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Racing Report Leg #2
« on: October 05, 2006, 04:57:02 PM »
Here we go with the starting of Leg Two.

Starting order and time of departure:
1.  Tyler and James  9:04 pm
2.  Duke and Lauren  9:17 pm
3.  Peter and Sarah  9:22 pm
4.  Dustin and Kandice  9:36 pm
5.  Rob and Kimberly  9:51 pm
6.  Kellie and Jamie  9:56 pm
7.  Erwin and Godwin  10:02 pm
8.  Tom and Terry  10:13 pm
9.  Lyn and Karlyn  10:19 pm
10.  David and Mary  10:29 pm

Teams leave with $39.00 for the leg.

Teams must go to the Bus Kiosk.  THere are two buses.

First Bus leaves at 12:00 am
1.  Tyler & James
2.  Duke & Lauren
3.  Peter & Sarah
4.  Dustin & Kandice
5.  Rob & Kimberly

Second Bus leaves at 2:00 am
6.  Kellie & Jamie
7.  Erwin & Godwin
8.  Tom & Terry
9.  Lyn & Karlyn
10.  David & Mary

All teams manage to find the Kiosk in the order they departed the Pit Stop (So most likely fairly easy to find, even late at night.

Teams all bunchup to take the train to Ulan Bator, in Outer Mongolia (new Country, Yeah).

This is apparently a long train ride.  Kellie & Jamie says 11 hours, Duke & Lauren claim 14. Either way a substantial time.

We also get the first mystery of the Race (For me) at that is what time to they reach Ulan Bator.  They evidence from train schedules point to three different times roughly 9:00 am, 11:15 am or 1:00 pm. 

If 9:00 am then, I must assume teams got delayed either with another route marker or another tasks.  SInce this weekís Fern (Charlie)Said he saw teams arrive while he was having lunch, and after lunch he helped guide Lyn and Karlyn (Who are in the fast group)

But for the purposes of this report, since all teams are equalized by the Train arrival, it really isnít important what time they arrived.

Teams leave the Train station and head to Choijin Lama Temple.
1.  Peter & Sarah
2. Duke & Lauren
3.  Rob & Kimberly
4.  Tyler & James
6.  Kellie & Jamie
6.  Tom & Terry
7-10 are not shown.

Teams arrive at Choijn Lama Temple, where they must witness a ceremony that is available every ten minutes after 9:00 am.  Teams arrive in the following Order:
Performance one:
1.  Kellie & Jamie
2.  Tom & Terry
3.  Rob & Kimberly

Performance Two:
4.  Peter & Sarah
5.  Duke & Lauren
6.  Dustin & Kandice
7.  David & mary

Performance Three:
8.  Lyn & Karlyn
9.  Erwin & Godwin
10.  Tyler & James

Teams Leave in the following order having to drive themselves 43 miles to Terelj.
1.  Tom & Terry
2.  Rob & Kimberly
3.  Kellie & Jamie
4.  Duke & Lauren
5.  Peter & Sarah
6.  Dustin & Kandice
7.  David & Mary
8.  Tyler & James
9.  Lyn & Karlyn
10.  Erwin & Godwin

On the way to Terelj several teams have car problems.  They are:
Tyler & James with a flat.
Kellie & Jamie stalled on a hill.
David & Mary stuck actually near the Detour route marker.
And Erwin and Godwin stuck, though since this is on the Insider Videoís it is possible this occurs later in the episode.

Two teams pick up Fernís to help them navigate to Terelj
Lyn & Karlyn pick up Charlie and he assists them on heir way out of town.
David and Mary pick up a local who guides them all the way to where they get stuck.

Teams arrive at Terelj in the following order:
1.  Peter & Sarah
2.  Dustin & Kandice
3.  Erwin & Godwin
4.  Duke & Lauren
5.  Tom & Terry
6.  Rob & Kimberly
7.  Lyn & Karlyn
8.  Tyler & James
9.  David & Mary
10.  Kellie & Jamie

Teams must take horses and travel to the Detour 2.5 miles.
Take it down is taking down a nomadic structure and packing it up unto a Camel.
Fill it Up requires that you lead a animal and cart 500 meters to a river and fill get enough water to fill a woolen counter.

Teams get to the detour in the following Order:
1.  Peter & Sarah who chose Take it down, then switch to Fill It Up, then switch back to Take it down.
2.  Dustin & Kandice choose Fill it up.
3.  Duke & Lauren choose Take it down.
4.  Erwin & Godwin choose Fill it up.
5.  Tyler & James choose Fill it up.
6.  David & Mary choose Fill it Up.
7.  Tom & Terry choose Fill It Up.
8.  Lyn & Karlyn  choose Take it down and then switch to Fill it up.
9.  Rob & Kimberly choose Fill it up.
10.  Kellie & Jamie choose Take it down.

Teams finish the Detour and get back on their horses in the following order:
1.  Duke & Lauren
2.  Peter & Sarah
3.  Tyler & James
4.  Erwin & Godwin
5.  Tom & Terry
6.  Rob & Kimberly
7.  David & Mary
8.  Dustin & Kandice
9.  Lyn & Karlyn
10.  Kellie & Jamie

Teams must then ride back the 2.5 miles to their vehicle.

Teams leave in vehicles in eh following order:
1.  Duke & Lauren
2.  Peter & Sarah
3.  Tyler & James
4.  Erwin & Godwin
5.  Tom & Terry
6.  Rob & kimberly
7.  Dustin & Kandice
8.  David & Mary
9.  Kellie & Jamie
10.  Lyn & Karlyn

Teams again have various car problems.

Lyn & Karlyn and Kellie & Jamie canít start theirs and it needs to be hand cranked.

Erwin and Godwin dies and needs to be push started.  With them falling so many places it is possible that this is when they actually get stuck.

Teams must drive themselves from Terelj to the village of Gaachurt which is 47 miles away and find the Hotel Mongolia.  Which is the site of this legís roadblock.  SHooting flaming arrows and igniting a container 160 feet away.

Teams arrive at the Roadblock in the following Order:
1.  Peter* & Sarah
2.  Tyler* & James
3. Duke & Lauren*
4.  Tom* & Terry
5.  Rob & Kimberly*
6.  Dustin* & Kandice
7.  David* & Mary
8.  Erwin* & Godwin
9.  Lyn* & Karlyn
10.  Kellie* & Jamie

* denotes who completed the roadblock.

Teams finish in the following Order and proceed to the Pit Stop.
1.  Peter & Sarah
2.  Tyler & James
3.  Duke & Lauren
4.  Tom & Terry
5.  Dustin & Kandice
6.  Rob & Kimberly
7.  David & Mary
8.  Erwin & Godwin
9.  Lyn & Karlyn
10.  Kellie and Jamie donít finish roadblock (She shoots over a hundred arrows and is there several hours).  They are forced to take a penalty.

Teams arrive in the same order to the Pit Stop.  Order and time of arrival:
1.  Peter & Sarah 6::54 pm (when a Trip to Mexico)
2.  Tyler & James 7:07 pm
3.  Duke & Lauren 7:45 pm
4.  Tom & Terry 7:52 pm
5.  Dustin & Kandice 8:11 pm
6.  Rob & Kimberly 8:13 pm
7.  David & Mary 8:16 pm
8.  Erwin & Godwin 8:18 pm
9.  Lyn & Karlyn 9:02 pm
10:  Kellie & Jamie are eliminated.

So since they all started on equal footing (even if we arenít sure exactly what time) we can give a general idea on how long in comparison to the other teams it took to finish the leg.

There was one small bunching point of ten minutes in this race.  So we can also give comparisons on how each team that got to the temple did in comparison to that same group.

For the purpose of this I am just going to assume they arrive in Mongolia at 11:00. 

Listing in order of how fast each team completed todayís task.
1.  Peter & Sarah  7 hours and 54 minutes
2.  Tyler & James  8 hours and 7 minutes
3.  Duke & Lauren  8 hours 45 minutes
4.  Tom & Terry  8 hours and 52 minutes
5.  Dustin & Kandice 9 hours and 11 minutes
6.  Rob & Kimberly  9 hours 13 minutes
7.  David & Mary 9 hours and 16 minutes
8.  Erwin & Godwin 9 hours and 18 minutes
9.  Lyn & Karlyn 10 hours and 2 minutes
10.  Kellie & Jamie took at least several hours longer then Lyn & Karlyn, not to mention if it was a non elimination leg or a TBC leg they would have had a huge penalty for not completing the roadblock (4 hours I believe).

Now to compare the total dayís time in each of the bunching groups.

Group One:
1.  Tom & Terry 8 hours and 552 minutes
2.  Kellie & Jamie lets just say a really, really long day.

Group Two:
1.  Peter & Sarah 7 hours and 54 minutes
2.  Duke & Lauren  8 hours and 45 minutes
3.  Dustin & Kandice 9 hours 11 minutes
4.  David & Mary 9 hours and 16 minutes

Group Three
1.  Tyler & James  8 hours and 7 minutes
2.  Erwin & Godwin 9 hours and 18 minutes
3.  Lyn & Karlyn 10 hours and 2 minutes

I will post an breakdown of the teams performances in this leg and so far in the race later today.

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Re: Racing Report Leg #2
« Reply #1 on: October 06, 2006, 06:07:38 PM »
So lets look at the teams, both on how they performed on this leg and so far through the entire race.  In order of how they checked in at the Pit Stop.

1.  Peter & Sarah.  This team excelled at getting from points AFB, Peter was also very likely the best at the archery Roadblock.  Stopping outside the temple for directions is a very smart move.  They apparently donít suffer any vehicle problems in this leg.  But this team had a disastrous detour performance.  If not for the strong navigating in all arts of this leg, they would have been seriously hurt. 

Peterís control and domination of Sarah at times is a strength in motivating her.  But it this episode it was far more of a negative factor.  He was the one to push to quit the first task (saying he couldnít do it).  But after attempting the cart task (which we canít blame them for if the animal was spooked they have no control and it appears that once you have an animal your are stuck with that animal.  But when returning to the Pick it up detour Peter did in fact manage to due the task.  Nor was his constant coaching at Sarah effective.  Peter most likely is very good at motivating Sarah for training purposes, but unlike those in their regular life, the race consumes the entire day.  The constant  verbal motivation is most likely going to have a negative effect on this team.  Add tot he fact that he needs to allow it to go both ways and listen to Sarah when she is motivating him to continue a task instead of giving up.  A mixed performance of a leg that still netted them first place.

Overall in the race, we all ready see Sarahís reaction to Peterís constant verbal directions, and its a negative one.  This must change for this team to continue doing well.  But on the plus side they are both willing to take every advantage Sarahís disability brings, they are so far god at navigating.  ANd have managed several tasks very well.

2.  Tyler and James.  This team lost a tremendous amount of time early in this leg with poor cab service (a part of the race), managing to fall at least 20 minutes behind the first group.  Had to the fact that they also lost time with vehicle problems.  Out of these two events they might have been able to better handle the jack.  Which it seems did work.  Wither their difficulty was in not knowing how this specific jack worked or something more basic has incorrectly placing it on the undercarriage of the vehicle we donít know.  They might have also considered having their driver stop at a Hotel for more specific instructions and to verify that the driver did know where they were going.

Otherwise they did extremely well.  Both in gaining time on the horses, gained time on the detour, gained time on the final driving portion of the leg and did reasonable well at the detour.  Overall I am sure a frustrating leg, but a good one.

So far, this team as shown to do well in all aspects of the race.  Navigation, performance of tasks, following specific clue instructions, and working together as a team.  They donít appear to be doing anything to alienate other teams (with the possible exception of racing well).  The best overall team performance wise so far in the race.

3.  Duke and Lauren.  This team run probable the most consistent leg of this race.  No real problems navigating, no real problems on the detour, no vehicle problems, no significant problems at the Roadblock.  Apparently the weakest thing they did in this leg is just driving slower then some of the other teams (seems to often happen with parent/ child teams).  Also nice work in splitting tasks so far.

Overall in the race Duke and LAuren have worked well as a team with minimal conflict, they have been steady or good at all tasks and have managed navigating well.  One of the top performers so far in this season.

4.  Tom and Terry lucked out with a fast cab getting them to the first group for the temple performance, but they lost a lot of time both in traveling, and on the horses.  It took like they did average at the roadblock.  Really an average leg, but thinks to an early lead keep them high at the end of the race.

So far in the season a middle of the road team.  Nothing so far showing signs of real weakness, they have managed most tasks okay, they handle navigating okay.  Really this week ended higher then their performance should indicate (luck with cabís, but again that's part of the race).  But they are supportive of each other and made some friends.  wither this will prove an advantage in later stages of the race is to soon to tell.

5.  Dustin and Kandice a very strong leg with one very serious mistake.  They handled the driving and the navigating without problems.  They did fine on the horses and in both the roadblock and the detour.  But besides navigating the biggest single thing that racers have control over is following the clues instructions.  I assume that part of the extended clue rules (Which they all have) indicated that they needed to keep all safety gear.  By losing one of the helmets they really jeopardized their race.  Also compounding this is that they apparently didnít look for it much themselves.  If they were allowed they absolutely should have been with the guide who did search and find said helmet.  3 pairs of eyes are better then one. 

Overall a really surprising tough team, with bad luck in taxi cabs in the first leg, and appear following of the clue in this leg, this team would have finished both legs faster.  This one significantly.  But for strengths they have done better then average in most all tasks, they work well with each other.  And they seemed to navigate well.
  If they can minimize errors like today this team should go far.

6.  Rob and Kimberly.  Where to begin.  They generally had an okay leg, but difficulty with both horses and their ability to work together hampered them.  For this team the single biggest thing is their inability to communicate well.  Rob wants to go where he fells is right (but in all fairness does seem to offer sincere apologies and takes full responsibility for his mistakes), while Kimberly seems to be falling into Flo behavior (and ROb isnít Zach).  She is easily taken out of her comfort zone.  And when this occurs seems unwilling to to listen, to the point of Rob having to yell to get a response.  WHich of course adds to the tension.  Case in point the cart.  Rob asked in a more regular voice for Kimberly to control the cart, she says she canít.  When Rob yells, she manages fine, and then gets very upset that he had to yell.  Unless the cart stopped by itself when he yelled , you actually were able to control the cart, you just did not put the same effort into it when he talked in a normal voice.  That is her problem.  This game requires both players to strive harder.  Kimberly is going to have to work harder and get out of her comfort zone.  Rob is going to have to take Kimberlyís advice some and also realize in coaching some people want none at all even when you offer coaching in a reasonable tone.

If they can work on those things this team should go far,  If not they will need luck.

7.  David and Mary.  This team was wise to pick up a  local Fern (and in fact he traveled with t hem to Terelj.  But the managed to get significantly stuck (one of the worst I have seen IN AR) right before getting to the start of the horse ride to the detour.  This appears to be driving or navigating error.  Instead of following the road, it appears they tried to take a cut through an open dirt area.  At he roadblock they worked fine, though average.  They managed to drive themselves in the final leg okay (though it appears they might have followed Dustin & Kandice to the Roadblock.  Their performance at the Roadblock was adequate.  For where this team started they held their own,made some could navigation choices, but feel behind having to wait for a replacement vehicle.

Over all this is another middle of the road team.  They are nice and friendly with everyone else, though Mary is frequent short to David.  But in this relationship it doesnít seem to be stressed related just a part of their everyday life.  SO hopefully it shouldnít impact them.  We have yet to see them really navigate on there own and that's trouble some.  While a team can occasionally manage to go far without this ability (last season Ray and Yolanda who were seemed  to be always lost).  What might be a factor is Mary having hurt her ankle on the way to the Pit Stop.  A middle of the road team often needs to be able to hustle to gain an advantage especially as more and more teams get eliminated.  If this is a continuing issue (Hi Marshall and Lance) then this team could be in trouble soon.

8.  Erwin and Godwin.  This team started in the back of the pack at the temple, but like Tyler and James managed to make up a lot of time at the horses and the detour.  They were also smart enough to get direction before leaving town.  What hurt this team is vehicle problems not only did they stall and half to receive help from the locals but they also got stuck (Insider videos) and had to get a large group of guys to push them out of the mud.   what could have been a better then average day, becomes below average due to either vehicle problems.

So far on this race, this alpha male team, hasnít  impressed.  They have seemed to be slow moving and slow getting out of the gate, though they have tackled tasks fairly well.  The had trouble navigating in Seattle, and at least wisely got direction this leg.  Hopefully we see more of them being competent navigators and getting a hustle going.

9.  Lyn and Karlyn also started at the end of the pack at the temple and wisely picked up Charlie the Fern.  But they managed to get lost almost immediately after Charlie got out.  They were 2cd to last getting to the detour, they switched detours which always consumes extra time, and they had car trouble and had to have it manually crank started.  They didnít appear to do that well at the roadblock either.  Overall one of the poorer overall performances of this leg.

So far overall, this team as been all over the place, we will have to see more legs to see if their navigation skills improve, but their physical difficulties with the tasks could be a problem depending on what type of tasks are still to come.  This is a team that also seems to spend to much time focusing on others teams (especially Peter and Sarah).  And while I have no problem with them not assisting Tyler and James (it is a race, and no one was hurt), but it is a little telling on the attitude they gave on seeing the team in trouble.  Remember at this early stage at one time or another you might need assistance.  It doesnít hurt to be nice.  Let the bitterness come in the later stages of the race.

10.  Kellie and Jamie.  While it appears they did okay getting to the temple in the first group (and with the great idea of having a passenger write the name in the language), and apparently doing fine at the detour Take it Down, everything else about this leg was a failure.

They managed to get instructions out of town and yet got terrible lost going from first to worst (that's with at least a 20 minute difference between her group and the last group.  They also had the same vehicle problems as Lyn and Karlyn though they got started first.  Getting locals advise for navigation killed this team when 3 separate locals told them they were going in the wrong direction (they werenít) thus allowing Lyn and Karlyn to pass them and reach the roadblock first.  At the Roadblock  Kellie easily had the worst trouble with the event.  She says they went through 117 arrows and spent several hours trying.  They finally quit, and wen to the Pit Stop.  At best they would have hit a non elimination or a To Be COntinued double leg, but they still would have taken a four hour penalty for falling to o the roadblock.  This would have placed them at least 6 hours behind Lyn and Karlyn (possible longer).  Even with bunching that would have been difficult to overcome.  They were eliminated.

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Re: Racing Report Leg #2
« Reply #2 on: October 08, 2006, 04:17:14 PM »

With two teams already committing two breaches of the rules lets review some of them.

1.  Detour:  Failing to complete a detour is a 24 hour penalty.  This has happened in several seasons, but only once because of a team just didn't folow the rules.  All other times the teams is so far behind they are eliminated before getting to the detour (See Gutsey Grannies 2cd season, Guido's first season, David and Jeff fourth season).  Emily and Nancy are the only team that feals they are last and just doesn't follow the detour.  It cost them a 24 penalty and are eliminated, when they wouldn't have been.

2.  Roadblock.  Failing to complete a roadblock is a 4 hour penalty with an addendum.  If you are the last team its strickly a four hour penalty, if you aren't the last team,  Your penalty starts when the next teams either arrives or completes (I will ahve to review season 7 for that).  Teams that have taken a four penalty are Marshall and Lance, Hayden and Aaron, and Kellie and Jamie.  All were eliminated due to this.  Several teams in season 7 take the penalty and are not eliminated (Rob and Amber, Ray and Deena, and Meredith Gretchen).  There are other teams that never quit but took never completed the tasks and Phil came to them hours later and eliminated tehm (Lena and CHristy).

A couple of things about these two sections.  Obviously Nancy and Emily never dreamed that they would still be in it.  They were utterly frustrated and exhausted.  And case in point had they actually done the detour they still would have been in the same boat as either team Guido or Kevin and Drew which is so significantly behind the two lead teams that you would never be able to catch up in the remaining legs.

Marshall and Lance quit both due to be obviously last, and knowing that one team member had been significatly slowed down due to an injury that wasn't getting better.  I don't like that they quit, but I can understand it.

Poor Lena, one of the first teams at te roadblock she spends She spent over 6 hours (at the very least probably a lot more to get Phil to backtrack to her location) and unrolled over a hundred hay bales.  Luck is a part of the race, but Lena kept going, they had already encountered following problems and navigating problems in the first two legs, so I don't know how far they might have gone (but hell Adam and Rebecca the made it to the final three so who knows), but they never gave up.  Kudos, way to go out with class.

Hayden and Aaron were stuck with just Adam and Rebecca and the never ending keys.  With just a few minutes before the area closed for the night, its a gamble, who ever quits first has a small lead and to the Pit Stop and this is it the third team in makes final three.  SO Hayden quits, unforunately this backfires when after several hours of trying Rebecca finally opens her lock.  Thus the four hour penalty eliminates Hayden and Aaron (a much stronger over all team). 

And of course leads us to season 7's mass quit, where all of them survive due to the difficulty and the length it takes teasm to eat 4 pds of meat.  Not to mention the travel problems of two teams (one was colossal)

That brings us to Kellie and Jamie who spent hours after the last team left still trying to complete the stunt, finally after over a 100 attempts she quits unable to compete.  They are eliminated.

3.  Taking the wrong transportation.  A 30 minute penalty normally also with an added amount for time gained by taking incorrect transportation, but as from last season they also factor in if you lost time and subtract that from the 30 minute penalty.

People wondered why  Tom and Terry had a straight 30 minute penalty.  3 possablities.  1.  Their bike ride took as much time as walking (and that easily could have happened we already see cabs taking considerable longer sometimes, and we have seen times were people have beat cabs by walking over the years).  2.  THe penalty might have actually been longer, but that part of Phil's speach was edited and the on screen labeling reflected only what he said (this has happened before with other things). 3.  Or they changed the rule.

4.  Taking more then one clue.  Also a 30 penalty.
5.  Taking someone's vehicle alsoa 30 penalty.

On these last two I have often thought that the teams affected should also recieve a time credit, but it doesn't happen.  Of course they often leave extra clues in the box (though apparently not always).  Can you imagine a team getting to a route marker and not having a clue and having to wait until the production staff could get them another.

And for taking someone else's vehicle like in Season 6.  What if Adam and Rebecca got lost and actually arrived 1 minute later then Meredith and Maria (the team eliminated) I think they should get a time credit of however long they had to wait for their vehicle to be brought back.

After all this isn't vehicle problems (which happens), this isn't problems with directions, or locals giving bad directions (all part of the race), but this is racer interference.

6.  Cancelling someones cab.  Apparently if this would have impacted the race or gave Eric and Jeremy a lead to the airport they would have been penalized.  But since this act had no effect.  All teams were told by Eric and Jeremy they in fact cancelled the cabs, before any other part of the race happened.  So BJ and Tyler didn't yield Mojo because of the taxi incident they knew already that Eric and Jeremy did it.  And the fact that Eric and Jeremy didn't gain any time , in fact they lost time ( it appears the cab company with all the cancellations assumed they were all prank calls to that location and cancelled theirs).

While this might be a fun thing to do in an underhanded sort of way, was a really stupid move on Eric and Jeremy's part.  They absolutely were the team to beat on this race.  They should have had known that they were very likely to make the final three.  In fact  this leg is the leg they actually came closest to being eliminated.  With just being a minute faster then Mojo and BJ and Tyler getting to the Pit Stop.  If BJ and Tyler weren't (how should I put this nicely) idiots, there are only two things you should consider in the Yield.  Giving yourself a margin of safety by slowing down the last team (would have been Ray and Yolanda) or taking a chance and trying to take the best team out of the race (clearly Eric and Jeremy).  The only other logical use I have seen in the race was in the Family edition where the Linz's used it with the purpose of pushing the 2cd team back far enough to gaurentee them a first place finish after coming in 2cd many times, they really wanted a first palce win.

Hopefully If the Yield remains (which Karlyn and Lyn mention) teams will use better sense.
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Re: Racing Report Leg #2
« Reply #3 on: October 08, 2006, 04:51:55 PM »
Score Card, Part I.

Average team ranking at Pit Stop in Order of Best to Worst.
1.  Tyler and James with 1st & 2cd-averages to 1.5
2.  Peter and Sarah with 3rd & 1st averages to 2.0
3.  Duke and Lauren with 2cd & 3rd averages to 2.5
4.  Dustin and Kandice with 4th & 5th averages to 4.5
5.  Rob and Kimberly with 5th & 6th averages to 5.5
6.  Tom and Terry with 8th & 4th averages to 6.0
7.  Erwin and Godwin with 7th & 8th averages to 7.5
8.  David and Mary with 10th and 7th averages to 8.5
9.  Lyn and Karlyn with 9th & 9th averages to 9.0

Based on the first two legs Tyler and James are tied with a race record for best performance with Kris & John (season 6) and Eric & Jeremy and Bj and Tyler (season 9).

Remember though the first 4 years allowed bigger variance due to the Fast Forward being available in every leg except the final. 

For example Team Guido (first season came in 2cd both leg, but the fast forward was used in both legs by the team in th e first position).  And while Ron and Brennan might have finished both the viewing of Victoria Falls, the traveling to the Detour and the egg eating roadblock) we don't know.  So its possible without the Fast Forward the Guidos would have been first both legs, at worst 2cd and 1st. 

So remember that when comparing the early seasons.

With complete data from the third episode available tonight (the arrival times) I will start giving complete records of all 9 regular season of the Amazing Race (sorry Family Edition, but the level was nowhere near as high (except for that final leg, that was awesome for a final leg).

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Re: Racing Report Leg #2
« Reply #4 on: October 08, 2006, 05:09:07 PM »
Score Card II

This will be a ranking of the time to complete a leg (with the time information we have available).  We have all of leg 2, and the morning of Leg 1.

Also remember that in Leg two I picked an arbitrary starting hour for the leg based off of three possible times.

In order of least to most time in completing tasks.
1.  Tyler & James  9 hours 11 minutes
2.  Peter & Sarah  9 hours 16 minutes
3.  Duke & Lauren 10 hours  2 minutes
4.  Dustin & Kandice 10 hours 22 minutes *
5.  Rob & Kimbely  10 hours  44 minutes
6.  Tom & Terry  10 hours 50 minutes
7.  Erwin & Godwin  10 hours 50 minutes **
8.  David & Mary  11 hours 30 minutes
9.  Lyn & Karlyn  12hours and 21 minutes

*  Dustin and Kandice in the night portion of the 1st leg lost over 40 minutes due to cab problems, but since and we know that they never were able (even with the drive to the Forbidden City) make up that amount of time.  But since I don't have any accurate information on when teams got to the Forbidden City.  I will only mention this data and not include it in the figures above.

**  Since Erwin and Godwin also had cab troubles in the night portion of the first leg, I assume it took them longer to complete the first leg then Tom and Terry, but without figure I can't say for sure.  So in times where teams are tied, I will give the top position to the team without any known problems.