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Heath goes to speak with Benji

'Heath thinks I'm voting for Anita tonight. I send Tegan to Exile Beach last night and Heath is going as well!'

Benji is now talking to Shonee about voting for Heath tonight!

'I need to get Anita and Fenella on my side'

Fenella is thinking about voting for Zach tonight

'Zach just rubs everyone the wrong way'
Heath and Paige go off to talk

He tells her to vote for Anita, because she has ZERO strength!

'I'm pretty sick of that losing feeling'

Paige says 'Anita is 100% the weakest here'

Paige will vote for Anita tonight!
Zach and Heath are talking about voting a girl

He wants to vote out Anita

Zach will either vote for Anita or Paige!

Zach says 'strength needs to be kept in the tribe'

'The weaklings need to go!'

Zach wil vote with Heath tonight!
Day 20 at the Contenders beach!

They arrive back from the immunity challenge!

Heath feels like he's in trouble at Tribal tonight and wants to send someone who Tegan can beat in the Exile challenge!

'Anita was the weakest in the challenge today'

'I have an idol and I can use it to my advantage'
We are back!

Over to Exile Beach and Tegan says he's really proud of herself!

She built a shelter and made fire from Flint, ALL ON HER OWN!

'Exile Beach has been good for me'

'I'll do whatever it takes, to get back into the Contenders tribe'

'I'm going to come out on top'
'Champions, grab your gear and head on out'

'Champions, one of you will be sent to Exile Beach'

Benji says he wasn't unhappy about losing the Immunity challenge!

'I'm taking down the King'

Ad break!
Robbie drops his bag!

Fenella is the only girl left stay standing for the Contenders!

Samuel and Zach struggling!

Fenella passes her bag to Benji!

Only the boys left for the Contenders!

Zach has 3 bags!
Steve is coaching the Champions through the pain!

Monika holds her bag to Steve!

Champions have 6, Contenders have 5!

20 minutes down!
Paige hands her bag to Zach and she is out!


Shonee hands her bag to Benji!

Champions down to 5 and Contenders have 8!
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