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3 hrs near Lat Krabang, Thailand

Omg I love Amazing race ...... I saw them filming through the airport. Would've went up to them, but I know time is limited. I think it's a sign ____
If neither one of the rumored eliminated team is going out this leg, AJ/Jody will come last. They arrived at the beach before night (probably between 5:30pm-6pm or late). The top 3 teams are ahead of them by maybe 2 hours.

So it could be.
1. Someone did really quit, hence AJ/Jody sighting in Iloilo.
2. They beat either one of siblings/dating couple at the next challenge.
3. Non-elimination leg. Double Elimination next leg.  :o
4. Superleg, then DEL.  :o :lol:
5. Decoys.

r @obbiz      11m 11 minutes ago   

@xxxthey were near gate F; but most of the flights from gate f were heading to Tehran, India & middle east countries

r @obbiz      9m 9 minutes ago   

@xxxI think I saw 6

@xxx Asian/African teams seemed not really getting along with other teams. Light green teams said something about...
8:36 AM - 20 Nov 2014 (EST)

r ‏@obbiz  4m4 minutes ago 
@xxx Tyler & someone went too far away?not sure what did they mean.
omg. Could it be that Matt/Phoebe quit? Derek said in the preview "at sinong team ang maiisipang magquit na lang?"  :o

Or it could be Jet and Yna, remember leg 5 when Jet wanted to quit because he couldn't handle seeing Yna in pain? But Yna persisted so far. So maybe this time, both of them finally decided to quit.  :funny:  ???

If only RR and Jeck made it this far, RR could have said " anu ba isa pa pala itong abnormal challenge. Sinong taong kayang magbalance sa hammock na hindi pwedeng aapak sa lupa?" or something close to that  :funny: \

I miss RR AND Jeck  :'(
omg. Could it be that Matt/Phoebe quit? Derek said in the preview "at sinong team ang maiisipang magquit na lang?"  :o
Survivor Spoilers / Re: S29 Ep 9 "Gettin' to Crunch Time"
« Last post by paradoxinee on Yesterday at 06:42:11 AM »
Jeremy being voted out <3

^ This

What I love is after Josh and Jeremy were voted out, we will see more of other people playing the game.
Robby @obbiz    22m 22 minutes ago
Bumped into Amazing Race's contestant in Bangkok Airport!

r ‏@obbiz  29m29 minutes ago
@calapang14 they are heading to Europe! I hears them exchanging some Euro; have no idea where they are heading to.

(They also tweeted someone that they got some pics, but as of this moment they haven't posted any of them.)
Oh dear,

Christie has fallen to 3rd place!  :'(

Let's keep voting for her all the way to 1st!  :yess:
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