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Do we know approximate date when will this season start airing? I don't really get that mid season replecement thing, tbh.

And how this new schedule influence TAR30? Where is it supposed to be filming/airing?

Thanks for answer.  :)
So if this is a 2-Roadblock leg...we see Julie is among the ones doing the story, which means Lowell will have to drive the log machine, hence the title.

That's going to be an interesting sight to watch :o

Wait a second, he's legally blind right? I thought he wouldn't be able to drive, hence he would be able to do the task. I think it's a big mistake from the producers.
Knowing Grodner, just y'all wait and see, Coup d'Etat will come in play via the secret room and Frank will get it with production's assistance. Mark my words!
Locations for the second half of Leg 2:
Detour Decision/Speedbump: Bräustüberl
Beer: Mohrenplatz
Dance: Werdenfelser Hof
Singing: Forsthaus Unternogg, Altenau

Zang Yafei works on "关键洞察力" on Shenzhen TV. She was born in Yanbian, but I'd assume she's based in Shenzhen now!
Weekly stats of Big Brother 18:

Week 1: Glenn instantly evicted
Week 1: Nicole, HOH, Jozea & Paulie nominated, Frank wins Roadkill, Paul nominated, Paul wins veto, used on self, Bridgette up, Jozea evicted 7-4-0
Week 2: Paulie, HOH, Bronte & Paul nominated, Victor wins Roadkill, Tiffany nominated, Paulie wins veto, used on Paul, Victor up, Victor evicted 9-1-0
Week 3: Bridgette, HOH, Paul & Tiffany nominated, Frank wins Roadkill, Bronte nominated, Bridgette wins veto, not used, Bronte evicted 5-4-0
Week 4: Paulie, HOH, Natalie & Tiffany nominated, Tiffany wins Roadkill, Corey nominated, Corey wins veto, used on self, Da'Vonne up, Tiffany evicted 8-0-0
Week 5: Victor wins BattleBack, back on BB
Week 5: James, HOH, Bridgette & Frank nominated, Michelle wins veto, to be continued...
Veto comp is underway!
Big Brother Season 18 / Re: BB 18 Media
« Last post by RealityFreakWill on July 23, 2016, 10:18:07 PM »
Big Brother - Episode 16 (Preview)

Victor battled back into the house, but he'll face a critical HoH showdown that could send him home for good on Big Brother, airing Sunday at 8/7c!

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TAR Asia / Re: The Amazing Race Asia 5: PRE-Race Speculation and News
« Last post by gamerfan09 on July 23, 2016, 10:14:59 PM »
ngl i wouldn't mind it if they did it like TARCAN and started in indonesia, flew to other countries, returned to indonesia, etc.

It would be very tiring if they did it Indonesia continuously.
The listening task is at the Haida Heritage Centre in Skidegate. Same totem pole and outfits in the preview

And it backs onto a beach, which is probably where the judge is.
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