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Los Angeles, CA
Retail Sales

Nathan "Nate" Gonzalez was born in Staten Island, New York, to parents Manny and Jessy. He began playing the violin when he was eight years old. He graduated in 1998 from La Costa Canyon High School in San Diego and went on to attend Santa Barbara City College as a theater major. In 2001, he won the Lancaster Speech Tournament and he produced his first CD with his hip-hop group EZTHeI. He continues to play with numerous acoustic and rock bands while incorporating his hip-hop flavor.

Gonzalez is currently employed as a shoe salesman for a major department store and is a sales representative for a start-up urban clothing line based in New York. He previously worked as a waiter, club promoter and hip-hop artist. He hopes to pursue a career as a musician.

He enjoys playing basketball, and loves sushi and Chinese food.

Gonzalez currently resides in Playa del Rey, California. His birth date is July 26, 1980.

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plays in a band will get along with his other tribe mate that is a Jazz player

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Re: Nathan
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Survivor's Nate Takes on Jonathan, "Nancy Boy" and Flirty Parvati
by Angel Cohn
TV Guide - 11.30.06

Nathan "Nate" Gonzalez was laid-back cool for most of CBS' Survivor: Cook Islands (Thursdays at 8 pm/ET), and was known for his charming use of the English language. With the larger Raro tribe merging with the Aitu tribe, all should have been fine for a few weeks. But the mutinous Jonathan switched sides (again) and caused Nate to go home during the Thanksgiving Day broadcast. spoke with Nate about Jonathan's betrayal, his comments to "nancy boy" Brad, his fun lingo and "warm" Parvati. Is your family OK? I can't imagine that watching you lose Survivor was a fun way to spend Thanksgiving.
Nathan: Uh-huh. It was very hard for Mommy. She had a hard time seeing her baby boy go out like that. It was a little emotional. That was not a nice way to go out.
Nathan: That was the worst way. I knew the other four [from Aitu] were going to vote for me, and that my four stood by me. It was just that one vote, that one person.... So it is real hard. All because of that sneaky Jonathan.
Nathan: That sneaky caca-head. You seemed like you were annoyed with him way before he voted you out.
Nathan: Oh, yeah, I knew he was up to no good, that he was playing the game. When I was kidnapped, we never really spoke strategy. And he never wanted to work with me, and I never wanted to work with him. I felt Ozzy out, and Candice told me she wanted to work with us again, and that she missed Adam. I knew she was cool. So for [Jonathan] to come over made me question why, and he was just rubbing me the wrong way. "I just saw you betray these people, why would you think I'm ever going to have your back?" We kept him around, but I voted to keep Jenny, and I stood by [the tribe] in voting out Brad. After seeing Brad play the game, he would have done the same thing. He would have "peaced out" if he knew [someone] had the idol. Rebecca, she was probably one of my closest friends out there. But this game is not about friendship; it's about doing what is best for the team. At that point she wasn't doing enough for our team to keep her, after losing four challenges in a row. You seemed very discouraged about the fact that you kept losing.
Nathan: We finally had a formula that worked before that mutiny. We knew our strong points. Then that morning [after the wrestling challenge], it was like we started all over again. We had Jenny questioning how close Adam and Candice were, and Jonathan... lord knows what he was thinking coming over. There were a million things going through our minds, and we needed to focus on winning. I'm going to say that their poop-bad karma for betraying Aitu at that mutiny killed us all. It was like a virus, and it spread. Do you feel better watching the show, knowing now that Yul had the immunity idol?
Nathan: No! I'm upset with the fact that they didn't show us talking about the possibility of him having the idol. So you did speculate about that?
Nathan: Of course! I said to Adam and Candice, "Let's go for Becky possibly," but they were so scared by how much Jonathan wanted to save Yul. They were talking so much that we wanted to break that up. I don't know if showing that would have made a difference, because I think if we voted for Sundra or Becky, he was going to play it anyway. It was a crucial point to keep the numbers up. I really enjoyed the fun lingo you brought to this season.
Nathan: My lingo. [Laughs] Sometimes I lost my mind. The "Cut them up like poop" I was like, "Oh, god, did I say that?" I was just out there being myself sometimes, talking off my head and being goofy, but I had a hard time watching it. You just realize where your head was out in the game. Brad told me he was upset that you called him a "nancy boy."
Nathan: [Sighs] I've been hearing that. Any regrets about saying that?
Nathan: At the end of the day, considering Brad's actions toward not swimming and me calling him out, no, I don't regret that. The fact that I called him a nancy boy and it offended him I want to take that back, because I'd never want to hurt him. He's a dear friend, and I like the guy a lot. I think people made a big deal out of it because of his sexual preference. I'm not a homophobe. I was an ally of his when I knew he was gay. We were cool. If Adam had done the same thing, I'd have called Adam a nancy boy. If I offended homosexuals or Brad by saying that if they think I was directing it toward his sexual preference then I am going to apologize, because that is not my style. I would have called him something else, a "f--k-off" or something else that didn't [hint at] his sexual preference. I texted him [after my elimination] and said "I'm sorry," and he said it was cool. But I've heard comments that he wouldn't want to hang out with me, and that is too bad because I thought we were close friends. You seem like a mellow guy. What was your strategy?
Nathan: To be mellow at the beginning, and to be a provider. I am highly opinionated, and I have a strong personality. So I kind of wanted to play under the radar but wanted to be a strong ,vital asset to my tribe. I wanted to work with the females because I knew they would need me, and I would need them at a point. There is a point in this game when guys turn on guys. That sounds like a good strategy, seeing as Parvati didn't seem to mind flirting with you.
Nathan: [Laughs] No. She likes flirting, and that was like my medicine out there. She kept me so sane and real warm. You need that out there, where you are going so crazy and you miss your family and you have so many emotions. She was cuddly and tickly, and that's just healthy. You need to be affectionate. I'm not going to be, like, rubbing up on Adam. [Parvati and I] weren't as intense as Candice and Adam. Straight up, I'm not going to be sucking face when I haven't brushed my teeth in, like, 30 days, but to each his own. I always tease him, like, "You nasty human." [Laughs] But it is all good. Parvati was a warm person out there, and I have nothing but respect for her.