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Christine: Frankie, your HOH was useless.

Cody: Hey, there's another girl in the house

Christine: Ewwwwww.

Discussion of the sleeping arrangements...

Discussion of when HOH will be.
Nicole, Derrick and Donny going through all the Zingbot zings, that Nicole missed.

Caleb piping in from the living room.


HG start talking about Zach and camera zooms in a on zip lock baggie filled with fruit loops.
OMFG!!! Nicole said if she won HoH, shes going after Cody & Derrick!!!!
Oh the excitement....
Thanks Howie!  :hrt: I missed the first part of the show on TV, it was updating itself. LOL I could see what was happening with your recap.  :hrt:
Derrick telling Christine about the meeting that was going on while she was in DR

Says everyone wants Donny out before Nicole.

She agrees
Nicole: Hayden is such a great guy!

Frankie: Hayden and Nicole are together!

Nicole: NO!  We're not!

Frankie leaves the room

And She whispers to Donny: Well I guess we kind of are

She smiles.
Donny filling Nicole in about the Skittles(BOTB) plan from last week.

Donny: I've got a friend again. Everyone was against me.  It was hopeless"

Vic is just watching silently
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