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*make a prayer circle right now*

Please let this mean they appear in those 2 episodes :hearts:
If the task at Atlantis is a Switchback from TAR 15 and they show the clip of Mika panicking, I swear to God
Ok, I kinda get it.

But Zach & Rachel to me seem like the realest team on this cast +  Cam & Darius + Sheri & Cole (the mom is a badass and gives major Denise vibes). :luvya:

Btw Matt & Dana seem like a mixture of Nick & Vicki and Matt & Ashley. They are my favourite team in this cast and DEFINITELY seem like regular people ;)
I actually hope it's true so that WRP can sue them. :DDDD
It's nonsense. That comment only suggests that Justin thought Denise and James would be a threat in final leg if they made it.
Other Reality TV Shows & News / Re: X FACTOR UK 2015
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I don't even watch religiously but 4th Impact :torche :torche :torche
Someone who found that post should report Dustbin & Borana's (probably just Dustbin's) post for spoiling the season.

lol bye season 27
rip in piece
FF teams were only redeeming factor of this cast, tbh.  :(

I am not sure if I'll watch this season.

I don't care for remaining teams... (Sorry Sherri, but your son is annoying.)
Are you kidding me. :eye:
You haven't seen the teams in action, you probably know nothing about most (if not all) of them and you already complain they will be unlikeable enough for you to skip the season? This seems close to a Facebook fan's post "omg social media ewww what has happened to TAR I'll skip pls cancel" :lol:

I'd be VERY interested to know what you found so "redeeming" about the FF teams. IMO 2 of them seemed pretty blank (but again, I've seen just a little) and the MF teams seem very diverse this season. We've got a pair of hip choreographers, a couple of geeky, but cool gamers, a rather ordinary couple including and amazing Vine star and also a mother/son team :trampb: Oh yeah, and then there is Blair & Scott, but I found Blair annoying in the video, so I'm not gonna share my love for her.

As fan of TAR, I HATE this "social media" twist.

Wasn't general consensus that this cast isn't that bad because FF/parent & child teams? All FF teams are already eliminated...

Marty & Hagan and Jessica & Brittany were probably only "real" teams in this cast and they seemed hilarious, they are gone. Team Clevver gave me Brooke & Claire vibe, they are gone.

I googled all the teams and watched their videos on YouTube/Vine. They aren't  strangers to me. I never called them unlikable as you wrote.

I find annoying that after TAR26 and 27, we will have another season with MF teams endgame.  :gaah:
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