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Allison when we HEARD HER SAY OH WOW she must of saw something

 Jon yeah maybe a video or maybe a letter from her sister

 Rachelle if it's an instant eviction we dont get an audience do we

Jon no

 Heather thinks it's an instant eviction

Jon in the l/r looks like he's worried about Neda and what's to come

Jon heads back upstairs

 rachelle says Jon was sleep talking

Jon i woke up 8 times and walked around the house

 rachelle this is so weird im sure she 'll come back soon though

 heather you were freaking out about something

 jon had a dream about Pandora's box and  jon had to switch bodies with Neda and if they passed they got a prize

Allison it's we walk out there and its have not or it's a luxury challenge  or we're fucked

 Rachelle if it's its an instant then it can happen right now

 Jon yeah that would make sense

 Allison oh fuck

HG's are up mic packs on but no audio :ugot

Jon thinks that Neda has to  be on her own for 24 hrs and has to make the decision on her own .. he said I HOPE

 Allison doesnt  look thrilled he even said that.
Lights are on in the house time for the  madness to begin! :lol:
HG's are all still sleeping but this should be a fun and eventful day till the feeds get cut!
Survivor Spoilers / Re: S28 Ep 8 "Bag of Tricks"
« Last post by racer on Yesterday at 07:52:09 AM »
My only complain of this episode: Why do they let Woo talk so much?
Please somebody make him stop!

Summed up my thoughts perfectly!
Uh oh. If they U-turn Dave & Connor next leg my liking for them may completely go out the window. :ascared
Jeez, what? U-Turns are part of the game and just because someone U-Turns your likable team by being strategic and playing the game, it doesn't mean you should hate them :res:
It's been a bit weird not seeing any U-Turns for 7 episodes, so I kinda thought that maybe they just cut 1 from the edit because no one used it? And I think I read someone throwing this out there, but now I think it's pretty clear that this wasn't the case from JJ's exit interview:

EJ P: If given the opportunity, would you guys run the race again? And would you have a different strategy/mindset?
Yes, for sure. The race really is a once in a lifetime opportunity so the fact that we got to run it twice is so cool. We'd be humbled if we got the chance to do it again and we definitely would. If we did get to do round 3 we'd probably be U-turning people like crazy. Haha, just kidding, we've actually never even seen a U-turn board. Anyways, if we got to do it a third time we'd be married by then! So maybe that's been the missing link this whole time. I bet we'd take it if we ran it as newlyweds.
Yeah, I agree. The cowboys were actually eliminated in 6th on UB, but the entire season seemed so full of them :lol: I just hope Brenchel, CaroJen and either Cancer or Afghanimals (pls the latter) make F3 :colors
Survivor Spoilers / Re: S28 Ep 8 "Bag of Tricks"
« Last post by SteKay on Yesterday at 06:33:39 AM »
Woo: woooooooo
Woo: woooooooo
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