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What happened in Vietnam 3?

It's one of the seasons I haven't watched but from what I've heard it was a Zhang Yelin & Li Yang type incident?
What happened in Vietnam 3?
So the summary for the HK leg:

1. Victoria Peak (H/E perform Speed Bump + ARI)
2. Central Ferry Pier (Roadblock)
3. Aberdeen Floating Village (Detour 1)
4. Restaurant (Detour 2)
5. Lan Kwai Fong (ARI)
6. Wan Chai (Pit Stop)

I could be possibly both crabs and waiters are indeed Detours.
Aberdeen comes first before Central pier
So the summary for the HK leg:

1. Victoria Peak (H/E perform Speed Bump + ARI)
2. Aberdeen Floating Village (Crabs; ARI)
3. Central Ferry Pier (Monitor Smashing; Roadblock)
4. Restaurant (Orders in Cantonese; Detour 1)
5. Lan Kwai Fong (Briefcase; Detour 2)
6. Wan Chai (Pit Stop)

I could be possibly both crabs and waiters are indeed Detours.
As it seen in live tweets thread back in October.
Jody received a really good positive edit at first, right up to the manufactured Gnomegate and Phonegate 'improprieties'.  They received no negative feedback/editing for properly Uturning the Strings.  Since they recovered from their own Uturn, they are being edited positively again, probably right through the finale.

Have we been shown any negativity between Jess and Cody, like we have been shown for the other teams, even with Jody's terrible navigating 'skills' coming into play again and again ?  I think that the TAR producers expected Jody to be their designated 'villain team' and they expected lots of infighting between them, and that never happened.
Actually, Cody's avoided having any negatively-edited moments, surprisingly, as I thought he'd be the one more liable to be edited that way.  It's Jessica who's had her share of "villain" moments, albeit small ones, like screwing Alex and Brittany over in Prague, which led to Lucas & Brittany U-Turning them in Harare, and making her "karma" comment about Lucas losing the passport.  So I think that if TPTB wanted them to be the villains, at least one of them has given them something with which to work.

Though if you read between the lines, the female half of the other F3 team has unintentionally given them even more than Jessica has.
The Amazing Race Discussion / Re: Best & Worst Pit Stop/Finish Line Locations
« Last post by ghmorello on February 18, 2018, 01:32:31 AM »
Worst Finish Line: Season 12 outside of Anchorage, AK.  I rather go to some rest stop on the highway than an airport.

Best Finish Line: I maybe bias because I live in Dallas, but I enjoyed the Season 26 Finish Line on the Continental Ave. Bridge overlooking the Dallas skyline. 
I also just noticed that Ala-Too Square is A BLOCK AWAY FROM THE PARK. There was literally no way those two teams could have gotten lost. I don't buy this at all. I agree with jfarbzz entirely.

I NEVER once EVER accused ANY version of The Amazing Race of executive meddling or falsifying results. Even in TAR Vietnam 3 when everybody else seemed to agree this was the case, I didn't buy it. This however just doesn't look real at all. Regev is far too magical to be doing this properly.

This season started out so well, with such a FANTASTIC leg in New York. Everything has been downhill since then. This is truly a black mark on such an amazing franchise, and it disappoints me severely.
Damn it...

Why oh WHY!!!  :nono2: :crybabe:
Regev's a pretty big celebrity in Israel, so I can't help but wonder if there actually is executive meddling. There are so many times that they've been near the back of the pack only to somehow bounce back in one task. (the library in Mexico? The bubble task in Mexico? The models task in Colombia? THE PANELLAS?) I'd say that they made the twist just for them, but it was a thing before they got eliminated. You could have brought any other team back into the race and it's my least favorite team of the season. ***, HaMerotz. ***.
Regev & Helen are the third to finish the last challenge, behind Asaf & Jessica and Adi & Meitar, and then suddenly show up first with no explanation?

Yeah, sure.

Either that's some executive meddling (Screw off), or manipulative editing (also screw off)
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