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Ethan All-Stars Web Chat Transcript
« on: March 18, 2004, 05:03:59 PM »
Ethan Zohn's Survivor: All-Stars Web Chat Transcript

Host:  Thanks for being here today Ethan, are you ready to take some questions?
Ethan:  Yeah, I'm ready
Q:  You seemed less than pleased with Lex when he came to speak with you regarding his vote.  Do you understand his reasoning or is he dead to you?
Ethan:  First of all, he's not dead to me.  I just talked to him last night after the show.  He's not dead to me, I understand his reasoning.  I had a little bit of a tough time because he wanted to play this game business-like and not let our friendship get in the way, but he takes me aside as his pal.  You can't have your cake and eat it too.  I was just frustrated.  But we're still great friends.  No hard feelings.

Q:  We're you surprised to see that Kathy voted for you?  Did you think from what she said that she would swing your way?
Ethan:  I wasn't surprised she voted for me, but I was hoping she'd see the light and vote for Jerri.  She seems like a very smart player, therefore voting off Colby, Richard and me does not seem like a smart strategy if you want to win more challenges in the future.

Q:  Why do you think that Kathy would not go along with your plan and get rid of Jerri?
Ethan:   I think she just might not have as much trust in me as she did in Lex.  She had been in Mogo Mogo with Lex since day one, and it seemed like they were calling the shots in that tribe.

Q:  How did you feel at Tribal Council last week when you first realized that Lex had left you out of the loop about voting off Colby?
Ethan:  I was shocked!  To be blind sighted like that is not the best feeling in the world.  I thought Colby, Lex and I had some sort of connection.  Then to be left out of the loop like that made me realize that it was back to the drawing board.  I couldn't trust anyone and had to work even harder to keep dodging the bullet.

Q:  If you were in the same position as Lex (he was a past winner and you weren't) would you have done the same thing and voted off a close friend?
Ethan:  No.  I felt that, and still feel, that to bring a winner with you to the final two is a smart strategy. No one wants to see a winner win again.  I value friendship more than this little game called Survivor. So I probably wouldn't turn against my buddy.

Q:  The other tribe acts like they are having fun and are a family.. while Mogo Mogo always seem to be down... was it more than just losing the challenges that was bringing the tribe down?  Who do you blame for that?
Ethan:   You know, it's not like we didn't have any fun.  Colby, Lex and I went diving off the rocks while we were fishing and that was definitely fun.  But when you continue to lose the challenges it breaks you down and your morale is low.  You can't blame one person for losing these challenges.

Q:  I didn't watch Survivor Africa, although after seeing you an All Stars, I'm sorry I didn't.  How did the 2 experiences compare?  Was one easier than the other?  Was one more competitive than the other?
Ethan:  Environmentally, I think Africa was much more difficult.  Being stranded in the middle of the desert with the heat, no water and very little food was more difficult than Panama.  However, mentally and strategically, All Stars was more difficult because every player out there was an expert of the game, or thought they were.

Q:  Your inner and outer beauty outshines any of the All Stars.  Do you think Survivor has become a game of who can lie and backstab the best?
Ethan:  No, it's the beauty of Survivor.  It's not just one thing, you have to do everything to go far in this game.  You have to lie, tell the truth, be athletic, sneaky, honest.  It's a game that touches on every part of a person.  If it was just lying and cheating then I wouldn't have ever won in Africa, I wouldn't have outlasted the other winners on All-Stars.

Q:  What's the craziest thing a fan has said to you or sent you?
Ethan:  One of the weirdest things was someone sent me a huge needlepoint of the US Weekly cover I was on after winning Africa.  It  must have taken forever to do, I mean from a distance it looks like a photo.  That was pretty strange.

Q:  Were you surprised that Lex told Jerri they weren't going to tell you that you were  going, so you couldn't pull a "Hail Mary" move but then he DID?
Ethan:  No, I wasn't surprised he told me.  Lex knew enough of me as a person to know I didn't want to be blindsided.

Q:  You said you didn't have fun this time, why not?
Ethan:  Because from day 1, I was struggling to save my life.  I was at every tribal council except one.  It's not too much fun to continuously have your head on the chopping block.  You never feel secure.  But in hindsight, I love the game of Survivor, the competition and the pushing of your mind, body and spirit to the limit, and that is fun.

Q:  I think Survivor should have a "Tournament of Champions" down the road, and if they do would you participate?
Ethan:  Sure, I love everything about Survivor, and I'd be honored to play against the best of the best.

Q:   What will you be doing now?  Are you playing soccer?  By the way, I love what Grass Root Soccer is doing for AIDS.
Ethan:   Full-steam ahead with Grassroots Soccer.  That is truly what I love doing.  That's why I wore my Grassroots Soccer T-shirt on the show, because that's real and that's reality and every time I questioned what was going on, I could look down on that and remember what was really important. If anyone's interested in more information go to

Q:  What's your thoughts on Boston Rob and will his arrogance be his downfall in the game?
Ethan:   I think he's playing a good game, but you know it's basically the same game he played in Marquesas. Try to hook-up with the cute girls, string them along, play the Godfather role.  Been there, done that.

Q:  Is Jerri as mean and lazy as she seems on the show?
Ethan:  I can only answer to what went on during the show, and yes, she is that lazy.  I felt she was more concerned about how she appeared on the show and how she looked on TV than being concerned about playing Survivor.

Q:    You complained that Jerri gave up after that severe storm.  Was she doing enough work around the camp prior to that?
Ethan:   No, she was not doing much work around the camp.  I questioned her motivation when she was ready to give up after the rainstorm.  She actually said she wanted to give up, this wasn't worth it, I quit.  And to me that's not a true Survivor.

Q:  What was being around Rupert like?  He seems a bit overbearing, yet a hard worker.
Ethan:   I definitely respected Rupert's work ethic.  However, he did like to have control in many of the decisions we were supposed to make as a tribe, like building shelter, building a raft and finding food.

Q:   Colby said he had to shave his head because of sand mites, did you have any trouble with bugs in your hair (which I love)?
Ethan:  Yeah, too many bugs.  I love the bugs.  That's what makes my hair so curly.

Q:  Is there anyone you could have had on your tribe that would have helped you go further in the game?
Ethan:  I think if Tina was not voted off I think we could have made a good team, as well as Jenna Morasca. I was friendly with both and trusted both as people and players.

Q:   I'm curious if you and Colby became good friends at all??
Ethan:  Colby and I are good friends.  After we were booted off we went surfing.

Q:  You have always been a great player.  Who do you wish you had aligned with this time out?
Ethan:  I would have liked my alliance with Lex and Kathy to have been more solid.  I think all three of us are very smart, strong players and could have helped each other advance in the game.

Q:  After you and Lex did so well at archery in Africa, why did you let Jerri anywhere near the bow and arrow?
Ethan:  I'm still trying to figure that one out myself.  I was hoping she would shoot herself in the foot.

Q:   You're such a gentleman. But when you were voted off, why did you hug everyone except Shii Ann?  Did we miss something?
Ethan:  I hugged everyone, they just didn't show that.

Q:  It was so hard for your fans to see you lose the challenge last week.  Why didn't you use the machete to cute the ropes when you couldn't untie the knots?
Ethan: We weren't allowed to.  Believe me, if I could have used the machete to chop the rope I would have.  

Q:   It looked like you took a really hard hit on the head during the balance beam challenge. How bad was the injury?
Ethan:  It wasn't bad.  I'm a goalie, I'm used to throwing my body on the ground.  Plus the side had a little bit of padding on it.

Q:  Did you read Rob M's rude, despicable comments about you in Entertainment Weekly?  Did you know he was so jealous of you?
Ethan:  It's all gossip, but he's just a poor sport.  He's just trying to look cool, which obviously didn't work.

Q:   Was it Shii Ann's decision to beg Jenna for some rice?  Or did you plan that as a tribe?
Ethan:  That was planned as a tribe.  We truly had very little rice left, and it can't hurt to try to get more.  And it worked.

Q:  I have a bet riding on this one... are you a Red Sox or a Yankees fan?
Ethan: Red Sox, definitely.  I lived in Boston for 26 years.

Q:   My friends and I are going to try our own mini version of Survivor this summer for a week, any advice?
Ethan:  Don't do it. Make sure a Sizzler is close by.

Q:  Now that you're watching the show on TV, what surprised you the most?
Ethan: I was surprised how different Mogo Mogo was from Chapera.  That's the good thing about having Big Tom on your tribe.

Q:  Jenna Lewis seemed to have some kind of vendetta against you.  Do you think it was personal for her?
Ethan:  Yes, I think it was personal.  She just wanted some revenge, and to have a strategy to just vote the winners off is silly.  And it's not really a strategy, it's an easy way out.  I was surprised considering how we worked with each other as a team to get each other through Eco-Challenge.

Q:  Back at Saboga did you try to talk Rupert out of building the cellar in your shelter?  How bad was it that night?  Who in your tribe thought the producers would send help?
Ethan:  No, I did not try to talk him out of it.  I tried to keep my mouth shut, hoping someone else would comment about it, and therefore ruffle feathers with Rupert.  I think it worked with Jerri.  It was a stupid idea to build a bomb shelter in a beach, in front of a hill.  It happened to be my 30th birthday and it will be a birthday I will never forget because it was probably one of the worst nights of my life.  And I think Jerri mentioned that this was crazy, somebody will help us.  I thought this is Survivor, not summer camp.  This is not "I'm a Celebrity Get me Out of Here".

Q:  Any final words for the Survivor fans?
Ethan:  Thanks everyone for watching, and for supporting my efforts with Grassroots Soccer.

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Re:Ethan All-Stars Web Chat Transcript
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Thanks for posting Puddin.  Interesting comments. ;D