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Racing Report Leg #5
« on: October 30, 2006, 02:59:20 AM »
Racing Report Leg 5.

Teams depart the Pit Stop in the following Order:
1.  Rob and Kimberly  1:47 am
2.  Peter & Sarah  2:17 am
3.  Tyler & James  2:21 am
4.  Erwin & Godwin  2:28 am
5.  David & Mary  2:49 am
6.  Lyn & Karlyn  2:53 am
7.  Dustin & Kandice  3:46

Teams must travel by Train to Hanoi and arrange flights to Chennai, India.

Tickets must be purchased outside of the airport.

Teams arrive at train station in the same order they left the Pit Stop.

Teams arrange a number of various travel options getting them to Chennai.

They are:
Hanoi to Bangkok.  Bangkok to Chennai  arriving at 12:45 pm
Peter & Sarah, Dustin & Kandice, Lyn & Karlyn, and David & Mary originally have this route booked.

Hanoi to Singapore, Singapore to New Delhi, New Delhi to Chennai.  Arriving at 9:20 am.
Tyler & James and Rob and Kimberly books this one together.

Hanoi to Hong Kong, Hong Kong to New Delhi, New Delhi to Chennai (this part is the same flight that Tyler and James and Rob and Kimberly are on)
Erwin & Godwin book this ticket.

Those are the original times.

Peter & Sarah, Dustin and Kandice, Lyn & Karlyn and David and Mary are set and fine with these routes.  Until  Erwin and Godwin forget that this is a race and start telling everyone their flight info.

This Causes all those teams to rapidly rethink their travel plans.

A stupid mistake that will get more detailed in the performance of the teams sections.

Lyn and Karlyn and David and Mary book the same flight then as Erwin and Godwin, though they canít confirm the final route of New Delhi to Chennai.

Peter & Sarah and Dustin & Kandice
take the flight to Bangkok, but at bangkok change routes.

They then go Bangkok to Kollkata, Kolkata to Chennai arriving at 7:50 am.  Significantly earlier then any other flight and  5 hours earlier then planned.

Lyn and Karlyn ar successful getting on the final route to Chennai from New Delhi putting them on the same flight as Tyler & James, Rob & Kimberly, and Erwin & Godwin.

David & Mary must settle for a later flight that arrives at 10:00.  Still 2 hours and 45 minutes later then they originally planned.

Teams get out of the airport in t eh following Order (with rough times)
1.  Dustin & Kandice 7:50 am
2.  Peter & Sarah  7:50 am
3.  Erwin & Godwin  9:20 am
4.  Lyn & Karlyn  9:20 am
5.  Tyler & James  9:20 am
6.  Rob & Kimberly probably at least ten minutes or more after the others.
7.  David & Mary 10:00 am

Teams must go to the bus station, and travel to the Valluvar Arts and Crafts in Mamallapuram 40 miles outside of Chennai.

teams arrive at the bus station (or bus stop) in t eh following order:
1.  Dustin & Kandice
2.  Peter & Sarah
3.  Lyn & Karlyn
4.  Erwin & Godwin
5.  Rob & Kimberly
6.  Tyler & James
7.  David & Mary

At the Arts Center is the Detour clue Box which opens at 11:30am
Teams arrive in the following Order:
1.  Dustin & Kandice at 11am
2.  Peter & sarah between 11am and 11:30 am
3.  Lyn & Karlyn
4.  Erwin & Godwin
5.  Rob & Kimberly
6.  Tyler & James
7.  David & Mary

Detour is Wild THings or Wild Rice.

In Wild THings teams must travel 9 miles and cage and transport one crocodile to a new enclosure.

In Wild Rice teams must travel 200 yards a using colored rice powder color correctly a pattern matching the reference diagram.

Teams arrive in the following Order:
1:  Peter & Sarah (choosing Wild Things)
2:  Dustin & Kandice  (wild Things)
3:  Erwin & Godwin (Wild Rice)
4:  Lyn & Karlyn (Wild Rice)
5:  Rob & Kimberly (Wild Things)
6:  Tyler & James (Wild Rice)
7:  David & Mary (Wild Rice)

Erwin & Godwin and Lyn & Karlyn start the rice pattern but before to long change their mind and switch to Wild THings.  During this time, Rob and Kimberly have passed them.

Teams  Complete the detour in t eh following Order:
1.  Peter & Sarah
2.  Dustin & Kandice
3.  Rob & Kimberly
4.  Erwin & Godwin
5.  Lyn & Karlyn
6.  Tyler & James
7.  David & Mary

Teams must then return to Chennai on bus and find the next route marker.

Teams arrive at the route Marker which instruct them to find the Karthik Driving School.

Teams Arrive at the Driving School in the following order:
1.  Peter & Sarah
2.  Dustin & Kandice
3.  Rob & KImberly
4.  Erwin & Godwin
5.  Lyn & Karlyn
6.  Tyler & James
7.  David & Mary

Roadblock.  One team member must take a driving class and take a driving test an pass to get their next clue.

Teams complete the Roadblock in the order they find it:
1.  Peter* & Sarah (Peter 4 / Sarah 1)
2.  Dustin* & Kandice (Dustin 3 / Kandice 2)
3.  Rob* & Kimberly (Rob 4 / Kimberly 1)
4.  Erwin & Godwin*  (Erwin 3 / Godwin 2)
5.  Lyn* & Karlyn  (Lyn 3 / Karlyn 2)
6.  Tyler* & James (Tyler 4 / James 1)
7.  David* & Mary (David 4 / Mary 1)

We have four teams where one partner has done all but one roadblock.

Teams must make their way with the driving instructor 10 miles to the next Pit Stop, The Chettinad House in Chennai.

Teams arrive in the following Order:
1.  Peter & Sarah  12:54 win home gym equipment
2.  Dustin & Kandice  1:06 pm
3.  Rob & Kimberly  1:42 pm
4.  Erwin & Godwin  1:53 pm
5.  Lyn & Karlyn  2:03 pm
6.  Tyler & James  3:37 pm
7.  David & Mary  6:04 pm

They are not eliminated in the first of several non elimination rounds.

But there is a rule change.

No longer are they mugged.  They keep their money and possessions, but if they are not first at the Pit Stop Next Leg they will be given a thirty minute penalty before they are allowed to check in.  This could allow all the other teams to check in first.

They call it Marked for Elimination.

I Love It.

Team Performance
1.  Peter & Sarah ran a great leg today.  Twice Erwin and Godwin gave them information that motivated them to work harder to give themselves an advantage.  1.  On the train The Erwin and Godwin (who packed a fake phone to bring on the trip) pretended to make advance reservations to tease Peter.  This motivated him to find a real phone and make reservations for his team and Dustin and Kandice also allowing Dustin and Kandice to use their map on the agreement to helping each other on this leg.  This was quickly proven wrong when DUstin & Kandice avoided helping Peter & Sarah and showed great detain for the idea of it.  Even at one point covering their cab drivers mouth so he couldnít give directions to Peter & Sarahís cab.  At the airport waiting for their flight Erwin and Godwin told them about their earlier flight.  This again motivated them to at the next hub find an earlier flight.  They succeeded and got a flight 4 hours and 55 minutes earlier then their original flight.
This keep these two teams in the top group for the whole leg.  And once  Dustin and Kandice cab got a flat this team stayed in front.  A strong, strong leg.  THere best to date.

2.  Dustin & Kandice.  Another strong strong leg.  Really on the kindness of Peter & Sarah helped them briefly.  But they immediately discarded the notion of working with them because Peter and Sarah couldnít be trusted (not true).  They also took advantage of the earlier flight once they were told by Erwin and Godwin that their flight was earlier then their original flight.  They managed to lead for the first part of the leg even managing to prevent their driver from helping Peter and Sarahís.  But Karma came up shortly and rewarded their classless behavior with a  flat tire.   Peter and Sarah drove by telling their driver not to help (I can certainly understand why).  This put the team in 2cd where they stayed for the rest of the race.

3.  Rob & Kimberly like two other teams immediately got a flight which t the best of their knowledge was the earliest flight (With Erwin and Godwin confirming that Dustin & Kandice and Peter & Sarah took their first flight (which was true, at least for its first leg) putting them hours ahead of at least two teams.  Rob made a terrible mistake and left his passport on t he plane in Chennai.  So they had to return back into the airplane and were lucky to find it.  This put them behind all the other teams on t his flight.  But making the correct choice in Detour options let them pass two teams, even if the return bus ride equalized them.  They managed better transportation to the driving school and kept third place for the leg.  A Really good leg, with a huge serious mistake.

4.  Erwin and Godwin ran a terrible race.  They do not seem to understand that competition doesnít mean telling everyone, everything.  Its one thing to be nice and friendly with others.  ANd its one thing to help out teams you are in an alliance with.  But other wise shut up.  Stop giving up race info.  Your actions specifically caused 2 teams to be hours ahead of you instead of hours behind.  It allowed one team to be even with you instead of hours behind, and it let one team instead o being hours behind only be 40 minutes behind.

This type of behavior must change or you will lose this race.  They also lost time switching tasks.  They also performed the first tasks incorrectly by not donning the correct gear.

5.  Lyn and Karlyn.  Thinks to their allies they managed to gain 3 hours 25 minutes over their original arrival time.  They lost al title time by switching detours.  And having a harder time performing the Wild Thing Detour.  They also made the error of not donning the correct gear in the Wild Rice Detour.  They also managed to lose 10 minutes performing the roadblock to the Erwin & Godwin.  But its still one of their better overall legs.

6.  Tyler & James.  There leg went from good to bad with getting the worst cab of the leg.  Putting them at least 30 mites behind the teams on the same flight.  Working under the assumption that 3 teams were behind, 2 at least 3 hours and 25 minutes and knowing their track record for cabís they choose the Wild Rice Detour.  Which was a very time consuming mistake.  They also failed to don the correct gear.  They also made two mistakes on their pattern with one too may circles and one circle the wrong color.  When they checked in and discovered that they were next to last they were terrible shocked (again because they new David and Mary were behind them and they expected 2 other teams even further behind.  While they canít be blamed for the delay due to a a bad cab (which as always they handle really well and keep all complaints out of ear shot and in a calm voice and normal language).  They should never assume that the flights people originally are on are what they actually get.  A very, very poor Detour choice.  One that could have cost them the race, except for two factors.  One it was a non elimination, and that David and Mary also took that same bad Detour option.

7.  David & Mary.  Where to start.  Luckily they have Erwin and Godwin supporting them.  This gave them a leg up (even if it didnít equalize them) when the main group.  But the choice of the Wild Rice Detour killed them  (though they were they only team to follow the directions to don the correct gear).  ANd for a slow detour, they took considerable longer then Tyler and James to complete.  They arrived in Chennai 40 minutes later then Tyler & James and even with Tyler and James bad cab and doing the same tasks ending up 2 hours and 26 minutes later at the Pit Stop.  Frankly based on performance this team, isnít capable even with the assistance of others helping them of maintaining a competitive race with any of the other teams.  There only real hope next week is for a Fast Forward or for one team to really have a major problem anything else and this team should be done.

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Re: Racing Report Leg #5
« Reply #1 on: October 30, 2006, 03:02:32 AM »
Score card

Reminder.  THis only includes the regular seasons of Amazing Race (two persons team).  It also counts each TBC leg as two seperate legs (each has equilizers, more hten one days events, teh normal number of tasks and it keeps all season at an even 13 legs)

Teams of this season are in all caps.

1.   Eric & Jeremy (9)  1.40
2.   Kris & Jon (6)    2.00
3.   BJ & Tyler (9)   2.00
4.   Joe & Bill (the Guidoís) (1)   2.20
5.   Tara & Wil (20)   2.20
6.   Ken & Gerard (3)   2.20
7.   PETER & SARAH (10)   2.40
8.   Hayden & Aaron (6)   2.60
9.   TYLER & JAMES (10)   2.80
10.  Charla & Mirna (5)   3.00
11.  Jonathan & Victoria (6)   3.00
12.  Rob & Amber (7)   3.00
13.  Rob & Brennan (1)   3.40
14.  Flo & Zach (3)   3.40
15.  Colin & Christy (5)   3.40
16.  Frank & Mararita (1)   3.60
17.  Kevin & Drew (1)   3.60
18.  Milie & Chuck (4)   3.60
19.  Brandon & Nicole (5)   3.60
20.  ROB & KIMBERLY (10)   3.60
21.  Derek & Drew (3)   3.80
22.  Lynn & Alex (7)   4.00
23.  Reichen & Chip (4)   4.20
24.  Brian & Greg (7)   4.20
25.  Mary & Peach (2)   4.40
26.  Ron & Kelly (7)   4.40
27.  Lake & Michelle (9)   4.40
28.  DUSTIN & KANDICE (10)   4.40
29.  Chris & Alex (2)   4.60
30.  Oswald & Danny (2)   4.60
31.  Jon & Al (4)   4.60
32.  Freddy & Kendra (6)   4.60
33.  Uchenna & Joyce (7)   4.60
34.  Ray & Deana (7)   4.60
35.  Aaron & Arianne (3)   4.80
36.  ERWIN & GODWIN (10)   4.80
37.  Gary & Dave (2)   5.00
38.  Monica & Sheree (4)   5.00
39.  Marshall & Lance (5)   5.00
40.  Blake & Paige (2)   5.20
41.  Linda & Karen (5)   5.20
42.  Joseph & Monica (9)   5.20
43.  Kelly & Jon (4)   5.40
44.  Tian & Jaree (4)   5.40
45.  Chip & Kim (5)   5.60
46.  Lori & Bolo (6)   5.60
47.  Gus & Hera (6)   5.60
48.  Dave & Lori (9)   5.60
49.  Cyndi & Russell (2)   5.80 Eliminated
50.  John Vito & Jil (3)   5.80
51.  Andre & Damon (3)   5.80 Eliminated
52.  Michael & Kathy (3)   5.80 Eliminated
53.  Ray & Yolanda (9)   5.80
54.  Adam & Rebecca (6)   6.00
55.  Fran & Barry (9)   6.00
56.  Nancy & Emily (1)   6.20
57.  Steve & Dave (4)   6.20 Eliminated
58.  Paul & Amie  (1)   6.40 Eliminated
59.  Lenny & Karyn (1)   6.60
60.  David & Jeff (4)   6.80
61.  Meredith & Gretchen (7)   6.80
62.  LYN & KARLYN (10)   7.00
63.  Kami & Karli (5)   7.20
64.  DAVID & MARY (10)   7.20
65.  Teri & Ian (3)   7.80
66.  Dani & Danielle (9)   7.80 Eliminated
67.  Don & Mary Jean (6)   8.20 Elimianted