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At the very least, can we all agree that this race has been amazing starting from the 3rd leg?

Could pass 25 if the right team wins! :tup:
The Amazing Race Contestants / Re: TAR 26: Matt Cucolo & Ashley Gordon
« Last post by gamerfan09 on Yesterday at 08:15:27 PM »
#MattAndAshleyForReturnees <3

They're one of the rare teams where both of them are extremely fun.

Ashley's one liners are hilarious and frantic Matt is <3
For my 1000th post!!! :hearts: :hearts: :hearts: I just wanna say that I wish these awesome legs will keep coming, even until future seasons. :hearts: :hearts: :hearts:

I enjoyed TAR25 and TAR26, and I really hope TAR keeps getting a good cast and a good route per season. I hope it will not be as bad as TAR24. Also, even though I like TAR26 so much, I do hope that the couples theme won't be repeated anymore.

I'm hoping for more years of awesome and amazing TAR!!! :wohoo: :cheer: :trampb: :luvya: :hearts: :hoot: :conf: :<3 :) :hrt: :hugs: :lol: :ihrtu :ty3: :tu
At the very least, can we all agree that this race has been amazing starting from the 3rd leg?
Thanks for updating gamer! :hearts:
A lot might say Amsterdam legs are boring, but I like this one! :) It's better than the one in TAR21, even though I like the U-turn drama in TAR21. :lol: There were shuffle of placements, decent detour sides, directions drama. :lol: I probably enjoyed the Namibian legs more, but this is good enough. It's definitely better than TAR24.

 :wohoo: Peru!!!

The drama in that TAR 21 leg was awesome. That leg was so moody with the rain and sad collapse of Abbie & Ryan (even though I hated them). :hrt:

Can't really tell if I liked this leg too much. The teams are great, but that's about it. The finding Roadblock was nice but only Matt struggled badly.

LOVE: everyone except...
DISLIKE: Jelani & Jenny, Tyler
If there's self-driving in the final leg like TAR 25, then Jenny & Jelani are certainly in trouble...
Amy & Maya had navigational problems for the entire season of TAR25, with the exception of the finale. Jelani & Jenny could easily be following their footsteps.

Hopefully not..

Matt & Ashley falling down by a massive .01 in their average :lol:
TV Shows that are NOT Reality / Re: Revenge
« Last post by gamerfan09 on Yesterday at 08:05:11 PM »
And btw, Charlotte's not a Grayson, she's a Clarke :lol:

Charlotte is a Grayson forever in my heart :')


Charlotte is the last surviving Grayson ;_;

Christa B. Allen is returning so hopefully they end this show right!

I'm really gonna miss it :(

ABC said nothing, but this smells a lot to a series finale.  :(

The ratings have been really bad this season so yeah =/
I was honestly expecting tonight to be bad, but other than the Hot Tub Detour, it was an amazing leg and easily on my top half of episodes for the season, not to mention this was the best edited NEL/KOR ever since TAR18 China. Loved it!

See you all next week!  :waves:
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