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Joe Schmo 2 chats
« on: June 23, 2004, 08:57:21 AM »
Hey it looks like the chat with the person evicted each week ala survivor

Chat with the Joe Schmo 2 cast and producers every week only on! Join the chat live every Wednesday at 9 p.m. (ET).

Just got to the Joe schmo website and hit chat ~~you can click on the joe schmo ad at the bottom. 
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Re: Joe Schmo 2 chats
« Reply #1 on: June 23, 2004, 08:57:59 AM »
Here is Rita's chat from last week

Joe Schmo 2 Event Chat Transcript

SpikeTV Host: There are tons of great questions for Natasha so let's begin! If you're just joining us, we're chatting live with Joe Schmo 2's Natasha Leggero (aka Rita). To ask Natasha a question, type it in the space below and click "Ask". We'll get to as many of your questions as we can. Here we go!!!

SpikeTV Host: Hi Natasha! Thanks for being here tonight. Are you ready to take some questions?
SpikeTV Natasha: Great, yeah - of course!

timmy: Hi Natasha - You were great on the show! I loved watching you trip and fall all over the place...oh how it reminded me of my mother! What made you want to be on this show?
SpikeTV Natasha: I think the show is a really great idea - sort of satirizing reality TV shows and I've always wanted to play a drunk girl. I love falling. Is your mother okay?

kev: hey, Rita. Was it hard to keep the secret of the show being fake?
SpikeTV Natasha: It was extremely hard with Ingrid because of the earlier reveal of the model saying that her agent hired her. It was a much bigger deal on the set than it came across on the show last night on the first episode. Everyone was freaking out and I had to get wasted in 45 minutes and they were afraid it wouldnt be believable because Ingrid was so suspicious.

WUEagle: Were you having any 'real drinks' while playing the part of Rita to help make it more authentic?
SpikeTV Natasha: That was a big issue with the producers because they were afraid that if Ingrid got up close to me - she wouldn't smell any alcohol - so we put some vodka and maybe gin in my hair.

RedBearDave: How hard was it to keep a straight face during the whole "Pearl Necklace" ceremony? I`d imagine it had to be reshot at least once, because someone lost it.
SpikeTV Natasha: Well we couldn't reshoot because it was supposed to be happening for the first time. But we had heard it so many times during rehearsal that the words "pearl necklace" didn't seem so shocking to us anymore. It was so funny when Tim kept cracking up anytime anyone said pearl necklace. I was standing in front of him as Rita and I started laughing too because I knew Rita would be on Tim's side with that - and think it was really funny. Tim kept nudging me and we were the only two who were realizing how ridiculous a pearl necklace would be.

TIVOSciolist: Natasha: What is the secret to falling down repeatedly without causing irreparable internal injury?
SpikeTV Natasha: Really high shoes are good for the falling. ever since childhood I've always liked being dropped.

Kip_Is_Not_Gay_: Hi Natasha. Who is most like & unlike the character they play on the show?
SpikeTV Natasha: Most like their character - Me - but without the excessive drinking. And also Piper. The most unlike their character for the sake of controversy I'm going to say Cammy.

Zaine: hey natasha, why did you have to be the 1 to get "kicked off"? you were by far the hottest one on there.
SpikeTV Natasha: Did you not see Cammy? That's all that was in my contract. I would have loved to stay on for longer and I was hoping they would change the character's situation.

RedBearDave: Natasha/Rita: Two questions: First, how did you get cast on the show, and second, if you'd had the chance, which of the other people on the show do you wish you'd played?
SpikeTV Natasha: I was brought in because my agent got me the audition. I also knew Brian Keith Etheridge from doing stand-up comedy. I loved playing Rita and I would have fought for her. I was originally brought in for Piper and the casting director took one look at me and wanted me to audition for the Tara Reid type character and I was initially kind of offended.

Biggest_Fan: You were hysterical! Did you get to hang around after you were done to offer creative imput?
SpikeTV Natasha: When it was time for me to go, everyone was so worried about Ingrid finding out that they were in heavy meetings and I just slipped away, hoping someone would call me soon. Basically everyone was in panic mode and I was glad to be gone.

wendiness: Did you get a sense that Ingrid was catching on?
SpikeTV Natasha: Yes, definitely. At one point we were waiting in a line to go in to give our gifts to Austin and Ingrid was so suspicious of me that she was looking through me every time I said anything, and as we were going in the door to my room opened and she looked at me and said "What book are you reading, Rita?" and it happened to be Tennessee William's short stories. So I told her all they had in there were boring books so I was reading some guy and didn't remember his name. It got to the point that I was so scared of her because anytime I said anything she just stared at me. So it got to the point by the second day that I wouldn't say anything.

Marty: How long was the rehearsal process befoere filming?
SpikeTV Natasha: Two weeks. And it was very fun! We all got to know each other's characters and we improvised all of the various scenes we were going to have to perform. We also had fake Janes and Joes coming in to work with us as well. One thing we were really worried about was having to re-introduce ourselves as characters to each other in front of Joe and Jane because we all already knew each other so well as our character.

Inundated: Natasha - you were great. A bunch of us wished you could stick around! Did you know anything about the first "Joe Schmo" when you were cast for the role?
SpikeTV Natasha: I watched the finale of the first show once I started auditioning... and I thought it was great. I'll be back for the finale - which is hilarious!

issues285: What has to go down, both behind the scenes and during the show itself, for this all to work?
SpikeTV Natasha: First of all you have to really trust all the actors that you're working with to be able to pull you out of a bad situation if needed. We were all really relying on each other in case something happened. There were times when other cast members would see me alone with Ingrid and come and save me from the situation. So trust is very important. Secondly, the producers told us that our first priority is being real and our second is being funny... which was hard because we all want to be funny.

NotchoCheese: Do you feel any guilt playing these people for fools?
SpikeTV Natasha: Not with Ingrid because she doesn't really have an underdog quality. She was so aggressively trying to find everything out that it made me not feel bad. Tim was so easy going that even when he does find out - he'll find it hilarious. Rita and Ingrid were sort of at odds so it was hard for me to separate my character from Natasha in terms of Ingrid.

RedBearDave: Did the cast practice with the falcon? Because it seemed like Tim and Ingrid were the only ones who didn`t flinch when it came flying in.
SpikeTV Natasha: You actually can't see it but I was terrified. They just didn't do close ups on us - and no - we did not practice with the falcon. I almost jumped out of my seat!

ScottLJ: When was the show shot? Will we see any references to really current real-world events?
SpikeTV Natasha: It was shot in early April and we weren't allowed to watch TV or have current magazines - they didn't want us to "date" the show.. so we didn't use any outside references. Especially the people who are in the house for two weeks - they don't have any access to the outside world.

Merf: How many days were you on set? At first I saw the producer say to hold off for day 2, then it seemed you were evicted at the end of day one...
SpikeTV Natasha: I was evicted at the end of day two - they edited some things. We actually gave the presents on day two. I was part of the first eviction ceremony which took place on day two. I was supposed to crash the hot tub party that Ernie and Ingrid won but the producers were scared because of Ingrid's inquisitiveness so Rita didn't get to crash the party which I was upset about.

Merf: You do stand up? Do you tour, because I would like to see your act.
SpikeTV Natasha: I have two shows coming up.. I'm mostly performing in Los Angeles. You can see me at the M Bar in Los Angeles.. corner of Fountain and Vine in Hollywood - Monday, June 28th at 8:00pm and Thursday, July 1st, at 8:00pm. And my website is under construction!

dolltearsheet: natasha, who did you get closest to during the making of the show?
SpikeTV Natasha: The guys were all extremely funny so it was very fun hanging out with them in a big group. We all got very close and I was upset that I had to leave after two days. Everybody in the cast was totally cool. We're all still friends.

JohnnyDoe90: Was it hard to make your character be both comically over the top yet still be believable?
SpikeTV Natasha: I actually wanted her to be even more over the top. The producers talked about her falling into the pool during the mixer - but because I had a battery pack on they couldn't let me do it. I actually wanted to go more over the top. Unfortunately, they had my safety at heart.

wendiness: Was the name Rita an inside joke? Isn't one othe producers married to a Rita?
SpikeTV Natasha: I always thought it had to do with "margarita". Any other relation - I don't know about.

Kip_Is_Not_Gay_: Did the cast know ahead of time that Tim had dumped the girl he was dating to come on this show? And if so what did they think about that?
SpikeTV Natasha: I knew nothing about that. I never heard of that.

MoJoeSchmo: Don't some contestants on real reality shows get calls from agents to be on a show (eg. Big Brother)?
SpikeTV Natasha: I don't really know anything about reality TV show casting. I only know that I hate reality TV shows.

Merf: Where was this shot? Hawaii?
SpikeTV Natasha: I wish. I think it was in The Valley which unfortunately I'm allergic to.. so I had horrible allergies during the whole shooting.

voodoothng: having seen that some of the actors have acting credits, was it a worry that the schmoes might recognize you?
SpikeTV Natasha: Yes, in fact as soon as Ingrid saw Steve Mallory who plays Ernie, she looked at him and said "How do I know you?" He's done a lot of commercials she may have seen, but the Schmoe's were screened quite extensively. We had to make sure that none of the Schmoe's viewing habits involved shows we were in.

ScottLJ: Any chance the unusually large pearl necklaces will get smaller with each eviction, opposite of the increasingly expensive prizes on real dating shows?
SpikeTV Natasha: I hope because those long pearls look totally 80's.

scott80: Hi, I was was wondering if you have met Matt. ( The first Joe Schmo )
SpikeTV Natasha: I just met him this week in Ohio. And we had so much fun - I think he might be one of the nicest people I've ever met. I was surprised at how many people in the airport recognized him. The way he handled his fame was really cool - we'd be standing to get stripped searched and the woman would just be staring at him and he'd all of a sudden go "Joe Schmo!!!!!!!" and they'd say "OH, yeah!" It was very charming.

madameAllbright: Was Ingrid really that agressive or was she just genuinely interested in getting to know people?
SpikeTV Natasha: Both! She's an extremely bright person. She's not the usual type of girl who would go on a reality TV show.

Steff: Did Ralph/Derek look as goofy in person as he did on TV?
SpikeTV Natasha: Absolutely! His hair looked a little more green on TV.

madameAllbright: What other sorts of things were you not able to do that you had rehearsed?
SpikeTV Natasha: I was supposed to throw up in the toilet during the mixer, I was supposed to crash the hot tub party and fall in there, Before the exit speech at brunch, I was supposed to apologize and promise never to get drunk again...during my exit speech I was supposed to be wasted again and asking if someone would give me a ride home because I didn't want to drink and drive.

wendiness: What was the sleeping arrangment? Did someone share a room with Ingrid and was that awkward, given her suspicions?
SpikeTV Natasha: Eleanor had to share a room with Ingrid, which I think was very stressful for her and I think Ingrid confided in her a lot. It was just very stressful for her... every time we saw Eleanor she looked frazzled from being with Ingrid so much. Eleanor had to be in character for 24 hours a day. She was the most likely one to be put with Ingrid because she does have a very soft, submissive nature... and the two actually clicked quite nicely. Eleanor was able to drop some hints about her character to Ingrid at the time to set up some plot points.

BethlynTWoP: natasha, which cast member did you think did the best job in Season 1?
SpikeTV Natasha: I liked Kip the gay guy. I thought he was very funny!

Merf: Are any of the actors married in real life?
SpikeTV Natasha: Steve Mallory is (who plays Ernie). That's it to the best of my knowledge.

dolltearsheet: Are the pearls real on the necklace? ;-)
SpikeTV Natasha: I didn't get one - so I don't know!

MoJoeSchmo: Were there actual trumpets announcing Derek Newcastle`s arrival?
SpikeTV Natasha: No, but that would have been hilarious.

schmofan: How much of the dialogue in the show was improv. I mean, did the producers give you a lot freedom on what to say, or was it pretty strict?
SpikeTV Natasha: There were several seeds we all had to make happen.. like for example Ernie doing Shakespeare and me saying that his father is part of the Gallo fortune - little seeds that had to be planted. We were all mic'd so even little things we said to each other or under our breath - was picked up because there were so many cameras following us around.

Matt_is_the_man: What was the most SHOCKING ( Suprising) thing (to you) that happened
SpikeTV Natasha: Obviously, the model saying that she got hired by her agent. And so as soon as I arrived in line, Ingrid said to me "Hi, how'd they find you?" and I said at a bar in Chicago and she said 'Oh well her agent told her!"

Cuckoo: If the extra that almost gave away the premise of the show on the first day had not slipped up, do you think that Ingrid would have still been suspicious?
SpikeTV Natasha: Good question! Because she's so smart I think the curiosity is part of any intelligent peron's nature and Ingrid is above average intelligence - so yes, I think she would have been suspicious.

JohnnyDoe90: What was the striptease game like to watch and to take part in?
SpikeTV Natasha: I wanted to find a way that Rita wouldn't have to do a strip-tease - especially since Ingrid did such a great strip-tease... so I decided she would be unable to take her costume off without help. And the falling didn't hurt so much with the bunny suit on!

voodoothng: was everyone really suprised at ingrids "Moves" during the strip tease? SpikeTV Natasha: Absolutely! We were worried about it because she was supposed to be the winner - but I think she would have been the winner regardless. All my friends watching it thought she had the best body.

Matt_is_the_man: Nastasha, is this season as outrageous as last and what do we have to look forward to?
SpikeTV Natasha: All of our characters are at the same level Kip was at last year. Watching them buy the outrageous things that the cast does - is going to make for HILARIOUS television. These characters get more and more outrageous. The seeds were only planted last night.
SpikeTV Host: I am sorry to say that our hour with Natasha is up. Natasha, thanks so much for being here to chat with us tonight. Do you have any final comments for the Schmo fans?
SpikeTV Natasha: It was a great experience and I can't wait to see what happens because I actually don't know!
SpikeTV Host: Thanks for joining us everyone. Tune in next to an all-new Joe Schmo 2 on Tuesday at 10:00 PM. We'll chat with the next ejected Joe Schmo 2 contestant next Wednesday evening at 6:00 PM PT (9:00 PM ET). And don't forget to check for all the latest Joe Schmo 2 info. Goodbye!

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Re: Joe Schmo 2 chats
« Reply #2 on: June 23, 2004, 11:32:45 AM »
Thanks for posting the Texan..hmm thought that guy looked famaliar
Yes, in fact as soon as Ingrid saw Steve Mallory who plays Ernie, she looked at him and said "How do I know you?" He's done a lot of commercials she may have seen, but the Schmoe's were screened quite extensively.
I wonder if ''Jane" will figure it out??

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Re: Joe Schmo 2 chats
« Reply #3 on: June 23, 2004, 11:42:33 AM »
I agree....I think she will figure it out also.  Next week looks interesting

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Re: Joe Schmo 2 chats
« Reply #4 on: June 23, 2004, 01:03:57 PM »
There is no doubt in my mind Ingrid figures this out.  The problem are that these ceremonies are waaaaaay too over the top.  Ingrid seems smart enough to be catching on to this stuff.

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Re: Joe Schmo 2 chats
« Reply #5 on: June 23, 2004, 01:09:56 PM »
Do you all think that the producers will let Ingrid in on the show before she spills the beans?

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Re: Joe Schmo 2 chats
« Reply #6 on: June 23, 2004, 01:22:30 PM »
It would be interesting to see if they include her in on the scam....

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Re: Joe Schmo 2 chats
« Reply #7 on: June 23, 2004, 02:25:06 PM »
Tonight, Wednesday, June 23 Spike TV will host a live online chat at for Joe Schmo 2 with Ernie "The Heir" portayed by actor/comedian Steve Mallory at 9:00 pm ET / 6:00 PM PT. For one-hour, Ernie/Steve will take in and answer your questions about Joe Schmo 2 - discussing the series so far, what's to come and even some inside info on the series. 

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Re: Joe Schmo 2 chats
« Reply #8 on: June 29, 2004, 03:07:36 PM »
Here is Ernies Chat

Joe Schmo 2 Event Chat Transcript

SpikeTV Host: There are tons of great questions for Steve so let's begin! If you're just joining us, we're chatting live with Joe Schmo 2's Steve Mallory (aka Ernie). To ask Steve a question, type it in the space below and click "Ask". We'll get to as many of your questions as we can. Here we go!!! SpikeTV Host: Hi Steve! Thanks for being here today. Are you ready to take some questions?
SpikeTV Steve: Fire Away!

Biggest_Fan: Did you watch the first Joe Schmo?
SpikeTV Steve: I did watch it. A friend of mine, Kristen Wigg was on it - and I thought the show was hilarious.

Thissa: How hard is it to get, and/or stay "in character", knowing at any time that the slightest slip could ruin everything?
SpikeTV Steve: Very difficult, you had to ignore your own name and remember where you were from and all of us slipped up more than once. It's the hardest acting exercise you can do.

dolltearsheet: Steve - Can you tell us about your audition.
SpikeTV Host: To ask a question, please type it in the space below and click "Ask".
SpikeTV Steve: I had a very interesting audition because when I auditioned originally, they wrote the character of Ernie out - then I was asked to come in and help audition the actors for the other roles. Then a week before we started rehearsing they brought the character of Ernie back - and had me be the character.

TheDemon2300: how much makeup did Ralph Garman have to use to change his appearance so that he would look differently than he did in the first "Joe Schmo"?
SpikeTV Steve: I can't speak authoritatively about it but I saw both 5 and 10 gallon drums.

BethlynTWoP: Did you know any of the other cast members before you all got the roles?
SpikeTV Steve: Bryce (Kevin Kirkpatrick) has been a very close friend of mine for five years. As a matter of fact, when I was out of town last week he watched my dog.

thehutch: How hard was it not to laugh during the "pearl Necklace" ceremony?
SpikeTV Steve: If it hadn't been for the two weeks of rehearsals beforehand - it would have been impossible!

Merf: Were you ever worried about the falcon? It seems a little nuts.
SpikeTV Steve: It seemed more nuts than it was. In saying that I always gave it about a 20 foot radius.

madameAllbright: What sort of instruction did you receive, if any, to handle the improv parts. For example, were you told not to laugh? or to let the Schmoes lead??
SpikeTV Steve: The improv was up to the individual actor. We received tasks every day that we had to achieve and how we chose to achieve them were up to us. Keep in mind, we did rehearse for several weeks beforehand to know what our limits were.

JoeSchmo: Did you know you would only be on for two episodes? Do you hang out for the rest of the taping or did you leave?
SpikeTV Steve: I did know from the first day when I would be evicted. I didn't hang out.. which was very difficult because I was so curious about what was going on. I called many times from my home to get updates.

ScottLJ: Have you actually seen all the finished episodes by now, or were you cut off like a real reality contestant?
SpikeTV Steve: I haven't seen any of them - I'm seeing them for the first time with everyone else!
SpikeTV Steve: Really good questions so far!

Agent0042: Ernie - at the end of last night's show, you called Tim the "best roommate ever." How were the rooms? In the first Joe Schmo, they had the big deal about Matt and the Luxury suite, but we haven't seen much of the rooms this year, at least not yet.
SpikeTV Steve: Tim and I shared a small bedroom with two single beds that had the great fortune of being the hottest room in the house. What the cameras didn't show you were two sweaty guys playing gin rummy in their t-shirts.

Riley: What was crushing grapes like??
SpikeTV Steve: It was a cross between awful and sexy. The stains stay with you for weeks afterwards.

schmofan: Don't you think the schmos are a bit smarter this time around? Matt seemed to have no clue all through the first season.
SpikeTV Steve: Yes. Both of our Schmos were smart, observant and curious people. It was harder on us but I think it makes a better show.

derrsonn: With a character that had so much potential to offer to the dynamics of the show, why do you think the producers decided to have your character eliminated?
SpikeTV Steve: Where my character had a lot of potential - he didn't have an agenda like a lot of the other people did, like Bryce and Derek with an agenda - make for a more interesting Joe Schmo Show.

Vashe: How much of what you talked did you actully know? how much was just pure BS?
SpikeTV Steve: I'm a pretty smart guy So most of the stuff I did know. Like the wine - when I was younger I trained with a sommailier - so most of the wine stuff I knew.

Riley: Do you plan on keeping in touch with your castmates??
SpikeTV Steve: I've kept in touch with everyone. Most of the cast watched the show last night together. Also I've traded emails with Ingrid and Tim several times a week. Not only that I had breakfast with Kevin Kirkpatrick this morning.

TIVOSciolist: Did Ingrid test her suspicions by trying to grill Ernie about Seattle (where you claimed to work and where she grew up)?
SpikeTV Steve: Yes, she did. And starting from the very first day - because she went to the U of W and my character went to Wash State Univ... I messed up the name of the annual football game the two played - I had to work very hard to establish myself as a Seattleite...where I was born...

Riley: If the Joe Schmo characters were real, which character would you want to go on a date with and why?
SpikeTV Steve: I would go on a date with Ingrid in a heartbeat. She was the most interesting of all the characters probably because she was real.

sara: your character, ernie, very interesting. what are you like in real life?
SpikeTV Steve: Not far off.. the only big difference is about $600 Million.
SpikeTV Steve: But I'm working on it!

Not-funny-Hutch: In what ways are you most like Ernie and not like Ernie?
SpikeTV Steve: Boy thatís a good question. Most like him in that I'm a b it of a know-it-all and I try to be everyone's friend and I get along with eveyrone. Least like Ernie - maybe a little less of a show off than he is and not quite as cultured as he is.

voodoothng: since you were rooming with one of the schmoes what kind of things did you need to do in order to keep in character when you two were alone, and where you worried about something coming out when you were half asleep?
SpikeTV Steve: We tried to give our characters history and traits similar to our own so that it would be easier to remember our backgrounds. The things I had to remember to do were to keep expanding on Ernie's experiences that weren't my own so that he would seem more well traveled, cosmopolitan and educated.

toast: did either Tim or Ingrid ever get emotionally attatched to the bachelor or bachelorette?
SpikeTV Steve: Because I left early, I didn't really see the relationship evolve.

TopDog: Did you rehearse the segments with more scripting such as the 'most shocking ever' eliminations? If not, how did you keep a straight face? The writing is laugh-out-loud-alone-in-my-cheap-hotel-room funny.
SpikeTV Steve: I've done a lot of acting at the theater where most of the time you're on stage is very funny - so after several years after working in that environment you realize that it's only going to be funnier if you keep a straight face so you learn to develop those muscles.

LORI694me2: Steve I think you are hilarious.I really hated to see you go.Just wonderin how you felt about them making Piper look so disgusted by you on national television?
SpikeTV Steve: Valorie was great and we knew what we were going to do ahead of time so I knew that everything that while it seems disgusting on TV - it was there for a joke and a purpose - so I was perfectly fine with it.

timmy: Did Ernie enjoy the freedom that comes with being shirtless in front of the others??
SpikeTV Steve: If by freedom you mean embarrassed to the soles of my feet - Yes! Especially since we have such a good looking cast it was a little intimidating - but anything for a joke.

mole_BB5BBDid Bryce start to creep you out after a while even though you knew he was only an actor?
SpikeTV Steve: Because I know Kevin Kirkpatrick so well - it was difficult to have a relationship with the character - I thought Ernie and Bryce would be two ships passing in the night and thatís how we played it. It took us a long time afterwards to get back into our normal friend groove.

Riley: Do you think that Ingrid will figure out what's really going on? Do you think Tim will??
SpikeTV Steve: You'll have to watch and find out - and Iím watching with you!

schmo_addicted: What kind of things would you say to tim and ingrid to try and lessen their suspicions that the show was a fake??
SpikeTV Steve: It was a different tactic for each person. For Tim small suggestions and hints about what I thought the characters were about were enough for him. For Ingrid you had to aggressively defend yourself and other people on the set to throw her off the scent.

clayface9: Is that the same house from Joe Schmo 1?
SpikeTV Steve: No.

Lennie: This show is so much more over the top than the first. C'mon, a falcon that delivers messages? Present your wick? Did you help with any of the writing or set-ups? Did you ever wonder why the "joes" couldn't figure out right away that this wasn't real??
SpikeTV Steve: When you have 15 cameras and 100 people running around making a show around you - the last thing you think is that its all a fake. That more than all of the acting and planning seem to be what really convinced them that this was a real show.

lil_tyler_15: Did you like it when Ingrid did the Strip tease thing?
SpikeTV Steve: I'm sorry I missed it. When she was doing a striptease for Austin my dance was a ballroom dance with Piper which they didn't show. I was so concentrating on doing my steps and dipping Piper that I didn't get to see the real show that was going on.

JoeSchmo: Hello, great job on the show! I read that you were on the "Office Linebacker" commercial. Is this true, and how was it being on one of the funniest commercials ever?
SpikeTV Steve: The office linebacker commercials were actually a series but they only showed one. Although being tackled by a professional linebacker 5 times - was not fun. Incidentally, the director of those commercials just directed "Dodgeball" which opened this last weekend.

AnnArbor: Hi Steve. Your departure speech was very realistic, great job. I'm curious about retakes within the context of the set-up. For example, was the group asked to act surprised in spite of Montecore's repeat entrances?
SpikeTV Steve: Yeah... there were no retakes of your final speeches. It was something that had to feel real. What they didn't show was Montecore falling off of his perch during my tirade.. but what that gave me was time to set up my tears to really show my goodbye.

Lennie: I was surprised when I read the cast bios that so many of you hav been on so many other shows. What did they do to make sure that you all would not be recognized?
SpikeTV Steve: The Schmos were asked beforehand which shows they watched and if any of us had been on one of those we probably wouldn't have been chosen. Jonathan Torres who plays Gerald because he is such a big star in Canada.

grip: Jonathon Torrens (Gerald) said last night that he hung out with germ-a-phobes six months before filming to get an idea about them, what did you do to learn about the wine business [or about other things]?
SpikeTV Steve: I stayed drunk for a year and a half...

Omagrossa: Did the Schmos know that this was a Spike TV production?
SpikeTV Steve: I don't know.

voodoothng: how do you think this experience has inhanced your craft of acting, and how will you use the experience in future roles?
SpikeTV Steve: It's made me very confident with my improvisation and taught me to really trust my instincts in the middle of a scene. (Does that sound "actory" enough??)

Cuckoo: If the extra that almost gave away the premise of the show on the first day had not slipped up, do you think that Ingrid would have still been suspicious?
Not-funny-Hutch: Any comments from Tim or Ingrid about Eleanor's "drama" w/Austin not paying attention to her?

SpikeTV Steve: When Tim and I got back to our room he kept saying how Eleanor had sealed her fate and would be evicted next. I don't know how Ingrid was effected.
Saxman: Did you guys hear Montecore crash into the door during rehearsals?

SpikeTV Steve: We got to see a lot of his practice live. When he would jump off the perch and run around the patio it was like we were all school marms and there was a mouse loose in the classroom! Not-funny-Hutch: what did you think when Ingrid said to you on the first day "Where do I know you from"?? Did it scare you?

SpikeTV Steve: No, not really. What we think she knew me from was a McDonald's commercial but I was in the commercial for such a short amount of time that we didn't think she'd make that connection.
Omagrossa: What's up with Piper? It's like she hasn't done anything yet.

SpikeTV Steve: Our bachelor and bachelorette were separated from the rest of the cast for most of our shoot. As more people are voted off both her and Austin become more involved and you'll see more of their character.
Tony: Did you ever feel sorry for the poor shmos?

SpikeTV Steve: I talked with Tim about this a little bit and he had such a great attitude that this was just a fun vacation and regardless of how it turned out - it was the time of his life .. and when you're having the time of your life you can't really feel sorry for them. Besides, I hear he's getting a lot of dates.
Lennie: Watching it now for the first time, are you really happy with the outcome? I would think you would be--it's great television!!

SpikeTV Steve: I'm thrilled with the outcome. Like all actors I wish that they could show even more because so much more happens that they didn't show. The end product is fantastic!
Vashe: Would you come back for a Joe Schmo 3?
SpikeTV Steve: I'd come back for a Joe Schmo 12!

Lennie: It looks like from your bio that you are a comedian. Are you touring anywhere near Chicago??
SpikeTV Steve: I like to think of myself as "comedic actor" so I don't do stand-up per se. So unforunately, no Chicago.

thehutch: What else have you appeared in? Any TV or films?
SpikeTV Steve: I've done Reno 911 and I'm with Busey and other bit parts on television.

mole: How was Reno 911?
SpikeTV Steve: The cast and producers of Reno 911 have been comedic heroes of mine for a long time. They were members of The State and I have been a fan for a long time. Also the actress who plays Clementine is a good friend.

BrianC: How were the bedrooms assigned?
SpikeTV Steve: All I know was that I was to be in the same room as Tim. Aside from that, I don't know.

SpikeTV Steve: Unless they just wanted the two sweatiest guys in the hottest room possible.
SpikeTV Host: To ask a question, please type it in the space below and click "Ask".
SpikeTV Steve: Hello to b-ball with ed.

Riley: Why was Ingrid mad at you when you said you gave away orphans as gifts??
SpikeTV Steve: She wanted to know how I knew how many orphans to bring and I had to think on my feet and come up with the fact that my charity actually adopts hundreds of children every year and I just brought enough for the cast.

j-rock: here's an odd question was there much talk between the actors on what they were doing prior to being cast on joe schmo 2. SpikeTV Steve: No. The actors and I tried to know as little about each other so we would just refer to each other as the characters we were playing. We didn't know many of the other's real names until after the production was over.

HBKPuertoRico: How would you feel if you guys (the actors) are the joes and the joke was played on you?
SpikeTV Steve: I'm such an ego-maniac that having all that attention would be like heaven.

Santana: What was the funniest thing to happen while you were on the show that didn't make it on the air??
SpikeTV Steve: There's so many funny things. One of the things that the guys in the cast started doing was imitating the assistant director and calling out orders to the production crew so they'd be doing things that they weren't supposed to be doing - so we got a lot of laughs out of being in trouble.

voodoothng: what was the reasoning behind the long pause when Garman came in for the eviction ceremony on last nites episode?
SpikeTV Steve: Stupid reality show drama.

Lennie: Did you model any of what you did on the "real" reality shows? Your character seems like a cross between Andrew Firestone and the Average Joes. SpikeTV Steve: I'm sorry to say I've never watched a reality show in my life. So doing Joe Schmo 2 was perfect because I just got to make fun of reality shows.

BrianC: after the eviction ceremony, you were supposed to pack your stuff away, did Tim or anybody said anything to you while you were packing?
SpikeTV Steve: We weren't told to pack our things .. after it was all done assistants came and gathered all of your belongings. Tim was very confident that I would not be voted out that day.

mole_BB5BBWhat are your plans for the future? Working on any other projects at the moment?
SpikeTV Steve: I just finished writing, producing, directing, and acting and I'm currently editing a short film with two members of the "Groundling" called "Polk Valley".

Ilovereality: Do you think Ralph could pull of the act as a host for a 3rd time given the chance?
SpikeTV Steve: Ralph could pull off being an Amish woman.

Vashe: Did Tim take a liking to any of the other women besides "Piper"? SpikeTV Steve: Tim was very happy to be trapped in a house with so many beautiful women.

SpikeTV Steve: I wasn't too bummed out about it either!
AnnArbor: Were the writers & producers able to talk to the actors during filming if needed, or only at the trailer meetings?

SpikeTV Steve: The producers talked to us very little during production. Occasionally something would change at the last second and you'd be called over to have your "microphone" checked. During the wine ceremony they told me that Ralph and I had to be arguing about more things and we had to make it happen right then and right there.
SpikeTV Host: I am sorry to say that our hour with Steve is up. Steve, thanks so much for being here to chat with us today. Do you have any final comments for the Schmo fans?

SpikeTV Steve: For all of you Ernie fans - don't stop watching cuz I'm gone - because I'm watching it with you!!
SpikeTV Host: Thanks for joining us everyone. Tune in next to an all-new Joe Schmo 2 on Tuesday at 10:00 PM. We'll chat with the next ejected Schmo 2 contestant next Wednesday evening at 6:00 PM PT (9:00 PM ET). And don't forget to check for all the latest Schmo info. Goodbye

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Re: Joe Schmo 2 chats
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Week 3 Chat: Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick
Joe Schmo 2 Event Chat Transcript
Rhett Reese, Ex. Producer and Paul Wernick, Ex. Producer

SpikeTV Host: There are tons of great questions for Rhett and Paul so let's begin! If you're just joining us, we're chatting live with Joe Schmo 2 Executive Producers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick. To ask a question, type it in the space below and click "Ask". We'll get to as many of your questions as we can. Here we go!!! SpikeTV Host: Hi Rhett. Hi Paul. Thanks for being here today. Are you ready to take some questions?
SpikeTV Producer: Rhett - Shoot!
SpikeTV Producer: Paul - Bring it on !

TADD: What is the hardest thing about producing a show like Schmo?
SpikeTV Producer: Paul - The hardest thing about producing a show like Schmo is that there are so many assassins lurking behind each corner - that you don't know where the next bullet is coming from.

Agent0042: I imagine you guys must have gotten pretty irritated with Ingrid. Were you ever tempted to really mess with her mind, like having a character with a button saying "How's it going to end?"
SpikeTV Producer: Rhett - No, Ingrid didn't frustrate us - she scared us and I think God love her - she's had every right to try to get to the bottom of things. We were fooling her so I don't begrudge her decisions at all - so more power to her.

Jim: Do all of the actors know ahead of time who is leaving each week or do you purposely not tell them to make it seem more spontaneous?
SSpikeTV Producer: Paul - Yes, every actor gets a script which is about in this case 120 pages long, prior to entering the house. The script is a blueprint and can obviously change as circumstances change with our Joe and Jane Schmo.

MenaP: Have you considered using non-actor fakes instead of real actors--or do you think non-pros could not pull it off?
SpikeTV Producer: Rhett - We have always subjected everyone who tries out for the Joe Schmo show to a very rigorous audition process. We look for people with great improvisational skills and who display a range of emotions and who can immerse themselves into a character.
SpikeTV Producer: Rhett - Those people tend to be highly trained actors and that's not to say that an average person couldn't play one of the characters but we always err on the side of experience and talent.

Agent0042: Do we get to see Austin and Pipers' parents or in-laws in the next episode?
SpikeTV Producer: Rhett - Let's just say that we're going to be having some VIP's in the house - Very Important Parents.
Omagrossa: What do Austin & Piper do when they aren't part of the competitions?
SpikeTV Producer: Rhett - Austin and Piper live in a guest house off the main house. They spend hours and hours conversely, playing cards, talking on the telephone, all of the things that you would do if you were in prison.

Riley: What is the funniest thing that happened while taping the show that never made it on air?
SpikeTV Producer: Paul - Derek playing pocket pool.
SpikeTV Producer: Rhett - I second that - Derek playing pocket pool.

NoHip: Why do the actors use fake names instead of their real ones? It seems more logical to use their real names to avoid a something like Cammy's screw-up.
SpikeTV Producer: Paul - I think, for the purposes of the actors, it is important that they are playing a role and it helps their process.
SpikeTV Producer: Rhett - I also think the actors like it - that it is reinforced with the audience that they are playing characters and are not contestants on a show.
SpikeTV Producer: Rhett - Character names are funnier than real names, for instance Ambrosia is a funnier name than Gretchen.

DesertDog2K1: Why is the falcon named after the tiger that mauled that Roy guy in Las Vegas? Is this some type of foreshadowing?
SpikeTV Producer: Paul - We're sick.
SpikeTV Producer: Rhett - We're sick.. and yes.

Saxman: Do you think that if you made a third Joe Schmo, you could disguise Ralph Garman enough to be unrecognizable?
SpikeTV Producer: Rhett - Yes, if he's willing to lose an arm and take estrogen.

Quinn: Did everyone go through a psychological test, because joe schmo was saying 'How did bryce get through the psychological test?'.
SpikeTV Producer: Paul - All the contestants underwent rigorous psychological testing prior to being cast. We can't say the same about the actors.

Domonique: Did you have any indication that Ingrid would be so inquisitive and untrusting and that tim would be the complete opposite?
SpikeTV Producer: Paul - We had every indication that we were in for some trouble with Ingrid from the moment her face appeared on our TV screen in the casting process.
SpikeTV Steve: I'm a pretty smart guy So most of the stuff I did know. Like the wine - when I was younger I trained with a sommailier - so most of the wine stuff I knew.

1: did anything happen to the person who briefed the actors and actresses who were there for just the first day?
SpikeTV Producer: Rhett - We cut off their arm and forced them to take estrogen.

Sammy: How come the elimination ceremony was not shown on Monday's episode?
SpikeTV Producer: Rhett - We wanted to create a classic cliff-hanger much like the old serials.

RManaSpeaker: How come you didn't tone down some of the show's excesses (like Cammy's porn video) in order to keep Ingrid off balance?
SpikeTV Producer: Paul - We never wanted to sacrifice comedy.
SpikeTV Producer: Rhett - Another key, that video, ends up playing a big role in the show.

alan: hey i love the show. what do you think about having Rita leave first?

SpikeTV Producer: Paul - Rita was named after my wife... and I've always wanted to get rid of her.

loismustdie: Has Ingrid Mentioned the Joe Schmo But you didnt air it, Or was The Truman show the closest she came to joe schmo show?
SpikeTV Producer: Rhett - Ingrid had never seen or heard of Joe Schmo Show. So she never asked "Am I on the Joe Schmo Show?"

TomKat: Do you guys get really frustrated when you do all of this work to pull this off and then someone messes it up by saying "my agent sent me" or almost says her real name--or do you just accept it and move on?
SpikeTV Producer: Rhett - Well, I found it very difficult to accept, frustrated, terrified, and you're forced to move on because, as they say, the show must go on!
SpikeTV Producer: Paul - Ultimately, some of those mistakes make producing the show, believe it or not, even more fun.

Gretchen: What made you decide to be so over the top with this season--as compared to last?
SpikeTV Producer: Rhett - I don't think this season is substantially more over-the-top. People have to remember we had Matt Gould wearing women's underwear, placing his hands on a naked breast, and eating [fake] dog feces. It just doesn't get more over-the-top than that!

The_HellJack: Ok, here is my question. Do you guys have some sort of "fake twist" in store for the Schmos. Like right before the big reveal, you tell them that Austin and Piper are actually married or something, and simply looking for a couple to "swing" with...or some
SpikeTV Producer: Rhett - Don't worry there is a twist every week for the Schmos. And the Schmos may even have a twist or two up THEIR sleeves.

AreallygreatSchow: Did you guys every consider keeping Ingrid WITHOUT scaling back the comedy. If she "figured it out", the odds are she would believe that Tim was an actor too, which would have led to even funnier situations.
SpikeTV Producer: Paul - There are many contingency plans going into a show like Joe Schmo. We consider all options.

Sfan_for_life: how nervous were you guys when ingrid said those things about thinking the show was not even real?
SpikeTV Producer: Rhett - Beyond nervous, we're talking nervous breakdown territory happening!
SpikeTV Producer: Paul - If by nervous you mean choking on the bile building up in the back of my throat - then yes - we were nervous.

SpikeTV Producer: Rhett - Trying to grab more viewers!

Sweetness: Did you consider that tim or ingrid might be attracted to a different actor besides austin or piper
SpikeTV Producer: Paul - Yes, and if they did then we would adjust the story lines as we did in Season 1 with Matt and Ashley, as to diffuse any deeper emotions.

countess: why are we not seeing more of the board ops reactions to "Jane as she is piecing things together? Last year we saw much more of the gasping from board ops as Matt was giving twists on the show.
SpikeTV Producer: Rhett - We were not gaspers - we internalized all of our fears. We got gastroenteritis.
SpikeTV Producer: Paul - Because we were busy arguing behind closed doors about what to do next.

Sweetness: do you think with matt and tim believing this and ingrid being suspicious, do you think the men are easier to fool
SpikeTV Producer: Rhett - No. I don't think that Ingrid's high level of perception necessarily came from the fact that she's a woman. I thank that's her personality.
SpikeTV Producer: Paul - I'm going to have to make it up to my wife on that previous comment about Rita - and say Yes!
SpikeTV Producer: Rhett - Paul may be getting some tonight.

Jamie: TJ hasn't had much to do. Is his character going to be given more things to say? He has so much potential!
SpikeTV Producer: Rhett - Absolutely - TJ plays a huge role - stay tuned!

lsukid: after last season and incidents where the Joe's emotions were truly pushed to the limit, did you this season try to avoid putting this Joe and Jane in similar situations?
SpikeTV Producer: Rhett - We always try to keep emotions on a shallow, silly, level. We think we have a responsibility to our "mark".

Quinn: Do you think Cammy is too phony? Ingrid seems to think about her the most, especially her little 'Porked and Beans' story.
SpikeTV Producer: Rhett - Absolutely not. Janna Speaker who plays Cammy did a phenomenal job. The pork and beans video was only one piece of a much larger puzzle Ingrid was trying to put together. I can't stress that STRONGLY enough.

canadajoe: I have two questions : 1)are you happy of the decision that you've maid and i'll like to know if you have received propositions from other countries to adapt the show?
SpikeTV Producer: Paul - I think it's quite likely that there may end up being a Jacque Schmo or Jose Schmo.

Quinn: Is Austin supposed to be laughing all the time at the host when he says corny things?
SpikeTV Producer: Rhett - I think it's natural for the characters to laugh if something is funny. I think it would be stranger if they didn't laugh when something funny happens.

countess: Monday night we saw a few glimpses of "Brian the buddy". Can we look forward to seeing him integrated into the show?
SpikeTV Producer: Rhett - Brian will not be acting on this years show - so you'll have to be content to catch his handsome image on screen behind the scenes.

alan: what is the best part about the show?
SpikeTV Producer: Paul - Getting to make unique and interesting television with wonderfully talented people.
SpikeTV Producer: Rhett - We are big losers - our favorite thing is quoting lines from our own show. Our current favorite is "Piper, put your face in the sack."
SpikeTV Producer: Paul - Thanks, Rhett... Now I'm back to not getting any tonight.

DesertDog2K1: Does the actress playing Piper have any previous singing background? I know she is supposed to be an "opera singer" but she pulled off that "Danny Boy" song pretty well.
SpikeTV Producer: Rhett - She has trained to be an opera singer - she's very talented.

WhatIsGoingOnInHere: Did you turn away contestants that you thought would figure out the show too quick?
SpikeTV Producer: Rhett - No.. we always thought that Ingrid was our very biggest risk ever - and we cast her.

Agent0042: The music that you were playing last night during the Piper and Austin flashback scenes and later the Gerald lapdance - I seemed to recognize it. Isn't it a classical piece?
SpikeTV Producer: Rhett - I think it was Tchaikovsky ...

the_wise_guy: are tim and ingrid really actors pulling a fast one on the real actors ??
SpikeTV Producer: Paul - As if one of the biggest twists in television isn't big enough for you guys - No!

glennzilla69: What made you decide to make "The Crisis" a cliffhanger?
SpikeTV Producer: Rhett - I was trying to make sure the typist spelled Tchaikovsky correctly - so I didn't look stupid.
SpikeTV Producer: Paul - Drama!

Maximus: Is every week going to have "The most intense elimination ceremony yet!"?
SpikeTV Producer: Rhett - Yes. Each one topping the next until mass hysteria results.

Quinn: Will Piper ever kiss joe schmo, or do you guys make it so she will never have to?
SpikeTV Producer: Paul - You'll have to tune in to find out.

The_HellJack: Not a question, but a comment. Thank you Rhett for posting the Schmoblog.
SpikeTV Producer: Rhett - I'm really enjoying doing it - thanks a lot!

sdnop: I was very impressed that you never teased or showed any hint in the previews of Ingrid catching on at the end of the first show. Remarkable restraint on your parts brought a TRUE shock ending. Good job!
SpikeTV Producer: Paul - We want the viewers to experience the journey as we did - thank you.

music_beans2000: Why wasn't there a Falcon Twist in Mondays episode?
SpikeTV Producer: Paul - The falcon had a good lawyer.

the_wise_guy: in previews for the next show that is 90 mins long it showed matt from season 1 ...whats up with that ?
SpikeTV Producer: Rhett - We always envisioned bringing Matt back in some capacity... you'll have to tune in.
SpikeTV Producer: Paul - You can't do Joe Schmo without bringing back MKG.

Tauntaun: During the interviews in which the cast is brought up to speed with the expectations of the director, how were Ingrid and Tim kept separate from everyone else when there are two people who would have their interviews at the same time?
SpikeTV Producer: Paul - Tim and Ingrid were both sequestered in their rooms, as they thought all of the other actors were as well, doing interviews with Producers.

Mike: Whose idea was it to change the byline under Ingrid's name during the big build-up of tension in the last episode?
SpikeTV Producer: Rhett - That was Paul's idea!
SpikeTV Producer: Paul - Okay, I'm back to getting some again!

Maximus: Did you expect anyone to notice Ingrid's title changes while she was going back on what she thought was fake?
SpikeTV Producer: Rhett - Absolutely, I was surprised when a lot of people didn't notice.

music_beans2000: What real reality show do you make parodies of in Joe Schmo?
SpikeTV Producer: Paul - Every last one of them.

Omagrossa: Have any of you done any real reality shows?
SpikeTV Producer: Paul - Yes, I produced Big Brother 2, Celebrity- Get Me Out of Here, and The Chair.
SpikeTV Producer: Rhett - I thought "Uh oh - I wonder what my next career choice will be?"

SpikeTV Host: I am sorry to say that our hour with Rhett and Paul is up. Thank you both for being here to chat with us today. Do you have any final comments for the Schmo fans?

SpikeTV Producer: Rhett - First - a big thank you to everyone who is supporting the show by watching and telling their friends.
SpikeTV Producer: Rhett - Second - to those of you who have accused us of going too far over-the-top - get ready - you ain't seen nothin' yet!!
SpikeTV Producer: Paul - Thank you for watching... we hope you continue to enjoy!

SpikeTV Host: Thanks for joining us everyone. Tune in next to an all-new Joe Schmo 2 on its new night and time, Monday at 11:05 PM. We'll chat with the next ejected Schmo 2 contestant next Wednesday evening at 9:00 PM ET (6:00 PM PT). And don't forget to check for all the latest Schmo info. Goodbye!

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Re: Joe Schmo 2 chats
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Ingrid's chat
Joe Schmo 2 Event Chat Transcript
Ingrid Wiese

SPIKETV HOST: Hey everyone!! Thanks for joining us for our weekly Joe Schmo 2 chat! Today we're chatting with the Schmo that made the producers scramble, Ingrid! To ask Ingrid a question, type it below and click "Ask". The chat will begin at 6:00 PM PT.
SPIKETV HOST: Hi Ingrid! Thanks for being here today. Are you ready to take some questions? SpikeTV Ingrid: I'm ready and I'm excited- Bring it on!

NintendoChampion: Why did you continue on the show?
SpikeTV Ingrid: I continued on the show for several reasons: 1. I was curious to see how it would end. 2. Because there was money involved... and 3. Because I cared about Tim and the cast and I wanted to remain on there as a support and a friend.

NintendoChampion: Do you think Amanda and Tim will figure it out?
SpikeTV Ingrid: It's certainly going to be fun watching it - and I hope that everyone tunes in to see if they do.

montecore09: Ingrid, before the truth was revealed to you, which people did you think were real and which ones did you think were fake?
SpikeTV Ingrid: Thatís a good question! I have to say the one person that I knew was not real was Cammy - and the one person I knew for sure was real was Tim.
SpikeTV Ingrid: But as I began to shuffle through experiences of the last few days I had questions about whether Ernie, Eleanor, and Ambrosia were real. I think if I had more time I would have been able to go through the guys too - and eliminate who I thought was real and who wasn't.

cspariah: If there hadn't been the "obvious" clues -- Cammy waiting for the cameraman, the rehearsed speeches, the actress on the first day -- do you still think you would have caught on?
SpikeTV Ingrid: It's really hard to know because that's not what happened. I think there were other unspoken clues such as I felt as though the characters were not being upfront with me or real with me.
SpikeTV Ingrid: For example they didn't want to talk about themselves. They wanted to have surface conversations. I think overall it's hard to speculate.

NintendoChampion: Do you have any feelings toward Tim?
SpikeTV Ingrid: Why of course - he is a great guy and I consider him a dear friend.
SPIKETV HOST: To ask a question, please type it in the space below and click "Ask".

Morningwood_ca: Aside from Derek Newcastle, who amongst the other guys ( or girls for that matter ) did you have the best chemistry with?
SpikeTV Ingrid: Although I didn't notice too much chemistry with Derek - I do think he's a great character and a great guy. As a Schmo my closest friend was Tim and confidante was Eleanor.. but as an actress I felt I really enjoyed the company of Janna Speaker and Kevin Kirkpatrick.

Josh: Hi, Ingrid how did it feel from being "on" Joe Schmo 2 to being "in" Joe Schmo 2?
SpikeTV Ingrid: It has been a crazy experience. I definitely felt a mood shift when I went from being a Schmo to becoming an actress. As a Schmo I felt a little bit more of in control of my surroundings. As an actress I felt even more out of my element.

SuzieSchmo: How on earth did you keep as straight of a face as you did with all the double entendres they were throwing out?
SpikeTV Ingrid: My Mother always taught me growing up that if you laugh at those things then people will assume that you know what they mean. I tried as hard as I could to suppress my laughter but eventually I gave in. The writers are really good on this show - so it was really tough!
cspariah: Right after you were told the truth, Eleanor said to you, "We have to talk!" I'm curious -- what did she tell you?
SpikeTV Ingrid: Eleanor had a difficult part to play because on top of having to play her character - she was also my roommate and in the process of being roommates we shared a lot of personal information with each other.
SpikeTV Ingrid: I think she was concerned that the personal information she shared with me was part of the ruse and she wanted to make sure that I knew that everything she shared with me was really from her past and not part of the game.

monkeyboy: Hey Ingrid, who do you think was the most convincing actor on the show?

SpikeTV Ingrid: I think they were all fantastic. All of the actors were fantastic and I couldn't pick just one. They all had really unique roles to play and each in their own way did so very convincingly.

j-rock: besides cammy and that actor hired for just the first day did any of the other actors make mistakes that also started to clue you in about the show
SpikeTV Ingrid: Poor Steve Mallory who played Ernie had the unfortunate task of giving out his gifts - which I happened to notice were the exact number of envelopes for everyone there - this tipped me off to the fact that he was an actor.
SpikeTV Ingrid: In addition he had a bit where he was quoting Shakespeare and interrupting the host and unfortunately that also tipped me off because the Producers didn't intervene at that point and make us re-shoot the scene. So I guess, there were other mistakes but I think the most obvious were that first day player and Cammy.

The_HellJack: Hey Ingrid. First off, thank god you stayed with the show. Now, my question. When the "Big Reveal" took place, and "Derek" told you there was another "Real" person in the house, you gave an indication that you knew that Tim was the other "Schmo".
SpikeTV Ingrid: Tim and I hit it off right from the start. We had similar backgrounds, we both lived in Wash. DC, we had friends in common, favorite places in DC in common. The other part about Tim that was real was that when I talked with him about his personal life he would go in depth with me.

SPIKETV HOST: To ask a question, please type it in the space below and click "Ask".
SpikeTV Ingrid: Our conversations would flow very naturally, even when the cameras weren't rolling - so there was never a question in my mind about him being real.

chris: Have you seen Joe Schmo 1? If you did what did you think of it?
SpikeTV Ingrid: I had the pleasure of watching Joe Schmo I after I returned from Agoura Hills where we filmed it. I watched it with Amanda and Tim and we thought it was hysterical. I enjoyed watching Matt and it set me at ease becaause the show wasn't making fun of Matt but more making fun of the genre of reality TV. Watching Joe Schmo I made me excited about what was happening with Joe Schmo II.

montecore09: Ingrid, how did you get cast as Jane Schmo?
SpikeTV Ingrid: I was walking down the street with a girlfriend after a night of clubbing - and we were stopped by two women on the street who asked us if we would be interested in filling out a questionnaire and doing a small video to get on this new TV show. We looked at each other and said no way and walked away.
SpikeTV Ingrid: These two women followed us down the road and asked us again. We thought it would be a funny store to tell the next day - so we did it. We both thought we would never h ear from them again so imagine ;my shock when I heard from a casting director the next week.
SpikeTV Ingrid: Along the way I was sure I wouldn't make it to the next step so I didn't take it too seriously. There was a 10 page test, a casting call in L.A., a psychological exam, and a medical exam. Then they finally invited me to come on the show!

cspariah: Hi Ingrid! Great work figuring out what was going on! Question: After having been brought "to the other side", have you thought of trying further acting work?
SpikeTV Ingrid: I think that future episodes will reveal that acting is not my forte and that I should stick to my day job.
monkeyboy: hey Ingrid, which of the actors did you most want to slap?
SpikeTV Ingrid: There were definitely moments when I wanted to slap Ambrosia.

Morningwood_ca: Ingrid, do you feel like a smartie pants because you figured out the premise in the first 3 episodes while Matt never figured it out and it doesn't look like Tim will either?
SpikeTV Ingrid: No, I don't feel like a smarty pants but I definitely feel lucky because it's been definitely an experience seeing both sides of the show. I don't like the term smarty pants.

SuzieSchmo: How hard was the decision to take the role, and potentially the 100,000 dollars?
SpikeTV Ingrid: Considering the current economy the question of taking the $100,000 was not hard. The second half of that question in regards to staying around and fooling Tim - that did take a little bit of time - I think something like 30 SECONDS.

Patrick: Ingrid, what aspect of the show was most difficult once you crossed over to "the dark side"?
SpikeTV Ingrid: I really have to give it to the actors and actresses on this show because they make it look easy and its not. I wasn't playing a character and it was hard to keep a straight face, act surprise, not tell Tim and Amanda whatís going on. This was tougher than I thought it would be thatís for sure. The hardest thing - I can't tell you - You'll have to tune in and watch!

SuzieSchmo: Did the cast and crew give you any improv pointers?
SpikeTV Ingrid: Actually, Kevin Kirkpatrick was coaching me on how to deliver one of my lines and he was fantastic. I feel like I've learned from a pro now!

SuzieSchmo: Was there ever a point when you thought it was actually real? Or did you peg it from the model who goofed on the first day?
SpikeTV Ingrid: I went into this experience thinking everything was real. It was my initial instinct to want to believe everything was real so I kept pushing all of these little clues along the way out of my mind.
SpikeTV Ingrid: It wasn't until the moment in the bathroom with Cammy that I allowed those to add up to - maybe parts of the show were fake but I wasn't completely convinced. I had all of the pieces of the puzzle and half of it put together - but I was missing one piece.

Agent0042: If you could have been one of the characters on the show and not a Schmo (Turned Actress), which one would you have been, if any?
SpikeTV Ingrid: That is an awesome question. I think I would have most enjoyed being the Gotta-Be-Gay Girl.

Jamie: Have you been suspicious of people all your life?
SpikeTV Ingrid: Against popular belief the answer to that question is a defiant NO. I'm only suspicious of the things that ARE suspicious. Outside of this circumstance I'm really a very open and accepting person. But, I do tend to overthink things.

janesaddict: Ingrid, did your travelling overseas help sharpen your intuition? Can't fool a seasoned traveller.
SpikeTV Ingrid: I think that sounds right on. I think working with other cultures and having to live in a country where you don't speak the language you learn to pick up on non-verbal clues. But I'm also a woman and that had to play a big roles as well. Sorry, I know this is a men's network.

SuzieSchmo: How adroit were the writers at keeping the plot moving with all the twists that improv could bring?
SpikeTV Ingrid: Did he just use the word adroit? Very nice useage of the word. I think the writers are incredible and they did a great job by keeping the plot moving with all the twists and turns.

Patrick: Ingrid, how has your perspective on television as a believable form of media changed since this experience?
SpikeTV Ingrid: I think I was very lucky to have the experience that I had. Iíve seen some of the other more cruel parody shows out there and I think that I got a really great deal.
SpikeTV Ingrid: They did a great job portraying me in a realistic manner as embarrassing as it is for me to admit - I have a lot of the character traits that came out on television. So I feel as if they treated me fairly.

mopower: Have you had a chance to meet Matthew Gould?
SpikeTV Ingrid: Yes, I did and he is as charming in person as he comes across on screen... and very handsome as well!

SuzieSchmo: Have you built any genuine friendships as a result of the show?
SpikeTV Ingrid: I believe so. Amanda, Tim and I are going to be able to have this experience to share whenever we get together in the future and I believe it has created a strong bond between us three.. so I like to think I've created a strong friendship with Tim and Amanda.

SpikeTV Ingrid: In addition, I feel as if Rhett has been really good about reaching out to us Schmos at the end of the show and I hope that friendship will continue after the end of the show. Does that sound like I'm hitting on Rhett? Cuz I am..

techMology: Did you think Bryce was a complete psycho?
SpikeTV Ingrid: I didn't have a lot of interaction with the guy. They managed very skillfully to keep us apart. In addition I was trying to see the positive aspects of everyone's personality. I was trying hard not to stereotype the characters. In his case it was very hard! I did think he was ultra sensitive.

andrew: what was you thinking when cammy gave you that porked and beans secret in the bathroom
SpikeTV Ingrid: First of all, I was thinking that this girl was an actress. Second of all I was thinking "You're willing to do that video for only $2,000 - you should have held out for more, honey!"

Bom: Ingrid, are you nervous about having a friend from the casting call (Amanda) being around for the show, while you are acting?
SpikeTV Ingrid: Yes, I am nervous but I also am more nervous about trying to be an actress in front of a bunch of well-seasoned actors and actresses.
SPIKETV HOST: To ask a question, please type it in the space below and click "Ask".

j-rock: You seem quite intelligent, after al you pretty much had figured out that the show wasn't what it was suposed to be, because of that i was wondering if you've ever considered a career as either a private eye or a detective
SpikeTV Ingrid: You can just call me Nancy Drew.. I'll be coming out with my own book series - watch for it!

SuzieSchmo: Were there ever any challenges that made you just cringe?
SpikeTV Ingrid: Stay tuned because they are coming. I think any challenge that had to deal with a scantily clad woman objectifying herself for the enjoyment of all the male viewers made me cringe.
SpikeTV Ingrid: And by the way - there are LOTS more of those coming.

Stomachpain: You weren't really into Austin since he was all over Cammy. True?
SpikeTV Ingrid: I wasn't really into Austin because he wasn't my type. He didn't interest me... he was not really my Prince Charming type of guy. But the fact that he would be all over Cammy in the presence of three women pursuing him was definitely a turn off but I just added that to the list of other turn offs.
SpikeTV Ingrid: I don't think the writers wanted him to be likeable. But as a person - he's really likeable, really smart, and a fantastic guy.

Bom: When you first realized that there was something going on, why did you carry on with the suspicions?
SpikeTV Ingrid: I really wanted to see how everything would turn out. I'm curious - aren't you??

BethlynTWoP: ASK: Ingrid, if you could have written your own character for the show, what would you be like, and what would be your name/identifier?
SpikeTV Ingrid: How about being a smart, independent, woman who doesn't really need a man to be happy.

MoJoeSchmo: When you were in auditions, did they tell you this was a Spike TV production, or a Stone Stanley Production?
SpikeTV Ingrid: No, they actually told us that it was an MTV production. When I signed the contract, it said Stone Stanley. I took that information and did some research but didn't come up with Joe Schmo... but I did come up with The Man Show and Shop Til You Drop.

monkeyboy: Hey Ingrid, when Ambrosia started ragging on you at lunch, were you about to snap at her?
SpikeTV Ingrid: I felt it was inappropriate for her to be criticizing the other women in front of the group. So if she wanted to privately pull them aside to discuss her issues with them I would have been more than supportive... but yes.. I was about to jump in and ask her to take it out of the room - she was ruining my lunch!

craftymo: Ingrid, you seemed to be somewhat affected by Eleanor's crying during the grape stomping. Didn't you actually believe she could've been for real?
SpikeTV Ingrid: During the grape stomping I was still in believability mode.. and I had been spending a lot of private time with Eleanor. She filled my head with stories of her family, her past, and previous relationships with men.. and I felt protective of her .. so watching someone so close crying on television was really tough - and I did honestly feel for her.
SpikeTV Ingrid: However, as she continuously weeps and cries on the show I got frustrated with her and wondered how this woman who seemed so strong in other stories behave so weak now.. and I felt that her stories didn't match.

SuzieSchmo: How was the food in the house?
SpikeTV Ingrid: That has to be a question from one of the other cast mates because I think we would all collectively agree - the food was good but always the same at every meal. I couldn't look at a chicken breast for a MONTH after filming ended!

perfectday: hey ingrid, you are one tough cookie. how much of your life has changed since the show?
SpikeTV Ingrid: First of all - thank you. My life hasn't changed at all since the show except that I get a lot more frequent trips to New York City. I'm still looking for work, I'm still single...

snarfdude: I'm sure you had fun, ingrid, but as far as the whole concept of the show goes, did you have any real prospects for love from all the publicity from the show?
SpikeTV Ingrid: I haven't had any change in my prospects situation - why - do you have any single friends?????
SpikeTV Ingrid: I'm pretty high maintenance..

SuzieSchmo: Had you been a fan of reality TV before you auditioned for Joe Schmo?
SpikeTV Ingrid: Yes, I enjoy the occasional guilty pleasure of watching reality TV shows. I especially liked The Apprentice. There is a show where people are showing their real skills and talents - and not just being themselves. I like the shows with a little competitive edge.

deadpool: Being the "real" person, you kept cracking up often; now that you are a cast member, is it easier to handle the jokes (i.e. Pearl Necklace, "Bangers and Mash," etc.)
SpikeTV Ingrid: No, it's even harder because now I have to suppress my laughter. You'll see a lot of overly serious expressions on my face when things are supposed to be funny. I tried to think of dead puppy dogs.

detriotvelvetsmooth: Would you have been mad if they wrote you out of the show?
SpikeTV Ingrid: No, I didn't have any expectations coming into the show. I would have remained happy with the reveal and the satisfaction that I wasn't crazy.

SPIKETV HOST: I am sorry to say that our hour with Ingrid is up. Ingrid, thanks so much for being here to chat with us today. Do you have any final comments for the Schmo fans?

SpikeTV Ingrid: Thank you for having me here - and please tune in and keep watching. The show gets raunchier and more over-the-top - but please be forgiving - I'm not a professional actress!
SpikeTV Ingrid: Thanks to everyone for coming to the chat to talk with me!

SPIKETV HOST: Thanks for joining us everyone. Tune in next to an all-new Joe Schmo 2 on Monday at 11:05 PM. We'll chat with the next ejected Schmo 2 contestant next Wednesday evening at 6:00 PM PT (9:00 PM ET). And don't forget to check for all the latest Schmo info. Goodbye!

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Re: Joe Schmo 2 chats
« Reply #11 on: July 14, 2004, 06:26:46 PM »
thanx Texan for posting this..I was really curious as to what Ingrid would have to say..

LOL...she really is a good sport mant times did we catch her cracking up .. :D :D

deadpool: Being the "real" person, you kept cracking up often; now that you are a cast member, is it easier to handle the jokes (i.e. Pearl Necklace, "Bangers and Mash," etc.)

SpikeTV Ingrid: No, it's even harder because now I have to suppress my laughter. You'll see a lot of overly serious expressions on my face when things are supposed to be funny. I tried to think of dead puppy dogs.

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Re: Joe Schmo 2 chats
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Joe Schmo 2 Event Chat Transcript
Andrew Green and John Holland Moore

SPIKETV HOST: There are tons of great questions for Andrew and John so let's begin! If you're just joining us, we're chatting live with Joe Schmo 2 series writers Andrew Green and John Holland Moore. To ask a question, type it in the space below and click "Ask". We'll get to as many of your questions as we can. Here we go!!! SPIKETV HOST: Hi Andrew. Hi John. Thanks for being here today. Are you ready to take some questions?

SpikeTV Guest: Andrew - As ready as we will ever be! John - Type slowly - I'm not a fast reader!
The_Stalker: Is it hard to write stuff crazy but believable at the same time?

SpikeTV Guest: John - Not if you yourself are crazy and believable at the same time!
SpikeTV Guest: Andrew - It's not necessarily hard - you just don't know how believable it is until it is being shot sometimes, so thatís where it gets a little bit hard.
Kelley: How often do you have to adjust the scripts? Or do the Schmos pretty much react to situations the way you'd expect them to?

SpikeTV Guest: Andrew - We're adjusting it constantly. I'd say 20% of the stuff.
SpikeTV Guest: John - It's difficult putting a percentage on it.. something may happen that helps the story along.. you may not have prepared for it but it makes the story easier... or... they may have a reaction different than what you expect. Other times the network doesn't think that is believable.. so we answer to that master as well.
SpikeTV Guest: John - Andrew doesn't like to answer long questions so he'll make it simpler or dumb it down. Andrew - I'll get him later.
SpikeTV Guest: John - we also have to change the script if it makes Rhett cry.

XxCHICKENxX: How do you guys come up with such hilarious ideas??
SpikeTV Guest: John - Basically we are all smart alec people. We don't like to take a thing about the world serious and we'll find a way to make fun of everything and we all watch reality TV.
SpikeTV Guest: John - we'll come in and talk about what we've seen and why it was stupid and how you can make it even crazier.
SpikeTV Guest: John - We're writers but other reality shows doing it for real is our jumping off point... they should probably get writing credit too but then they'll start asking for money so we don't want to do that.
SpikeTV Guest: John - We'll take an idea that Andrew pitches and make it the exact opposite.
SpikeTV Guest: Andrew - thatís two! - two for John.

monkeyboy: How do you come up with the names for the characters?
SpikeTV Guest: Andrew - I'll just give you a little list of some of the names and how we came up with them..
SpikeTV Guest: Andrew - Everett the frog was named after Rhett Reese. Montecore the falcon was named after Roy's tiger that attacked him...
SpikeTV Guest: Andrew - Ambrosia was kind of an homage to Omerosa. I had origianlly tried to get the name to be Opondarosa but people thought that might raise some red flags.
SpikeTV Guest: Andrew - Gerald was originally not a hard G but I knew somebody who had changed his name to Gerald and on his business card it said "It is a hard G" and that was too hard to pass up.
SpikeTV Guest: Andrew - Most other names were assigned randomly. Most of the women were named after girls who had rejected the advances of Rhett Reese, the Executive Producer. And I'm not sure of the men's names.
SpikeTV Guest: John - That was Rhett Reese too.

Bryce_Schmo: How hard was it to adjust the script to fit Ingrid in?
SpikeTV Guest: John - It's just part of the process that comes along with writing for a show like Joe Schmo - you have to be ready to adjust as the characters adjust.
SpikeTV Guest: John - It's difficult but once we made our decision we had to go with it. You don't have time to think about whether it is difficult or not.
SpikeTV Guest: Andrew - It was easier for some of us writers than others.

The_Stalker: how do you come up with such insane stuff like the "Love is a Battlefield" game?
SpikeTV Guest: John - We have producers that are in charge of games and sometimes we give them an idea about what we'd like to happen and they run with it -
SpikeTV Guest: Andrew - They knew on this show since it was a dating theme that the games had to be love or dating or sex related so they would pitch different ideas or incorporate ideas we gave them.
SpikeTV Guest: John - You should have heard some of the ideas that they brought to us that didn't make air.

TheRyGuy: Where do you plan to go with the "grandfather" conspiracy?
SpikeTV Guest: Andrew - You can find out Monday night after WWE Raw and again on Tuesday nights for the next four weeks.

CougarCat73_: i noticed in the commercials that the guy with curly hair was on the writing he not one of the actors from schmo 1?
SpikeTV Guest: John - Yeah, Brian Keith Etheridge was an actor and writer on the first season and of course we definitely wanted him to write on the second season but we couldn't put him on as a cast member because that would be a little too obvious.
SpikeTV Guest: John - We had to make sure that of all the crew people - no one ever saw him on the set. He was like the problem child of the family that you hide when company comes, but a pleasure and a joy to work with.
SpikeTV Guest: Andrew - And a great straight man!

RealSchmo: That porked and beans video was disgusting! I am having nightmares still!! Was everyone dying of laughter when you were shooting it?
SpikeTV Guest: Andrew - Actually, we shot the Porked and Beans video in a hotel room that we were not actually allowed to shoot in. There were only about six of us there. We had about 35 cans of baked beans, and one hand can opener.
SpikeTV Guest: Andrew - By the time we had lined the tub, opened all the cans of beans, put 2/3s of them in - then Cammy... then the rest of the beans.. then the 50 or so hotdogs, we were pretty exhausted and you wouldn't think that we would be able to laugh much.
SpikeTV Guest: Andrew - but once she started rolling around the hotdogs in her hand with the chef who was Rhett Reese's brother, by the way, pouring more beans on her and laughing maniacally - it was pretty to keep a straight face.
SpikeTV Guest: Andrew - The funny thing during that shoot - there were a few times when we had to have the hotel room door open for light and we had to post a production assist in the hallway because anyone walking by would have reported us for shooting a porno movie. And I feel really bad about the stench I'm sure those beans must have left for the next week.
SpikeTV Guest: John - I wasn't at that particular shoot because I was off doing more important show things.. but I can tell you that Andrew was not lying about that shoot because Andrew is now still spelling like pork and beans.
SPIKETV HOST: To ask a question, please type it in the space below and click "Ask".
SpikeTV Guest: Andrew - And I would do it again in a heartbeat.

voodoothng: last week ingrid mentioned that they pretty much ate the same thing everynite. what was the thinking behind that?
SpikeTV Guest: John - Caterers are expensive, Spike is cheap - you figure it out
SpikeTV Guest: John - I love Spike TV - they are the greatest network in America. Thank you for my checks.

j-rock: did you guys write much of a script for the actors who played both austin and piper's parents
SpikeTV Guest: John - Before I answer this question I do want to reinterate how much I love Spike TV, the Spike employees and how much I hope to continue working with the greatest network on TV!
SpikeTV Guest: John - Yes we did write for the parents as well. Everything has to be scripted or outlined. We gave them lines to do but being the great improv actors they are they took things in their own direction. When dealing with the unknown that is Joe Schmo - we wrote for them but like all the other actors - they made the scene their own.
SpikeTV Guest: Andrew - Especially like last nights episode around the dinner table - the stuff that the parents came up with most of that was their own and they were just brilliant and incredible.
SpikeTV Guest: John - But they don't get any of our checks.

Marinewife: Are we going to hear from Bryce again like on last nites eppisode w/ the plane?
SpikeTV Guest: John - Tune in Monday nights after WWE Raw and again on Tuesday nights at 10:00pm Eastern for the next four weeks on Spike TV - the greatest channel in America!

fan_for_life: I have been wondering, how many episodes are left? I mean considering there are 3 guys and 3 girls, that would leave 2 episodes where a guy and girl are voted off, and that leaves a schmo on each side. What would happen then?
SpikeTV Guest: John - That sounds like a math question - and I don't do math. What I will say is to tune in Monday nights after WWE Raw and again on Tuesday nights at 10:00pm Eastern for the next four weeks on Spike TV - the greatest channel in America!

Nick: How did you get Amanda into the show on such short notice?
SpikeTV Guest: Andrew - Amanda was one of the original finalists for the Jane Schmo part and when we saw that we were getting into trouble which as we know was about a minute and a half into the first episode - we started talking amongst ourselves and arranged to have somebody else on hold in case a problem should arise - which it obviously did.
SpikeTV Guest: John - All reality shows have back up contestants. There is always someone who thinks they are going to get on the show and they don't go on so it is really nothing new to have an ace in your back pocket.
schmofan: Where did you think of the personality for Derek this second time around? I liked the "smarmy" side you gave him in JS1

SpikeTV Guest: John - Believe it or not the smarmy side was Derek acting he actually in real life is a British man with a bad hair dye job.. This is him being natural - we stripped the makeup off Ralph Garman and that is where we found Derek.
SpikeTV Guest: Andrew - And actually not many people know this but Ralph Garman's birth name is Derek Newcastle.
SpikeTV Guest: Andrew - This is better than Piper, huh?

monkeyboy: was Derek Newcastle meant to be an Austin Powers ripoff?
SpikeTV Guest: John - No, not at all. We consider Austin Powers to be a Derek Newcastle ripoff. We've hard that Mike Myers has a time machine in his office. There is pending litigation - so I can't talk about it. We are going to sue the pants off of that Mike Myers guy. If anyone else wants to know whatís going to happen on the show - call Mike Myers he knows the whole show.
SpikeTV Guest: Andrew - He's also seen both The Champ and The Contender.

Agent0042: This question is for both Andrew and John: what do you feel is the craziest thing you've ever written for the show? (Aired or unaired, either season)

SpikeTV Guest: John -I do most of what Derek says.. and my favorite parts are the little things I don't know if anyone will catch like song lyrics. It is our hidden little jokes - those are my favorite. Love is a Battlefield the intro - Derek says pop troubadour Pat Benatar ... when she says Love is a Battlefield.
SpikeTV Guest: John - Ralph and I try to see what we can get in the show. Ralph came up to me and said "come together everyone right now... over me".. he delivered it so smoothly and deftly that we hated to cut it from the show. Its things like that that aren't obvious that I live to sneak in there.
SpikeTV Guest: Andrew - I did not write on the first season of Joe Schmo. I came on for the 2nd season and was not only a huge fan of the first season but I am also a rabid reality show viewer and junky so for me spoofing the activities and events of these shows was the most fun Ė like putting in the lie detector stuff like they did on Meet My Folks.
SpikeTV Guest: Andrew - ridiculing the ridiculousness of the ceremonies like we put the falcon in which is so crazy and over the top and there are a bunch of other things that you will see in the upcoming weeks that are specific to the shows we are spoofing that I am most proud of.
SpikeTV Guest: John - Whatís scary - there is another question and we don't know what it is - yet Mike Myers DOES!
SPIKETV HOST: To ask a question, please type it in the space below and click "Ask".

Bryce_Schmo: What was the inside joke for censoring Brian's nipples?
SpikeTV Guest: Andrew - If you've ever seen Brian's nipples you would know that censoring them was anything BUT a joke.

eleanorfan: Which characters do you think were the easiest and hardest to write for?
SpikeTV Guest: John - Good question. Everett and Montecore with their limited vocabulary prevented us from taking their characters where we truly wanted them to go, so they were the most difficult to write for. The other actors were easy to write for because they are such great improv actors that they could make the phone book funny - which incidentally was the original script for Show 3.

XxCHICKENxX: Was manotecore intended to smack into the door or was it an accident? And what was the reaction of the crew?
SpikeTV Guest: Andrew - Originally, Montecore was not supposed to fly into the window but he felt he was not getting enough screen time so he had his people put it into his contract - that he does fly into the glass.
SpikeTV Guest: John - Montecore's wife had left him the day before so he was a little distraught and off his game. He is doing better now - he is seeing a peacock and he is much happier.

t-mac: who made the idea to put ingrid in script?
SpikeTV Guest: John - It was a decision by the network, producers, and writers, made after hours and hours of careful deliberation about whatís best for the show and what makes the most entertaining show. It was a decision I had absolutely nothing to do with because I'm not nearly that important.
SpikeTV Guest: Andrew - John's being very political - it was my decision.
SpikeTV Guest: John - John 3 - Andrew 1

Static: do you guys as writers get to see any of the action live or do you have to watch from the lonely confines of an off set bus?
SpikeTV Guest: John - We're in a luxury trailer on the set with live feed coming to the trailer - so we're seeing everything that goes on. We have to see everything that goes on because it may all change in what we expect to happen .. and can shut the whole machinery down so we have to be ready to adjust. And that was the most absolutely boring answer ever. It was almost like Andew wrote it. John 4 - Andrew 1

Artie: What was Ingrids secret that didnt get revealed?
SpikeTV Guest: Andrew - There wasn't one because we knew she would do it. What you may not know about Joe Schmo is that it is a FAKE reality show.
SpikeTV Guest: John - Brought to you by the fine folks at Spike TV - the greatest network on earth!

Destiny: What's this rumor about someone dying?? Would you really do that to Tim and Amanda?
SpikeTV Guest: Andrew - No, I promise you - that we did not kill Tim or Amanda.
SpikeTV Guest: John - But, Mike Myers knows who is going to die.

Fizzleness: Is there going to be a Joe Schmoe 3?
SpikeTV Guest: John - As with any show - it all depends on the ratings. If you guys keep watching and tell your friends to watch Spike TV - the greatest network on earth - Monday nights after WWE Raw and again on Tuesday nights - then that possibility I'm sure will exist.
SpikeTV Guest: John - And if there is a Joe Schmo 3 - I can't speak for Andrew I just want to say what a pleasure it's been working with Paul and Rhett - two phenomenal producers - and Spike TV - which by the way - is the first network for men.
SpikeTV Guest: Andrew - I can't speak for Andrew either.
SPIKETV HOST: I am sorry to say that our hour with Andrew and John is up. Thank you both for being here to chat with us today. Do you have any final comments for the Schmo fans?
SpikeTV Guest: John - Thanks for watching - we appreciate all of your support. We read the boards, we hear what you say and it really means a lot to us that you like our little show, but trust us - there is much more great stuff still left in this season - things you won't believe.
SpikeTV Guest: John - I would love to tell you but I'd get sued right now - but if you want to find out what they are - tune in Monday nights after WWE Raw and again on Tuesday nights at 10:00pm Eastern for the next four weeks on Spike TV - the greatest channel in America! OR - ask Mike Myers.
SpikeTV Guest: Andrew - John 5 - Andrew 1

SPIKETV HOST: Thanks for joining us everyone. Tune in next to an all-new Joe Schmo 2 Monday at 11:05 PM. The next live chat will be next Wednesday evening at 9:00 PM ET (6:00 PM PT). And don't forget to check for all the latest Schmo info. Goodbye!

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Re: Joe Schmo 2 chats
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tks for posting this Texan ..