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Coconut at purple tribe

taylor says wont hurt us now, everybody knows

Figgy says worried about coming out, worried about reaction
Hannah talking about panic attacks, Sunday says we are proving to ourselves we can do this

Orange team chowing down.MG we have pie!!

Michelle 100% gets the credit

Oh Figgy said at challenge I AM SO HAPPY TO SEE MICHELLE!

Zeke says hmmm,might have to send her home

Michele, Figgy owes me her life in game, that's why
Figgy Jeff says you are hero or zero as caller, crying, she says hard to direct the blind

and Sucks when you lose

Jay gets puzzle!

Hannah has cramping arms

Don't let me die


Hannah hyperventilated, calms down

she says she is "prone to panic attacks"

going for some water, better
David gets 3rd set!!

Hannah about to faint, jeff says tell me if you need medical

Figgy trying to help from above

Zeke gets it!!

Hannah cant feel her hands

Ken takes big fall

Figgy and ken start solving

Michaela has last one

David lost agian
Michelle calling

4 sets of puzzle pieces for each tribe

Takali m(sp??)gets one

David not listening

Will has 2nd set

Takali has 3rd

sorry too confusing...

Michelle says The TRuth works well

Blindfold challenge (see preview)

Puzzle will be solved blindfolded

Team 1 gets applepie!

team 2 get Choc Chip cookies

Brett and Hannah to sit out

Previously on...


Zeke whole new game, I am a new baby

Chris: Had to be done

Jay we are all hungry, but I have to be focused, I have no Dad, so I am doing this for my family, my Mom and sister

Jay finds HII!! High school guy there and Mich__-(woman who started fire) saw too, she says to camera I will snitch if it helps me

Jay...horrible timing!

sorry I am terrible at their names :funny:
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