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MP zipline to the pitstop. They are second.
RR now at the rappeling task. Ryan doing it.

Rob: You got this hun, nice and slow.
Hockey gets zipline equipment right and are now ziplining to the pitstop.

Hockey first to pitstop!

Prize:two tickets to any destination in the USA and $5000

Hockey at zipline.

MP running to the zipline.

Big Brother Live Feeds and Spoilers / Re: BB16 discussion of the live feeds
« Last post by deltabwa on Yesterday at 08:43:02 PM »
yep, totally full of CBS employees.  I am disgusted, again, that he now thinks Christine is hated and he is loved.   :tantrum
Natalie finds first half of clue.

Mickey climbing wall along with Natalie.

Run along to Zipline one partner must correctly rig their partner.

Then zipline to pitstop.
Utopia / Re: FYI
« Last post by SteKay on Yesterday at 08:42:30 PM »
Idk if anyone is still watching or if I should make a comments thread but I caught up and finally the virus has left the show! Hopefully the new residents add something. Bella is just :lol:
RR got the detour finished.

SJ how did the get it?

Jinder realized the mistake and hoists the flag up

They get it on their 10th try.

Mickey and Natalie doing the rb

Ryan & Rob had a blue and white checkered flag with 20 squares, but the right one has 16 squares... Sukhi & Jinder had this mistake as well...
RR now also realize it, because MP told them to pay attention to the small detail. But they get it wrong lol.

RB: Who is ready to rage against the cape?

Rappel: to halfway floor, find first half of clue, then climb up and find the second part of clue.
Teams are mixing up a flag with yellow and blue vertical stripes. One starts and ends with yellow, and another starts with yellow and ends with blue.
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