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The Amazing Race Discussion / Re: Casting...Team composition
« Last post by Karpov617 on Yesterday at 11:04:43 PM »
The theme I would want to see is a "Veterans VS Newbies" type, 6 teams of each? Also the veterans, hopefully, could come from early seasons too...

I really don't want an all-Couples season. They already have a dry run with it in Season 6, casting 7 couples in one season? And as diverse as the archetypes of all of them are, and as entertaining the bickering between couples are, those fights always gets tedious to watch and petty as the season wore on.

Besides, I don't think "Dating couples" is not the best name for it. Couples could be engaged, broken up, newlyweds, and married for a long time. Also peach, why did you put the married couples in the family bracket? They're still couples, such as Jonathan & Victoria who were married during the season. And even though married couples could still be parents, their dynamic is still much much closer to a couple's because of the romance.
TV5/TARPh is uploading a lot of the audition videos to their YouTube:

Spoiler Regarding Survivor Rumors:

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From what I heard, it's extremely true. They seemed to "disappear" for 40+ days on Twitter, and one Twinnie seemed to have obvious tan lines and lose a bunch of weight.
The Amazing Race Discussion / Re: Previous TAR Seasons Discussions
« Last post by RachelLeVega on Yesterday at 10:01:35 PM »

Gutsy Grannies appreciation post <3
Best grandmother team yet! :hrt:
They went from 10th to 8th by surprise.
This season continues its mess.

Huy Khanh told first 5 teams that this leg was a KOR leg but when the last team (Yellow) came to the Pit Stop, he told them that this is a NEL leg so that they will have no money next leg as a penalty.

What's wrong with the rules this season. I just don't understand.

This is KOR? Really? I never picked up on that.

But the Latin American race has done KOR with NEL penalties before, it's not a new thing.

Are you sure Huy is not just telling them "You get to keep on racing!" because they haven't been eliminated? Kinda like Phil sometimes says "You get to race another day"

The problem is that last time when Blue team (Hoang Duong - Kiwi) is saved by KOR leg, they got no penalty. That's why it made this leg more rigging. And also, HK said KOR for other teams and NEL for Yellow team.
all feeds Amber talking about eating a salad
so Zach is singing and dancing on 3 and 4  :funny:
General chit chat on all feeds about music, food, and sleep
This leg's boring like hell.  )-**

Huy Khanh said to Blues it was a KOR leg and it would be continued the next day (same as last season). But when the Yellow came to the Pit stop, it turned into a NEL leg.  :groan:

Horrible season.  :gaah:
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