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Racing Report Leg #5
« on: December 09, 2007, 09:58:27 PM »
Racing Report
Amazing Race
Season:  12, Episode #5
Title: “We’ve really burned bridges, for sure.”

Okay screw this: (:;) (:;)

There you go, enjoy courtesy of TARasia Fan, who does a great job. :jam:

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Re: Racing Report Leg #5
« Reply #1 on: December 09, 2007, 09:58:59 PM »
Okay whom am I kidding……

Racing Report
Amazing Race
Season:  12, Episode #5
Title”  “We’ve really burned bridges, for sure.”
Provided Funds:  Possibly $28.00, $25.00.
Pit Stop: 
It is the day of July 17th.

Teams leave the Pit Stop, the Hotel de Ville in Ouagadougou, in the order they arrived:
1.  Azaria & Hendekea 6:45am
2.  Nathan & Jennifer 6:46am
3.  Ronald & Christina 7:17am
4.  Nicolas & Donald 7:18am
5.  Kynt & Vyxsin 7:27am
6.  Shana & Jennifer 7:44am
7.  Tk & Rachel 7:56am

Teams are directed to fly nearly 3,000 miles to Vilnius, Lithuania.  When they land they will find their marked cars and drive themselves to Saint Anne’s Church (and again with the lies Phil, I thought are relationship was better then that).

“To book your tickets, you must use an official airline ticketing office.”

What the clue really says is:

Fly to Vilnius, Lithuania

When you land drive yourselves to Trakai Castle.  Then, search the grounds for your next clue.

You have $ (?) 28 for this leg of the race.

*Now the reason I think it is $28, or $25 dollars is that before any other real aspect of this leg occurs (the airport shuffle) Nate & Jenn make a long distance call to Paris to try and get their tickets confirmed.  In doing this they get a bill for nearly $50.00.  They have almost nothing left.  If the dollar amount was over a hundred, then they should not have had a chance to spend the bulk of the provided funds from this leg, before ever leaving Burkina Faso.

So that leaves us with either twenty-eight dollars or twenty-five.  Take your pick.

Teams make their way back to the Ouagadougou International Airport and discover that the offices are closed.  Most of them then go and check the Internet to try and discover the best possible tickets.

Nicolas & Donald try and Internet café in town.

Its discovered by all that the first flight out of Burkina Faso departs the 17th at 10:45pm for Paris, France.  Which hell we have known for weeks (apskip probably knew when they were still filming All Stars, he is just that good).

Ronald & Christina break ranks first and head to the local Air France office hoping its open.  They are correct (well it had to happen on occasion).

Once there the happen to discover a ticket agent who speaks very little English (he,he..I just spelled English wrong…)

Once at the Air France office we get to see a great example of the issues this team faces.

Christina is willing to take the first flight offered (one from Paris to Prague, then to Vilnius that would get them in the following day at 9:30pm), and try to arrange a better connection from CDG in Paris.  Ronald correctly points out that with them having nearly a full day to book tickets its foolish to not try for a better flight.  But once he states this and Christina sees his point, he doesn’t let it drop.  Oy, I hope she packed Migraine medication.  Might I suggest the covenant economy sized family pack.

The ticket agent finds them an earlier flight that arrives in Vilnius at 2:10pm on the 18th.

Ron and Christina take that booking.

At the same time Nic discovers that the earliest flight into Vilnius arrives at 1:25pm.  They leave the Internet café to try and book that flight.

Azaria & Hendekea discover the same flight and share this info with Jenn & Nathan under the condition to lie to other teams about when that flight actual is.

Nicholas & Donald arrive at the Air France office 2nd, and end up with the same ticket agent that Ronald & Christina used (the one who speaks very little English).

When Azaria & Hendekea, Nate & Jenn and Shaana & Jennifer arrive, Nic asks the agent to give the teams a later flight.

The other teams get mildly upset with this. 

First when does this work?  In 12 cycles now, how often has the service industry listened to one team and refused to help or gave bad info to other teams?  A grand total of once (that I can recall).  Season 9’s last leg, when BJ & Tyler asks the desk clerk to tell Eric & Jeremy that the Hotel doesn’t have Internet access.  The desk clerk actually does this.

They then appear to be upset that when they ask which flight they are trying to get, and he politely says that, “I don’t want to say.”

People think that’s sneaky?  Ok, how about it’s being honest.

Even with providing the flight info, by the time the agent is finished searching for it, Azaria & Hendekea manage to book that flight, and it shows no seats available for Nic and Don.

She finds them a flight from Paris to Prague to Vilnius that arrives at 5:35pm.  They take it after trying to get an earlier flight.

Nic is not happy (and this makes twice that they have been at a ticket agent first and been passed over by another agent being quicker to help another team).  :meow:

And I have to say I love Don’s way of trying to calm Nic down afterwards.  “C’est la vie!”, which he proceeds to say is French and what it means.  I hope Nic has already been exposed to that phrase.

After Nic & Don leave, Jenn & Nathan use the same agent and with the same info (apparently) they manage to get tickets.  :groan:

Shana & Jennifer get the early booking as Tk & Rachel arrive and get the same agent that just helped Nate & Jenn, and are told they can’t get that booking.  But she does get them booked through Frankfurt to Vilnius with an arrival time of 1:35pm on the 18th. 

At the airport with the Air France office open Nic & Don get on the same flight arriving at 1:35pm.  Where Nic gets pissed to discover that not only did Azaria & Hendekea get tickets (from another agent) after they arrived, but that Nate & Jen got the early flight from the agent that helped them after being informed no more seats were available.

Kynt & Vyxsin also book that 1:35 arrival.

At the airport as teams try and get the best possible seating (which is very good strategy), Shana upsets more people by asking that they stay out of the office.  This brings up more negative feeling by the other teams for their logical use of the U-Turn (though it does truly appear that it shouldn’t have changed the race outcome last episode either way.   :meow:

While waiting fo their flight Ron & Christina get a hotel room to get some sleep.  Tk & Rachel and Nate & Jenn lounge at a hotel’s pool.

Nate & Jenn borrow money to help cover their phone bill from Tk & Rachel and Ron and Christina.

Flight #1 (which everyone is on)
And for our first stickler, everyone agrees that the flight leaves Burkina Faso at 10:45pm), yet the closest flight I can find to that is:
AF 731
OUA departs 2130 (9:30pm not 10:45pm) arrives CDG at 610 (on the 18th), airwise lists + 1, which means that teams arrive the next day (per apskip).

Then we have three different flights from CDG to Vilnius.

1.  AF 1140/TE 0461
Departs CDG at 640 (which does fit Ron’s comments about them having a very short connection time). Connects through AMS before finally arriving at VNO (Vilnius) at 1325pm on the 18th.

Perhaps apskip or patlini have the actual arrival and departure times for Amsterdam.

2.  AF 1318/ LH 3252
Departs CDG at 700 connects through FR (Frankfurt, Germany) and arrives in ViNO at 1355 on the 18th

There is also a variance in that flight as the teams and agent all say it arrives at 1335.

3.  AF 1382/ 4944
Departs CDG at 710 and connects through PRG (Prague) and arrives in VNO at 1410  the 18th.

And here the Insider Clips, scare the hell out of me.  It appears that Ron & Christina have considerable amount of free time in Paris, enough to try and catch a film, while Ron bitches about the French.

If that is accurate then where did they get all this time.  Please, anybody help….

And yes that was almost half of the episode (or it at least seemed like it).  Its ok, its not like Peach wanted to see a Castle or anything.

Teams get out of the Oro Uostos Airport and to the marked cars in the following order (though it is possible that some of this footage takes place after driving to Trakai Castle).
1.  Nathan & Jennifer
2.  Nicolas & Donald (who were on the 2cd flight)
3.  Tk & Rachel
4.  Shana & Jennifer
5.  Azaria & Hendekea
6.  Kynt & Vyxsin
7.  Ronald & Christina

After leaving the airport teams must now travel to Trakai Castle and locate their next clue.  We have no solid information if any other tasks was necessary at this point or if it was simply locate the next route marker which instructs them to go to Saint Annes’ Church.

However at some point several teams get seriously lost.

And we get several interesting quotes.

1.  “This is the most insane place I have ever dealt with in my life”, from Nate.  Lets see what he says about India……
2.  That’s a great idea you had.  “I never thought of a taxi, kudos”, from Ron when Christina hires a cab to guide them.  Has he never watch the show before?  He certainly hasn’t watched the last two seasons….
3.  "Just relax", says Jennifer. "Oh my god, a bus almost just killed me. I'm sorry I should relax", Shana's response. :cmaslol

Teams arrive at Saint Annes’ Church in the following order:
1.  Nicolas & Donald (first time they have been team #1 at any route marker  :jam: )
2.  Kynt & Vyxsin
3.  Azaria & Hendekea
4.  Ronald & Christina
5.  Tk & Rachel (who got lost, which did I really need to say.  I think I am going to call them Ray & Yolanda from now on   :groan: ).
6.  Nathan & Jennifer (lost for over an hour)
7.  Shana & Jennifer (lost for over 2 hours), after nearly having their corpses pulled out of the twisted remains of their car.

ROADBLOCK – Deliver Items
“Who’s a good listener?

In this roadblock the team member must become a Lithuanian messenger.  First the team members must choose one of the women working outdoors, she will give them the package and tell them where to take it.  Then, traveling  on foot through the confusing streets of the old quarter, team members must find and deliver their package to the correct person.  That person will hand them their next package and one of four final destinations where they will receive their next clue.

All the racers first delivery is to various people in the Vilnius University courtyard.

The four destinations are:
1.  Gabi – a cafe
2.  Vynine Saint Germain – a restaurant
3.  Sidabrynas – hair salon
4.  Shakespeare Viesbutis Hotel – perhaps a hotel, what do you guys think?

Team Members make their first delivery in the following order:
1.  Nicholas
2.  Kynt
3.  Hendekea
4.  Tk(who wisely and quickly snags a local “one who might just be a stoner, too” to guide his directionally challenge ass around)  :lol3:
5.  Ronald
6.  Jenn
7.  Shana (All teams except Nicolas have finished the roadblock before Jennifer starts).

Donald says he wants over 2 hours for Nic to finish roadblock (Yikes).

Teams complete the roadblock in the following order:
1.  Kynt & Vyxsin
2.  Tk & Rachel (see it helps when you don’t get lost).
3.  Ronald & Christina
4.  Nathan & Jennifer (Who apparently works much faster when she doesn’t have Nathan nearby to yell at)
5.  Azaria & Hendekea
6.  Nicolas & Donald
7.  Shana & Jennifer who are just seconds away from Nicolas and Donald

Teams must now drive themselves to the town of Rumsiskes and find Lietuvos Liaudies Buities Muziejus, a Lithuanian Outdoor Ethnographic Museum, near the village of Dzukija where they will find their next clue.

This clue actually reads:

Drive yourselves to Lietuvos Liaudies Buities Muziejus.  Then, follow the marked road to the Dzukiija Village and your next clue.

Teams arrive at the village of Dzukija there next clue is “Gnomes, Gnomes, Gnomes everywhere.  Lithuania is the land of Gnomes (what is this Amazing Race the Middle Earth Edition?).  Teams must search this village for a vacationing Travelocity (Yes, we are cheap whores for commercial sponsorship, it’s the American way) Roaming Gnome, like the one depicted in the picture inside their clue (for all those racers who have never, ever watched the show before.  And why the hell are you on my show anyway), no easy tasks for teams as he is hidden within 100 hundred of his closest Lithuanian friends.  Teams must help him find his way home by bringing him to the Pit Stop.   :cmas28

Teams arrive in the village and start searching for gnomes in the following order:
1.  Kynt & Vyxsin
2.  Tk & Rachel
3.  Ron & Christina
4.  Nathan & Jennifer
5.  Azaria & Hendekea
6.  Nicolas & Donald
7.  Shana & Jennifer

Teams find their gnomes in the same order they arrived.  And continue along the path to the church to find the next clue box.

DETOUR – Count down or Step Up

In this detour teams must choose between two activities played out during Lithuania’s Midsummer Festival.  The Choice, Count Down or Step Up.

In Count Down teams make their way through the festivities to this marked picket fence.  Once here, they’ll count every picket that makes up the fence and then reveal that calculation to a villager.  If they are correct they will receive their next clue.

Note:  “If you count pickets, do not include fence posts or gates.”

In Step Up teams must stilt walk along a marked course to this finish line.  If a person falls off before reaching the end, they must go back to the beginning and start again.  When they reach the end they’ll receive their next clue.

Teams arrive at the detour and choose the following tasks:
1.  Kynt & Vyxsin – Stilts and then switch to counting.
2.  Tk & Rachel – Stilts and TK handles this very well.
3.  Ron & Christina – Stilts and what were they thinking.
4.  Nathan & Jennifer – Counting the switch to Stilits  and AARRRGGGHHH make it stop, my ears, my ears.
5.  Azaria & Hendekea – Counting and have no problem
6.  Nicolas & Donald – Counting and manage to correct their error with no problem.
7.  Shana & Jennifer – Counting

Teams finish the roadblock in the following order:
1.  Tk & Rachel
2.  Kynt & Vyxsin
3.  Ronald & Christina
4.  Azaraia & Hendekea
5.  Nathan & Jennifer
6.  Nicolas & Donald
7.  Shana & Jennifer

Teams must make their way on foot to this place, Boingo’s windmill.  Any passing resemblance to Aukstaitija Windmill is purely accidental.  Built in 1884 Boingo’s Windmill, a working mill, is a testament to Lithuania’s agriculture past and the Pit Stop for this leg of the race (who knew Boingo was Lithuanian?).

Teams arrive at the Pit Stop in the following order:
1.   Tk & Rachel – who with guides ad marked paths are awesome.  They win a kick ass ten day trip to Japan.  Where they will still find Tyler walking.  TTOW.
2.  Kynt & Vyxsin – So close again, oh well there is always next leg.  Oh wait.  Damn it….
3.  Ronald & Christina – Ok give the Onry bastard credit he did well.
4.  Azaria & Hendekea
5.  Nathan & Jennifer – Ok, I’m fine.  I ‘m sure they got the worst out of their system.  It should be smooth sailing from here.   :colealert:   :kayak:    :spoiler:     God Damnit.  Son of a bitch, where’s the mute button.
6.  Nicolas & Donald – I like you, I really like you.  Now get your asses out of last.

Racing Report Leg 6:  Coming soon to the internet near you… March 2008.

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Re: Racing Report Leg #5
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Racing Report
Amazing Race
Season:  12, Episode #5
Title: “We’ve really burned bridges, for sure.”

Okay screw this: (:;) (:;)

There you go, enjoy courtesy of TARasia Fan, who does a great job. :jam:
:-[ :-[ :yourock: :yourock: :kuss:
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Re: Racing Report Leg #5
« Reply #3 on: December 09, 2007, 10:26:54 PM »
Your the best mswood  :jumpy:! Nice shout out for you Ken  :cmas26

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Re: Racing Report Leg #5
« Reply #4 on: December 09, 2007, 10:48:55 PM »
mswood, great report. However, "airwise lists + 1, which means that teams have changed one time zone.  They gained an hour." does not mean what you indicated. +1 means that the plane left Burkina Faso on July 16 and it arrives Paris on July 16 +1 = 17th. You are correct I believe in that they did also gain an hour due to the time zone difference.

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Re: Racing Report Leg #5
« Reply #5 on: December 09, 2007, 10:58:41 PM »
Well hell.  Live and learn.  And yeah there was a time change and thats all I could guess.  I will go change that now.

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Re: Racing Report Leg #5
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Well worth the wait! You crack me up! Peach did want to see a castle... :cmas4

The only thing I have to contribute to the cause is that I think it was St Anne's Church.
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Re: Racing Report Leg #5
« Reply #7 on: December 10, 2007, 03:20:34 PM »
Well worth the wait! You crack me up! Peach did want to see a castle... :cmas4

The only thing I have to contribute to the cause is that I think it was St Anne's Church.
Why the hell I spelled it correctly for the first clue and then switch it to Agne's I have no idea.  But thinks the other two should be corrected now.