Author Topic: Survivor 16 is back in Palau, an allStar cast ...see who's in the next Survivor!  (Read 2685 times)

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 :jumpy:has anyone else heard this?  Apparently they've already started construction in Palau!  Why would they go back to Palau??  ....i dunno about some of the cast that they supposedly have chosen either....does anyone know if this is the real list???

What do you think?  its also said that it will be the end of the show???  i hope thats not true!!
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All that realityspoiler site does is steal spoilers from other boards and does not credit them, they quote people but do not give their sources  .. hmm pretty ****ty way to run a site if you ask me.

pretty sure DanieuBleau at survviorskills was the first to spoil Palau as the All Star location on July 4th.

or your one stop shopping --PALAUBLOG on July 7th
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