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cbs bonus guesses
« on: March 15, 2004, 12:26:14 PM »
Guess who yuo think will get the most points in the cbs bonus categories this week:

1)catches a fish
2)gets naked
3)wears an eye patch
4)sleeps away from tribe
5)says name of tribe
6)sings a song

my guesses:
1)fish: I would have put Rup in the past; but now Lex has my attention.
2)naked: with Rich gone, I have left this one alone.  Unless Rup's shorts fall down by accident again during a challenge
3)eyepatch: why do they even have this as a choice? What do you think?
4)sleeps alone: Jerry or Ethan; definately not Rob or Amber, lol
5)name of tribe: up for grabs
6)sings a song: Tom or Alicia; I'll lean more to Tom if they supply him with more alcohol