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Notice: Wiki coverage of this week's episode will be delayed, as I will be out of town. If you are able, you can help expedite the process when I return by transcribing (in Chinese characters) the names of the Detours and/or the Roadblock prompt(s)
The Racers / Re: TAR 9: Lisa & Joni ~Sisters /Philiminated
« Last post by gamerfan09 on Yesterday at 05:54:47 PM »
Recently just watched TAR9 too, very very sad news :(
The Racers / Re: TAR 9: Lisa & Joni ~Sisters /Philiminated
« Last post by Maanca on Yesterday at 05:47:43 PM »
Sad to hear :'(

Even if their race was short, they were rather memorable. I nicknamed them as "the snowbirds" because she reminded me of Anne Murray.
The Racers / Re: Lisa & Joni ~Sisters /Philiminated
« Last post by georgiapeach on Yesterday at 05:40:28 PM »

I am so very sorry to have to share the news that Lisa Woodruff Hinds has died after a battle with cancer.

"Frostie" may be best remembered to us as one of the "Glamazons" on TAR Season 9.  Big fans, their laughter and humor were so much fun to watch.

I know you all will all join me in extending our love to her family and friends and especially the #TARFamily.

Lisa: "Some of the hardest things in my life, some of the biggest trials that I have gone through, and heartache, in my life; when its so bad you think, I cannot get through this; and then you do get through it and you realize that that opened another door. And had you not experienced the bad things then the good things that followed would not have come."
TAR Canada / Re: TAR Canada 5: Ep 8 "Can I See Your Kuna?" 8/22/17
« Last post by WindsorSue on Yesterday at 05:35:10 PM »
Another Sneak Peak shows Sam & Paul getting kind of blitzed with the Craft Beer task (Detour) asking for refills when it's probably just meant to be a tasting/identification thing. Yikes.  :groan:
TAR Canada / Re: TARC 5 Ratings
« Last post by Leafsfan on Yesterday at 05:27:03 PM »
Good to see it rising! That is practically unheard of in today's tv climate.
Scheduled to dance tonight:

Santiago "Tyago" Griffo & Bárbara Silenzi
Melina Lezcano & Joel Ledesma
Jey Mammon & Laura Oliva
Yanina Latorre & Carlos Bernal

This list is subject to last minute changes
TAR Canada / Re: TARC 5 Ratings
« Last post by Maanca on Yesterday at 05:10:40 PM »
It's like Sudbury all over again!

Leg 6 in Ottawa was #1 and the highest-rated yet. 1.896 m, topping even the premiere.
This better? Also added the eliminations

Starting Line: Mount Rubidoux, Riverside, California

Leg 1: Vieux Fort, Saint Lucia - Elimination 11
  • Two flights via Miami and JFK
  • Jazz festival task
  • Pit Stop: Moule a Chique

Leg 2: Faro, Portugal - Elimination 10
  • Self-drive
  • Teams are provided tickets via London-Gatwick
  • Soccer task
  • Kayaking/bike detour
  • Double U-Turn
  • Pit Stop: Church of São Lourenço

Leg 3: Dakar, Senegal - Non-elimination
  • Task ideas?
  • Pit Stop: Lake Retba

Leg 4: Dakar, Senegal - Elimination 9
  • Task ideas?
  • Pit Stop: Place de l'Obélisque

Leg 5: Helsinki + Turku, Finland - Elimination 8
  • Self-drive
  • Music roadblock at Sibelius Academy
  • Task in Turku, then come back for pit stop
  • Pit Stop: Finlandia Hall

Leg 6: Beirut, Lebanon - Elimination 7
  • Cliff climbing roadblock
  • Detours in Souk Tawileh
  • Pit Stop: Imam Houzai Square

Leg 7: Beirut, Lebanon - Non-elemination
  • Banking task
  • Other task ideas?
  • Pit Stop: Raouché

Leg 8: Hyderabad, India - Elimination 6
  • Cultural tasks?
  • Pit Stop: Golconda Fort

Leg 9: Sapporo, Japan - Elimination 5
  • Teams fly to Tokyo and take a bullet train to Sapporo
  • Task involving miso ramen
  • Double U-Turn
  • Pit Stop: Odori Park

Leg 10: Adelaide, Australia - Non-elemination
  • Self-drive
  • Task ideas?
  • Pit Stop: Adelaide Oval

Leg 11: Kangaroo Island, Australia - Elimination 4
  • Self-drive (continued from previous leg)
  • Teams take a car ferry to Kangaroo Island
  • Wildlife tasks (penguins and kangaroos)
  • Beach and/or fishing tasks
  • Pit Stop: Hope Cottage (Grant Bowler as greeter)

Leg 12: San Francisco, California
  • Teams fly to Sydney and complete a route marker to receive the clue to go to San Francisco
  • Alcatraz visit
  • Memory challenge involving food (there will be food presented in some shape or form in each country)
  • Finish Line: The Presidio
Dakar needs two legs imo, and I'd exchange Leg two for either Ireland or Spain
Canberra isn't the best penultimate city, another Australian city would be better
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