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Racing Report Leg #4
« on: October 29, 2006, 06:28:23 PM »
Racing Report Leg 4

Just a little note for anyone who actually reads these, I havenít had a stable internet connection for the last two weeks and that is what has prevented me from posting these.  So Legs 4 and 5 will be up today, with Leg 6 by sometime tomorrow.

Also by within the next five days will be a listing of errors, rule violations, and navigation blunders.

Starting Time and order of Departure:
1.  Erwin & Godwin  10:55pm
2.  Tyler & James  11:22 pm
3.  Rob & Kimberly  11:26 pm
4.  Dustin & Kandice  11:27 pm 
5.  Peter & Sarah  11:29 pm
6.  Lyn & Karlyn  11:31 pm
7.  David & Mary  11:32 pm
8.  Tom & Terry  11:48 pm

We learn that last episode when Robís was complaining about not being able to keep up with Kimberly he was suffering from heat exhaustion, he actually (according to Phil) collapsed due to this) he is treated at the Pit Stop.

Mary is still suffering from a twisted ankle, and we see that she gets it wrapped up.

Teams must collect the equivalent of 5 US dollars in Dong (588,000 dong) outside the Pit stop, then take a cab 20 miles back to Hanoi  to Ly Thai To Garden and listen for their next clue.

Teams Arrive at the Gardens in the following Order:
1.  Tyler And James
2.  Peter & Sarah
3.  Rob & Kimberly
4.  Dustin & Kandice
5.  Lyn & Karlyn
6.  Erwin & Godwin (cab got lost)
7.  Tom & Terry
8.  David & Mary

Teams here over speakers e voice speaks, ďAttention racers. Here is your clue: taxi across the Red River to Ben Xe Gia Lam. Then, take a bus to Ben Xe Bai Chay. Then, find the Hydrofoil Harbor.Ē

Teams choose several ways of Proceeding and leave in the following Order:
1.  Lyn and Karlyn-They write it down to the best of their ability and then give it to the taxi driver.
2.  Dustin & Kandice-Also write it down and tell the driver what it said.
3.  Tyler & James -Bring their taxi driver to the speaker and let him  listen to the instructions so that they donít get the locations wrong.  Clearly the smartest choice.
4.  Peter & Sarah -Follow the same idea that Tyler and James had.
5.  Rob & Kimberly - Ask to follow Tyler and James*
6.  Tom & Terry - Also get their driver to listen
7.  Erwin & Godwin - Ask to follow Tom and Terry
8.  David & Mary - Get a local to write it down.  And then they give to the taxi driver.  That's the 2cd smartest way to go.

*People think that TYler and James tried to lose Rob & Kimberly, that isnít correct (they were trying to lose Peter and Sarah.  They actually kept looking back to see if Rob and Kimberly were able to follow them.

Rob and Kimberly arenít able and must have the cab return to the Gardens since they have no idea the location they are traveling to.  They get a new cab and have him listen to the recording.

Rob and Kimberlyís cab drives around the park in a large circle (apparently lost) and Rob demands a new cab.

So they repeat this whole process, while Rob moderately freaks out (and apparently stiffs at least one cab of a the whole fare)

David & Mary also return since their cab didnít know where it was, and they get another cab driver who listen and does know the location.

Cabs arrive at Ben Xe Gia Lam in the following Order:
1.  Dustin & Kandice
2.  Tyler & James
3.  Tom & Terry
4.  Erwin & Godwin
5.  Peter & Sarah
6.  Lyn & Karlyn
7.  Rob & KImberly
8.  David &  Mary

When the Bus station opens at 5 am they all board the same bus to Bai Chay which is a trip of 103 miles.

On the sea front the teams get to the Roadblock marker.  Which is who is of Strong Arms and Legs.

The Roadblock is to ascend a cliff.  Teams reach the marker in the following Order:
1.  David & Mary
2.  Tom & Terry
3.  Erwin & Godwin
4.  Dustin and Kandice
5.  Rob & Kimberly
6.  Peter & Sarah
7.  Lyn & Karlyn
8.  Tyler & James

Teams must take a ride on provided boats to the cliff.

Teams get their boats in eh following Order:
1.  Tom & Terry
2.  Rob & Kimberly
3.  Peter & Sarah
4.  David & Mary
5.  Erwin & Godwin
6.  Tyler & James
7.  Dustin & Kandice
8.  Lyn & Karlyn

Teams arrived the cliff in he following order:
1.  David & Mary
2.  Tom & Terry
3.  Rob & Kimberly
4.  Lyn & Karlyn
5.  Erwin & Godwin
6.  Peter & Sarah
7.  Tyler & James
8.  Dustin & Kandice

Roadblock is to use the ascenders to go up and then to drop back down.  Three teams can work the roadblock at one time, and go in the order they arrived.  Teams complete this in the following order:
1.  Rob *&  Kimberly (Rob 3/ Kimberly 1)
2.  David* & Mary (David 3 /Mary 1)
3.  Tom & Terry* (Tom 2 / Terry 2)
4.  Erwin & Godwin* (Erwin 3 / Godwin 1)
5.  Lyn & Karlyn* (Lyn 2 / Karlyn 2)
6.  Tyler* & James (Tyler 3 / James 1)
7.  Peter & Sarah* (Peter 3 /Sarah 1)
8.  Dustin* & Kandice (Dustin 2 / Kandice 2)

Teams then travel by the same motor boat to  Sung Sot Cave and search for the next clue.

Teams arrive at Cave in the following Order:
1.  Rob & Kimberly
2.  Tom & Terry
3.  David & Mary
4.  Erwin & Godwin
5.  Lyn & Karlyn
6.  Tyler & James
7.  Peter & Sarah
8.  Dustin & Kandice

Teams find the clue in the following Order:
1.  Rob & kimberly
2.  Tom & Terry
3.  David & Mary
4.  Erwin & Godwin
5.  Tyler & James
6.  Lyn & Karlyn
7.  Peter & Sarah
8.  Dustin & Kandice

Clue is a detour.  Over or Under.

Follow the path to the marked junks to a marked buoy, then they must take a sampan and travel to either the under (harvesting thirty pearl farms and then bringing them to  Dai Viet Pearl to get their next clue) or the Over (traveling to a supply boat and delivering supplies to two different addresses, teams must then bring sign invoices back to receive their next clue).

1.  Rob & Kimberly - Under
2.  Tom & Terry - Under
3.  David & Mary - Over / but due to difficulty rowing switch to Under
4.  Erwin & Godwin - Under
5.  Tyler & James - Under
6.  Peter & Sarah - Under
7.  Lyn & Karlyn - Over
8.  Dustin & Kandice - Over / but due to difficulty rowing switch to Under.

Teams arrive at Detour in the following Order:

1.  Rob & Kimberly
2.  Tyler & James
3.  Tom & Terry
4.  Lyn & Karlyn
5.  Erwin & Godwin
6.  Peter & Sarah
7.  David & Mary
8.  Dustin & Kandice
Almost all teams have difficulty mastering the art of rowing.  Only three teams due it consistently correct (One person sitting in back looking forward manning the oars).  That's Tyler & James, David and Mary, and Peter and Sarah (Tyler , David, and Peter Row).  Out of those three, Tyler manages the coordination the best with Peter doing okay and David struggling.

Teams finish the Detour in the following Order:
1.  Rob & Kimberly
2.  Tyler & James
3.  Erwin & Godwin
4.  Peter & Sarah
5.  David & Mary
6.  Dustin & Kandice
7.  Lyn & Karlyn
8.  Tom & Terry

Teams return to the junks in he following Order:
1.  Rob & Kimberly
2.  Tyler & James
3.  Erwin & Godwin
4.  Peter & Sarah
5.  David & Mary
6.   Lyn & Karlyn
7.  Dustin & Kandice
8.  Tom & Terry

Teams must then take the junk to Phil.

Teams arrive at the Pit Stop in the following Order:
1.  Rob & Kimberly  1:47pm  they win a pair of Jet Skis
2.  Peter & Sarah  2:17 pm
3.  Tyler & James  2:21 pm
4.  Erwin & Godwin  2:28 pm
5.  David & Mary  2:49 pm
6.  Lyn & Karlyn  2:53 pm
7.  Dustin & Kandice  3:38 pm
8.  Tom & Terry at least another couple hour s behind Dustin and Kandice.  They are Eliminated.

Tom & terry say they spent 7 hours rowing., I assume this includes the time in eh boats as well.

Team Breakdown
1.  Rob & Kimberly had a frustrating day, but with the early cab fiasco happening before the bunching point they were able to stat out even.  And with quick legs getting into the motor boat to the roadblock they managed to make he first set of three teams (there is wait cycle as well that the teams must wait after one team has finished on the ascenders).  The finished first out of the group of three and never lost their lead.  Wile they had difficulty rowing, choosing to row together making it harder) they still arrived first at the Detour and finished it first.  luckily the teams that were better at rowing were in eh groups behind them and were not able to make up the time difference.

Robís attitude towards his cab drivers in this leg was not very good.  WHile we have certainly seen worse behavior in various races towards cabs, it doesnít really help matters to yell and scream at them.  Their friends Tyler and James point this out afterwards saying you just have to chill (and they should know).

Following there friends in the early cab ride can pay off but it is also a risk.  If your cab canít keep up, then you are toast and have to start over.  And that is exactly what happened.

Overall a strong performance in hustling to the motor boats and Rob doing better then the other two lead teams at the ascenders let them win this leg.

2.  Peter & Sarah ran a strong but also uneven race.  They followed Tyler and James example of having the cab driver listen to the clue (a smart move) but due to Sarah not being as fast as others they were slow getting a boat putting them in the final group to get a shot on the ascenders.  Sarah choose to do the detour based on thinking it was a swimming task and because she has yet to do a roadblock.  But this task took her more time then the other three in the last group.  Only the fact that Dustin and Kandice had to start much later then them kept them from being last here.

But Peter rowing properly (even though not easily) shot them a head of a few teams, they performed the detour under stress but finished well moving up 2 spots. 

They also managed to gain two spots on the ride to the Pit Stop.

An okay leg, with good smart choices, but with luck on a faster boat and luck that  several other teams had great difficulty rowing.

3.  Tyler and James.  Ran a great leg with two small problems. They were the first team to smartly get the cab driver to listen to the clue for directions.

Their first mistake (and the biggest of the episode for them) is that they were the last team to get to the roadblock clue box.  The fact that the most in shape team just walked and didnít hustle to the clue box made put them next to last to ascend the cliff.

This is a horrible small error, that prevented them from being first, easily.  Tyler managed the ascenders with ease.  They made up one spot there, they made up another looking for the clue in the cave, and made up 3 spots due to rowing successfully.

They lost one spot on the Ride to the Pit Stop due to the crew of the junk not pulling up the sea anchor slowing the junk way down, letting Peter and Sarah pass them.

Even with that delay, if they would have hustled and made the 2cd or  first groups to the ascenders they would have made up enough time to beat Rob and Kim.

Its a Race guys, Hustle....

4.  Erwin and Godwin ran a good leg with only a few errors.  Their cab driver took them to the wrong location (even though they had directions in the language he spoke and its a well known local location), and they took a chance following Tom and Terry , luckily their cab was able to keep up.  They did find getting to the boats and doing the roadblock.  They lost a little time by not rowing properly, letting Tyler and James pass them in the first part, and Peter and Sarah in the 2cd.  But a good leg.

5.  David and Mary, did okay getting to the boats, they got lucky and got the fastest boat, letting them ascend first.  And while Rob past David, they managed to keep 2cd place until doing the rowing.   They first choose under, but David has a hard time rowing so they switch to under which they are closer to.  They manage to keep this place for the rest of the leg.

Its one of their best performances, but its just average.  Not a good omen.

6.  Lyn & Karlyn.  Make a mistake in not getting the cab to listen to the clue and lose several spot getting to the bus station.  But are saved by it being a bunching point.  Getting in he boats they are next to last, and have a encounter with Dustin and Kandice.  THey are not happy with this team (and I can agree a little with them), but when one of the Beauty Queens get injured they say they deserved it (poor sportsmanship on that remark, similar to the sportsmanship they have shown towards Peter and Sarah and Tyler and James.  You donít have to like people, and you donít have to help people.  But it really makes you look ether if you are civil to them.  Karlyn is the middle group of the ascenders and has a lot of difficulty with it getting past by two teams.  THey lose another spot when Tyler and James are able to locate the clue in the cave faster then they are.

They are the only team to choose over and actually due the task.  With the fact that they also donít row properly it is a struggle for them.  They get their detour finished next to last.  But thanks to Dustin and Kandice not realizing that they need to return to the junk to find phil, they end up making up one more spot.

Not a bad leg for this team which has hovered near the pack of the pack.  But we need to see some improvements some where in their game (mental, physical or luck).  So far we haven't.

7.  Dustin and Kandice have a terrible leg today.  They jump into a cab early based on the words they hear and luck out in actually being able to get to the bus stop first.  THey didnít hustle getting a boat and ended up last on the ascenders.  They didnít row properly, and they were last getting to the detour.  But they worked well together performing the Pearl harvesting.  After finishing the detour the girls discover that their clue is shredded.  This is a terrible mistake (almost as bad as losing it) this causing them to go from  and try to find Phil in the Sampan instead of on the junk.  By the time they realize their error they have wasted a lot of time and are very tired from rowing.  This breaks out the blame game in the team  and makes both at certain times cry in the leg.  Though they do managed to make up very easily.  Their worst leg of the race.

7.  Tom and Terry started well, they got their driver to listen to the directions.  They were quick getting a boat and third to finish the roadblock.  But they sucked (sucked at rowing).  No team had a harder time, this dropped them next to last in getting to the detour.  And their lack of ability rowing took an even harder toll returning to the junk.  They ended up hours behind the next to last team.

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Re: Racing Report Leg #4
« Reply #1 on: October 29, 2006, 06:30:19 PM »
Scorecard Episode #4

Here is the list of all teams to compete in leg #4.  Remember this list excludes the Family Edition and treats TBC legs as two seperate legs.

Teams from this season are in all caps.

1.   Eric & Jeremy (9)  1.25
2.   Kris & Jon (6)    1.50
3.   Tara & Wil (2)   2.00
4.   TYLER & JAMES (10) 2.00
5.   Joe & Bill (the Guidoís)   2.25
6.   BJ & Tyler (9)   2.25
7.   Ken Gerard (3)   2.50
8.   Hayden & Aaron (6)   2.50
9.   Rob & Amber (7)   2.50
10.  PETER & SARAH (10)   2.75
11.  Flo & Zach (3)   3.00
12.  Rob & Brennan (1)   3.25
13.  Frank & Margarita (1)   3.25
14.  Charla & Mirna (5)   3.25
15.  Jonathan & Victoria (6)   3.25
16.  Brandon & Nicole (5)   3.75
17.  ROB & KIMBERLY (10)   3.75
18.  Derek & Drew (3)   4.00
19.  Colin & Christy (5)   4.00
20.  Lynn & Alex (7)   4.00
21.  Kevin & Drew (1)   4.25
22.  Oswald & Danny (2)   4.25
23.  Aaron & Ariane (3)   4.25
24.  Reichen & Chip (4)   4.25
25.  Millie & Chuck (4)   4.25
26.  Uchenna & Joyce (7)   4.25
27.  Lake & Michelle (9)   4.25
28.  Shola & Duyin (2)   4.50 Eliminated
29.  Brian & Greg (7)   4.50
30.  Linda & Karin (5)   4.75
31.  Gary & Dave (2)   5.00
32.  Mary & Peach (2)   5.00
33.  Tian & Jaree (4)   5.00
34.  Moica & Sheree (4)   5.00
35.  Steve & Josh (4)   5.00 Eliminated
36.  Marshall & Lance (5)   5.00
37.  Ron & Kelly (7)   5.00
38.  DUSTIN & KANDICE (10)   5.00
39.  ERWIN & GODWIN (10)   5.00
40.  Michael & Kathy (3)   5.25
41.  Jon & Al (4)   5.25
42.  Bob & Joyce (5)   5.25 Eliminated
43.  Lori & Bolo (6)   5.25
44.  Chris & Alex (2)   5.50
45.  Blake & Paige (2)   5.50
46.  Cyndi & Russell (2)   5.50
47.  Freddy & Kendra (6)   5.50
48.  Ray & Deana (7)   5.50
49.  Ray & Yolanda (9)   5.50
50.  Dave & Lori (9)   5.50
51.  Heather & Eve (3)   5.75 Eliminated
52.  Steve & Dave (4)   5.75   
53.  Gus & Hera (6)   5.75
54.  Joseph & Monica (9)   5.75
55.  Kelly & Jon (4)   6.00
56.  Chip & Kim (5)   6.00
57.  Adam & Rebecca (6)   6.00
58.  Paul & Amie (1)   6.25
59.  John Vito & Jil (3)   6.25
60.  Wanda & Desiree (9) 6.25 Eliminated
61.  Susan & Patrick (7)   6.50 Eliminated
62.  Fran & Barry (9)   6.50
63.  Lenny & Karyn (1)   6.75
64.  Andre & Damon (3)   6.75
65.  Meredith & Gretchen (7)   6.75
66.  Nancy & Emily (1)   7.00
67.  David & Margaretta (1)   7.00 Eliminated
68.  David & Jeff (4)   7.00
69.  TOM & TERRY (!))   7.00 Eliminated
70.  DAVID & MARY (10)   7.25
71.  Kami & Karli (5)   7.50
72.  LYN & KARLYN (10)   7.50
73.  Dani & Danielle (9)   7.75
74.  Teri & Ian (3)   8.25
75.  Don & Mary Jean (6)   8.25

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Re: Racing Report Leg #4
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good stuff mswood ! I just want to let you know that I am reading this and do appreciate the hard work  :hearts: .