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American Idol - On the Road
« on: September 11, 2006, 10:35:37 AM »
We went to the AI show last night in Austin. Mandisa opened the show and she is a fantastic singer. She probably sang the best set of all the women, Kat included. That woman can SING!

I was suprised at the girls, Paris, Lisa and Kellie were all about the same height, unlike TV where Paris looked tiny and Lisa very thin. Each sang their own speciality, Lisa playing the keyboard to accompany herself. Surprising, I didn't realize she was so talented. Kellie is cute and funny, she said she was a Sonic waitress delivering dinner to people with her roller skates on before she got on AI. Paris is just Paris! Great as always.

Bucky was a crowd favorite, more so that Ace, another surprise. At one point he threw his hat to someone in the audience. (Wonder if he has to buy a new one for every performance.  :lol:

Chris rocked! The audience went crazy as they did when Taylor appeared, but I think the best performer was Chris and after that a close tie between Elliott and Taylor. Chris definitely had the crowd on their feet though.

Taylor wasn't as manic as he appeared on the show but he seemed tired to me and off a bit. He played the guitar and his harmonica as well. I wish AI would let the singers play their instruments for one show if they are proficient but I suppose that isn't fair for the others. 

Kat sang Somewhere Over the Rainbow, her signature song and Black Horse With a Cherry Tree. She was the only girl to wear a long black dress and was barefoot during that particular set. (Effective and interesting.)

A good show.

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