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Richards Web Chat
« on: March 01, 2004, 11:36:27 PM »
Host:  Hi Richard thanks for being here today.  Ready to take some questions?
Richard:  Cool.
Q:  Rich did you really feel Bamboozled when you were voted off, or did you have an idea it was coming?
Rich: I was totally snookered.  I thought Colby was going.  Oh well, time to go.

Q:   You have always been my favorite player, whose vote against you surprised you the most at Tribal Council?
Rich:  Well, all of them voted unanimously, which they would have to do to survive.  No individual person surprised me.
Q:  Will you make them pay for voting you out?
Rich:  No, I enjoyed it.  You know, fun game, and it was my turn.

Q:  Some of us have wondered if your heart was really in this one?
Rich:  Well, it was.  But it was a much tougher game than anyone realizes.

Q:  This morning on the early show you stated that you are in love and seemed to be beaming.  Are you in a steady relationship?
Rich:  Absolutely, his name is Emiliano and he's amazing.

Q:  Are you going to San Francisco to get hitched?
Rich:  No, probably going to try to do it here in New York this weekend.

Q:  Tell me why being naked was important to you? Was it your personal statement?
Rich:  The naked thing is about different issues.  Part of it is strategy.  In the first game, it was to get lots of private time.  The cameras, people, left me alone.  In the All Stars game it was more about being who the contestants expected me to be, because if I changed my tactics they would wonder what was up.

Q:  Please describe each of your tribe members using only one word for each.
Rich:  Kathy - cautious, Shii-Ann - well-intended,  Ethan - competitive, Jerri - desperate, Colby - great guy, Lex - complicated.

Q:  Who were you most surprised to see in the All Stars?
Rich:  I wasn't surprised to see anyone.  I figured out most of the players and honestly, it didn't really matter to me who was playing

Q:  Who do you think was the weakest member on Mogo Mogo and why?
Rich:   I think the weakest member might have been Shii-Ann. only because it seems to me she doesn't have a sufficient self-perception to play the game well.

Q:  I think you are wickedly entertaining!  I hate they voted you off.  Are you naked now?
Rich: Of course, I'm disappointed too.

Q: Why did Shii Ann sit out every other challenge?
Rich: The challenges she sat out were challenges she really couldn't contribute to.

Q:  If there was a movie about your Survivor experiences, what would it be called?
Rich:  "An Interesting Game".

Q:  Colby called you a cancer.  What would you call him?
Rich: You got to remember in the context of the game, Colby's a great guy.

Q:  Who do you think is hotter... Boston Rob or Ethan?
Rich:  Ohhh... they're both really handsome guys in their own way.

Q:  If you could date one of the Survivors who would it be?
Rich:  Probably Colby.  If he was gay and I wasn't married.

Q: Was Big Tom always drunk?
Rich: I was never on Big Tom's team.

Q:  How delicious was that shark that bit you?
Rich: Oh, it was so good, really really awesome.

Q:  If you could have picked one person to be on All Star with you who would it have been and why?
Rich:  My partner because I don't like being apart from him.

Q:  Out of all the past and present Survivors, who do YOU think played this game the best, outside of yourself of course.  Personally I would love to see a Hatch, Fairplay, Cesternino tribe.
Rich:  I really just can't stand Jon, or the way he played the game.  But Rob C. definitely was an awesome player when he played originally.

Q:  Don't you think yourr "better than everyone else" attitude is what got you the boot?
Rich:  (Laughs)  No, I love me and my attitude. (Laughs)

Q:  When they finally release all stars on dvd, should they leave the blur in?  Or would you favor a blur/no blur option?
Rich:  I think always an option.  Options are what our society is supposed to be about.

Q:  You mentioned not being "hungry" about the game on this morning show... do you think other winners aren't as hungry either?
Rich:  Well part of that has to do with just how devastatingly difficult the game was physically.

Q: How long did it take to build the raft?
Rich:  It took a couple of hours to secure it.

Q: What was the strategy behind dropping your shorts in the middle of the challenge?  Did your other tribe members suggest it to distract the other team?
Rich:  Yes, that's exactly why.  My tribe made me do it, basically to distract the other team.

Q: Were any of the castaways or any of the crew uncomfortable with your nudity?
Rich:  No, gosh no.  In fact Colby was quoted the 2nd day as saying - "There's this naked gay guy walking around with us, and no one even cares".

Q:  You seemed a bit more uppity this time, why?  Because you had already won, and felt you were sure to win again?
Rich:  No, it was part of my strategy, to maintain the perceptions people had of me already.

Q: How would you have started the fire in the beginning?
Rich:  I've started lots of fires in different environments.  It would have been difficult to start a fire, if at all, with the humidity we had there.  But I sure didn't try very hard anyway.

Q:  Do you think they should have put all the previous winners in one tribe?
Rich: Oh no, I liked the way they mixed things up this time.

Q:  Acquaintances are easy to find but a real friend is a treasure, who do you consider a real friend?
Rich: No one you would know.  By the way, I agree.

Q:  Well done, Richard.  What is with the kilt thing you were wearing?
Rich:  I really like them.  It's from a small company in Seattle called Utilikilt.  They're really comfortable.

Q: Did you and Rupert share dresses?
Rich: Rupert and I didn't share anything.

Q: When will you be a guest host on "Queer Eye for the Straight Guy"?  They have to love "the man in a skirt" look, right?
Rich:  Wouldn't that be fun???

Q: During the immunity challenge did you think it was fair for everyone to just jump off allowing Rob to go again out of turn?
Rich:  Sure, there was no rule against it.  For the next game, I might change that rule, but the thing stood. Sure, it was fair.

Q:  Were you aware of Shii-Ann's apparent respect for you?
Rich:  Yeah, she and I talked about how she perceived me.

Q:  It looked like you weren't doing too much of the work in your tribe.  Is that because of editing or because it's true?
Rich:  A little of both.

Q:  What did you think of Rupert?
Rich:  I didn't spend too much time with Rupert in All Stars game, thankfully.  I'm sure he's a good guy, but I didn't care for the way he played. I thought he was over-emotionally involved.

Q: Despite your fishing superiority, do you think the fact that Ethan could catch fish also made you expendable.?
Rich:  No, not expendable.  But certainly I wouldn't have liked to have seen him improve in the fish-catching department.

Q: Who did you like and dislike the most out there?
Rich:  Honestly, I didn't really think of the people in those terms.  I was playing a game, and I looked at all of them as expendable characters.  Outside the game, most of them are good people.

Q:  Was the challenge as rough as it looked on TV?  I think I was bruised just watching you guys hit the boards when you fell.
Rich: Most of the challenges are so much tougher than they look on television. They're longer, it's hotter than you can imagine, and they really are challenging.

Q: That shark that you caught wasn't exactly "Jaws", why did you make such a fuss over a nine incher?
Rich:  It was two and a half feet long.  And when was the last time you were bitten by a shark.  By the way, what do you mean "make such a big deal".  I thought I handled it quite well.

Q: Did you feel like Jerri stabbed you in the back by telling you about Colby and then writing your name on her parchment?
Rich:   No this game isn't about back-stabbing.  It's about making choices that you personally think will propel you further in the game. Sometimes that requires you changing your mind or being duplicitous

Q:  What do you think of Jerri, both as a person and as a Survivor player?
Rich:  I've spent time with Jeri outside the game and have enjoyed her company.  As a player, I don't perceive her as all that skillful, but certainly she's improving.

Q:  What was the wildest comment you got about your anatomy while you were in the game?
Rich:  Not too many of the comments were wild.  People got quite used to my nudity quite quickly.

Q:  Were you surprised to see Rudy gone so soon?
Rich: Not really, again the game was physically unbelievably demanding.  And after all, he's 76 years old.

Q:  Tell us something we DON'T know about Survivor?
Rich:  I don't think people will ever realize just how intense and demanding the game itself really is.

Q:  Do you think Colby is running your tribe?  And do the others resent that?
Rich:  Colby wasn't running the tribe, but I think in getting rid of me it probably put somewhat of a target on his back.

Q: Survivor would never have been so interesting had you not won the first year. Thanks for coming back.  I'm wondering what your son was up to while you were on All Stars?
Rich:  He was with my sister happily living his life as we do.

Q: What is the single biggest thing to keep in mind when playing Survivor?
Rich:  Believe it or not, the fact that you're playing a game is what most people lose focus about, and I believe the most important.

Q: Do you believe you would have had better success if you had allied yourself with someone from Day 1?  If so, who would you have chosen?
Rich: No, it's hard to second guess.  I felt I did the best I could.

Q: Now that you and Rob C. are out of the game, would you say that this season is a "no brain" game, it's all about luck, physical and other non-alliance stuff.
Rich: No, I think alliances will still play a role.  It's inevitable in a game like Survivor.

Q: What do you think of Jeff Probst as the host, I heard that you volunteered to host the second Survivor.
Rich:  The real story is that before they even selected me as a contestant, I walked in and said, "You know you're going to pick me, But what you don't know is that I'm going to win.  And what you need to know for planning purposes, is that I'm going to host the next season".  And I walked out.  Two out of three aint bad. But I love Jeff Probst, he's a great guy.

Q: Was anyone else tempted to join you in your nudity?
Rich: Most contestants were nude at numerous times.

Q:  Why do you think Jerri referred to you as "evil"?
Rich: No idea, I really don't remember her doing so.

Q:  At what point in the game did you want to go home the most?
Rich: Probably in the midst of our biggest storm.  It was pretty uncomfortable.

Q:  When your tribe picked Ethan, it seemed that you wanted to get rid of him.  Do you think Colby wanted him as an ally right away...or was his mind changed after Ethan got to the tribe?
Rich:  I think Colby's mind wavered.  I think he was really torn between aligning with me or making some other alliance.

Q: What do you think are your greatest moments from All Stars?
Rich:  Some of my best moments were bringing in large catches of fish.

Host:  Our hour with Richard is up.  Any final comments for the fans, Richard?
Rich:  Hey all, thanks for checking in.  Sorry I got the boot, sorry I couldn't get to all your questions.  Take care, and check in to if you want.


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Re:Richards Web Chat
« Reply #1 on: March 02, 2004, 12:13:16 PM »
does he have to talk about gayness & being naked all the time??????????? >:( >:( >:( :-X :-X :-X >:( >:( >:(

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Re:Richards Web Chat
« Reply #2 on: March 02, 2004, 01:09:48 PM »
Thanks for posting this webchat Theresa.  I enjoyed it.  The host asked a lot of good questions and things I wanted to know also.  :D

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Re:Richards Web Chat
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I didn't either. It must be cool to have a dad like Rich. I would totally like that.
Wendy Jean


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Re:Richards Web Chat
« Reply #4 on: March 02, 2004, 03:47:07 PM »
 :D Thanks Theresa..Lots of good stuff !
Did anyone watch Letterman?? I was so peed off at Dave..because of his clowning around Richard got about 5 words in . I heard that Dave hates to do the Survivor interviews..he kept saying the 4th person voted off the Island..then he asked the audience if he (Dave) should be voted off the show..well..they all cheered and he got up and Paul sat in and started to interview Richard @ the Deli..Richard  held uo 5 fingers and said "5th person not 4th person voted off.." Paul asked if he got more money for 5th place and Richard said "Yes" Paul asked "how much" Richard repiled "I have no idea" then Dave appeared behind Paul and started waving..well then they went to commercial . Dave  " I heard that the big fat naked guy is mad and has left"He then went on to interview Anne Heche..well who do you think showed up naked in the background!! Richard.. ;D He was naked and waving to the audience.. ;D Anne Heche was hysterical..laughing..David just kind of blew it off..and that was it...Richard never got his interview but , he had the last laugh ;D

{pic from }
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Re:Richards Web Chat
« Reply #5 on: March 02, 2004, 04:07:04 PM »
I grew up with no father-- so I can say for myself that I would rather have had no father than to have Hatch as a dad.  It's not about his homosexuality.  It's not even about the reports of child abuse, of which I don't think they ever even proved anything.  It's about his blatent arrogance and manipulation and backstabbing.  Yes, I really do understand all that is a part of the game; but he showed no respect whatsoever to any of his fellow contestants.  Person after person bought his lies on the first Survivor and paid the price for it.  How could they afford to keep him around in all stars?  Each contestant would have to continually worry about if Hatch was backstabbing them next?  Now we can be surprised at who the next backstabber will be.  With Hatch there was no surprise; he always puts the knife in each and every time.  

Ok--I know this was a bit strong--I just need to let off some steam after reading all the posts getting sappy about him.  I'm sorry some of you will miss him; but I am absolutely thrilled! ;D

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Re:Richards Web Chat
« Reply #6 on: March 02, 2004, 04:19:26 PM »
Puddin- lol at Rich walking out naked! I would have died laughing! I like Rich, and I hope he gets more publicity....

kcatt- we are all entitled to our own opinions....
Wendy Jean


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Re:Richards Web Chat
« Reply #7 on: March 02, 2004, 05:30:03 PM »
Puddin I only caught the first part of Letterman when Paul and Rupert were talking to him.  I also heard Dave hated doing the survivor interviews.  In previous seasons, he had the surivor come through a door and talk for 5 minutes, now he has them with Rupert at the Hello Dolly deli.  I was flipping channels and when I flipped back, Anne Heche was laughing and that is when I heard Richard stood in the background naked.  Too funny.  Richard was on Regis and Kelly this morning and they briefly talked about it.  They did a silly video sketch with Regis on the island with him, it was funny.  Since the chat talked about Richard wearing the utilikilt, I watched for it in the clip when Richard was voted out and he walked out of Tribal council area with his kilt.  What a neat invention.

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Re:Richards Web Chat
« Reply #8 on: March 02, 2004, 06:26:29 PM »
Dang ..Now I'm sorry that I missed Regis..  :(  Thanks for filling me in Bathfizzy.. :) It sounds like it was a Riot ;D..maybe I could find it at the website?..I would love to see Richard being silly.

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Re:Richards Web Chat
« Reply #9 on: March 02, 2004, 08:25:41 PM »
Found it at Fever!!

Richard Hatch's
Live with Regis and Kelly
Guest Appearance

Highlights of Interview:

Richard's guest appearance on Letterman Monday night
Richard: He did me wrong said Letterman did me wrong.  He ended that interview, got voted off of his show.  I had to do something to get him back.  Poor Anne Heche.
Regis:  Letterman took it all in stride?
Richard: He did kinda, protecting her.  
Kelly: So you just went out there unexpectedly? Did they know?
Richard: It happens, you're all naked under these clothes.  
---------------------------------------------------------------------------About being voted off~
Richard:  They conspired to undermine me. And it was beautifullll.  They did it in my style.  It was great.
Regis:  They were afraid of you?
Richard: They were afraid of me a little bit.  I thought I convinced them to go with me and to this day, I think they made a mistake.  Hopefully people like Colby and Kathy, who could have trusted me, won't make it very far.

Richard was on for 3 segments:  Shark bite, Richard's current life, video clips of Richard's last Tribal Council.  An edited parody of Richard and Regis competing on Survivor