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Week 5

Brittany is evicted by a 10 - 0 vote

Have Nots
1) Nicole
2) Caleb
3) Christine
4) Derrick

1) Frankie
2) Zach

1) Frankie - Victoria & Jocasta
2) Zach - Nicole & Christine

BOTB Results
Nicole & Christine win the BOTB

Zach is dethroned as HOH

Frankie is now the sole HOH

And noms are Victoria & Jocasta

POV Comp
Hayden Wins POV

HGs have been much been sleeping all day...

Amber in the bathroom doing make-up.

Jocasta & Donny out back...

Donny tells Jocasta that anything she says about the game to anyone today won't matter, unless it's to Hayden

She has to give her speech to him.  Frankie doesn't matter, because he doesn't get a vote.

Donny tells her to just relax for today.  Knows that will be hard to do, because he's been in that position before.

Tells her if they start asking her to name names, she shoulf get a "stomach ache" and head to the bathroom.
The Amazing Race Canada / Re: TAR Canada 2: Ep 3 "Snakes and Liars"
« Last post by Dånooky on Yesterday at 03:15:08 PM »
Probably teams got a "Caution: U-Turn ahead in one of their clues" and it was edited out and that's why hockey chose to use the Express Pass. they said "we don't know how long the Detour would take". I'm almost certain they edited out something about how somebody from the other detour could finish first and U-Turn them.
Donny is counting something.

Donny know entertaining himself with a slinky. 

Everyone else still sleeping.

TV Shows that are NOT Reality / Re: Person of Interest
« Last post by Alenaveda on Yesterday at 12:31:38 PM »
Sneak peek of the new season presented at Comic Con 2014:

<a href=";amp;hl=es_" target="_blank" class="new_win">;amp;hl=es_</a>
The Amazing Race Canada / Re: Final Memory Challenge
« Last post by mjharmstone on Yesterday at 12:04:51 PM »
I like the deviation from original speech idea, because there are at least 2 more you can get out of it - Macau (the city of gambling) and Paris (the city of love)
the city of idea is well and truly valid.

Tolfeno (or however it's spelt) = the city of surf
Victoria = city of gardens

Tofino's was the one that tipped me off to this maybe being true, when the surfer said "Welcome to Tofino, the end of the line", and Meaghan commented on it. Victoria was "British Columbia's beautiful capital".
There's Donny.
I believe that Donny is up somewhere, but rest are sleeping. Again. 
Frankie and Caleb done.

Caleb was talking about Amber again.  Rinse, wash repeat

Frankie and Caleb head off in separate directions to sleep.

Frankie upstairs with Zach.   He tells Zach that Caleb doesn't trust him.  Caleb now wants Cody to go talk to Amber to confirm what you told her.   I begged him to go to sleep, to sleep all day and we'll talk about it after the veto meeting.

Zach: He doesn't trust me?

Frankie: NOpe.  That's why I don't want anyone to say anything.  So, lets not say anything until Monday.   We can shadow him all day.  But he doesn't trust you.  I knew that would happen.

Zach: Why?

Frankie: In his mind Amber will always win.

Zach: He is an idiot.

Frankie: We're dealing with an idiot.  So, lets just leave it until Monday.  I asked him not to talk to Cody.  I did confirm that what you said about the date was true, because she said it to me and I didn't have he heart to tell you.  So, he's going back to bed now and we'll keep them apart all day and tell Cody not to do that.  Are you with me?

Zach: Yes, I'm with you.

Frankie: good.  its the last piece of the puzzle.  Goodnight, Rose.
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