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I get the impression they're Steph & Kristen reversed. Looks strong to me.
TAR Canada / Re: TAR CANADA 5 CONTESTANTS - Aaron & Deb Baker (Son/Mother)
« Last post by TARUSAFan on Yesterday at 06:40:08 PM »
Their bio alone is entertaining, they literally put the fun in funeral directors, literally. I imagined a team racing in 'odd' outfits and now they're a reality.
Andrea looks like Anne Hathaway, rooting for this team also.
I get Flo/Brooke/Marie vibes in Ivana, very dominant and very competitive. Korey is obviously the more chill and fun type, Zach/Scott/Tim vibes there.
Not your typical married couple, very energetic! Rooting for this team also.
What a glam team, automatic faves.

Same here! Rooting for them already. Alpha F/F  :conf:
Hopefully not a Dave & Connor edit...
why do we even want them to go back to oceania lol no australia leg is beating the first tar2 visit and new zealand, tar13 aside, also hosts really bad legs

So, if we have a really good leg or a few really bad legs in a country, TAR should retire them and never go back? That makes no sense to me. If you have a history of good legs, I'd think you'd want to go back and duplicate it. If you have bad legs, I'd think you could improve that. Any country should be capable of having a good leg.

As for Oceania, I hope they go there, but it is more expensive to do so. Tahiti was very expensive and I believe that it affected the destination choices in the rest of that season. I'm not sure, but I think there are fewer flight choices into the various islands. Australia would be different of course.
That has why it had never a 6-continent race in westward route in the original American race. This could say for TAR 30 in 6 continents within 12 legs. Don't want to get another 5-continent race.
Scheduled to dance tonight

Melina Lezcano & Joel Ledesma
Freddy Villareal & Soledad Bayona
Gladys “La bomba tucumana” Jiménez & Facundo Arrigoni
Cecilia "Chechu" Bonelli & Facundo Insúa

This list is subject to last minute changes.
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