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Peach,  you sound like you are having a great time.  Being that I'm a night worker I should be asleep all day.  I have changed my plans and will get up mid afternoon instead of early evening.  I want to catch your postings and be in on the action.  I'm so glad you got to meet the Beauty Queens.  I think they are great.  I am so excited I may have trouble getting to sleep in the morning.  This is my 1st year involved with the spoilers and it's been absolutely great because of all of you RFFers.

PS:  I'm old enough to be Michael's grandma.

MAKZ3D, from what I understand at STITCH where we're going to be for TARCON XI there is no lighting. That means PEACH would be unlikely to access the Internet even if she happens to be carrying a laptop with remote wireless connection (which I sort of doubt she would given the purpose of TARCON). You will probably nto get any reports until after 3am EDT if my analysis is correct. I know I am not carrying anything other than a few pictures.

And if you dont manage to print the letter off for C/M... please mention that will be open in 24 hours, and that it was made by thier biggest fan in the worl- Sam from Sydney!!  :hearts: :hearts:
Enjoy yourself hun  :kissy:

And Michael! How goods that!?

wow! michael may never come down from cloud 9.  :happy:

if you see my faves, danny and oswald, feel free to hug them from me.   :hearts:

You know who I want pictures of peach  :hearts:
Good for you Michael  :wohoo:


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