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Here we go! (8:47 start FTR)

Previously on TAR Aus vs NZ,

Cracks formed in the NZ alliance and Kiwis John & Murray were left out in the cold.

But despite an Aussie promise, Ashleigh & Jarrod did join forces with Kiwis John *& Murray but the Kiwi best mates beat them to be first at the Pit Stop, only to be told it didn't end there.

3 Aus & 3 Kiwis keep racing. Who will be eliminated next?
I think they are going overtime from the EPG time, it's 8:44. X-factor is dragging on his which performer is getting kicked off. Then we also have the news update before the show.
I have 8:45.
we don't actually have proof they went to italy so...
Listed for 8:44-10:03pm for tonight! :hoot:
- The judge from sing detour is Anh Bằng. He's not quite famous because of his type of music (songs about revolution, war, soldiers, ect). The place is the house of Star Academy Vietnam.
- The judge from magic detour is Nguyễn Phương. Semifinalist of Vietnam's Got Talent.
Show gets underway in just under an hour!
This thread is for the weekly discussion of the show!
Hopefully some of you from Aus and NZ can update LIVE.
To protect those of us who may not be able to watch right away, ANY SPOILERS ESPECIALLY RE ELIMINATIONS should only be discussed in this thread and the weekly EPISODE threads!
NO SPOILERS in the contestant threads please! Put Elimination Interviews here for now.
Thanks and have fun!! :hearts:
Some new sightings.

From yesterday's Leg in La Union:

Christine G. ‏@chrstnjycmgrc
OMG! Nasa agila/san agustin sur, agoo la union si Dereck Ramsay!!! OMG! Sana nandun akooooo 💪

And today's sighting:

Ariane Astraea ‏@ArianeAstraea
So Derek Ramsey is in Laoag. Ano na?
CBS Press Release says we have 8 countries this season, but I can count 9. Am I missing something?

2. UK (England + Scotland)
3. Denmark
4. Sweden
5. Morocco
6. Italy
7. Malta
8. Singapore
9. Philippines

I know those press releases aren't very accurate, but surely they wouldn't promote teams traveling to less countries than they actually did?  :lol:

Would it be a TAR 19 situation with Italy? Because technically they visited the Netherlands but didn't list it.
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