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TAR Canada / Re: TAR Canada 3: SPECULATION and DISCUSSION of Spoilers
« Last post by Tarrrrr on Yesterday at 06:55:19 PM »
We have at least 2 MM teams in F4??? GREAT. I can't wait for another MM winners.

I found almost funny that we can have none or one female in finale. I do not think that this is what production want.  :funny:
Via poster above
Teams go international
TAR Canada / Re: TAR Canada 3: SPECULATION and DISCUSSION of Spoilers
« Last post by alltsa on Yesterday at 06:37:04 PM »
Leg 1 12-11 Hippie MF in danger
Leg 2 11-10 purple ff in danger
Leg 3 10-9 blue ff in danger
Leg 4 non-elim or 9-8 burgandy MF in danger
Leg 5 non-elim or 8-7 brunette MF in danger
Leg 6 non-elim or at least 7 teams left
African-canadian in blue and old MF in danger.
Leg 7 at least 7 teams left
Leg 8 at least 6 teams left
Leg 9 at least 5 teams left
Purple jacket mm only team spotted.
Leg 10 at least 5 teams left
Leg 11 at least 4 teams left
Purple jacket mm, blue mm, and african-canadian MF in dreads spotted.

Leg 8-11 are ?
We might even be at leg 10 still.
The latest picture of the jury....

The live feeds went down for good around 12:30pm today. Right before it did, Arisa appeared on the TV screen and asked the final four to convene in the living room. She surprised everybody with the announcement that one of them is leaving the house in less than an hour on a special eviction. Then feeds faded out.

Ashleigh, the veto winner is the sole vote to evict either Brittnee or Godfrey. It is expected that Brittnee will be evicted. Then the final three will compete in the first part of the three part HOH competition.
Is there a thread for wishlists?
TAR Canada / Re: TAR CAN Bitch Moan and Sequel Thread. caution SPOILERS
« Last post by Brannockdevice on Yesterday at 02:12:17 PM »
Everyone is complaining that the only 2 female teams were eliminated so early. Personally, I don't care because:

A.) The producers couldn't have known who gets eliminated when. They aren't psychic  :funny:
B.) With the success that Natalie & Meaghan had last season (and to some extent Vanessa & Celina in Season 1) they probably figured they didn't need to focus so much on another strong female team
C.) With 7 Coed teams this season, it seems clear that the producers want a Coed win this season, especially since a Coed team hasn't even made the final 3 in TarCan history!

Just my two cents
TAR Canada / Re: TAR Canada 3: SPECULATION and DISCUSSION of Spoilers
« Last post by Maanca on Yesterday at 12:48:07 PM »
If the last couple legs are in Canada, they didn't do a northern leg yet, so I'm kinda expecting one there.

And a finale in Edmonton would make the most sense as it's the last unvisited big city in the west...actually, considering the only other big cities are in Ontario, almost Canada really.
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