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Thanks SO much for jumping in Owl---MUCH appreciated!!  :tu

Ugh, just a jinxed night for the team..I couldn't get a way to watch either. :groan:
KI avoid last again, and AE are finally eliminated.

Next leg to Panama City!
The Amazing Race Discussion / Re: Languages of TAR: Translators needed :)
« Last post by G.B. on August 15, 2017, 07:57:41 PM »
I'd like to bring this up again in the hopes that someone is out there. Can anyone here speak Arabic?
KR in top 3 for first time since leg 1 with 2nd place; AA 3rd; KB somehow end up 4th.

Commercial break as Ivana and Ebonie try to avoid to be last going out of the roadblcok
KI and AE battling to avoid last in the Face Off. Commercial break at KI's chance to win

edit: Ivana gets the strike to win
Bert with the strike to make up for the previous goof.

Sam & Paul win the leg, and win a trip to Rio, and maintain their spot as the best team on the race.
Bert with the premature celebration at the Face Off. Proceeds to blow the last frame. Commercial break at Givers last chance at beating them.

edit: Giver beats them with a strike
TAR Canada / Re: TAR Canada 5 EP 7 LIVE DISCUSSION Thread 8/15/17 *UPDATER Found!*
« Last post by Maanca on August 15, 2017, 07:26:35 PM »
Sorry for the silence, guys. Will update eventually :P

This is my first week after getting off cable, I assumed the online would go up simultaneously with the first airing.
Korey doing his nature in the nature  :funny:
Scheduled to dance tonight:

Cecilia "Chechu" Bonelli & Facundo Insúa
Gladys “La bomba tucumana” Jiménez & Facundo Arrigoni
Naiara Awada & Jorge Moliniers
Freddy Villareal & Soledad Bayona

This list is subject to last minute changes.
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