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Gauntlent 3 1/23/2008
« on: January 24, 2008, 10:46:41 AM »
Okay well I missed the opening credits and them talking about what they were going to do... but saw most of the show.

Well it started with a tug a war Vet vs Rookies.  I thought with some of the big guys on the Rookies team that they would win this one, but the Vets pull it out.  They were battling over sleeping arrangements.  The winner would sleep in the big house in nice beds and the losers well.... they were in the little shack down the path in bunk beds with bugs!  Funny teh person that complained about the bugs was Big Tyrie   Another funny thing is Coral and Beth are in the same room ~ that is not going to be playing nice for long. . . Katie, Coral, Robin and Beth in one room.

Well the Hey we are here celebration started and there was lots of    normal start for these challenges.  Then we get to here who is single who is lonely and all that... Then we get the break down of the new couples or hook ups on the first night.  And BOY where there a lot!!  one of the best comments was from Coral . ..  can't wait for the break ups as that will be better drama.  Have to agree with the lady!

Well the first challenge is get a ball from the mud pit.  Certain color for boys and girls and if you do not have one you are out.  Well if the rookies thought the Vets were going to play nice and fair they were sadly mistaken.  It got physical fast.  Round after round the rookies were being knocked out.  Well it came down to Robin and Tori and if Tori won then the guys would have to have a tie breaker as it was a male gauntlent day.  Well Tori pulled it out and it came down to CT and Derek from Viewers choice.  well I thougth Derek might take him, but when the ball slipped out, CT pushed Derek far enough in the mud to get a few steps ahead and pull it out.

Well rules have changed this time around... No more team bank account all money waits until the end and the winnign team not only gets to send 1 person to the gauntlent they get to save one person from elimination.  Well you know this is going to keep the weaker players out of the gauntlent, similar to when they kept katie during the one challenge because she did not do well in the challenges.  The Vets decide to keep Ryan safe as they did not think we was a good player and they sent in Nehemiah into the guantlent hoping either he would mess up or take out a strong player.

The rookie decide that the person in the gauntlent got to pick the person they would go against.  So he picks Alex.  He says because they are the same size, but we all know it was because he sucked at the challenge and he thought he could beat him.  Well at the gauntlent the wheel picked force field.  This is where each player has a bungee cord tied to the other and they have to try and get across the line.  they both were about even.  Then it looked like Alex was making groudn and Nehemiah knew this so he hunkered down and Alex could not move him.  After 17 minutes Alex gave up.  I think that was a whimp way out as he might have won and to not go very long.  But hey if he was going to quit then now would be the time.

Back at the house the   began again.  And they show Robin and Katie talking about how since there is no team account the guys will throw challenges to get rid of the girls.  Then CT starts talking about it but he is 3 sheets to the wind.  He starts arguing with Coral and you know neither of them will back down.  Then Diem comes to try and get him to go to bed so he does not piss people off.  but he is a jerk to her and she walks off.  The girls then are   in the kitchen and when Diem comes in they fuss at her.  Well to her defense she can not control CT and should not be blamed for it.

SO much drama.  The PReviews show someone going in an ambulance and also a scary scene with Eric.  looks like lots will happen this season.