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Big Brother 16 / Re: Sunday 7/27 - Show Recap (Starts at #43)
« Last post by HurricaneHowieWood on Yesterday at 07:58:05 PM »
BOTB Time...

Backyard set up for a wedding...

Caleb is hosting...

Teams must build wedding cake, and must climb to the top and stand on it for at least 3 seconds to win.

Jocasta upset that Victoria didn't listen to her in the BOTB.

Frankie thinks Zach needs to fail.

Christine & Nicole start climbing their cake

Vic & Jocasta trying to climb theirs.

Race to the top.....

Vic & Jocasta's cake falls apart

Nic & Christine win

Zach is dethroned as HOH

Zach in DR...talks about getting to play next week.

Frankie is happy to be sole HOH

Frankie says backdooring Amber is mission 1, but if the house calls for Zach's head I might have to give it to them


See you all Wednesday!  :waves:
Not much going on in the house . . .

Caleb, Cody, Zach and Frankie playing pool

Derrick listening to music in the HOH

Victoria practicing her veto speech in the HOH.

Donny and Jocasta walking

Nicotine in the hammock. 

We think Hayden is sleeping.  We think Amber is sleeping. 

Goodnight all!  Hopefully it stays quiet. 
Big Brother 16 / Re: Sunday 7/27 - Show Recap (Starts at #43)
« Last post by HurricaneHowieWood on Yesterday at 07:48:04 PM »
Nomination time...

Frankie goes first....wants to put up two week players so he can stay HOH, because he doesn't know what Zach will do.

Zach...with his noms is ready to "bathe in blood"

Nomination to the HGs...

1) Jocasta
2) Victoria

1) Christine
2) Nicole

Zach gives his speech about Christine being a floater.

And then bashes Nicole calling her a " fruit loop dingus"

Nicole doesn't know if she should cry or what right now.

Christine in DR....Zach is sorely mistake if he thinks he can blow up her game.

Nicole is have laughing and crying

Zach says he put Christine on the block to rattle her cage, to top it off she's up to her best friend Nicole.

Nicole can't believe what Zach did

Derrick comforting Nicole

Team America mission failed attempt 1, they will have to try again at the Veto.


Nicole in the bathroom with Amber and Jocasta comforting her.


Christine, Zach, Cody in the SR

Christine tells Zach she is pissed at him running his mouth.

Zach says he never said that.

Nicole knows he is lying.


Vic & Jocasta talking together.

Jocasta consoling Vic and says we will win.

Jocasta does the handphone with the "block" calling


In the SR....

Frankie, Christine, Nicole, Hayden, Cody all talking

Frankie is trying to make it look like he will do whatever it takes to make the house happy.

Including throwing Zach under the bus.



Big Brother 16 / Re: Sunday 7/27 - Show Recap (Starts at #43)
« Last post by HurricaneHowieWood on Yesterday at 07:36:14 PM »
Team America assignment...

Donny gets the card...two HGs must have an argument  at Noms or Veto

The argument must last at least 20 seconds.

Derrick & Donny talking they think Zach

Frankie agrees about Zach.



Zach setting up his speech for the the noms

And Derrick thinks they could use the speech to win the challenge for TA.

Derrick egging on Zach.


Derrick, Frankie & Donny talking....

Derrick tells Donny about the plan.

And Donny thinks it will work well, if not it could be rough.


Amber goes to HOH and talks to Zach.

Amber says as Zach to talk

Zach says not right now.

But Amber & Zach hash it out

Amber says if you have any questions please come to me.

Zach in DR...Amber thank you for waking me up at 5am, i am going to do you a solid and not put you up, but I am going to back door you.


Big Brother 16 / Re: Sunday 7/27 - Show Recap (Starts at #43)
« Last post by HurricaneHowieWood on Yesterday at 07:31:14 PM »
Pool table...

Cody & Derrick

Talking about how they are playing a good game.

Cody wants to set up a final 2 with Derrick

Talking about Zach, and then he comes out.

Derrick feels the Detonators can be a good thing, but it's still too big.

Goes though all the members, and then him and Cody are the best work together final 2.

Derrick & Cody setting up alliance and a name...

The Hitmen are born
This season continues its mess.

Huy Khanh told first 5 teams that this leg is a KOR leg but when the last team (Yellow) came to the Pit Stop, he told them that this is a NEL leg so that they will have no money next leg as a penalty.

What's wrong with the rules this season. I just don't understand.

This is KOR? Really? I never picked up on that.

But the Latin American race has done KOR with NEL penalties before, it's not a new thing.

Are you sure Huy is not just telling them "You get to keep on racing!" because they haven't been eliminated? Kinda like Phil sometimes says "You get to race another day"
Big Brother 16 / Re: Sunday 7/27 - Show Recap (Starts at #43)
« Last post by HurricaneHowieWood on Yesterday at 07:26:08 PM »
In HOH...

COdy & Amber eating pickles.

Caleb says he doesn't want pickles.

Amber says what if i said Caleb you eat a pickle and i'll go on a date with you

Caleb says maybe.


Caleb going to eat a pickle.

Amber thought he had forgotten about it.

Caleb eats the pickle.

Amber says she didn't make him do it.

Frankie asks you guys going on a date?

Amber says I guess so.

Frankie , Caleb and Cody set up the date.


Caleb thinks this will be the best date of his life.

Amber says this is funny.

Caleb says this is a BB date it means something to me.

Amber says its nice.

Caleb wants to sit down with Amber at least once a week, and learn something new about her.

Amber wishing the date was over.

Keeps coming up with little things.

Amber in DR...this was my first and last date with Caleb, "I'm not interested."!


in the HOH...

Zach, Cody, and Frankie talking about backdoor Amber.

Frankie says he would put up Donny & Jocasta

Says he doesn't want to put up Donny.

Cody says don't put him up.

Frankie says Nic & Jocasta.

Discussion turns to Christine. 

Zach is asking who he should put up if not Christine.

Talk about  Nicole.

Zach in DR....people who don't pull their weight in an alliance get evicted.

Frankie thinks they have created a monster, a villain.

Zach asks if he is being irrational and Frankie says yes.


Zach & Nicole in HOH

Zach feeding Nicole some info in hopes to mess with Christine's game.

Talking about how Christine wouldn't agree to go up.

Zach asks Nicole how much she trusts Christine.

Nicole says i trust her, but not with my life.

She is worried now Christine might have an alliance with someone else.

Nicole talks about her and Christine being friends.

Zach says well me and Cody are more than friends.


In the beehive room...

Christine & Nicole

Nicole telling Christine about what Zach told her earlier

And how its making her worried.

Christine is talking about how is frustrated.

Christine in DR cannot believe Zach is trying to blow up here game.

Meanwhile keeps feeding Nicole BS.

Nicole in DR...if Christine has been lying to me this whole time I don't know what I would do.  She is the one person I want to work with.



Cody joins the backyard and sits between Nicotine.

Christine:  SNIFFF  seriously girl has some serious sinus drainage issues.  Its so gross.
Jocasta has been talking for about 1/2 nonstop in the backyard with Donny and Nicotine.  From Christmas to hair  . . .  No one else has really said a thing.

The boys in the HOH (with Vic again) are chatting about golf and what happens outside of the house.

Switch to Caleb and Frankie:

Caleb:  If you're still good with the plan, I'm good.

Frankie: Green light.

Caleb: What will you say to her after?

Frankie: She's going to come up to me. 

Caleb: Do you have a speech?

Frankie: Yeah, I'm going to make it about trust.  He tells Caleb his renom speech.

Caleb is silent.

Frankie: What do you think?

Caleb:  Yeah, its pretty good.

Frankie: I don't want to put you on blast during your speech.   It'll come out after

Caleb: HOw would you put me on blast?

Frankie:  Well I don't want it to be like we planned it or are working together.

Caleb: well after . .

Frankie: Yeah, I'm going to be honest and say what you've been doing to that poor man isn't fair,  I have to tell him that I Have his back and he asked me to do this on his behalf.

Caleb: Yeah.  At the end of the day I feel like I'm the only one keeping her safe.

Frankie: YOu are.   Did anyone bat their eyes when you told them?   

Caleb: I haven't really said anything to anyone.  Zach may have told him a little. 

Frankie: Everyone is on board.  You're the only one keeping her safe actually. I don't think it has to be on blast to the whole house.  Maybe someone like Zach can say it. 

Caleb: Zach would.

Frankie:  Maybe we can prod him in that direction.  If it comes from him everyone will expect it.  If I do it, it'll look like im' 100A% working with you.  We don't have to put it on blast.  Yeah, maybe Zach can say something as soon as the meeting is over

Caleb: Can everyone just stay seated I have something to say?

Frankie: Exactly.  It'll be epic.  And he can make it all about you.  Which I'm sure he would. Tomorrow is going to be great. 

Caleb: Everyone will get whatthey want.   

 . . .
Big Brother 16 / Re: Sunday 7/27 - Show Recap (Starts at #43)
« Last post by HurricaneHowieWood on Yesterday at 07:13:35 PM »
Zach gets a picture of him and his little bro.

He is happy to be HOH with his best friend Frankie


Frankie gets his picture of hi grandfather.

Some of the HGs say he looks just like him

Frankie gets Justin Bieber CD


Frankie & Christine in the beehive.

Talking about Zach, and then they cut out.

Zach says Christine has to take one for the team this week

Christine says no she will not throw the BOTB.

Zach tries to assure Christine she will not go home

Christine says this happens every season, and the pawn goes home

In DR Zach says he is beyond pissed at Christine.

He asks Christine if she will do it.

Again she say no


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