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not much going on most everyone in the kitchen, paulie still in the DR
News update:

Replacing the couple Alejandro Lerner/Nina Iraolagoitia, will start competing in the next rhythm Fernanda Herrera/Fernando Bertona.

She's a singer and lawyer.
Hey Candi Lee  :waves: deja vu huh?  :funny:

everyone is waiting on the hoh reveal I am guessing
James and Frank in SR chatting about who the noms should be and James wants Paulie to keep Nat off the block this week and Frank says he thinks Paulie will agree

James says Nat is keeping drama down and not trying to stir shit up so maybe he will cut her a break

Frank they were speculating that you threw the comp
James if it ever comes up how do you want me to handle it

Frank I dont think it will ever come up
nic,michele,Day talking about whos going up, michele tells them paulie is thinking Paul and Nat, Nic saying Frank and James don't want to put Nat up, michele tells them what Paulie said about the girls playing on Frank and James emotions

frank and james are discussing who should go up and maybe they should backdoor Vic

now they are going round and round about the veto comp

james says he doesnt care but natalie was upset and he tried to calm her down and told he she should be ok this week, hes going to talk to paulie about it

they think paulie will put vic and bronte up
Next rhythm is STREET POP.
Vic to frank -- i feel alone .. I'll talk to paulie , it just got real , if I go up I'll try to win the veto

Frank being nice agreeing with him
Power came back just in time...  :grins:
some pics
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