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'Big Brother' contestant's legal past revealed
« on: August 03, 2002, 09:03:30 AM »
This proves my dislike for Josh:

Once again, the court battle of another "Big Brother 3" contestant is making headlines. Following on the heels of Chiara Berti's drunk driving charges and the allegations made against evicted HouseGuest Tonya Paoni in her bitter divorce battle, there comes word that the show's designated "villain" -- Josh Feinberg, the waiter from Long Island, New York -- is no stranger to a court room.

In a story appearing in the Florida newspaper Hernando Today, writer Dave Shelton reports that Feinberg was recognized by former Hernando County jurors when he began appearing on the CBS reality show because of a suit he had against a local Winn Dixie supermarket when he resided in the area.

"It's definitely him," Robert Knowles, one of the former jurors, told Shelton. "None of us on the jury believed a word he said."

In the 1997 case against the Winn Dixie supermarket, Feinberg was awarded $15,000 in damages. Feinberg, a waiter at the Spring Hill Pizza Hut at the time, claimed that a hole in the supermarket's sidewalk hadn't been fixed and that he was "permanently injured" when he walked into it. Since the jury determined that the supermarket was only partially responsible for the mishap, Winn Dixie only paid $1,500 in damages. What the jury wasn't aware of at the time was that the defendants had already settled with Feinberg paying him more than $80,000.

While in the "Big Brother" house so far, Feinberg has lied about his profession -- saying he is a teacher rather than a waiter -- and was disqualified in a Food Challenge for breaking the rules by stuffing food into his pockets instead of eating it to gain weight.

In his bio on the official CBS "Big Brother 3" site, Feinberg says he wants to win the game so he can "take a few years off work and just play golf" and that his motto is "Don't really work, but get paid for it".
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