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Scores by juror:

(Order of voting:  A. De Brito - C. Ardohain - M. Casán - G. Alfano - M. Polino)

Pedro Alfonso/Flor Vigna: 7 + 8 + ? + 7 + 3 = 25

Diego Maradona Jr./Yamila Ramírez: 5 + 7 + ? + 9 + 3 = 24

Sabrina Rojas/Cristian Ponce: 10 + 9 + ? + 5 + 7 = 31

María del Cerro/Nicolás Villalba: 9 + 9 + ? + 10 + 8 = 36
First gala of Bachata:

Pedro Alfonso/Flor Vigna - Score: 25


Diego Maradona Jr./Yamila Ramírez - Score: 24


Sabrina Rojas/Cristian Ponce - Score: 31


María del Cerro/Nicolás Villalba - Score: 36


This rhythm the secret vote is held by Moria Casán.
Survivor 33: Millennials Vs. Gen X / Re: S33: Rachel Ako (Takali)
« Last post by Leafsfan on September 22, 2016, 10:07:24 PM »
Announced today, next rhythm is ROCK 'N ROLL.
Soledad Silveyra won't be on the next two galas due to be sick. She's going to be replaced by former juror Graciela Alfano.
Survivor 33: Millennials Vs. Gen X / Re: S33: Michaela Bradshaw (Vanua)
« Last post by gamerfan09 on September 22, 2016, 07:05:02 PM »
She will INCREASE her screentime!

Awful premiere. I thought it was personally trying to copy the Australian Survivor premiere by focusing on survival but it failed in almost all respects. I was legitimately BORED by the time the Immunity Challenge hit and by then it was only 20 minutes left.

Rachel :torche Too good for that awful tribe.

Jessica & David are the STARS of Gen X. David is hilariously crazy and Jessica's social game is on point so far. Jessica having the Legacy Advantage <3 Also loved how we were shown her trying to do HII shielding from David because that conversation was so awkward lol <3 Hopefully her eyes aren't too bad with the infection :(

Mari/Hannah/Michaela are all great. I love Figgy/Michelle too but they need to GTFO from the Legend of Zelda ripoff alliance.

Zeke is alright. Lucy is HILARIOUSLY invisible.

Sunday/Cece are meh. Paul/Adam are just ok.

Bret/Ken/Chris are all so BORING.
Will is CREEPY. He sounds like puberty in motion. God.
Taylor/Justin... just no.

Overall I already had ZERO expectations and this season still failed :lol: Let's see how it goes.
The Amazing Race: International Versions / Re: TAR ISRAEL 5 SHOW Discussion *spoilers*
« Last post by BourkieBoy on September 22, 2016, 05:49:50 PM »
Is there any more information on the Melbourne leg???
I liked this a lot, I'd been missing Probst :hearts:
Tbh I wanted the Millenials to lose, because I dislike Jay/Taylor and I don't want them to form a "cool kids" clique, ousting goddesses like Mari and Michaela + possibly Zeke. Taylor is such a Fabio, only he is annoying and not funny in his stupid remarks. And I kinda liked him pre-game. :res: Jay is totally not going the Ozzy/Malcolm-type direction, which was thrown around pre-game and the whole situation just gave me major Caramoan vibes. I hope the outcome is the same and Mari manages to form a strong group.

Anyway, Rachel was a very surprising first boot considering her pre-game stuff. And I just found out that she had leaked info about her being pre-merge. :lol:

So how would the day structure play out if someone was vote  day 4
They'll probably shorten a period of 3 days to 2 days somewhere down the line. Or maybe the 2nd person will be voted out on day 6 as usual and all will be sorted.
BB18 Live Feeds & Discussion / BB "Over the Top" has a new Board!
« Last post by georgiapeach on September 22, 2016, 12:44:41 PM »
You can find all the Fall BB Season info right here:,186.0.html
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