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1. Have you enjoyed the double episode? Kind of...
2. The best parts of the two legs were... = Laura & Tyler finally getting a first. Well deserved.
3. And the worst ones... = Jelani & Jenny being U-Turned and Matt & Ashley winning a leg.
4. Was the Double U-Turn used correctly? Nope.
5. Which team is going to win the next leg? Tyler & Laura i think.
6. And who's going home? Or it's a NEL? NEL for Matt & Ashley or Hayley & Blair
7. The title quote belongs to... = Tyler.
8. Why a hot tub is needed? Because it's damn cold in Amsterdan?
9. Hot tub: yes or no? Of course.
Isn't Lahore in Pakistan?
I think that Meghan and Joey couldn't use it because they used the touchscreen Uturns and not pictures and may I just ask why did they get rid of the them Uturns
Waiting for Queen Sindy to slay this house <3
Actually, Hayley & Blair would have come in last that leg and would have had the Speedbump.  And there would have been a lot more drama for them.


Hayley and Blair were nowhere near last place when they checked in both legs. They even checked in top 3. Sure they were last to leave that detour in leg 7 but on their way to the pit stop, they apparently passed three other teams (which I actually found very impressive LOL). So I don't understand how would they have ended up last place in leg 7 and had had to do a speedbump in the following leg.
I think Mike & Rochelle would also be eligible to use it as they haven't used up their courtesy of photo in the episode 1 blind u-turn. It would be fun to see a single u-turn in the next or the the first Peru leg - the one that will be a NEL.

Really? Back in TAR 22 (that was the last time a blind W-Turn appeared before the most recent one in Tokyo), I remember Bates and Anthony said something about wanting to use the W-turn in leg 10 on Meghan and Joey just for the fact that Meghan and Joey could no longer U-turn anybody, since Meghan and Joey already used theirs in leg 5. Now, W-Turn on leg 5 that Meghan and Joey used was actually blind. So where does that fall with Mike and Rochelle?

I honestly will find it really unfair if Mike and Rochelle are allowed to u-turn another team. Besides, what's the point of Phil used to keep saying in past seasons that each team can only u-turn once for the entire race?

Regardless, I think an appearance of another U/W-turn in future legs for this season is very unlikely. I could be wrong. We'll see.
Leg 1: Los Angeles, California to Tegucigalpa, Honduras
Leg 2: Tegucigalpa to Quito, Ecuador
Leg 3: Mindo, Ecuador
Leg 4: Mindo to Salvador, Brazil
Leg 5: Salvador to Paris, France
Leg 6: Paris to Tunis, Tunisia
Leg 7: Tunis, Tunisia
Leg 8: Tunis to Baku, Azerbaijan
Leg 9: Baku to Lucknow, India
Leg 10: Lucknow to Guilin, China
Leg 11: Guilin to Ulaanbataar, Mongolia
Leg 12: Ulaanbaatar to Seattle, Washington
The Amazing Race Discussion / Re: Returning Racers Part 4
« Last post by nmccarroll91 on Yesterday at 01:43:37 PM »
Was just thinking about this last night.  My ideal, somewhat realistic, cast would be: (Starting from S19, as S24 doesn't exist in my eyes) :lol:

Bill & Cathi
Marcus & Amani
Mark & Bopper
Natalie & Nadiya - (If they're willing to race again after their TAR 24 atrocity)
James & Abba
Chuck & Wynona
Nicky & Kim
Chester & Ephraim or Brandon & Adam - (Probably the least likely to return)
Kym & Ali
Mike & Rochelle
Hayley & Blair
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