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Earlier in this Caleb and Amber conversation, Caleb admitted that he threw the rock pillow at her yesterday morning.  He said he wanted to play a prank on her and admitted that he was going to paint the bottom of her feet, or do something with a banana but ultimately just threw the pillow.  Now, they're rehashing the pillow throwing again.   (If you didn't see it, check the feeds for July 28 @ 5:19 am BBT)

Amber now saying that Zach is working with Donny and if they get rid of her they will definitely have the numbers (the other side).  And, she says that Christine will flip and the only ones left are you 4 guys.

Caleb: I keep saying its a numbers game.  Strictly a numbers game.  Nicole and Victoria have been together all day. Hayden says Nicole doesn't like her.  I keep stressing that if send Jocasta home we have numbers.   If we send you home, they'll put us up. Paranoia got the best of everyone.  This is not what we planned.  It backfired.

Amber: I don't understand how you trust Zach over me.  YOu're scared of him.  YOu're wimps when it comes to him.

Caleb: No. At the end of the day, it will be an endurance comp that I'll win and I'll put Zach up right away.   YOu're not going to go home. 

Amber: WHy are you afraid of Zach?

Caleb: We're not afraid of him

Amber; Yeah you are.  Otherwise I wouldn't have been on the block.  I'm not afraid to make moves.  I'm not afraid of him.   If he goes we still have the numbers and we probably would get extra numbers with Hayden and Nicole. I don't know what you guys were thinking.  This is why you need women.

Caleb: Because we make stupid decisions

Amber: Yeah, i fyou guys weren't up there all talking without me you could hash this all out with me.   I'm just irritate that Zach is up and I'm not. 

Caleb: I'mnot afraid of him.

Amber: Yes you are.

Caleb: I'll show you. 
Back to Caleb and Amber in the beehive

Amber: When did you talk to Zach?

Caleb: Today.  He was in the HOH, I went up there and said "She's staying."  He said didn't she blow us up?  I said no. 

Amber:I feel like you guys wanted me to blow you up. 

Nicole cuddled with Hayden in the rock room. 
All 4 feeds on Caleb and Amber talking in the beehive room (and have been for awhile).

Caleb promises that he will do everything he can to get her to stay.  THey are now reviewing all votes. 

2 feeds switch to Zach and Nicole talking.  I think they're in the storage room. Feeds show we'll be back.  Nicole says she's tired.  Zach calls her weak. 
 I really hate Frankie now, he actually said Jocasta should kill herself if shes upset that Amber got nominated. I hate how CBS gives such a good edit to Frankie! frustrating
PS: I think Zankie is gross
The Amazing Race Discussion / Re: Casting...Team composition
« Last post by georgiapeach on Today at 01:17:38 AM »
What bothers me most, is that TAR has said over and over and over again, is that TAR is a relationship show. FIRST and FOREMOST. "Jumping the shark" with stranger or "blind dates" sorts of teams would be a huge TAR departure.
Many hgs in HOH hanging out

Christine called to DR

BBAD ended for the night!  :waves:
The Amazing Race Discussion / Re: Casting...Team composition
« Last post by gamerfan09 on Today at 12:59:19 AM »
I would kind of like to see something different, maybe a random team season?  Bring in all new people that don't know each other and pair them up by random draw.  Maybe have a challenge where you can choose a new teammate......

Maybe I am just in Big Brother mode right now.....

Mark & Mallory on TAR24 shows this concept is extremely flawed and results to mass miscommunication. :(

Just really the saddest team ever. It proves that two good teams combined don't exactly make a good team.
The Amazing Race Canada / Re: TAR Canada 2: Ep 5 "TBD"
« Last post by georgiapeach on Today at 12:54:06 AM »
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