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New Race Record
« on: October 30, 2006, 12:48:42 AM »
Well after the conclusion of tonights episode I started figuring the math.  And we have a new record for two person teamed season of the amazing Race.

At Leg 7, the average Matt Placement for an all female team is.

1.  DUSTIN & KANDICE (10)  3.57
2.  Charla & Mirna (5)  3.71
3.  Mary & Peach(2)  4.14
4.  Linda & Laren (5)  5.00
5.  Tian & Jaree (4)  5.43
6.  Nancy & Emily (1)  5.86
7.  Kami & Karli (5)  6.29
8.  LYN & KARLYN (10) 6.29

This is the first leg after the first two that an all feamle team with the best record wasn't Charla and Mirna.

Also only 8 female teams ever run leg 7 of the race.
18 all male teams have.

Total cast number of all female teams is 23 teams
Total cast of all male teams is 27 teams

Total number of legs won be al female teams

Now to get really depressing.

In all normal season of the Amazing Race

Number of Legs won by an all emale team:5
Number of Legs won by all female teams without the Fast Forward (available all legs except the last one in the first 4 seasons, twice each year after):  3

They Are:
Mary & Peach (2)  Can you believe that
Debbie & Bianca (7)
Dustin & Kandice (10)

The two teams that used a fast forward and one a leg are:
Pat & Brenda (1)
Tian & Jaree (4).

And now to the depressing part
Number of Legs won by an all male team:  45 (7 times more then the women)
Number of Legs won by all male teams without the Fast Forward:  31 (more then ten times the number of the women.

And that includes three full season when men won no legs at all.

One season men won 10 out of 12 legs (with 3 all male teams and 3 all female teams) it was the 9th season.