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Racing Report Leg #8 AS
« on: April 04, 2007, 01:13:37 AM »
Racing Report Leg #8
It is (Briefly) December 6th.

Teams have a standard 12 hour Pit Stop.

Teams are provided $233.00 for this leg of the race (Joe & Bill).

Teams leave the Pit Stop (which is officially given a title of Lazinki Palace, but is in fact the Palace on the Water in Lazinki Park, in Warsaw Poland) in the order they arrived.

1.  Dustin & Kandice – 10:54pm.

Teams must now travel to the infamous World War II Concentration Camp, Auschwitz-Birkenau, where over 1 million people were killed during the Nazi genocide.  To get to Auschwitz II, teams must first locate the Polish Heroes of Resistance Monument (built in 2000 and located near Powazki Cemetery) where teams will claim tickets to one of two charter buses departing four hours apart.  Then travel over 150 miles (286 kilometers from Warsaw) to Auschwitz.

The first bus leaves at 1:00pm that afternoon.
The second bus leaves at 5:00pm that afternoon.

It is now the morning of December the 7th.
2.  Oswald & Danny – 1:06am

They pass Eric & Danielle who are doing the roadblock still from the previous leg, and laugh hysterically.

3.  Uchenna & Joyce – 2:26am
4.  Charla & Mirna – 4:50am

Three teams are on each charter bus.  Bus #1 contains.
1.  Dustin & Kandice
2.  Oswald & Danny
3.  Uchenna & Joyce
and departs at 1:00pm

5.  Eric & Danielle – 1:50pm
6.  Joe & Bill – 3:32pm

The 2cd bus contains.
4.  Charla & Mirna
5.  Eric & Danielle
6.  Joe & Bill

The 1st bus arrives at Auschwitz after the sun has set.

Some Facts (because frankly, this part of the leg allows no room for humor and is one of the most moving sequences the race has ever shown):

Auschwitz-Birkenau is actually the 2cd Auschwitz concentration camp, but is generally referred to now as Auschwitz.  It was built specifically for the eradication of human beings and was established in April 1940.  It could exterminate 20,000 persons a day.  It was liberated on January 27th, 1945 by the Soviet Red Army where roughly 7,600 survivors remained.  The Germans took the bulk of the prisoners nearly 60,000 on a forced Death March back to Germany where none survived in advance of the Soviet Army.

It is the site of the single largest mass extermination in the history of humanity.  Hitler’s regime is considered the third bloodiest in human history.  Though both Stalin’s regime (estimated at a total of over 20,000,000) and Mao’s regime (estimated over 38,000,000) where killed over time.

When they arrived teams are directed to a table where a each team has a scroll.  Some of the  instructions on the scroll are:

During the Reign of Adolf Hitler over 1 million people were exterminated at Auschwitz, more than at any other Concentration Camp.  It remains standing as a tribute to the people who perished within its walls and to man’s ultimate triumph over evil.

A Traditional memorial Candle is on the table, proceed to the railroad tracks and light it.

Teams are directed to take a moment in silence.

Teams then calmly go to nearby taxi’s and must travel 40 miles to Krakow and find the Juliusz Slowacki Theatre where they will find their next clue.

The teams arrive in the following order.
1.  Uchenna & Joyce
2.  Oswald & Danny
3.  Dustin & Kandice

and roughly four hours later
4.  Charla & Mirna
5.  Joe & Bill
6.  Eric & Danielle

Intersection-Where each team must join forces with another team, then proceed to tasks and make decisions together until further notice.

Fast Forward (and notice just because I still think they had one on leg 6, that Phil makes no mention to this being the first Fast Forward, or how many are in this season, which is unusual).

The newly joined teams make their way ¼ of a mile to market square where they will climb both of these towers:  The Fire Guard Tower of Saint Mary’s Church and the Town Hall Tower.  As they climb they must count the steps in both towers.  Once they have the correct number, teams must present it to the guard.  If they have the correct answer the Guard will give them the Fast Forward Award.

Uchenna & Joyce and Oswald & Danny form up and take the Fast Forward.

This leaves Dustin & Kandice (for the 2cd time) the third team waiting on a fourth.  But unlike last season instead of a wait that was maybe 10-15 minutes they will have to wait 4 hours.

The Town Hall Tower as 111 steps and the Fire Guard Tower has 237 (only Oswald & Uchenna counted accurately) for a total of 348.  They get the Fast Forward Award which directs them to drive themselves directly to the Pit Stop.  Pieskowa Skala Castle.  Marked cars are provided behind the Saint Mary’s Church.

Teams check into the Pit Stop in the following Order.
1.  Oswald & Danny & Uchenna & Joyce who step on the mat as one team.  They win 1 trip for two to the Island of St. Lucia.  Oswald & Danny offer it to Uchenna & Joyce.

The three teams in back arrive at Juliusz Slowacki Theatre in the following Order.
4.  Charla & Mirna
5.  Joe & Bill
6.  Eric & Danielle

While waiting Dustin  & Kandice discuss who they would like to work with and in what order.  Joe & Bill first, Eric & Danielle 2cd, and then Charla & Mirna.  They are actually hiding from the teams as they arrive.  And as Charla & Mirna look for the route marker, they look to see if any other cab is showing up before they decide to call out to Charla & Mirna and direct them to the route marker and to form one team.

Detour-Eat it Up or Roll it out.

Eat it up:  Teams must travel 1 ½ miles to the Zapraszamy do Srodka market.  Once there each team member must use traditional methods to make one 3 inch link of Polish Kielbasa Sausage.  After finishing the teams will be served 8feet of cooked Kielbasa.  Once each person has eaten 2 feet of sausage, they will receive their next clue.

Roll it out:  Teams travel 1 ½ miles to Krakow’s old Jewish Quarter and find J. Mazurek’s Bakery.  Once there teams must use traditional methods to properly roll out 20 bagels.  When finished they will travel on foot ¼ mile to Kilezmer-Hois with a delivery of fresh bagels for the head waiter who will have their next clue.

Charla and Mirna & Dustin and Kandice choose Eat it up.
Joe and Bill & Eric and Danielle choose Roll it out after Danielle has to ask how big 24 inches is.

After being unable to locate the bakery they switch to the other detour.

The ladies have already rolled out their sausage and started eating before the other team arrives.

Team Members finish their 24 inches in the following order.
1.  Joe
2.  Kandice
3.  Dustin
4.  Mirna
5.  Bill
6.  Danielle
7.  Eric
8.  Charla

Table Manners  Out of the teams Dustin, Kandice, Eric, Danielle, Joe and Bill are only shown eating with a knife and fork.

Eric gets what easily should have been the title tonight when Dustin is the first person to throw up, he states with perfect timing. “Ladies and Gentlemen, Miss California.”  It’s an absolute Classic.

Charla uses a knife (Yes a knife) in her mouth to help her throw up.

Teams can now separate (they are all with in just maybe one or two minutes of each other) and drive themselves 20 miles to the town of Skala.  Once there they must find the Pieskowa Skala Castle, where they will find their next clue.

Joe, Bill, Eric & Danielle go to take cabs , before Eric realizes the mistake.  This allows both Dustin & Kandice to get to the marked cars and leave (they immediately seek out a taxi to lead them) and Charla & Mirna to get to the marked cars.  But they cannot find the emergency break to release the vehicle.

Joe & Bill leave next and go to a local convenience store to get a map and directions.

Charla watches as Eric gets in their car to find where the emergency break is.

Eric & Danielle leave and locate a cab who drives them part of the way, and gives them directions for the rest of the journey.

Mirna is still unable to get the break off, and as one of the cab drivers do it for her.  She then very rudely tries to get a cab to lead them.  She finally gets the cab driver to agree to a fifty dollar fare, after he initially tries to leave them twice.

Teams arrive at the castle in the following order.
3.  Dustin & Kandice
4.  Charla & Mirna
5.  Eric & Danielle
6.  Joe & Bill

Detour-Who wants to be a Knight in shinning Armor.

The team member must don a full set of authentic medieval armor and then a horse ½ a mile down a forested path to the castle gate.  Once at the gate, they will deliver the horse to a stable boy, enter the courtyard and search for the Pit Stop.

Team Members who complete the detour.

Teams finish the detour in the following order.
3.  Dustin & Kandice
4.  Charla & Mirna
5.  Joe & Bill
6.  Eric & Danielle

Charla really has trouble with this and manages to get knock face down twice by the nice horse.

Teams arrive at the Pit Stop in the following Order.
3.  Dustin & Kandice
4.  Charla & Mirna (just very shortly before)
Joe & Bill
Who must wait out a 30 minute penalty, and when they walk on the mat we can see Eric and Danielle in the distance walking up.
5.  Eric & Danielle
6.  Joe & Bill who are eliminated.

Next Week:  IZAD rules supreme.