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Gauntlent Finalle
« on: March 24, 2008, 09:29:08 AM »
Okay I finnally saw the finally.  It was good.  I kept thinkign all along you keep saying you want to cut the fat and drop some girls and it was Big Easy that slowed you down. 

They start with a half mile swim to shore.  If you have swam in the ocean you know this is very hard with the current.  Easy falls behind quickly and CT is back there thankfully to pull him along.  Evan for his own ego had to be a pace setter.... DORK!  Had Evan not choosen to be a pace setter maybe he could have been a team player and helped CT with Eric and he would not have been so worn out.  They go to run and they are dragging the poor guy.  Yes I know it is for alot of money, BUT if he can not run dragging him makes it worse.  ***I have to insert here how much I love Brad, he was worried about Eric and even took on CT and the rest to help his friend. WAY TO GO!!***  well they are all trashing Eric but you could see he was not doing well. 

Finnally they almost dragg Eric down the stairs on his face when luckily Brad starts screaming and CT and Brad pretty much save Eric from a HUGE fall.  Eric is then pretty much passed out and does not know where he is and the medics come.  EV and someone I think CT being the great team players want to drag Eric across the beach so they can get to the end and their money.  Not to mention the man can not breath and his heart rate is up really high.

The medics take Eric and Now Evan come on we are doing this for Easy.   B:) B:) B:)  Whatever Evan we all know you are no friend.  The Vets go and make good time and get to the end where the rookies are still digging their box out.  The Vets get their box and flag but wait no horn sound.  TJ explains that they left eric so they did not finish with everyone. SO the rookies finish and win.  So of course the rookies sucked, but they won due to default.  Now they are all trashing Eric again.  Then they say maybe we should have tried to power walk and not run....gee now you think hey we could have helped our team mate????

As much as I dislike some of the Vets.... in past challenges IF a person went out due to medics taking them the rest of the team was still in the challenge.  SO the Vets should have won.  But I am not over the rules.  IT is not like they left Eric because they were mad, he was taken off on a stretcher. 

I bet several of the VETs will not talk to Eric any longer.  Which like Coral said it should not always be about the money.

Reunion show this week and it looks like Coral and Ev will go at it and Katie is in there yelling...should be good drama!

Again I need to express how much Brad has grown from the last challenge.  And I was very impressed and happy that he fought for Eric