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Michelle Yi
« on: January 12, 2007, 09:14:53 AM »
Michelle Yi, a student from Cincinnatti, Ohio, is one of the 19 new castaways set to compete in SURVIVOR: FIJI
Raised in Cincinnati, Michelle Yi is in her final year at the University of Cincinnati where she is studying fashion design at their college of Design, Architecture, Art and Planning (DAAP).

Yi enjoys fashion photography, traveling and is an avid and competitive rock climber. She enjoys 80s pop music, drinking Eddie James, pirates, things that are green and video games prefaced with the name Mario. Yi admits she likes to eat--everything from Korean BBQ to Cincinnati Skyline Chili, with a particular weakness for ice cream and sushi. To complement her love for food, Yi practices yoga, lifts weights and trains for climbing. She's not a big fan of cardio workouts, but does it anyway because she believes it builds character and prevents heart disease.

Yi describes herself as very independent and is a true believer in following one's passions and staying inspired. She thinks a positive attitude will keep you smiling through anything. She believes her bubbly and laid back personality allows her to enjoy most people, but she claims if you rub her the wrong way, she'll be sure you know it! Yi's hero is her mother, who lives in Taipei, Taiwan.

Yi hopes to continue to travel, particularly to go "bouldering" in New Zealand and to spend some time in her favorite hotspot, Manhattan. Yi currently resides in Cincinnati. Her birth date is December 2, 1983.

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Re: Michelle Yi
« Reply #1 on: February 13, 2007, 02:39:14 PM »
i like michelle :)

i think she will go far.. deff me a more talkative version of becky.. i think she will align with Earl.. but get betrayed in the long run because i think earl will do what ever it takes to win.