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The girl with a reg bag look like Kim Joo Young (Team Purple)
Why would he? ???

He said in a video that the race would visit South America, Africa, Europe & Asia it was at Marina Del Ray I think

Not sure I would consider that a 100% guarantee, but thanks for the reminder.
WE as in RFF have not ruled out ANYTHING. So be careful of your wording please.
A lot of people flew to Holland to watch the start of the Tour de France today many are flying home.....that's the reason for the crowds at the airport, train stations, etc.
Can someone make a route that circumnavigates the world twice in 15 legs? :)

1. United States ( Boston ) > Spain ( Barcelona )

2. Spain > Czech Republic ( Prague )

3. Czech Republic ( Prague )

4. Czech Republic > Poland ( Kraków )

5. Poland > India ( Varanasi )

6. India > Australia ( Sydney )

7. Australia > New Zealand ( Wellington )

8. New Zealand > Chile ( Easter Island )

9. Chile ( Santiago )

10. Chile > Brazil ( Rio De Janeiro )

11. Brazil > South Africa ( Cape Town )

12. South Africa ( Port Elizabeth )

13. South Africa > Indonesia ( Medan )

14. Indonesia > Taiwan ( Kaohsiung )

15. Taiwan > United States ( Anchorage )
Okay. Let's start looking forward from here.

With Phil saying a 21 day race that means either a finale on 7/12 or 13 depending on whether or not you count start day.

So moving eastwards we should have 4 more legs PLUS the Finale Leg. So depending on a 4 team or a 3 team finale we have either 3 or 4 more elims.

With the limited time guess is for a West Coast Finale.(duh) My guess may be a route via Hawaii to Oregon...note the word GUESS. :lol:

Where in between?

Had been hoping for Eastern Europe (Hungary?) but time might not allow that...

Still hoping for that false spoiler leg of Melbourne +Tasmania. :funny:

Any place in NZ would also be wonderful.

Bottom line.. anything is possible so keep looking!!

The possible countries in Eastern Europe that should be visit for Leg 8: Finland, Hungary, Latvia and Bulgaria.
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It's really hard to get vibe on Jeff...BBAD this am, Clay, Jeff, Jackie, Shelli, and John made an alliance, but Jeff insist that it should be 7 and they should add James and Meg (this was before John was in the HOH and in the was those 4 until John was added) Shelli stuck to her guns on the "5". Good for her!!!  Jeff keeps insinuating that Audrey is after him, and she should be back-doored.  Hey HOH and do it you can tell I don't care much for him...
I like Shelli, she told the 4 (before John) that she was going to put Meg up when John uses the veto on ensure Da'Vonne doesn't get the votes.  Jeff wasn't for that, but Shelli stuck to her guns...saying Da'Vonne will get the votes to stay...(wait till James and Jason get this news...everything should heat up when they find out Meg will go up.) 
Watching Clay in the HOH with Jeff talking, Shelli listening, Clay looked as though he was trying to process what Jeff was trying to shovel...I think Jeff is a weasel and instigator...time will tell
Why would he? ???

He said in a video that the race would visit South America, Africa, Europe & Asia it was at Marina Del Ray I think
BB17 Live Feeds & Discussion / Re: Live Feeds for BB17 #1
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Shelli told Jeff and Jackie that Liz was the original replacement nominee but now it's gonna be Meg just to ensure that Da'Vonne gets evicted.

smart move for Shelli   :wohoo:,  James and Jason might not like this too much, but certainly will ensure Da'Vonne gets evicted.  No wonder there wasn't a lot of discussion over Liz as a replacement...
How YOU can help TODAY:

Teams should be on the move again. Schiphol is less than 30 min from Den Haag. There are LONG lines and some passport control issues this AM, unusual for them.

Twitter and Instagram search amazing race plus Schiphol, Phil Keoghan, cameras, filming, backpacks and anything else that you can think of.

Hopefully we will spot them moving on!

Just take care if you're searching amazing race as the British GP is on today which is one of the biggest in the whole F1 calendar :tup:
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