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Sorry slowhatch I am dense...

THIS is Intro Cap #42


Can you explain what your link has to do with that pic please?

And could someone please

1) bring over any relevant caps from our varied season previews and Intro

and 2) make a map showing our locations so far?

I think that since we did not see Tyler/Laura at all in the press pics, that we have to consider that there could be a FF....

American Idol / TOP 9
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Grade: B+

So so. I didn't like the arrangements though.
Do you guys think the merge boot will be Corrine'd? (Making the merge but not jury), because the last 5 seasons the 12th placer wasn't on the Jury.
S25 - Katie
S26 - Corrine
S27 - Laura B.
S28 - Alexis
S29 - Julie
March 26, 2015

Feed 1:
Sindy and Bobby cuddling, Sindy has her hands up Bobby's shirt. Bobby has won HOH

Feed 4:

Talk in the kitchen about TARCAN2, and how Global doesn't want crossovers because of the different channels.

Godfrey, Brit, Bruno, Zach, Johnny, Graig in the kitchen.

General chit chat across all cameras. No real game talk rn.

It looks like they were walking out of Wiesn Tracht & Mehr. For some reason street view is blocking parts of buildings, so here's a photo that explains intro cap #42..
Feeds are down due to the HOH comp.
Live feeds for Wednesday 3/25/15 - Wednesday 4/1/15

Houseguests are competing in the first HOH competition called Wall to Wall

We are back.

Risha is going back to Sequester.

One of the first five evicted HGS evicted will be re-entering the house.

The next hoh competition.

Its called wall to wall, stand on a ledge as long as you can. Another Survivor-esque challenge.

The first 8 out will compete in the have not challenge.

Risha comes out and she looks mad (I can't blame her).

Risha says its tough, she doesn't want to leave first.

Risha had a speech prepared. It was a close vote.

Risha says she wasn't fake and was the real Risha.

Arisa: There maybe a way for you to renter the house. OMG!

Arisa: But that's all I can tell you for now.

More details next.
Risha gets evicted and Pilar gets Safe in their envelopes.

She gets a standing ovation as she leaves the house.

So Risha is evicted from the BBCAN house :torche
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