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i wish could s2-3 but link have been delte ugh but i am exitced
But....there's no dock or jetty there...It's a pathway surrounded by fields and stables...
He won that seat, Leafsfan. By a good margin, too :)
The Amazing Race Discussion / Re: TAR 25: Lee Sanders' Music Podcast!!
« Last post by Lee Sanders on October 29, 2014, 09:12:15 AM »
…Missed its use in Sant'Agata though.

The first statement of that theme, in the "Previously On…" segment on show 107, was written on my first 'official' day as a Race composer (!). So it's pretty much as old as my Race music gets. Kids who are the same age as that theme are now beginning to dream of getting their driver's licenses. Oboy.  :)

And you came up with a second Hawaiian Adventure for TAR 3 - I remember a ukelele steel guitar (?) playing the theme over Flo complaining about being hungry!

That's right—there were quite a few Hawaiian cues for those episodes. And there are a bunch more cues that use the Adventure Theme (prepping through that podcast, I skimmed my Race scores, and grabbed 30 cues "off the top of my head" that used the theme in some way).

Separate question: I remember you saying all the music on TAR is original (except Now We Are Free?), but how often does the music you produce get adapted for use in other shows? I distinctly remember an African tune (women vocals going ay-ay-ay...) being used "wrongly" in some Pacific location on Survivor!

That's a great question, and if the answer is what I think it is, it's actually kinda interesting but a little "inside baseball." If you want to know how the sausage is made, read on.

No, seriously. This might spoil it a little too much. Don't read any further if you want to retain some of the mystery. If I were a magician, this would be me explaining the tricks.

OK. You asked for it.

The African women's chorus snippet is almost certainly not a cue at all!

It's a sampled loop, available royalty-free for usage by anyone who purchases the sample library of which it's a part (there are lots of these sample libraries out there). It's infeasible for me, or David Vanacore, or anyone else writing music for reality shows, to record these choirs in situ, of course, and recording local vocalists is sub-optimal, as well (LA session vocalists are amazing, but you lose authenticity).

So the trade-off is to use those voices, accepting the compositional limitations that come with them (and the fact that someone else might use them on another show, as is the case here—!), and taking those negatives along with the positives of legit regional style (the sample library was recorded in Africa, in this case) and affordability.

For me, the trick with that is to use the sampled loops as a seasoning, rather than the main ingredient. Here's one more example: the horn that opens the Survivor Main Title is also a sample! I own it, too—it's from an older library (of course) called Heart of Africa, and had been around for a little while even when Survivor premiered.

So nothing is prohibiting me from using that sound in some piece of music… nothing, of course, except that it's so indelibly linked to Survivor that I'd be run out of town. So if I were to use it, I'd have to bury it sonically into a thick palette of other stuff, rather than solo it (as it's heard in that Main Title).

Oh, OK. One more, since I can't resist this subject: The opening credit sequence of Lost features a sound called "Armenian Sun" (from the Omnisphere software synth) incredibly prominently. As in, it's nearly the entire main title.

None of this is a criticism, by the way! Those main titles are incredibly effective, and sometimes you find the perfect thing "right out of the box," so to speak.

Hope that answers the question, Neobie! I'm dropping by here as often as I can, so keep 'em coming. This is fun (as long as I don't spill the beans too much, and a Music Enforcer shows up at my door with brass knuckles to punish me for breaking the Code of Silence).
The Amazing Race 25 Spoilers / Re: TAR 25 Maps
« Last post by Neobie on October 29, 2014, 08:24:37 AM »
I have a vague sense of where the cobbler might be?

Let's start with the triangle where Brooke and Kym rave about Bethany. There's a small sign at the back where you can sort of make out the words "Esprit du Maroc," a riad just north of the Ben Youssef Mosque. So we can place where they are.

In the same scene, the yellow-shirted gentleman gestures for teams to head west, then to make a left turn. (He mouths the word "left" too!) So we look in that general direction.

Then we try to find the corner where everyone meets up; most teams come in from the bottom-right hand corner of the screen (from the way the bicycles are pointing), while Tim comes in from the top-right hand corner underneath a covered passageway. Google Earth has terrible resolution for Marrakech, but the only place I could find fitting all of the above clues is this corner just west of the mosque. Could this be it?

Edit: Still can't find the tea shop though. The flooring doesn't match El Bahja Souk.
The Amazing Race 25 Spoilers / Re: TAR 25 Ep 5 "Morocc'and Roll" (Morocco)
« Last post by Belle Book on October 29, 2014, 08:17:16 AM »
Another bad thing was that because of the placement of the UTurn board, teams could actually see who was still behind them. :groan:

Part of the challenge of a UTURN is choosing someone you are sure is behind you...if you can SEE them it sure helps! That and the UTURN at the end of the leg makes me really unhappy. Otherwise I loved the tasks!

Of course, Keith & Whitney chose to U-Turn Amy & Maya, and that pair was in front of them!  Then again, the engaged couple already figured they were in last and were right, so it didn't matter.
TAR Australia / TAR Au 4 - Rumors
« Last post by theamazingracer21 on October 29, 2014, 07:37:45 AM »
Hey. Just thinking of starting this thread in the unlikely event we get somthing about season 4.

Recently 7 had their upfrounts as their statement on TARAu (and a few other shows) was as follows.
Seven's director of production, Brad Lyons, said shows such as Bringing Sexy Back, The Amazing Race and The Big Adventure - which have either rated poorly or attracted audiences "too old" for advertisers - are "still on our slate", but did not confirm their renewal.

"We don't have to make calls on them now," Lyons said.


It might be me being optimistic but if Glamping Survivor (Big Adventure) fails (which to put it in perspective, it's doing TARAu3 ratings in the much better 6:30 Sunday & 7:30 Monday timeslots Agaist repeats of Big Bang Theory and its hardily gaining on time shift, unlike TARAu which was 1st or 2nd gainer for the night) then there may be a chance for TARAu.

Again, it might be a long shot but let's at least have a little optimism.
The Racers / Re: TAR 19: Ernie Halvorsen & Cindy Chiang (Engaged)
« Last post by David on October 29, 2014, 06:00:19 AM »
Even though I hated them as a TAR team, they make a great family. You can see tons of love spreading around in that pics. Congrats to both!
OMG! :o Thanks dryedmangoez for the heads up!!! :yess:

On other news, it seems the upcoming Yield is going to tie a franchise record for most votes in a must-vote Yield/U-Turn with 6!! Six out of eight teams voted for Matt & Phoebe, and 6 out of 9 teams voted for Paul & Steve in Australia 2. :snicker:

I know this isn't a best friend making contest, but going back on your word by giving out task information to a trailing team while trying to get ahead on a task that trying to equalize everyone, and betraying your alliance-mates is a surefire way to create some enemies. Though I really do like them and they being the only couple team from this season (odd that they had only 1 couple team last season too but that's fine with me!), I hope Matt & Phoebe goes down a peg or two. :hoot:
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