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Today, in the mail I received my package from cinni and let me tell you that its something that I could most definitely can curl up with at night..between the sheets  :wohoo:

:thankyou: cinni! your the BEST and its perfect and I LOVE IT   :jumpy:

 :-[  wow, that arrived fast! i got three. one for you, one for my sister in michigan and of course, one for me!  :hearts:

 :happy: I've been reading it cinni and now see a side of Phil that I never knew. I knew he was a great guy but didn't know what a great guy he truly is ..some of his comments had me lol  :lol:


This really belongs in the TAR11 epsiode 10 thread, but nobody is going to look at it there, so I am cheating a little by putting it here. Eric was interviewed last night by Rob and Trevor, who had a 45 minute conversation with Eric. There were two things that really stood out for me. First was Eric's attitude toward Danielle, which has continued and is maybe even a little more negative than expressed around TARCON XI and the 5/7/07 Early Show and all the press interviews he did in that time frame. Second is the clarification of what happened in Hong Kong searching for the entrance to the jocky club. As I remember the editing on TAR11 episode 10, Danielle was portrayed as the savior of the team for insiting on hiring a taxi which led the team to the right place when they had been struglling to find it. The way Eric tells it(and I'm sure the way it really was), when  he gave in to her nagging they were already at the wrong entrance to the Jockey Club. The taxi led them back to the same place before finding the right place, extracting $50(Eric didn't say but probably Hong Kong dollars) in the process.


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