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Jenna M's Web Chat
« on: February 13, 2004, 04:41:08 PM »
prinzeDude   {Copied From poster @   }Tks prizeDude  ;)

 Host: Jenna thanks for being here today are you ready to take some questions?
Jenna: Yes, I am.

Q: I wanna wish you well. Thought you were gutsy to pull out when you had to. How did the other team members really take your leaving?
Jenna: My tribe members were like family. I was shocked at how supportive they were when we weren't really there for that long on the island. I am really impressed with them, they're a great group of people and I'm so lucky to have been on a tribe with them.

Q: Did the Survivor producers keep in contact with you for the first few days after you left all stars?
Jenna: yeah, I was in touch with people from SEG and CBS and everyone was really supportive and I was really lucky to be involved with such a great group of people.

Q: Was it just the editing or were some of the other Survivors really that unsympathetic to your decision?
Jenna: I think everybody was sympathetic to my decision. I just think some people think that they wouldn't have made the decision if they were in my place. My opinion of that is it's hard for you to say how you would react unless you're in that particular instance and I hope that other people never have to go through it.
Q: Were you shocked to hear what Big Tom had to say about not wanting to know if his family was hurt until he got back?
Jenna: No, I wasn't shocked to hear that because I could see him not wanting to know but that's hard to say when you're not in that situation but everybody handles the game differently and that's why Survivor is great. I respect the fact that that's how he would have chosen to handle it.

Q: Why did you agree to go on Survivor with your mom being sick.
Jenna: My mom had been sick for 12 years. It's a part of my life and I'm not going to stop my life because of it and she didn't want me to. I went on the first season and then she told me to go on All Stars and then she took a turn for the worse. I don't regret my choice to be a part of the All Stars at all.

Q: Jenna, are you and Heidi still friends?
Jenna: Yes, me and Heidi are still friends and we'll always be friends. I talk to her as much as possible. She's doing really well for herself.

Q: When you and Amber were hugging your voices were inaudible. What were you two saying?
Jenna: Probably something to the effect of her saying "I'm sorry" and that she was sad I probably said it was okay. It's hard for me to remember that night. Whatever she said they were comforting words.

Q: If you had decided to not go on All stars, which Survivor would you have liked to see in your place and why?
Jenna: That's a good one! I would've liked to see Deena go from my season because I think she's a great player, a smart player and I'd like to see her go out there and kick some butt.

Q: Did you end up with scars on your arms? Yikes that looked painful?
Jenna: Yeah, I actually ended up with scars on my legs which were worst than my arms. I have scars by my ankles...I'll always remember my trip to Survivor All stars.

Q: Do you think Colby is hot?
Jenna: Colby is good looking but he is not my type. He's the typical all American boy.

Q: How long did it take the tribe to build that house?
Jenna: it took us half a day. We were really good on building the house. We kind of got together, everyone had their jobs and did them.

Q: Is Rob Cesternino as funny as he comes off!
Jenna: Yes, yes, yes and yes. Rob C (The cool Rob) is the funniest person I've ever met. He's hilarious and he's a good guy and he's a great Survivor.

Q: What was it like to watch the episode last night?
Jenna: IT was tough to watch last night's episode. It was tough to relive that experience but I think that they did a great job of capturing the emotion everyone felt and it really came through.

Q: How do you feel about Richard's constant nudity?
Jenna: I'm not one to talk about people being naked on Survivor so I don't really know what to say. I don't really have a problem with him being naked. If he wants to be naked and hanging out - literally - then that is just fine with me!

Q: How awesome was it that Richard was bitten by that shark? That was the best TV ever.
Jenna: Oh! I don't know if it was good TV for Richard but it was great TV for us! we were living out National Geographic there! It takes a guy with big ba!!s to have a shark attached to your arm and then bit it back! He's like having a court jester around.

Q: Happy early birthday. Did you make any plans to celebrate yet?
Jenna: Oh, thanks. Yes, someone very special to me made some plans for me and I don't know about it but I'm really excited to have a night out in NY with all my friends.

Q: Did you want to be on a different tribe when you found out who was on your team and who wasn't?
Jenna: No, I definitely loved my tribe. Really happy to see who I was set up with. I can't imagine anyone wanting to be on those other tribes.

Q: What can you say about the new and improved and tougher challenges this time around?
Jenna: The challenges were so hard it was ridiculous. But it's the all stars and it's fitting that we get into the toughest environment with the toughest challenges. I think it's great.

Q: You seemed to have really break down that last episode. Were the conditions a major part of that?
Jenna: No I lived 39 days in the Amazon. I was fine with the conditions. It wasn't the conditions at all for me. It was mental. I was really disconnected with the game and I really missed my mom and was worried.

Q: How quickly were you able to get home after you left?
Jenna: CBS was really good. They knew the urgency of me needing to get home and they got me home as soon as possible.

Q: Who were your favorite 3 people out there.
Jenna: I have more than 3! I have Rob C., Lex, Shii-Ann, Kathy and Ethan

Q: Did you have a crush on any of the all star castaways?
Jenna: I have a crush on Ethan

Q: Notwithstanding your mom, what was the hardest thing for you this time around?
Jenna: That was the hardest thing. Definitely. I can't even compare anything else to that.

Q: Who was your biggest ally in Panama. What would have been your gameplan if you had not decided to leave?
Jenna: I think my allies were Shii Ann and Kathy and my game plan was to play Survivor. Make an alliance with someone I could rely on and that was somewhat trustworthy in the game. Go far, help my team. Lie, cheat, steal, whatever it takes.

Q: Do you think Richard is making a good effort to play the game?
Jenna: I think Richard at the beginning didn't make the best effort ever but he'll come around.

Q: Do people still say they got peanut butter or other similar comments?
Jenna: Yes all the time.

Q: You have very annoying people on your tribe. Who was the most annoying?
Jenna: I'd say that Colby at times could be a little annoying only because he just kept to himself and just seemed a little edgy - not that I have room to talk about being edgy - but he did seem edgy at times.

Q: If there is another all star season will you go again?
Jenna: Absolutely, in a second, because I don't feel like I got a chance to play this time.

Q: Did you think Alicia's comments were a little harsh?
Jenna: I think Alicia's comments were very Alicia of her, y'know? She says what she's feeling in a blunt kind of way. I think it's hard for her to know what she'd do in a situation like that.

Q: So, Amber and Rob hook up, huh. What do you think? True love?
Jenna: I think only time will tell if Boston Rob has found his Cinderella! You'll have to keep watching the show.

Q: Have you been offered any other jobs on TV since Survivor?
Jenna: I have been offered some jobs with TV and I'm working with some magazine now and I'll probably go back to my play called "Pieces of Ass" and then I'm going to work with my local animal shelter "Animal Friends" in Pittsburgh. It's a no kill shelter.

Q: Have you ever met Jonny Fairplay? What'd you think?
Jenna: I have spoken to JFP and you know what? I think he's a cool guy. I don't really mind him that much. I mean, he's still going to hell for what he did, don't get me wrong. He did what he did and it didn't really work out but... I thought he was kind of funny when I talked t him.

Q: Did the shark taste good?
Jenna: Oh, my God, the shark was sooooo good! Sometimes your taste buds exaggerate when you're out there so a lot of things that taste like crap taste great but I thought it tasted great. Better than the other fish Richard was catching.

Q: How is Lex really? He seems like a great guy.
Jenna: Lex is wonderful. He's a family man, he's true to his heart, to his friends, he's there to catch you when you need him to. He's a great guy and I'm really happy to be friends with Lex. I'm always there for him when he needs me and he's always there for me.

Q: Did you and Shii Ann suggest a coconut phone?
Jenna: They wanted the house to be... well, originality came into play. We thought since we had the structure worked out we tried to think of things that were original so we came up with the phone and a bunch of other stuff.

Q: Who do you think is the best looking from all the past Survivors?
Jenna: Ethan.

Q: What did you guys do to entertain yourselves all day?
Jenna: We played this game called The List where you list all your favorite top 3 things. We talked about family, what we liked, what we liked to eat... anything.

Q: How is your life now? What's going on with you?
Jenna: My life is good now. I mean despite the tragedy that happened.. everything up to that point. I've been lucky, had a good life. Everyday it gets easier and easier to deal with the loss of my mom.

Q: How differently did you prepare for all stars knowing everyone had played before?
Jenna: I didn't really. The only thing that I went into this game with different is just knowledge of people playing and of the game.

Q: What did you think of the other tribe's houses?
Jenna: I thought Saboga's house sucked really bad. I thought it was pretty embarrassing. Chapera hands down, better shelter than ours. I thought ours was good. We worked really hard

Q: After you found out Tina got voted out, what was running through your mind?
Jenna: Not much. I knew it. It wasn't a surprise for me. I knew that tribe was going to gun for the winners. Jenna Lewis is on there and it looks like she's bitter about anyone doing better than her. It didn't scare me but I felt bad for Ethan.

Q: What kind of play is Pieces of Ass?
Jenna: It's like that Vagina Monologues but has younger girls with younger pieces and it's a great show. Men and women enjoy it.

Q: Did anyone in your tribe notice that Richard was acting as a catcher of fish just as in Season 1?
Jenna: He's not acting as the catcher of the fish because he was catching fish. You can't pretend like you're catching fish and not come home with it. He was providing.

Q: Why wasn't Heidi asked to come back to All Stars? You two were a great team.
Jenna: I'm not sure if she was or wasn't asked. I would have loved to have had her there but we would have been a huge target if we would have been on the same team.

Q: Was there any nudity besides Richard?
Jenna: There were a couple people who were bathing nude but I will not say who they were. They can admit it themselves.

Q: What's Kathy like? She seems real genuine and a great person.
Jenna: Kathy is a wonderful person. She was like a mom to me out there. I'm glad we're friends and we'll be friends for as long as I can see it. She really is genuine and she really thinks about other people.

Q: Who do you feel was the biggest asset to your tribe?
Jenna: Lex, but that's so hard... Lex challenge wise and Richard living-wise.

Q: What is Jeff Probst like? He seemed a little insensitive towards you on last night's episode
Jenna: I completely disagree. I think he was completely sensitive to my feelings. I like Jeff and I think he's a great host.

Q: In an earlier episode Richard had said that he could make fire, what was that all about?
Jenna: I think Richard was just being a little egotistical. I don't think he could make fire. None of them could get fire.

Q: What is Shii Ann like? Both of you are great friends?
Jenna: Yeah, I love Shii Ann. She's a good friend and an underrated game player. I think she got the shaft in Thailand but she's a smart cookie.

Q: On last night's show we didn't see Rob C say anything. How did he react to your decision?
Jenna: There were alot of people who didn't say anything. He did look sad and I hugged him. He's a good guy and sometimes you have to hold your cards close to your chest in that game.

Q: Have you ever been to Brazil or Panama as a tourist?
Jenna: Never been out of the country other than as a Survivor.

Q: Did you eat lots before the show to gain weight?
Jenna: Yeah, I did try to eat lots to gain weight before I went on this show but it didn't work.

Q: Were you allowed to use eye glasses to help build a fire?
Jenna: We tried to use the glasses but a lot of the prescriptions weren't strong enough or we didn't have enough sunlight.

Q: Why did Jeff ask if you were getting messages from home?
Jenna: I think Jeff asked me that because it sounded like I was getting some kind of news that my mom's health was failing. I think he asked because other contestants might want to know the answer.

Q: How did you know what was going on at home? Did they give you any messages?
Jenna: No, I didn't get any messages. It was just a simple gut feeling that I had.

Q: If you could have chosen who would you have picked for your tribe?
Jenna: Exact same group.

Q: How is your school going? How much longer til you graduate?
Jenna: I have about a year and a half until I graduate. I took 2 years off for Survivor. I am in the process of taking online college courses.

Q: Would you want Rupert on your team?
Jenna: No, I would not have Rupert on my team nor would I want him to be.

Q: If an all American guy is not your type, then what is?
Jenna: My type is a guy who is a pretty trendy dresser, more of a little like... I like a guy with a little more rugged look... a city guy who's athletic.

Host: Sorry to say our hour is up. Any final comments for the Survivor fans, Jenna?
Jenna: Thanks everybody for being such great fans of the show and supporting me and you have to keep watching because every episode gets better and better and better

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Re:Jenna M's Web Chat
« Reply #1 on: February 13, 2004, 04:59:36 PM »
Puddin, thank you for posting that. I think that was an excellent interview and covered all bases... Why wouldn;t Jenna want Rupert though??? Oh well, guess everyone doesn't have the same opinion of him. I may go to the animal shelter and introduce myself to Jenna. (My friend Sarah knows her, and went to school with her.. I live about 15 min. from Jenna)
Wendy Jean


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Re:Jenna M's Web Chat
« Reply #2 on: February 13, 2004, 06:36:47 PM »
[Q: Would you want Rupert on your team?
Jenna: No, I would not have Rupert on my team nor would I want him to be.
Wendy..I think that I know why..but I can't answer you here..It would be a spoiler..or it could  be that Jenna watched the show last night and didn't care for much for Rupert?

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Re:Jenna M's Web Chat
« Reply #3 on: February 16, 2004, 08:58:49 PM »
This was a great chat.  Thanks for posting.  Wendy you should definitely go to the animal shelter and say hello to Jenna.  Tell her to join RFF and post and tell her we are all survivor nuts plus we are super nice here. :)

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Re:Jenna M's Web Chat
« Reply #4 on: February 18, 2004, 10:46:50 AM »
Thanks for posting this.  Great read.

wendy let us know if you go to the animal shelter.

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Re:Jenna M's Web Chat
« Reply #5 on: February 18, 2004, 11:23:27 AM »
Alright- alright- I MAY end up going to the shelter sometime.... Seriously. I will let you guys know if I do. :P
Wendy Jean