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Allison chat 6/3/04
« on: June 06, 2004, 01:35:34 PM »
I found a Allison chat @

This chat brought to you by by and

The AUDIO REPLAY can be found here.
good evening, I am brian
joined by Alison Irwin
call toll free 1 866 697 2256
let's talk to Alison for a minute
you here?
how are you?
 14Ali_Lover 07:  good how are you
 06brian 14:  BB starts July 6 and followed by AR
what have you been up to lately?
Alison - I have been busy with AR, then I moved about 5 hrs from my family
Donny is now my ex
so I am on other side of PA working a lot
A-Donny is an ex, he and I broke up.
 14brian 13-  Justin her other ex is next Tuesday night
Alison- we talk to each other once and a while
Alison - he is a great guy
 06brian 10-  Matt on the phone
Matt - hi, first off, great job on BB
Matt - we always thought you brought a great twist
Matt - what did you enjoy the most and did you honestly feel it was life chaning and if so how
Alison - nothing that fun about walking into a hosue and knowing that they are all stabbing you in back
Alison - hard to have friends
(hard to hear Alison)
Alison - I did it for the money
Alison - that was the best part of it
Emil - swampy wants to know what you are working now
Alison - I am going to go to law school in the fall probably
Alison - been doing some acting and modeling
Alison - sending out pictures
I can't hear very well you guys, doing my best
there is music in her backgroudn, hard to hear
1866 697 2256 is toll free
or send questions to question bot
we would love to hear from you on the phone
Emil: what was your feeling were you bored, nervous that you would win or not?
Alison - las week in house was absolutely awful, nothing to do, just Jun and myself
Alison - we were so sick of ourselves, house and game that we were willing to do anything, at that point, I didn't care I would win, I kind of figured I was not gonna win the first price
Alison - I just wanted out of the house
 06brian 13-  I don't think I could do it
 04brian 14-  we have several who have tried out, I get a question of what would you bring in the hosue if you came in?
Alison - what would I take in the hosue, I would try to take everything, I dunno, not gonna say, but Nathan's bible was anescape for me since nothing else to read
Alison - do bible or religious book that they will allow
1 866 697 2256 to call in yoru question
Emil - Dave wants to know which other hosueguests you have met since last summer and got out of house
Alison - I have talked to DAvid on email
Alison - and today I got an email from him to try to meet up, other than that, not seen anyone other than Robert
Emil - (can't hear it, sorry )
Alison - yea, I am on AR with Donny, can't say much, but it is Amazing, that's the title, it was awesome, best thing I ever done in my entire life
 03brian 04:  how soon did you do it?
Alison - I can't say anything about when it was
1 866 697 2256 don't be shy, call and ask questions
Alison - I won't bite
Roger: hi Allison, hwo are you?
Roger: it's nice to get to talk to you
Roger: I assume you got to know some of hg's
Roger: anybody you were in house with did they turn out to be different after you spent time with them outside the house?
Alison: I really only talk to Justin and DAvid, that was it, nobody, no friendships made for me
Alison: I think highly of Justin
Emil: Guest 12 wants to know if the AR challenge caused the breakup?
Alison: no we broke up months before, growing apart really
suecee wants to know, which did you like better BB or AR

Alison - I don't know if I am allowed to answer, I liked them both and I would do AR 100 times over
Emil: What's the most flattering thing a fan has done for you?
Alison: I had a girl ask me she is part of make a wish foundation and this year she wanted to meet me
Marcus on phone
Marcus: Alison, I am orig. from pittsburgh so I enjoyed your bantor in the hosue
Marcus: do you think a totally blind person could be on bb?
Alison: oh, I don't think it would be too hard, no different than us - I was walking around at night
Alison: it's really mroe about your personality
Alison: face it, they want drama
Alison: thanks marcus
Emil: Dave wants to know how sick were you of pbj?
Alison: I only had it one week, sooooooooooooo
Alison: I was very fortunate
Emil: tanker wants to know if you have seen BB's around the world and what they do should it be on uS BB?
Alison: I have not seen any bb's not even the one I was on, so I have no idea, I mean I have an idea, but I have never seen it, don't know how much was idited so I can't tell you the difference
Alsion: I didnt' want to, I have copies of every single episode in my hosue, but ummm, I just figure you know, I was there, I know what happened, I dont' have friends with thse people so why should I watch people backstab and why bother living through that crap again
Biran: let's take a quick break
 10brian 05:  back in a minute
 06brian 13:  welcome back
 03brian 14:  Alison, you still there?
 02swampy 03:  hi Alison, this is swampy the old guy that runs reality net, just wanted to thank you on behalf of slysbaby And brian for taking time out of busy life to come and chat with us, our special honor
Alison: thank you
 06swampy 07:  when it comes to BB houseguests, which one was biggest challenge to deal with?
Alison: Dana was not hard getting out, most diff. getting justin out cuz everyone liked him, he is such a nice guy
 04swampy 10:  thanks for joining us
1 866 697 2256 to call for questions
Emil: bbprodigy wants to know where you are working now
Alison: I get a lot of people not running up to me, but they recognize my voice and face, but don't recognize you
Alison: then they are like were you on tv? wow you are a lot smaller in person. I am back at my old job now across the te in PA now
Kitty: Alison, would you ............
Kitty: If you get on BB 4 times, would you have the same game play or not?
Alison: well if all the people were the same, and had to redo it all, then yes, but if people knew I was on BB, it would be a whole another scenario, then I would not play the same game. I never went to play, I wanted to win.
(still hard to hear)
Emil: racegirl wants to know would you do survivor?
Alison: yea, I would do it, I dont' know how long I would last, but I would do it
 06brian 14:  which would be harder, BB or survivor?
Alsion: BB cuz it is so mentally draining
Alison: being in the wild, would much rather have done survivor
 03Steve 14:  hey
 05Steve 14:  hey Alison
 13Steve 06:  has anything you done been aired in your acting career?
Alison: not yet
check out Alison's yahoo group
 10brian 14:  I will post it in BB extra
 14Steve 03:  you are considering law school right? What schools?
Alison: I want to stay in PA, but there is a school in RI I would like to go to
Alison: my Dad is pushing for me to stay here
 13Steve 14:  I hope you sell some of yoru AR stuff on ebay
If you won a half mill, what would you buy?
Alison: I would save it all, I am not a big spender
taking a break
1 866 697 2256 to ask questions
we will be right back
 06brian 03:  welcome back
Alison do you still talk to Justina nd how did DOnny feel about you flirting with him?
Alison: Donny hates Justin, so was even more upset about that, unfortunately, I feel bad about flirting when I have a b/f at home, but that's something donny cannot get over, so he is eve more mad about that. I dont' talk to Justin much now since we live on opposite sides of the state, but we are civil with eachother
Theresa: Hi how are you/
Alison: good
Theresa: did you remain friends with Justin?
Alison: Yea, I think he is a great guy, I felt that way before and and after the show
Alison: everyone loves Justin
Amire: What was the best memory you took home from BB4
Alison: Wow, you know...I don't know...ummmmm, I mean...the whole thing, I guess all itself was a good memory, the whole thing, the hosue, winning money, you ,know, being secluded and coming back loving my friends and family more, I guess the best memory is realizing what I had in teh real world, what my life was before ...It ook it for granted in the house
Alison: I have it better off than lot other people
Emil: Steve 10965 wants to know if you life has improved since BB and if so, how
Alison: yes, are you kdding me, it has been awesome, I got to do AR, and now I ,,,I dont' even know where to start, I am so clsoe to my friends and family now, ont he phone 3-4 times a day with my best friend ...dont' take them for granted. My life is more focused on making myself happy and doing what I want to do and being me and letting loose. I am very thankful I got the opport. to do that
Emil: honey wants to know what you really thought of the mine
Alison: I hated the mime
Alison: I hated the mime
Alison: I was trying to get out and they were coming in, althougha fter the show he came up to me and said, hey startedtalking and said thanks for being good sport, he was a nice guy in real life, but in the hosue I hated that mime
Racegil wants to know why did you want to be on
Alison: you know I never wanted to, my ex boyfriend applied and they called me and I guess I was gonna be the x and they they called me, so let's get rid of that guy and find another of her x's
Alison: when they said half million dolalrs I was like sign me up
Matt: hey, I wanted to ask, first off, curious to know how Jun spent her money, any diea?
Alison: I don't know, latt I heard she was going to buy a apartment
Emil: dave wants to know some of your fav. tv shows
Alison: ok, well, I don't really watch much tv, but I am going to assume after this season, AR and BB and I love the Golden Girls, a little Southpark
Emil: Who did you like the most in BB2 and BB3
Alison: I did not watch BB 2, I had tao watch BB3 in prep for BB4, you do it during finals
Alison: I loved Danielle, Jason and Amy, they were all cool,
 04brian 07:  have you met them?
Alison: I have met all of them and they are fab. in person
huskerchick wants to know if BB did allstart BB would you do it?
1 866 697 2256
10 minutes to go
1 866 697 2256
we need more phone calls
Emil: how did you feel when Robert kicked you out of yoru bed
Alison: at that point, first night, I really didnt' care that he was kciking me out of bed, I just was concered aobut Justin and how hurt he was
 14brian 02:  did you ever think that Justin could ever happen?
Alison: yea, I thought Justin would be visitor or surprise guest
Emil: if AR5 was a good experience?
Alison: I woudl do it over and over again
Emil: would you ever consider doing Fear FActor?
Alison: no, I would not
1 866 697 2256
Emil: did you stay busy with appearances and radio?
 07brian 12:  was it extremely difficult having no contact, or did you get past that?
Alison: it was awful not being able to talk, my Dad had heart attack while I was in the house and they never told me and I was very upset to find out when I got out, I am close to my Mom, DAd and sister
1 866 697 2256 for questions
taking a break
1 866 697 2256 for questions
couple more questions
Emil: what you thought when Scott got kicked out of house, were you shockec?
Alison: I had a strange vibe, but I felt bad for him cuz this was a huge BB fan trying to get on show for a while and something he really wanted to do
 Alison: I was concerned for rest of houseguests
 04brian 05:  do you think he would have made it?
Alison: I dont' think he would have made it far, outspoken, loud and a leader and if you are a leader you are a target
Emil: how were you selected for AR, did you apply or did they appraoch you?
Alison: I was appraoched

Emil: What did you think of David and Amanda sex seeen
Alison: I didn't know that happened, had no idea, when I found out , I was in complete shock, whatever, you gotta do what you gotta do, I am glad I was not there
Alison: I heard about it after I got out of the hosue
Emil: What about a talk show for you?
Alison: I would love to do a talk show, that would be awesome
Michelle: how better is your life with Nathan better than it was on the show, or
Alison: I emailed Nathan for first time in a long time this week and I basically I told him I was sorry for hurtin ghim, that I was playing a game and things were taken out of context and I wanted him to know that he and I shared special moments and that was real and CBS edited a lot of those things
Alison: responded that he agreed, blah blah, but we will never ber the same as friens, so that's about it for us
my hands are tired
Emil: if you could produce show, what wouydl you change?
Alsion: I dunno, I tihnk that BB is well produced
 06brian 12:  any special challenges you have thought of?
Alison: I enver eally thought of any
Emil: who would you want to go to finals besides Jun?
Alison: Justin or Nathan, they were good people, played pretty good games
Jennifer: Alison, do you hate Dana for spreading rumors about you?
Alison: no, I don't hate her at all, I kind of out of site, out of mind, I don't think abotu her, what she said, I don't know what the rumors are
Alison: I don't care to be honest with you
Emil: Do you like how there are so many fans especially the website?
Alison: Yea, it's awesome, i can log on, I get to see people watch us
Alison: thanks for having chat and radio, I th ink it's great
 10brian 03:  thanks for joining us, I will post a link to her yahoo group
thanks eeryone for listening

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Re: Allison chat 6/3/04
« Reply #1 on: June 07, 2004, 09:17:07 AM »
Thanks puddin!  I did not read all of it, but read the bold part  ;)

interesting that they broke up before AR?!?!?  And that she would do it 100 times...they must do well.

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Re: Allison chat 6/3/04
« Reply #2 on: June 07, 2004, 02:07:16 PM »
I wonder if Ally and Donny will take over the "Seperated Couple " role Tara & Will ?? ;D ;D
I'm looking forward to watching her dramatics  ;D

I let you all know when CBS updates the site
I'll keep my eyes open for any new news  ;)..I heard Wendsday on The Early Show?? One could only hope.. ::)