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Flick would also rather vote out Sue. She thinks keeping Nick around a little longer is good and Sam is playing with his emotions.
Brooke says it is dangerous to keep Vavau people around because they can be numbers for Kylie or Jennah-Louise.

Brooke says they are calling the shots and Sue is no longer valuable.
Sorry about how I missed heaps. I needed very, very, very, urgent loo break!

Anyway, I sounds like Nick is going home!
The majority of the group will be splitting the vote majority on Nick and majority on Sue.

Nick, Matt and Lee will vote for Sue and the remainder will vote for Nick.
Sam says last TC was Phase 1 of getting the snake out of the game and now it is Phase 2.
Nick: I guess it worked.
Kylie suggests voting for Sue to Nick and Matt.

They have 7 votes for Sue and 3 votes for Kristie. Foolproof via Nick.
Nick says last time at Tribal Council he was upset but he had the idol. Tonight he has no security - no idol, no Immunity, no alliance maybe. He needs a plan.
Brooke says support home beats any Immunity Necklace she could ever get.
Brooke reads her letter alone and is crying.
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