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Adam & Bethany out of the roadblock in 2nd.

Wow. Misti & Jim arrive at the pit stop in 1st. They've won a trip for 2 to Brazil.

Pit Stop:
1st - Misti & Jim
What the heck. Misti's done. They're given a postcard with the pit stop location. Casbah D'...? Sorry, missed it. Misti & Jim leave as Adam & Bethany arrive.

Bethany is doing the roadblock. WOW. SHE'S ON THE BRIDGE. WHAT. THIS IS CRAZY. I'M SCARED FOR HER. :lol:

Kym & Alli finish the detour in 4th. Amy & Maya finish in 5th! Brooke & Robbie finish in 6th right after. They think they're in last. They see Shelley & Nici arriving.

Tim & Te Jay arrive at the roadblock in 3rd. Te Jay is good with puzzles but bad with heights lol.

Bethany takes her shoes off to use her feet to hold the puzzle together. It's right. Kym & Alli arrive in 4th. Te Jay building the puzzle and he realizes there's 2 sides. Alli is just crossing the bridge SO QUICKLY. SHE'S BASICALLY RUNNING ACROSS. She takes time to appreciate the view! :hrt:

Amy & Maya now churning. Robbie says he's working his biceps and back. Robbie: "My biceps. Look at these babies!" Maya is basically getting her PhD in milk fat... :lol:

Tim & Te Jay getting inspection for their tent. And they're done the detour in 3rd!

Misti working on the puzzle. It's approved. HOW ARE THEY SO FAR AHEAD. More ziplining.
Did they just? Did they just edit the camp like that? I don't even
And we're back. Shelley & Nici ask for directions in a building. Someone gives them directions. Now they know where they're going.

Brooke & Robbie have enough milk. Robbie: "I feel like I just kissed a goat."

Amy & Maya arrive at goats. Tim & Te Jay are a hot mess at this tent thing. :lol:

Adam & Bethany checking to see if they have enough butter. They do! They're out of the detour in 2nd. Alli and Robbie still shaking.

Wow. Misti & Jim are already at the roadblock. Roadblock: Who has a knack of sliding things into place? Navigate a series of swinging bridges and ziplines. In the middle, solve a puzzle in time to avoid being overtaken by the other teams.

Misti doing the roadblock. THIS IS GORGEOUS, BUT SCARY TOO. Misti working on the first bridge. There are planks but then planks stop and you have to walk just on the rope. It's windy. And now back on planks. Now Misti is ziplining. Misti says she tried not to look down a lot, but she said it was beautiful. Now she's at the puzzle.
This is a cool RB
Ooh! I like this roadblock!
Did they just? Did they just edit the camp like that? I don't even
I like the detour. :hrt: Both sides are equally difficult.
UHHH WHAT. MISTI & JIM FINISH CAMP IN 1ST. Proceed to Terres D'Amanar.

Tim & Te Jay working at camp. "It smells like camel fart."

Shelley & Nici are really lost...
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