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The Amazing Race Discussion / Re: Any teams who have become more famous post-Race?
« Last post by Maanca on November 18, 2017, 12:42:20 PM »
Only ones I can think of off-hand are Canadian racers.

-Alain Chanoine from Season 2 landed his first Hollywood role last year playing Incubus in Suicide Squad.
-Lesbian couple Steph LeClair and Kristen McKenzie from Season 4 started a YouTube channel that in just over a year has accumulated 54,000 subscribers.
The Amazing Race Discussion / Re: Any teams who have become more famous post-Race?
« Last post by Xoruz on November 18, 2017, 12:24:35 PM »
Stassi Schroeder was on the Bravo show Vanderpump Rules post TAR:FE.

Jamie was part of Playboy after her appearance on TAR 14.

Not sure if this completely counts but Amy Purdy went on to become a paralympian and was on Dancing with the Stars after TAR 21 (she did appear in a movie in 2005, but it was only shown in film festivals not in the cinema).

To add on with TAR Australia:

Nathan competed on Celebrity Apprentice Australia after TARAu 1.

Mel became a famous radio host after TARAu 1, which unfortunately led to the infamous prank call that led to the suicide of Kate Middleton's nurse.
The Amazing Race Discussion / Any teams who have become more famous post-Race?
« Last post by RachelLeVega on November 18, 2017, 12:08:37 PM »
I've noticed that some reality competitions have produced successful celebrity figures such as American Idol, introducing Kelly Clarkson, Adam Lambert and Carrie Underwood to the world; Survivor, turning contestant Elisabeth Hasselback into a talk show hostess; and American Ninja Warrior, providing Jessie Graff the spotlight to become the "new Jackie Chan" with an incredible fan-base. Outside of CBS-Amazing Race territory, I've only immediately recognized Canaan Smith from season 15 who has grown his fame substantially by releasing a hit country single and discovered Blake from season 2 becoming the founder of TOMS shoes.

Are there any other media newcomers who went onto do and become bigger public figures? Those already well-known in their fields and media moments (Adam & Bethany, Josh & Brent, Caite Upton, Survivor/BB crossovers, etc.) don't count.
It felt like a poorly manufactured "TWIST!!11!!1!" to me at first, but I liked how it played out. Poor Cole being blamed for everything by Ben. :lol:
I can't say I'm sad Desi went home, it's actually that I'm sad she was so underedited. I loved her Ponderosa, she's all of smart, athletic, pretty, but I guess they have to make choices of who not to give an edit, if they have no overall impact on the season. And Desi didn't have any. :/
After the last episode, I'm 100% confident prediction-wise that Chrissy is a F3 loser.
If you read some of Desi's interviews, it's pretty clear that Chrissy was generally (strongly) disliked by the cast. I just can't see her getting the votes at FTC.
However, she's got great gameplay, and I can see her making the FTC. With her edit, it would be a a great shock win for someone else.

I still think Lauren might win lmao.
Ben/Ryan have had way too good edits throughout the season. Not positive-good, but visibility-good. One of them will either be a shock boot by an idol/blindside, or a F4 loser.
I am shocked they didn't boot Joe since he seemed to be way more than a threat than Desi. Also Joe annoyed me and I wanted him gone.

Also, I really didn't understand why there was such an early jump to want to split votes when you need a 2/3 majority to do that and heroes + hustlers didn't have 2/3 majority. (Disregarding Lauren's advantage) If all 4 healers voted together it would be 4-4-3 and one idol would send home a hero or hustler, it would make no difference than a 7-4 vote.

I also found it odd that they would give a very direct clue as to where to idol was that would be seen by multiple people, but I did like the twist of private family style reward. That was refreshing.
A strong edit with a case to win and currently holds the position of power:
Chrissy - negative edit
Ryan - still pretty much a Todd/Cochran edit
Ben (moved up) - negative edit
Lauren (moved up) - positive edit

Relatively strong edit (at least there's a story):
Devon (moved up)

Floating as of now BUT there may be a back story:

Completely hopeless (if they pull a win my jaw will drop) :funny: :funny::

F3 Contenders: Ryan, Chrissy, Ben/Devon
My Prediction Boot for next week: Joe
Songs danced this gala:

Federico Bal & Laura Fernández - Rompecinturas (Los Hermanos Rosario)
Mica Viciconte & Jorge Moliniers - Muévelo (Jandy Ventura y Los Potros)
Flor Vigna & Gonzalo Gerber - Abusadora (Wilfrido Vargas)
Scores by juror:

(Order of voting:  A. De Brito - C. Ardohain - M. Casán - M. Polino)

Federico Bal & Laura Fernández: 10 + ? + 9 + 8 = 27

Mica Viciconte & Jorge Moliniers: 3 + ? + 6 + 0 = 9

Flor Vigna & Gonzalo Gerber: 10 + ? + 10 + 10 = 30
Second gala of Merengue:

Federico Bal & Laura Fernández - Score: 27


Mica Viciconte & Jorge Moliniers - Score: 9


Flor Vigna & Gonzalo Gerber - Score: 30

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