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The Quest / Re: The Quest Episode 4 "Battle Dome" 8/21
« Last post by paradoxinee on Yesterday at 09:57:57 AM »
I don't like the results. It sucks.

I root for Shondo and Leticia now.
The Amazing Race Canada / Re: TAR Canada 2: Ep 8 "TBD" August 26
« Last post by Alenaveda on Yesterday at 09:28:06 AM »
Caps up!
I was sort of hoping Zack would have won and back in the house...after the way they treated him those few days, he wouldn't have rolled over.
It would have been fun to see him win HOH, and those Sorry ass's try to keep from going on the block.
TV Shows that are NOT Reality / Re: WWE
« Last post by ERamos on Yesterday at 09:05:08 AM »
Indy star Kevin Steen is now officially with WWE. OMG I'm so excited for his debut I just can't hide it.  :jam: :jam: :jam: :jam: :jam: :jam:
The biggest problem this season is that the Detonators are the popular people and the others are the geeks, nerds, outcasts.

If the geeks, nerds and outcasts would have worked together from the beginning, or at least tried to later during the season, then they would have had a chance.

As it is now, dumbass Nicole comes in and kisses up to the popular people. She and Donny will go out, 1 will go out.

Whoever survives will go up next week with Christine. One will go out.

then the last one will go up and out.

Then the final 5 will fight for the win.

Please bring Pandora's box or some other production intervention to change this up.

Only people worth cheering for the whole season has been Donny and Jocasta and Jocasta should never have been brought into the house at all.
Nicole was already throwing Donnie under the bus to Cody in the overnight live feeds....that girl will never learn to keep her mouth shut. :groan:
The Amazing Race Canada / Re: After the Race special, August 12th
« Last post by runningblind on Yesterday at 07:07:01 AM »
I haven't been able to find this online yet. (Can't access CTV in the US.) How was it? Is it worth looking for? Thanks.
Actually, I'm in the US and I've been able to watch full episodes on CTV's website:
I was shocked it wasn't blocked. It should work.

As for the special, it got really awkward at times   :funny: And it was definitely mostly about Rex & Bob and Cormac & Nicole.  I think the idea of only the first 5 teams having their own reunion special made it too focused on those two teams.  Only their moments, only their opinions.  Instead of all 11 teams when they could get different opinions and experiences.

But I think the best part was when Laura & Jackie and Shahlah & Nabeela absolutely shut them down when they were expressing their STRONG dislike for Sukhi & Jinder.  They couldn't believe it!  :snicker:

I watch TARCan from Indonesia in CTV. It not blocked!  :)

Cannot believe it! Works in Poland too!
I can't write it down even with a Ukrainian keyboard.

Tried that too ;) Two of my friends agreed to help so let's wait and see what they can do ;D
TAR Australia / Re: TARAus 3: Episode 5 (Russia) Discussion *SPOILERS*
« Last post by Alenaveda on Yesterday at 06:37:51 AM »
TAR Australia / Re: TARAus 3: Episode 5 (Russia) Discussion *SPOILERS*
« Last post by Alenaveda on Yesterday at 06:36:50 AM »
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