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Brad's Game is Open

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For those interested here's the link. Puddin was the big winner last season. Way to go girl!  :happy:

Survivor Fiji Season 14 is ready to go:

Looks like fun!  I'm game!

No Lill! I didn't win  :lol:! After being on top every week I bet all my marbles on Ozzy... :rotf:! Always a bridesmaid never a bride!!
I'm passing on this game...or am I  :angel: ?

Ah what the hey Puddin in my book you're still the winner.  :tup:

It is fun Mark..different than the others and faster too.    :js:

Who are we picking?  :happy:
If you were on the show, who would you vote off? 
Who do you think the other SurvivorPicks players will pick? 


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