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July 16th Show
« on: July 17, 2002, 09:10:18 AM »
    Can you believe it, Bribs is gone! I thought he was going to win it all. Anyway I thought I would write some observations!
    Why did Bribs get executed? Could be that he fell for Heather's crying game about the exemption. Remember that Kathy (last seasons Mole) cried on the shoulder of Kate and Kate got executed  that nite! Hummmm. Makes me think more and more about Heather being the Mole.
   My pick yet for the Mole is Dorthy. I don't know why, but ever since the first episode, she has been my pick.
    If I were the Mole, I think that I would try to be the shopper in the Shop and Sell game. I would pick out some of the most unusuall items that I know no one would buy and let the sellers try to sell them. But that would just be me. Also if I were the Mole, I would cry about not getting an exemption. I do think one of the ladies is the Mole. Did you see Dorthy dorky smile last nite when Cooper asked "Are you the Mole" And Dorthy said, with a smile, "Nope, I am not the Mole ;)"
    What do you guys think? I want some input.
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Re: July 16th Show
« Reply #1 on: July 17, 2002, 09:36:56 AM »
Hey Rob,
I was totally bummed with Bribs getting the red screen.  I thought for sure he was the mole.
My husband believes it is Dorthy.
Heather's a possiblity.  I agree it, is odd how Bribs exits after the woman form a coalition.  Perhaps he was the one who took their misdirection.  Maybe Heather told Bribs that Dorthy was the mole and he put all his eggs in one basket at quiz time.
Bill, he's still a suspect, other than the go signal to Al I didn't see much molish activity.  Al is awfully emotional as well. He has a strong need for attention.  I imagine him hogging the camera a lot.  I'm not sure if I could buy him being the mole.  Those are just my thoughts. ;D
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Re: July 16th Show
« Reply #2 on: July 17, 2002, 03:45:18 PM »
:o I was also totally shocked that Bribs is gone.  I've lost my eye candy. :'(  I am starting to lean towards Al as being the mole.  Notice how he hesitated when told he could look for Heather.  It was totally clear for me when Bill told him they had spotted Heather.  Heather is also starting to look suspicious.  My gut is saying Al.
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