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JAMES CLEMENT - Returning Favorite
« on: January 03, 2008, 05:27:38 PM »

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Re: JAMES CLEMENT - Returning Favorite
« Reply #1 on: January 05, 2008, 06:50:56 PM »

Home Town:
Lafayette, LA
Grave Digger

James Clement owns a burial service and he is a gravedigger. In addition, he works security at nightclubs and weddings and bartends on the side. His hobbies include watching television and surfing the web. He enjoys sprinting, weight lifting and playing football.

Clement describes himself as athletically gifted, socially adaptive and physically attractive. He is most proud of carrying on the family business. He feels he'll do well because he considers himself to be physically and mentally adept, adventurous and able to adapt to new environments and situations.

Clement currently resides in Lafayette, Louisiana, with his pit bull, Brently. His birth date is March 9, 1977.

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Re: JAMES CLEMENT - Returning Favorite
« Reply #2 on: January 07, 2008, 10:02:39 AM »
I still like him, hope he plays smarter this time.  HIm and AMy will but heads!!

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Re: JAMES CLEMENT - Returning Favorite
« Reply #3 on: May 02, 2008, 05:26:56 PM »

ďI Learned to Embrace My Smiley HappinessĒ Ė An Interview with Survivor: Micronesiaís James
by David Bloomberg -- 05/02/2008

How is Jamesí finger? What was he doing with it that they didnít show us on TV? How was his strategy this time different from last time. Speaking of last time, what does the guy who didnít play two idols think of the two guys who didnít play their idols? James tells us all about this and more in RealityNewsOnlineís exclusive interview Ė also featuring some added comments from Alexis!

As I mentioned in my preliminary comments for my interview with Alexis, talking to two contestants at the same time can add to the fun. Here in my interview with James, Alexis added some of her own commentary as well. So read on to find out what James had to say and Alexis had to add.

RealityNewsOnline: Hello, James, and thanks for taking the time to talk to us here at RealityNewsOnline. Letís start with your injury Ė when you got to the hospital, how bad was the infection?

James: Infections are funny. Itís not like was it was ridiculously bad, but they didnít want me to die. It could spread to my blood, so they wanted to take precautions. I got there, they did IV antibiotics three times a day for the next week or so, and I was all right.

RNO: So youíre doing okay now?

James: Definitely. Iím good.

RNO: Were you telling the medics the truth about the pain, or were you trying to minimize it in order to stay in the game?

Alexis: Good question!

James: Honestly, Alexis was there, they didnít show me squeezing itó

Alexis: He was messing with it the whole time.

James: I was having a good time and didnít think it was that serious. It was more annoying than anything. I wasnít trying to minimize the pain. A man donít feel pain.

Alexis: Yeah, whatever.

James: It really didnít hurt, but I couldnít bend it because I irritated it by being silly [and playing with it].

RNO: Why do you think there were so many injuries this time around?

James: The humidity. Iím from Louisiana. Humidity breeds bacteria. If you get a cut and you donít take care of it, itís going to get infected. Iíve been infected before so I didnít worry about it. People who arenít used that type of climate Ė any sore will react a whole lot worse than in any part of the world. My feet still hurt.

Alexis: His feet were more messed up than his finger.

James: My feet were far worse Ė theyíre still messed up.

RNO: What was your strategy this time, and how did it differ from last time?

James: This time, unlike last time, I had to flirt and had to be a more sociable with one special person, Parvati. Amanda was like, ďYou need help. Be nice to her and flirt with her.Ē

It wasnít that hard to flirt with her and look at her, and I enjoyed every moment. It kills me to sociable but I learned to embrace my smiley happiness. Honestly, in China I wasnít so happy. But I had a girl here who were quite attractive and we had coconuts and a cave [as opposed to in China]. I was a different person. I was actually talking about strategy.

The social butterfly is the worst person to deal with because Iím use to being by myself. Thatís why I canít lie to people. My strategy was to let the girls take over and do what they do. They did what they did and it kind of sucked, but hey, it was a good time.

RNO: I didnít have a chance to talk to you after your first time on the show, but what did you think of the two people being voted out while holding immunity idols in comparison to it happening to you last season?

James: Ozzy was similar to my thing. I kind of knew I had to play it because I wasnít part of the alliance in China. Ozzy was a part and [thought he was] was safe in his position. Jason was a little cute boy being infatuated by the beautiful woman. He was snookered. We had Amanda who showed us how to use these things.

Alexis: (Laughing) Hey, watch it.

James:We were called Favorites and they were Fans, theyíre rookies. Theyíre figuring it out as it goes along.

RNO: From the show, it looked like you were both totally fooled. Were you?

James: It was great TV, live theater.

RNO: Do you have anything else youíd like to tell us about your times on Survivor?

James: I learned how to share with a woman. Now Iíve learned to embrace the sunsetó

No Iím lying. You bought it! Now I almost look at a sunset and think about it.

Alexis: We all started yelling at him because it was a gorgeous sunset. He didnít care and we were like, ďWhy do you have to ruin the moment?Ē

RNO: Thanks again, James!

David Bloomberg is the Editor of RealityNewsOnline and can be reached at


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Re: JAMES CLEMENT - Returning Favorite
« Reply #5 on: May 03, 2008, 05:07:15 PM »
An interview with James and Alexis.  I cut and pasted the entire transcript in Alexis' thread.


The link