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How come no one created a Bitch, Moan & Squeal thread for TARA 5 yet?

I'll start. How come they only visited South-East Asia this season? Was expecting a route with more variety, and at least Taiwan or Mainland China. Is it because of the Grab sponsorship?

The Indonesia sponsor. They promised to based 5 LEGS in Indonesia. I don't think ANYONE's happy with that...

Doesn't stop them from going to say Beijing or Shanghai and doing a leg there.
Another decent episode and great that Kat is safe!

Vavau needs to die asap they are so boring and irrelevant.
Next time on AusSurv...

Kat is pissed off!

Kristie: How do you mend a leg that you were gonna amputate?
You didn't have to vote. But there are clearly issues within this tribe.

Get your torches. Head back to camp!
The discuss how NOT voting someone out changes the game now.

Phoebe: It might be awkward but we are a united group. We can work it out and move forward together.
Kat: I did overhear a conversation and I know how tight those four are. I knew that I was going to be going home.

Is that true you guys were having a discussion over who would be taking over Kat's cooking?
Kat: I thought I was going home tonight. I feel very lucky.
After the challenge, Peter decided that he wanted to quit.

And for that reason, you will not be voting tonight!
We are back.

Jonathan: BUT... something happened at Saanapu which has changed the game.
Probably won't have a vote at Aganoa since we went to commercials without "it's time to vote".
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