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Racing Report Leg #10 AS
« on: April 16, 2007, 01:44:48 AM »
Racing Report Leg #10

Title:  We Are Trying To Make Love, Not War - By Mirna while evading stunt Men.  I would choose War if I was you guys.
Date:  December 12th
Pit Stop:  36 hours
*updated per apskip

Teams leave the Pit Stop of Carcosa Seri Negra, a gated mansion (to keep out Izad) that has been used for foreign dignitaries, also known as the “House on the Hill”.

1.  Dustin & Kandice – 12:28am
2.  Charla & Mirna – 1:29am
3.  Eric & Danielle – 1:50am
4.  Oswald & Danny – 2:19am

Last week there was confusion on whether teams were assessed a penalty or if it would be assessed at the start of this leg.  Based on Izad’sreport that Dustin & Kandice had a 1 hour lead over Charla & Mirna and that they should have been hit with over an hour in penalties we can assume none were given (unless Dustin & Kandice had great difficulty in finding the Pit Stop).  If they weren’t penalized at all, then what should have occurred is an order reflected by:

D & K 1st
O & D 2cd at 2:19
E & D 3rd at 2:20
C & M 4th at 2:29

Oh well, teams are provided with $88.00 for this leg (Eric & Danielle).

Teams must now travel more than 1,500 miles to the city of Hong Kong (Yeah, I’ve been there), when they land they will travel by taxi 22 miles to the Sun Wah Kiu Dry Cleaning & Laundry (located on in Kowloon City), where they will receive their next clue.

Several methods are employed to get tickets.  From Charla & Mirna going to the Hilton and using a phone, Dustin & Kandice going to the airport and getting assistance from the help desk, Eric & Danielle at the airport and using the Internet, and Oswald & Danny (and later Charla & Mirna) going to the offices in the airport to tickets.  All trying to reserve standby tickets as the flights are all booked.

We get a lot of airport Shuffle as the Standby waiting list for the Malaysian flight are filed in the following order.
1.  Oswald & Danny
2.  Dustin & Kandice
3.  Eric & Danielle

Charla & Mirna never technically get on the waiting list.

The waiting list for the early China Air flight is placed in the following order.
1.  Oswald & Danny
2. Charla & Mirna
3.  Dustin & Kandice
4.  Eric & Danielle

Oswald & Danny are the only team that make the early flight.
CI (China Air) 0654 departing Kuala Lumpur 0750 (episode says 0800) arriving in Hong Kong 1155 all on the day of the 11th.

They give Charla & Mirna their booking number for the 9:15 flight.

At that ticket counter, Dustin & Kandice are upset that they are trying to use Oswald & Danny’s booking.  And finally get the agent to keep them on as the 1st team (since Oswald & Danny are gone) on the 2cd flight.  Charla & Mirna get put on 2cd. 

Both these teams get the second flight.

MH72 (Malaysia Air) departing Kuala Lumpur 0915 arriving in Hong Kong 13:00 (episode says 12:55)

Thanks to apskip for those flights one of which is confirmed on screen.

Eric & Danielle are stuck with this flight
MH0750 departing Kuala Lumpur 10:05 (episode says 9:05) arriving in Ho Chi Minh 11:00

This connection is a best guess, for the site I am using.

VN1766 departing Ho Chi Minh 11:40 arriving in Hong Kong 15:20

It matches the arrival time and out of the connecting flights has the longest period to switch planes (though still not much at all).
Teams arrive in Hong Kong in the following order.
1.  Oswald & Danny 11:55am
2.  Charla & Mirna 12:55pm
3.  Dustin & Kandice
4.  Eric & Danielle 3:20pm

Teams make their way to the first route marker, the Sun Wah Kiu Dry Cleaning & Laundry in the following order.
1.  Oswald & Danny
2.  Charla & Mirna
3.  Dustin & Kandice
4.  Eric & Danielle

Fast Forward

This is the 2cd of only two fast forwards (Bastards, rat bastards) available on the race.  Teams must travel 5 miles to this film set, located at Kai Tak airport (thanks to Newbie), where a high speed stunt is being filmed for a Hong Kong movie (OK, does anyone believe that, anyone, I want to see hands.).  When they arrive on set, they will get inside a stunt car with a professional stunt driver and participate in an action packed stunt car sequence.  When the car skids to a halt they will receive their next clue.

Oswald & Danny choose to perform the fast forward (Don’t get me started).

Detour-Kung Fu Fighting or Lost in Translation

Kung Fu Fighting:  Teams make their way 5 miles to 5 Tonkin Street and locate former Cheung Sha Wan Police Quarters (from Schwarzmoor).  Once there they must climb up an 11 story building on Bamboo Scaffolding while avoiding an ongoing battle among Kung Fu Stunt experts to reach the top and retrieve their next clue.

Lost in Translation:  Teams make their way 4 miles to Kowloon City (which weren’t they already there) and find 120 Nga Tsin Wai Road (from Serendipity).  Once there they must search through hundreds of similar Chinese symbols for the specific sign shown on an enclosed photo.  When they match the picture with the correct sign, the owner will hand them their next clue.

All other teams choose to do Kung Fu Fighting

On the way there, Charla & Mirna change their mind and make their way to Lost in Translation.  But again chance their mind and head back.

Oswald & Danny arrive at the Fast Forward location and put on safety gear and are driven through the stunt course.  They don’t die in a conflagaration of twisted molten steel and get the Fast Forward reward where they are directed to drive themselves to the Pit Stop for this leg of the race, the Hong Kong Jockey Club.

Teams arrive at the detour in the following Order.
1.  Dustin & Kandice
2.  Charla & Mirna
3.  Eric & Danielle

No team is at this site at the same time as another team.  So Charla & Mirna did lose some time in changing their minds to allow Dustin & Kandice to both pass them and complete the full task.

Teams must now take the Star Ferry (Yeah flashbacks to Season 2, one of the best seasons ever and that’s with Wil, so that’s saying a lot) across to Hong Kong Island, then travel by taxi 4 miles to another abandoned Police headquarters (Police Quarters-Kennedy Town-Block R).

Ferries depart every 10 minutes.

Charla & Mirna lose more time by having a cab driver whop takes them back to Hong Kong Island and to the Star Ferry terminal where they cross back over to Kowloon City.  But now all they have to do is stay on the Ferry as it returns.  At this time, they figure Eric & Danielle have been in Hong Kong for 30 minutes, so it’s close to 4:00pm.

There is a $20.00 fare at some toll that teams travel through using the last of Oswald & Danny’s money.  We will talk about money as a side topic for this week.

They find the Pit Stop and are checked in as
1.  Oswald & Danny and win a trip to Hong Kong from Travelocity, the most expensive trip of this season.

Teams arrive at the Police quarters in the following order.
1.  Dustin & Kandice
2.  Charla & Mirna
3.  Eric & Danielle – the sun is setting at this time.

Roadblock – Kick Down Doors.

Who is ready to breakdown barriers.

Each team member must kick down doors in this abandoned building until they find a room with their next clue.

Teams complete the detour in the following order.
1.  Dustin & Kandice – Kandice performs the roadblock her 5th/Dustin 4.
2.  Charla & Mirna – Charla performs the roadblock her 4th/Mirna 5.

It appears that it easily takes this team the longest to perform the task.

3.  Eric & Danielle – Eric performs this roadblock his 6th and possible final/Danielle 3.

And for those who keeps count, it appears that she wanted Eric to do this one as well.

Teams must now drive themselves 5 miles to  Victoria Park using one of the marked cars.  Once there they will find a model boat pond and these Travelocity gnomes atop model Junks.  They must then haul the Junk across the pond to receive their next clue.  However, if the gnome is tossed overboard they must start the task over.

Teams arrive and complete this task in the following order.
1.  Dustin & Kandice
2.  Charla & Mirna
3.  Eric & Danielle

Bring your gnome 11/2 miles through the cities busy city streets to the Pit Stop of this leg.

The Hong Kong Jockey Club located at the Happy Valley racecourse.  Built originally in 1845 it was the site for a fire in 1918 that holds the record for most fire deaths in Hong Kong at around 590 victims.  It was rebuilt in 1995 and is a very popular horse racing and gambling establishment

They check into the Pit Stop in the following order.
2.  Dustin & Kandice
3.  Charla & Mirna
4.  Eric & Danielle.

There is probably close to a two hour gap between Oswald & Danny and Dustin & Kandice, and a similar gap between Dustin & Kandice and Charla & Mirna.  I would guess about another separates Eric & Danielle.

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Re: Racing Report Leg #10 AS
« Reply #1 on: April 16, 2007, 02:20:31 AM »

OSWALD & DANNY:  Well did they race a good leg?  Well it all comes down to one choice.  Going to the office of China Air, instead of waiting at the ticket counter.  Thanks to this, the team managed an hour lead.  With a Fast Forward available, that removed any real chance of anything preventing them from placing 1st.  They worked much as a team this leg, but they also had almost no real stress, so that makes it easier.  They did have one significant problem at that is money.  Thanks to Danny not being wise with his funds, he spent all their money reserves on finishing the roadblock tasks last week.  At this stage in the race teams should have saved up money from previous leg for many different things that might come up.  This is not a good sign.  Occasionally producers throw out a leg where they only give out a $1.00.  If that happens this team is in real trouble.

Dustin & Kandice:  Well ladies you enjoyed a fairly strong leg (based on the other team that arrived at the same time.  You handled all three tasks rather well and stayed focused on the leg.  You did run into some hostility from mainly Charla & Mirna (at least as presented) due to the Yield the previous leg.  And we discover in clips why, when its discovered that teams found out you lied about being yielded in season ten.  It is highly ironic that the night of the Pit Stop after you yield a team,  the episode you yielded Bama is broadcast and that all three other teams just happen to watch it.  Hopefully this doesn't became such an issue as the lack of trust other teams had of you in season 10.  But that was the only real downside to this leg.  And in reality, it had no practical effect in this leg.

Charla & Mirna:  Boy you guys sucked.  By not sticking to your choice on the detour you allowed a team to pass you.  You had difficulty at the roadblock, you had difficulty in navigating (which they still have not had a single leg with navigation where they haven't employed or kidnapped assistance, on occasion thats fine, but all the time).  You were lucky to push through successfully with getting early tickets, probably only due to Eric & Danielle not staying at the ticket counter.  You also lost time when a cab took you to the wrong location.  You continue to bleed time like no other team during legs. 

Eric & Danielle:  For being upset at Dustin & Kandice this team handled it very well.  They also managed to keep their cool both at the airport and during the days tasks.  It is hard to judge this episode without arrival times since no other team was racing at the same time.  But we do see two bad things in this episode.
1.  Why is Eric navigating with the map when he is driving.  I know I have mentioned that in the past, but that is incredible difficult to do, especially in heavy traffic in a foreign environment.

2.  Eric, just because you like to be able to do the race yourself with minimal assistance from locals, it isn't a sin to get cab assistance especially when you are last.  While money again could have been a serious issue if you only had $20.00.  You should have at least had Danielle go ask a cab, even if you didn't hire on.  How much time this wasted is unknown, but your last, and you were sure you were last, stop and ask at the very least, and listen to your partner.  You might not always agree, but occasionally your partner will be right or a good compromise can be reached.

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Re: Racing Report Leg #10 AS
« Reply #2 on: April 16, 2007, 02:49:57 AM »
Race Statistics

Rank   Team   Season   Average Placement Legs Won*/Status
1   ERIC & JEREMY   9   1.70   5
2   COLIN & CHRISTIE   5   2.30   6
3   KRIS & JON   6   2.30   3
4   ROB & AMBER   7   2.50   4
5   OSWALD & DANNY (AS)   11   2.50   3
6   FRANK & MARGARITA   1   2.60   2
7   BJ & TYLER   9   2.60   3
8   TYLER & JAMES   10   2.60   3
9   JOE & BILL   1   2.70   1
10   KEN & GERARD   3   2.70   3
11   HAYDEN & AARON   6   2.70   4
12   ROB & BRENNAN   1   2.80   3
13   WIL &TARA   2   2.80   1
14   FLO & ZACH   3   3.00   1
15   DEREK & DREW   3   3.00   4
16   DUSTIN & KANDICE   10   3.20   2
17   KEVIN & DREW   1   3.30   3
18   RON & KELLY   7   3.30   1
19   ROB & KIMBERLY   10   3.30   1
20   REICHEN & CHIP   4   3.40   1
21   UCHENNA & JOYCE   7   3.40   2
22   JOSEPH & MONICA   9   3.40   0/Eliminated
28   DUSTIN & KANDICE (AS)   11   3.40   2
29   BRANDON & NICOLE   5   3.50   1
30   CHRIS & ALEX   2   3.70   2
31   JON & AL   4   3.70   1
32   OSWALD & DANNY   2   4.00   3
33   CHIP & KIM   5   4.00   2
34   FREDDY & KENDRA   6   4.00   1
35   ERIC & DANIELLE (AS)   11   4.10   0
36   BLAKE & PAIGE   2   4.20   0
37   KELLY & JON   4   4.30   1
38   LINDA & KAREN   5   4.40   0
39   RAY & YOLANDA   9   4.60   1
40   CHARLA & MIRNA (AS)   11   4.60   2
41   DAVID & JEFF   4   4.70   2
42   JOHN VITO & JILL   3   4.80   1/Eliminated
43   ADAM & REBECCA   6   4.90   1
44   GRETCHEN & MEREDITH   7   5.40 0/Eliminated
45   TERI & IAN   3   5.50   1
46   LYN & KARLYN   10   5.60   0
47   KAMI & KARLI   5   5.80   0/Eliminated

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Re: Racing Report Leg #10 AS
« Reply #3 on: April 23, 2007, 01:01:35 AM »
Well with departure times given, I have to change my review of a teams performance.

It took Danielle & Eric the same amount of time to perform their taks as it took Charla & Mirna.  6 hours and 11 minutes.

Compared to Dustin & Kandice's 4 hours and 28 minutes.

That is simly terrible.  And based on when they arrived and the sky during detour and roadblock it looks like most of that had to be due to Eric refusing to get local assistance.

And while I love teams navigating themselves, when you are last, when you are having to navigate and drive.  Get assistance.   A baad, bad choice, which hurt them in leg 11.  POssible allowing the other teams to get over a 30 minute lead over them and possible costing htem a first place finish.