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Discussing how Victoria and Jocasta need to be on other sides of the BOTB comp.

Then talking about the have-not.

Frankie comes over and whispers something to Zach.
Derrick, Caleb, and Zach discussing the convo in the beehive last night...

Where Derrick said he would throw the comp if Frankie was up next to him in final 2.

Then switch to random chatter.

Caleb says he will win HOH this week.
Nicole & Caleb talking about how cold the have-not room is....and discussing have to take cold showers.

All feeds in the kitchen...
Caleb complains about the bracelets to America.

Says we all know he is one of the most active people in this house.

So the bracelets are for the birds..

Caleb says we have to come at him harder.

He's ex-military, the slop is great.  The bed is better than dirt.
Amber cleaning the havenot room..

Discussing Brittany...

Amber then starting whispering about her convo with Jocasta, and being worried her and Donny could go up.

Caleb says it could be worse...could be Jocasta & Donny at HOH
I hope they go to Nepal next season.
In the kitchen random chatter...

Comp, Food, Have-nots
Donny, Jocasta, Amber talking about who is going home, worried it could be one of them

Brittany was evicted by a 10 -0 vote

Frankie & Zach won the HOH comp
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