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I like seeing a U-turn and a Yield on the same leg, and I think it's a first, but this would've been better on an earlier leg.  :tantrum I may be rooting for the underdogs more at this point, but my sympathy is on Trez & Lou. It's as if the leg design is against them. :( I get why the Filipino teams targeted Trez & Lou, but it really looks like the leg design was going against them.

And then, it becomes n F4F. #prediction
This is really painful to watch :(

Love this season but was that REALLY necessary? :res:
Treasuri & Louisa arrive and Yvonne & Chloe are still there. They are determined to catch up.

At Dragon Horse, Yvonne & Chloe are attacked by the mud farmers. Chloe is down and yells "WHAT THE FUCK" :lol:

They choose to switch and wait for the other teams :o
We're back.

Yvonne & Chloe finish the Roadblock in 3rd! They discuss U-Turning Treasuri & Louisa because they are 2nd to last.

Treasuri & Louisa quickly finish in last. Treasuri carries Louisa on her back off the mountain. They hope that they'll get mercy from the other teams.

Eric & Rona arrive first and get to the U-Turn. They U-Turn Treasuri & Louisa. :(

Detour: Dragon Horse or Human Bull?

Dragon Horse: Decorate a dragon carriage and once it's approved, ride it to get your next clue.

Human Bull: Transfer rice husks while running in mud and avoiding farmers blocking their way to receive their next clue!

Eric & Rona and Parul & Maggie choose Dragon Horse.

Yvonne & Chloe choose Dragon Horse but are forced to switch because both Filipino teams are doing it.

Treasuri & Louisa arrive and are crushed :( They choose to do Dragon Horse but are also forced to switch.
Yield and U-turn!?!?!? :nut: :nut: :nut:

My gut tells me Trez & Lou might still make it past this leg.
This leg is great so far but I am NOT a big fan of a Yield AND a U-Turn on the same leg AT THE FINAL FOUR. Come on!  (:;)
At the Roadblock, Parul & Maggie finish in 2nd!

Louisa makes progress while Yvonne falls down!

I didn't mention it, but Louisa is forced to do the Roadblock to even the RB count. Louisa gets heavier rocks to get more sulfur.

Eric is done! They're out in first!

Route Info: Make your say to SDN2 Kecamatan Gilagah! CAUTION: UTURN AHEAD! :o
Yvonne & Chloe ask their driver how far it is. Their driver says its two hours :o Chloe says that her ankle was hurt in the Singapore leg and hope that it's not detrimental to their performance in the leg.

All teams are now running up the hill and fighting to make it to the Yield.

Yvonne & Chloe arrive and say that it stinks and Yvonne says it smells like Chloe's armpits :lol: <3

Rona is crying :( She says that she can't feel her toes. She had a recent knee surgery. Eric asks if she wants to quit, Rona refuses and says there's no quitting.

Rona: #ICantFeelMyToes :lol: <3

Yvonne & Chloe arrive at the Yield. They choose not to Yield and get the Roadblock clue. Who wants to crush it?

Roadblock: One team member must collect 80kg of Sulfur to get their next clue.

Yvonne chooses to perform the Roadblock.

Parul & Maggie arrive and yield Treasuri & Louisa. Parul does it.

Treasuri & Louisa arrive at the Yield. They understand and instead choose to watch the other teams doing the Roadblock to get a good strategy at performing the task.

Eric & Rona arrive. Eric does the Roadblock.

Yvonne struggles at the Roadblock while Eric does well and other teams call him "BEAST MODE".

Parul: If anyone knows to mess with me, you know what's happening! *smashes rock* :lol: <3

The Yield runs out and Louisa chooses to do the Roadblock!
All teams arrive at night and at the coffee place. Master Setlawan is not there, and Yvonne & Chloe sign up first on an Hours of Operation. Parul & Maggie in 2nd. Treasuri & Louisa in 3rd. Eric & Rona in last.

The next morning, Yvonne & Chloe enter to an accompaniment of instrumental music and get a cup of coffee. They get their clue after finishing it!

Route Info: Make your way to the top of Kavah Ijen and hike your way three kilometers to the top of the volcano to receive your next clue. CAUTION: YIELD AHEAD!

All other teams follow.
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