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A Survivor Insider recap
« on: March 14, 2004, 05:01:58 PM »
Incase you missed it on CBS's webpage.... Here it is a Survivor Insider:

Ep 7 Ch 1: Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

The Chapera gals stare at themselves in the yacht bathroom mirror,
prompting Alicia or Jenna to say "You look like a 12 year old boy,
with boobs" to Amber.

Dessert Anyone?:

An extended version of the dessert orgy. More oowing and awwing from

Alicia Knows Best:

The happiest I've ever seen Alicia, as she talks to the camera about
how she'll never forget this day.

Ch 2: Colby's Strategy:

Colby believes Kathy is working as a spy for them and thinks Jerri
is going out. Sadly, he is quite clueless.

Ch 3: Mogo Mogo Votes:

Ethan: Calls Jerri two-faced. It won't be the last time those words
are directed at her.

Colby: Words aren't needed when showing complete contempt for that
hideous creature they call Jerri.

Shii-Ann: Queue evil music "You have always underestimated my
power", said with the most menacing face she could muster. She's
still very bitter from the time Colby set her straight. I take back
every neutral to good thing I ever said about Shii Ann. May she be
carried out to sea by a strong tide.

Lex: Said he had to make a hard call to help his own game.

Jerri: I was too busy searching for the Fear Factor chuck bucket to
concentrate on the crap she was spewing. I seriously don't know how
much more I can take of that diver-suit, cowboy hat-wearing

Survivor Insider Recap;