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Home Town:
Los Angeles, CA
Motivational Speaker

Alexis Jones was born and raised in Austin, Texas, with four older brothers. She received her bachelorís degree in international relations and Spanish and most recently finished her masterís degree in communications management, both from the University of Southern California. While at USC, Jones hosted a college television show (for three years) called ďDoing It for Reel,Ē where she interviewed celebrities on the red carpet of movie premieres and press junkets.

Jones is a motivational speaker who works one-on-one with young girls to build confidence and self-esteem. She just created an empowerment/non-profit organization for young girls called ďI Am That Girl.Ē While still in school, she worked at Fox Sports and interned with ESPN (mostly because she is a self-described ďsports junkyĒ). She also founded and reported for a website that covered the 2005 USC football season.

Her hobbies include hanging out with family and friends, writing (sheís currently working on an empowerment book for girls titled ďComatose BarbieĒ) and watching college football. She describes herself as contagiously energetic, fiercely competitive and resilient. She has traveled to Costa Rica, Spain, China and Morocco and has hiked 150 miles to the base of Mt. Everest. She is a member of the Bel Air Presbyterian Church. Jones enjoys playing volleyball, flag football, soccer and has just completed a triathlon.

Jones is currently single and resides in Beverly Hills, California. Her birth date is July 6, 1983.

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Any with me on this! I love her too! She looks bubbly, light-hearted and athletic(nice splits there). Good alliance with Joel(betray me and I'll snap you like a twig!) that might get her far. Definitely want to see more of her.  :yess:

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I have to watch the show again.  It's been 2 days and I forgot everything already.   :lol3: :lol3: 

Alexis looks like the one I picked to win. 

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ďShe Played It PerfectlyĒ Ė An Interview with Survivor: Micronesiaís Alexis
by David Bloomberg -- 05/02/2008

Alexis was completely blindsided by Amandaís acting job this week. In fact, Alexis tells us that Amanda did even more acting than we knew. Why did she send Amanda to Exile Island to begin with? What was her strategy? How is her knee? Alexis tells us all about it in this exclusive interview with RealityNewsOnline Ė also featuring some added comments from James!

It can be amusing interviewing two contestants at the same time. In my interview with Alexis, James added some of his own commentary as well Ė and you can read some commentary from Alexis in my interview with James! So read on to find out what she had to say.

RealityNewsOnline: Hello, Alexis, and thanks for taking the time to talk to us here at RealityNewsOnline. Starting at the beginning, what was your strategy coming into the game?

Alexis: I would say in one word, malleability. I wanted to deflect everybody elseís strategy and work around everybody else because there are so many variables. I was in a place Iíve never been with people Iíve never met doing things Iíve never done, and trying to react.

RNO: How did your strategy change as you got into the game, especially when you found out it was Fans vs. Favorites?

Alexis: You kind of have to take it in stages. There is certainly one strategy when youíre two teams and then it changes when it goes to single immunity. For me, it was much more about the camaraderie and getting to know people. Then in single immunity, it was keeping it more under the radar.

RNO: What do you feel you learned as a fan of the show that you took with you into the game?

Alexis: [The Favoritesí] reputations preceded them. I already knew their game and that was a huge advantage as we knew the way theyíd played in the past.

RNO: I presume youíve seen Survivor: China by now?

Alexis: Yes. (Laughing as James groans humorously in the background.)

RNO: If you had seen the way Amanda fell apart in the final three there, would you have felt less threatened by her this time?

Alexis: No, because I think Amanda is an incredible competitor and player. Whether she fell apart there or not, she made it that far Ė she still got to the end and I really respected her as a competitor. She was one of the greatest competitors out there.

RNO: To what do you credit Natalieís ability to convince Jason not to use the immunity idol last week?

Alexis: I think Natalie is the most underestimated andÖ I donít want to say connivingÖ very persuasive. I think having such little airtime until this point, people donít really get to see her full range of her competitiveness, and sheís very intelligent.

James: The fact that Jasonís kind of young.

Alexis: Heís a kid and sheís a woman.

James: The children got taken to school. Thatís pretty much what it was. He probably did a lot of things in high school, but heís not in high school and he got taught by a grown person how itís gong be done.

RNO: Why did you choose to send Amanda to Exile Island?

Alexis: We kind of had already talked about it and said that whoever didnít win the reward, if they wanted to, would go to Exile Island. Iíd already been there. We had kind of already decided. I didnít know it would be used against me!

RNO: We know you fell down in the dark, but what actually happened to your knee, and how are you doing now?

Alexis: It was a really bad bone contusion. While I was in the game the medics looked at it and told me they assumed I blew out my ACL. Coming back, I was on crutches and doing rehab. Iím all better now.

RNO: If you hadn't been voted out, do you think you could've lasted until the end of the game with your knee being the way it was?

Alexis: Absolutely.

RNO: After Parvati told you guys that Amanda was washing her armpits (when she was really digging up the immunity idol), did anybody wonder why it was taking her so long?

Alexis: I donít know. At the time you think she is washing her armpits and probably washing everything. When youíre out there, people just up and leave for an hour or two for any given time, it was totally normal.

RNO: From the show, it looked like you were both totally fooled. Were you?

Alexis: Are you kidding? Absolutely. To a tee. She played it perfectly. It was an absolute blindside.

Alexis: It was worse watching it [on TV]. Even watching it, she did good, Iíd have fallen for it again. What you donít see if she was bawling to me earlier and I was feeling so bad. I said, ďI wonít lie to you, I am voting for you.Ē My fault. I spent the whole day feeling terrible about it. Sheís like, ďNo, I understand.Ē Then I freaking get voted out!

RNO: Do you have anything else youíd like to tell us about your time on Survivor?

Alexis: Itís the greatest adventure of all time, hands down. Itís amazing, no words can sum up what the experience means to all of us. Itís more amazing than you could ever fathom going into it. It rocks. Everyone should go through that experience.

RNO: Thanks again, Alexis!
David Bloomberg is the Editor of RealityNewsOnline and can be reached at



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I was browsing over at MESS and someone had posted a portion of this interview.  It stood out because Alexis talks about addressing the "ladies" at final tribal council.  :yess:

Exclusive Interview: Alexis Jones and James Clement of 'Survivor: Micronesia'

Friday, May 02, 2008

Last night's episode of Survivor: Micronesia gave us not one, but two shocking exits from the game.  First was James, who was forced to leave due to a severe infection in his hand.  He made it just as far as he did last season in China, thanks to some bad luck.

Next to go was Alexis, who fell prey to the hidden immunity idol after Amanda successfully played in in tribal council.  Alexis never saw it coming and was totally blindsided when the votes were read. 

Today, the two teamed up for an exclusive interview with BuddyTV, talking about Natalie's bad editing, Parvati's game play, and what will make them write someone's name down to win a million dollars.

Hey everybody, this is Gina from BuddyTV and today, Iím talking to James and Alexis from Survivor: Micronesia. Alright so Alexis, let me start with you. I really cannot believe what went down at tribal council last night. Did you know that Amanda had the idol or were you as shocked as you looked?

Alexis: No I was more than shocked and it was hard to watch just how shocked I was on national television last night.

How the heck did Amanda get that idol without anybody noticing?

Alexis: I guess it turned out that the idol was back on our island. You know, and everyone is always running off and doing things by themselves. She was able to go in, dig it up, and keep it under wraps as well as she did.

And James, howís your hand doing?

James: Okay.

Youíre doing okay now? How hard was it for you to leave the game? Thatís two seasons in a row where youíve been so close to the end and you just canít seem to make it. How are you doing?

James: Itís a curse. The funny thing is that the day I was taken off the island, I was also voted out in China. Itís like the same day.

Thatís like, the worst luck ever!

James: Itís definitely 30 is officially my bad luck number.

I guess so! How did you end up leaving things with Parvati? Did you leave the game as friends or are you guys not on speaking terms?

James: I mean, we were on speaking terms. We were cool. Itís part of the game, she did what she had to do.

This question is for both of you: If you had stayed in the game, who would you have taken to final three?

Alexis: I wouldíve taken Natalie and Parv.

James: Definitely Amanda. Either Amanda and Ozzy or Amanda and Parv.

Are you and Natalie friends, Alexis?

Alexis: Yes, I am. Sheís one of my very dearest friends, actually.

I was gonna say, sheís not being portrayed so well on tv.

Alexis: Itís one of those things where, if you know her, watching the show is absolutely hysterical. You know, sheís so funny and she has a sense of humor thatís being taken out of context. They edit it like sheís some crazy, coldhearted, catty woman. She has a heart of gold.

James, do you have any friends from Survivor that you speak to, outside of the game?

James: Yeah, I mean I love these people and theyíre good people and itís a great experience. But Iím not so much the hold the hand type thing. We have good times but as far as me Ö will we grow old together? Nah.

What can we expect from you guys at that final tribal council? Do you keep it together? Do you get a little sassy with the final contestants? What happens?

Alexis: I get a littleÖ I ask some tough questions. I mean, at the end of the day, youíre giving someone a million dollars. Itís a lot of money and for me, I think itís a big responsibility of who Iíd want to give that too. I think I apologized at the beginning, said, ďHey ladies, Iím sorry but understand, with these questions, Iím not trying to be a jerk but I really am looking for something deeper than Iím just giving you a million bucks because I like you.Ē

James, how about you? Do you lay the smackdown?

Alexis: A little bit. No, not too bad.

What are you guys looking for in giving someone a million dollars? What makes you write someoneís name down?

Alexis: For me, itís someone whoís going to do something good with it. If I think that itís going to be used for vanity or itís going to be used for selfish wins, then I donít have the same inclination to give it to someone. If I think that someone is actually going to do something that will impact the world in a positive way, then I think Iím much more inclined to choose that person.

James: Iím so much not like her because, in the end, weíre only winning a million dollars. Youíre not gonna do too much with a million dollars, especially after taxes and gas prices. Iím thinking about: who played the game?

Alexis, the live finale will be a new experience for you. Are you looking forward to it?

Alexis: Iím very much looking forward to it. Iím so excited! CBS is so generous, flying out my family. You know, itís a great excuse to get everyone together.

James, other than your injury taking you out of the game, are you satisfied with the way you played, the second time around?

James: Kind of, but not really. I wish I couldíve been a little more deceptive. Iím pretty much up front with people. I really donít deceive people. I kind of tell people as it goes and I wish I couldíve done that a little bit better. That would be the biggest thing. My regret is that.

Well, we wish that both of you got to make it further. We were thinking that both of you were going to make the final three but weíre sorry to see you guys go.

Alexis: Us too.

Well, canít wait to see you guys at the live finale. Iíll be there so I hope I get to say hi.

Alexis: Awesome, thanks so much!

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Thanks for posting anniam, good find  :yess: