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Survivor Picks 14: READY FOR ACTION     
Sunday, February 04 2007 @ 10:36 PM CST
Contributed by: brad
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Okay everybody! Come and make your picks! The show starts in 5 days so research the survivors at the official Survivor Fiji site at CBS and get back here and make your picks

You may have noticed that the Long Shot Picks aren't available this season. That's because it seems like some people are really really lucky at picking the correct final four people even before the first episode.    :angel:

Dang Yau-Man was who most players picked week James? Dre? Erica? hmmmmm Yau-Man is a sweetie imo  :kissy:

Results are posted already?!  Wow that was quick.

Scored really fast Cinera. See if you go to view picks you'll see Yauman in green and thats who most people picked. Ah well ithere is time to catch up.

I played Brad's game...first time in a couple years.  Was surprised so many picked Yau-Man, cuz he's a sweet man, not suave and handsome!  Just plain.  The majority of people judge by looks only!  :groan:
Whatever, I earned a honking 3 points!!  :waves:


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