but that's asking for a lawsuit so...peach's house? :) There's plenty of things to do since they did all of three things last time? In my mind there's a clue that sends them to one if the numerous Peachtrees because I'm terrible and, assuming CBS wouldn't mind the competition, a task at CNN. <3

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Not exactly a wish, but it would be so cool to have a season full of teams with both members of the team having the same name. :lol: