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SO...filming is over

Apparently they held some sort of a press conference after with the final three.  :groan:

So the final 3 and the winners are known.

There is to be NO final 3 discussion or pics without spoiler tags.

Please do not post pics for 4 hours. Thanks.

My main problem with your map is Medellin to New Orleans. Usually, with newer TAR seasons, the final city is a city that can be flown to nonstop from the previous city. If you're looking for a Latin American country, I'd consider Panama City, Cancún, or Punta Cana.

Also, instead of Taipei, maybe consider Kaohsiung? I used both in my map, but if I only did one leg in Taiwan it would've been just Kaohsiung, because every season so far has gone to Taipei and Kaohsiung has so much to offer.

Other than, it's a cool map

Obviously, newer seasons since TAR 28, the final 3 teams may not release the departure times at the start of the final leg. In case, they got a flight to the final American city.

Medellin has two airports, Jose Maria Cordova International Airport is the busiest in the city and does have direct flights to some American cities (only AA operates the flight to Miami). The other airport, Enrique Olaya Herrera Airport, serves only limited domestic scheduled flights. Even more, they have to take a free transportation from Medellin to El Dorado International Airport in Bogota and could get a flight to New Orleans via Houston or Dallas.
I think Season 5 is prob the most Epic TAR season ever. See it as soon as you can!!
Let's just say "wishful thinking". :)

What did we think?

I am just so upset Jacqui as gone home. I hate Luke now and he is a dick.
Jacqueline is dissapointed.

She hopes Kent will win it.
Jacqui is disappointed.

Kent and Odette stuck with Jacqui.

Jacqui would've preferred the Michelles and Bens to go home before her. She hopes Kent wins it!
Next time on Australian Survivour...

A challenge that more than meets the way.

A new tribe, but an old tribe.

Next time on Aus Survivor...

A challenge with more than meets the eye. (Something hidden on the course.)

Henry plays both sides of the fence. (He gives something to Jericho at the challenge.)
The queen has fallen. :( </3 Cancel this season.
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