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Amber is the renom and sack is proud of his speech
Highest lowest place a team got per season:

TAR1: 4th - Joe & Bill
TAR2: 5th - Tara & Wil
TAR3: 5th - Flo & Zach
TAR4: 7th - Jon & Al
TAR5: 6th - Brandon & Nicole and Charla & Mirna

TAR6: 5th (halfway point of the super leg) or 4th - Kris & Jon
TAR7: 5th - Rob & Amber and Lynn & Alex
TAR8: 5th - Weaver Family
TAR9: 4th - Eric & Jeremy
TAR10: 6th - Tyler & James and Rob & Kimberly

TAR11: 5th - Oswald & Danny
TAR12: 5th - Kynt & Vyxsin
TAR13: 5th - Terence & Sarah
TAR14: 4th - Margie & Luke
TAR15: 6th - Meghan & Cheyne and Flight & Big Easy

TAR16: 6th - Jet & Cord and Carol & Brandy
TAR17: 6th - Brook & Claire
TAR18: 6th - Kisha & Jen
TAR19: 5th - Ernie & Cindy
TAR20: 4th - Art & JJ

TAR21: 5th - Abbie & Ryan
TAR22: 6th - Joey & Meghan
TAR23: 4th - Nicole & Travis
TAR24: 4th - Dave & Connor

TARAus1: 6th - Tyler & Nathan, Jeff & Luke, Matt & Tom and Dave & Kelly
TARAus2: 7th - Michelle & Jo and Sticky & Sam
TARC1: 5th - Vanessa & Celina

TARA1: 6th - Zabrina & Joe Jer and Mardy & Marsio
TARA2: 3rd - Marc & Rovilson
TARA3: 5th - Henry & Berny
TARA4: 5th - Ethan & Khairie

TARCH1: 5th - Charlie & Rachel and Rick & Josh
TARCH2: 7th - Lily & Jan, Elena & Tameka and Rhett & Howie
TARCH3: 5th - Liu Weiwei & Lei Sheng and Ryan & Charlie

TARP1: 4th - Marc & Kat
TARV1: 5th - Chí Bình & Hồng Long
TARV2: 4th - Linh Chi & Nhan Phúc Vinh and Hari & Tiến Đạt

TARB: 4th - Perri & Maristela
TARLA1: 4th - Matías & Tamara
TARLA2: 4th - Mauricio & Carlos
TARLA3: 4th - Nicolás & Cristóbal
TARLA4: 5th - Fer & Ferds and Ana Paula & Renata
TARLA5: 5th - Darío & Esther

TARI1: 4th - Maya & Amichay
TARI2: 3rd - Alon & Oren
TARI3: 7th - Romi & Coral, David & Eliran and Mor & Lior

TARF: 5th - Stéphanie & Alice
TARN1: 6th - Morten & Truls
TARN2: 5th - Julie & Robert
TARU: 5th - Valeria & Bohdana
The Amazing Race Canada / Re: TAR Canada 2: Ep 4 "They're Harshing Our Mellow"
« Last post by MrDS on Yesterday at 03:14:43 PM »
New teaser shows Cormac and Nicole at Macau Tower with Cormac about to do the Sky Dive off of it

Week 1: Frankie, HOH 1, Caleb, HOH 2, Frankie nominated Brittany & Victoria, Caleb nominated Donny & Paola, Brittany & Victoria wins the Battle of the Block, Frankie dethroned, Donny wins veto, used on self, Joey up, Joey evicted 13-0
Week 2: Amber, HOH 1, Devin, HOH 2, Amber nominated Hayden & Nicole, Devin nominated Brittany & Paola, Hayden & Nicole wins the Battle of the Block, Amber dethroned, Devin wins veto, used on Brittany, Zach up, Paola evicted 10-2
Week 3: Nicole, HOH 1, Derrick, HOH 2, Nicole nominated Amber & Donny, Derrick nominated Caleb & Jocasta, Amber & Donny wins the Battle of the Block, Nicole dethroned, Donny wins veto, used on Jocasta, Devin up, Devin evicted 11-0
Week 4: Frankie, HOH 1, Cody, HOH 2, Frankie nominated Amber & Jocasta, Cody nominated Brittany & Victoria, Amber & Jocasta wins the Battle of the Block, Frankie dethroned, Victoria wins veto, used on self, Donny up, Brittany evicted 10-0
Week 5: Frankie, HOH 1, Zach, HOH 2, Frankie nominated Jocasta & Victoria, Zach nominated Christine & Nicole, Christine & Nicole wins the Battle of the Block, Zach dethroned, Hayden wins veto, used on Victoria, Amber up, to be continued...
Jeff is on the feeds so it must be Veto ceremony time!  :conf:
The Amazing Race Discussion / Re: Previous TAR Seasons Discussions
« Last post by Airlines on Yesterday at 01:30:10 PM »
Continuing my TAR10 rewatch.  The Madagascar Leg was insane.  The mattress Detour was hilarious,  the eating FF was great because it didn't automatically give the teams the win, and the Marked for Elimination actually playing out at the end. Awesome episode and Leg.

TAR10 is my favourite season <3
Sukhi & Jinder - Ready Set Go!
The Atwal siblings, Sukhi and Jinder, are inseparable. Together, they have travelled the world, started their own successful business enterprise and done humanitarian work in Mexico. Now this brother-sister duo from Terrace, BC has teamed up to compete on the second season of ‘The Amazing Race Canada.’
‘The Amazing Race Canada’ is a reality television series in which eleven teams of two must trek across Canada. At each destination, the teams face mental and physical challenges in order to discover their next location. The first team to reach the final destination wins the grand prize. This year, the winning team will get a $250,000 cash payout, two Chevrolet Silverado Pickup trucks, “gas for life” from Petro Canada and the opportunity to fly free for a year anywhere Air Canada flies.
“We first thought about participating in the Amazing Race years ago, when we saw the American show,” Sukhi shares. “So when we found out the show was coming to Canadian television, we knew we had to apply.”
They sent in the first take of their audition video, just hours before the deadline – and the producers loved it. After a quick meeting with the producers, Sukhi and Jinder were thrilled to be chosen as participants.
“In the Amazing Race, you never know what you have to do, where you will start, where you will end up. It really is the ultimate adventure-seekers heaven!” says Sukhi. “You need to be adventurous and not scared of the unknown. Both Jinder and I are spontaneous and love going with the flow. We don’t get [easily] stressed out and are up to do anything.”
For the past couple of weeks, the siblings have been preparing themselves for whatever challenges the Race might bring. This included watching hours of previous seasons of the show, working out 5 – 7 days a week and taking ice baths every night to speed up their recovery times. “We’ve never felt stronger, or more fit than we do now, in our entire lives,” says Sukhi.
Good thing too – as the Atwal siblings are up against some serious competition this season in the Race. One of the competing teams is comprised of the Olympic gold medalists for Women’s Hockey, Natalie Spooner and Meaghan Mikkelson.
However, this determined brother-sister team remain unfazed and are confident in their chances of winning. As young entrepreneurs who oversee ventures around the world, they have learnt to successfully deal with a number of stressful situations. “Being siblings is also a major advantage,” adds Jinder. “At the end of the day, even if we get into the most heated argument, we’ll get over it.”
Despite their 7 year age difference, Sukhi and Jinder have always shared a strong bond. Growing up, Sukhi was often not allowed to go out unless she brought her younger brother with her and those early years together laid the groundwork for a strong friendship. “At the end of the day, we’re both such big dreamers and have so much fun together as we go after these big goals,” shares Jinder. “It’s been really great having a strong support [system].”
“Both of us would not race with any other person,” adds Sukhi. “We have been best friends for as long as we can remember.”
The ambitious duo has already planned what they will do if they win the Race. One of their prize trucks will go to their father, as a thank-you for everything he’s done. They have also decided that they will invest the cash prize and start a new venture. “We [also want] to build and grow a non-profit organization called ‘One Dollar Projects,” says Sukhi. Inspired by their humanitarian trips to Haiti and Mexico over the years, their One
Dollar Projects will have each member donating a dollar a month to fund money for various world causes.
“Winning the Amazing race [is] one of ourdreams. We know it is going to take a lot of teamwork and dedication. We want to put our skills to the test and do whatever it takes to bring the title home,” says Sukhi.
The Amazing Race Canada airs Tuesdays at 9 pm on CTV. To follow Sukhi and Jinder on their adventures, visit their website at

 does anyone watch this show? 
Big Brother Live Feeds and Spoilers / Re: BB16 discussion of the live feeds
« Last post by Shari on Yesterday at 11:48:27 AM »
When it comes to Zach, I'm always worried...He's the only one in the house that is not predictable!!  I, personally, don't like his attitude or the way he does things, but he at least keeps me from falling asleep!!
"The Amazing Race South Africa"! :wohoo:
(Seriously, Africa is missing out on all the fun of TAR!)

STARTING LINE: Johannesburg Botanical Garden — Johannesburg, Gauteng
Leg 1 (South Africa --> Argentina) / Johannesburg flight to Buenos Aires; sign up for bus to Mendoza
Leg 2 (Argentina --> Chile) / flight to Santiago; bus to Valparaíso and Pit Stop in Piña del Mar
Leg 4 (Chile --> United States) / flight to Miami; Key West boat to Everglades
Leg 5 (United States) / flight to New Orleans and Pit Stop near Slidell
Leg 6 (United States --> Germany) / flight to Munich: fairytale-themed Leg
Leg 7 (Germany --> Czech Republic) / train to Prague
Leg 8 (Czech Republic --> India) / flight to Mumbai and taxi to Pune; car manufacturing themed Leg
Leg 9 (India) / taxi back to Mumbai; Bollywood dance (Bopper & Mark "Crossover" RB)
Leg 10 (India --> Seychelles) / flight to Victoria, Mahé; island hopping to Praslin & La Digue
Leg 11 (Seychelles --> South Africa) / flight to Cape Town and memory task on Robben Island
FINISH LINE: Lanzerac Estate — Stellenbosch, Western Cape
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