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Survivor 36: GHOST ISLAND / Re: My first season and loving it!
« Last post by Maanca on May 20, 2018, 03:46:22 PM »
Welcome, RedPill! :welcome:

Me, for one, it's mostly that this season promised a theme that sounded awesome on paper. But the season hasn't quite lived up to the hype in its execution.
Survivor 36: GHOST ISLAND / My first season and loving it! SPOILERS
« Last post by RedPill on May 20, 2018, 03:43:24 PM »
I totally love this season but according to 'loyal' Survivor followers, this season sux?

What's so bad about it?

The Amazing Race 30 / Re: TAR 31 Cast speculation
« Last post by jb542 on May 20, 2018, 02:38:10 PM »
Bridget from BB18 posted this on her instagram:

She was rumored to be on the cast from US Weekly. She could be hinting at something...
Spectacular find, Plaid! So glad the person got to share his experience on Facebook. What a thrill it must have been to travel around Hanoi documenting a team's potential $1 million journey. And what a crazy response that episode got from FOX back then.
The Amazing Race Discussion / Re: TAR Unpopular Opinions
« Last post by RachelLeVega on May 20, 2018, 11:51:32 AM »
Did anyone else absolutely love S15? :funny:
Maria & Tiffany are probably still my TOP10 favorite team of all time.
Maria and Tiffany  :luvya: but how they got out WAS SO unfair and how the teams treated them when they called elim station was just damm right rude
Honestly, I am surprised they were not asked back for Unfinished Business (or I must have missed that spec) considering their unfortunate circumstances during the Dutch pasture Detour.

PS: sorry this is not a wish list thread but can't help with all these nonsense talk cause this rumour so far's just totally lol

Oh my gosh that would be the BEST TEAM ever! They would be a delight to watch but actually running might be an issue...esp with no notice to get fit.
I found a Facebook post (in Vietnamese) from someone was hired to work on TAR in Hanoi. Unfortunately, it was not for TAR 31. It was for TAR 22. While it's not very current, I thought some of you might be interested in reading about it.

Translated from Vietnamese via the Facebook translator:

In November 2012, via facebook of a friend I read the letter hiring assistant for a game show, first I completely do not know this program. What, just because curiosity should want to participate. And so I subscribe NOW

In the interview, we were assigned to a room on the second floor of Hilton, in the interview about 10 more young people. We introduce ourselves in English, our strengths. After the interview I was very nervous whether I have achieved or not?

A few days later, I got the results. We went to see the live program. All of us before the start must sign a memorandum. It says that we are not allowed to release any of the program before the program is aired. Apart from that, there is something special that I am very excited about. Hanoi is part shooting / a destination in the 22nd edition of The Amazing Race US version.

My wife and I have been watching the Amazing Race program, translated into Vietnamese as the first version of the race, including three of my friends have participated.

Experiment with The Amazing Race (TAR) in 3 days with the support team of more than 100 people is very interesting and attractive. I am in charge of one of the six supervisors of the teams. We follow the racing teams to ensure that teams comply with the rules and support the team in the event of an emergency.

We have our own car, but my job is always to get ready for the car to "chase" the racing team. The distance between the team and the team is always 500m.

The teams are physically strong, they are always ready, running and running. Finished mission is that they run as flying to move to the next point. Their game is very mischievous and intelligent. We, the supporters are not allowed to chat with the teams. Unfortunately we did not take a photo together. I had an extremely enjoyable experience with The Amazing Race 22. Thank you for the friend who introduced me. Thanks to XXXXXX and thank you TAR

A few days after the show I received a letter. Below is a letter from the manager of XXXXXX thanks to the collaborators for filming for The Amazing Race US show in Hanoi on 22/10/2012.


I'm sorry I did not have the chance to see all of you before we left Hanoi. So I would like to take a chance to thank you all for working with us and being part of our production. We are delighted to have you in our exciting show and everyone gave their best to the work assisnged.

It has been a pleasure to work with you on what I was sure was a tremendous effort in such a short but very crazy time. We have already received some very positive feedback from our Executives and it was a SUCESS show.

We could not have done it without you. I hope we would have more chance to work together in the future.

Bests to all of you.
Cordially Yours,

TAR Canada / Re: TAR Canada 6 Timeline & Spoiler Summary
« Last post by Maanca on May 20, 2018, 09:29:48 AM »
As is my tradition, here's the route this year :)
The Amazing Race Discussion / Re: Amazing Race Questions
« Last post by violetb1911 on May 20, 2018, 08:24:50 AM »
And Last right?

I wish LOL. All of the face offs ever since have been sooooooooo subpar.
They had like two face offs on curling and crockinole and they were basically the same (I mean there are finer nuances if you actually play the sport, but still.)
The Amazing race Asia 6
F/F Goths from Japan 20s
F/F Grandmas from South Korea 60s
F/F Models from Turkey 20s
F/F Transgenders from Thailand 30s
M/M Brothers from Malaysia 40s
M/M Cousins from Singapore 50s
M/M Tatoo artist from Singapore 20s
M/M Chefs from Vitenam 40s
M/F Siblings from Philippines 20s
M/F Dating Hotel Mangers from Dubai 20s
M/F Married couple from India 30s

Leg 1: Seoul South Korea
Starting line N Seoul Tower
Roadblock: Food Challenge so you get a full list of Food in Korea except for the f/f from korea they get a Japenese list they need to figure out which food is which and then start eating
Leg 2: Jeju South Korea
*Fetures teams diving in the water to catch octopuses
Leg 3: Maldives
*Fetures teams to do some room servies or clean up a room to standards in 10 mins
Leg 4: Tel Aviv Israel
*fetures teams to play beach vollyball as a head to head
Leg 5: Ein Bokek Israel
*fetures so dead sea tasks
Leg 6: Victoria falls, Zambia
*fetures teams doing the Same ting as TAR US 27 eposide 4
Leg 7:Marrakesh Morroco
*fetures teams picking up random spices and putting them in a morrocan stew then finish the whole pot (warning spice alert)
Leg 8: Fes Morroco
*fetures teams making rugs
Leg 9: Barcelona spain
*fetures teams making art and carfts in park guel
Leg 10:Reykjavík,Iceland
*fetures teams eating a traditonal icelandic thanks giving feast with sheep heads sharks and whales
Leg 11: New york, USA
Leg 12: Las vegas,Usa
Leg 13 Tokyo,Japan

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