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TAR Canada / Re: TAR Canada 5: Speculation & Discussion of SPOILERS
« Last post by Travejunkie on Yesterday at 12:30:00 PM »
They've been off the radar for so long now they've gotta be taking a transpacific flight somewhere.
The roadblock was a mix of the Hong Kong ding ding task and the Ferris wheel meal in Vienna.

Honestly Lake Como is geogous but I would've preferred the roadblock to be there. They should've just done a HOO in Milan. Then have a detour with one option being the Tram task whilst having another detour. We'd also have another route info in Milan allowing a visit to the Duomo or Galleria Victoria Emanuel III. Then teams would travel to Como where the roadblock would be the Ghost task. They'd have to model the non participating person. That would work as we'd get the tasks in Milan with Como scenery.
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Celebrity Editon would be great!

WE NEED TAR CLASSIC...check when the ratings drop began.. We haven't had a NORMAL all ages cast in forever.

I definitely miss a good ol' classic TAR. TAR27 did not deliver well enough. TAR26 was Valentine's edition. TAR28 was social media stars only.

I'm glad TAR29 is delivering, but it's a casting twist too. Hopefully the next 3 seasons will be classic-TAR formatted. Hopefully we'll have more than TAR30 in the future. :hoot:
Had to rewatch the episode to clarify some things I might've missed. :bump It was also laggy for me during the live earlier.

I'll start with the roadblock. I already said it earlier how cool it was to have a searching task at night. Quite sad Logan couldn't get on the same tram with the 4 racers. The good thing with Mike and Tara working together is that they each had an extra pair of eyes to verify their findings. I'm glad the 4 didn't help each other, but even if they did, none of them found LaGo, so it didn't matter. :lol: What coincidence! LoLo could've sped up to 3rd from there. It was so close! I saw Logan's extra word the 2nd time I watched the episode, and it sucks that he can't try again without going for a 2nd round. One does not simply guess an Italian word out of nowhere, so it's just too bad for Logan that he had to wait and go around once more. Scott's reactions were so funny, and it just keeps popping out of nowhere from time to time. :funny: The roadblock delivered. I think it's the first official night task this season.

The W-turn position was fine being sandwiched between the roadblock and the detour, but I just think it would've been better had teams not been 5 minutes apart of each other. It was too tight for the U-turned team/s to even catch up. Anybody U-turned this leg would surely be out, unless 2 teams are doing it. There's no way to avoid the 5 minutes apart departure though, unless they reformat the leg itself. At first, the W-turn looks fine. However, after taking the morning departure into consideration, I say the W-turn is placed on the wrong leg.

The detour this leg didn't have any sense of balance to me. ??? So the rock climbing task required one person to hold the other, but it had a lot of running and distance just going to the location. I would've said it was a boring but fast task, but Becca and Matt would disagree on the boring part. But wait, the ghost task wasn't fun too. It was boring but cool, but also time consuming. That's part of the reason Joey & Tara only landed a 3rd this leg. Maybe the distance is shorter going from the ghost task to the pit stop, but I don't really seem to find any balance in this leg's detour. The rock climbing does not even look culture related in any way. They probably could've replaced the rock climbing detour with something better, but being surrounded by water not for diving, they have limited choices for tasks. I gotta agree that a leg purely in Milan would've been better. Big bonus points if it would've been a full night leg in Milan. The Lake Como part wasn't that bad, but it wasn't that good too.

Overall, it was a good leg. :) Team analyses coming up. I'm separating it this time becuase I'm not typing from the laptop, which would've been more convenient for me to type reviews and analyses.
Brooke and Flo for next all stars pls
Big Brother Canada Discussion / Re: Newbies Doomed?
« Last post by Ray! on Yesterday at 12:06:46 PM »
lmao @ this looking back (remember when we all thought this)
T^^^ranslated from Finnish: Gassy Jack was forced to have a crap in a box that was not a part of it

Just reread the post you've just quoted.
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