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Lee & Hilmar are now 3 weeks into the competition which means they are now on their last 7 days!

They made their way to Atlanta, Georgia and find a friend in Chris Taylor who helps them out.

Command Center has no idea where Lee & Hilmar are. They begin speculating on where they might be.

Lee & Hilmar decide to confuse the hunters and create mass chaos. They decide to troll online with fake craigslist ads to confuse the hunters on their whereabouts!

Le and Hilmar creating chaos by posting 6 fake craig's list ads all over


Lee and Hilmar recap: brought wife in by plane

Now back in ATL... To a friends house,thinking ATL was already checked

Hunters have lost them!! :yess:

Or Not...a buddy posted friend looking for a couch
Meanwhile, the hunter team on Aarif & Immad's tail get some info from the guy at the mosque.

Command Center notices the potential getaway vehicles Aarif & Immad leaped in. They see the license plate.

Aarif & Immad are headed to Georgia.

Command Center, however, have found the drivers' license of the getaway driver for Aarif & Immad!

The two have found contacts that have very minor links to them that could help them out.

They mention that it's now the final days and it's so close and they should keep their eyes on the prize.
aarif and Immad:
Hunters miss them at Mosque
Source working at Mosque says they might be  in blue car and that aarif has shaved his head

Hunters are thinking they are at Mosque, find the car that picked them up plate #

A&I heading to ATL...  using their network of casual contacts, make a call

Hunters tracking that phone!
We're up!

The regular introduction plays.

We finally see how they intend to escape in the finale, they will make their way to a seaplane (a Finish Line) like the UK!

David & Emiley have managed to slip through the hunters' tracks and are now travelling, unaware that the hunters know their license plate (following the cliffhanger last episode).

Command Center is strategizing over their whereabouts.

Meanwhile, David & Emiley plan to go to Alabama and sleep in the truck tonight. They park at a dark area.
Hunted / Re: Hunted Episode Five: "A $250,000 Gamble" **LIVE DISCUSSION 8 PM EST**
« Last post by Marionete on February 22, 2017, 04:08:56 PM »
An extra episode or two is something I'd love as well.
However, I love how they focus on only a few teams per episode and I don't think that should be changed. It's easier to understand each team's stories this way and personally it's more interesting and gripping this way. Having all the remaining teams in each episode would be confusing and lackluster. Plus, if some teams have major drama in the first days or are nearly captured, they should get all the airtime instead of showing teams that simply depart, have themselves introduced to the team of hunters, and safely hide away.
Hunted / Re: Hunted Episode Five: "A $250,000 Gamble" **LIVE DISCUSSION 8 PM EST**
« Last post by georgiapeach on February 22, 2017, 02:01:56 PM »
Exactly Jimmer. You can see more in the How do they do this thread too!
Two NEW Sneak Peeks!!

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