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Cody & Jessica are the first to depart at 6:51 AM. They must fly to tangier, morocco and travel by taxi to the fish port to find one of three marked bins in a sea of chaotic amount of boats. They must organize anchovies properly to the fisherman's approval to receive their next clue.
Basketballers and Skiiers leave 2nd and 3rd.
Trevor & Chris: Is Morocco French of Spanish? The question of life.
Alex & Conor depart 5th and Lucas & Brittany depart 6th.

Meanwhile, cody & Jessica and Henry & Evan are shown chatting about the Yale wizards' sad attempts at the head-to-head battles.
All teams are shown to have arrived with Eric & Daniel show up to much appreciation.
Sadly unable to update and watch live for the next two weeks, as I'm on the Gold Coast on holiday!

However, also ready for some great action!
And on we come! :jumpy:

Previously on TAR, 10 teams raced from Iceland to Antwerp, Belgium and took a bite out of Joey's energy. Cedric & Shawn rebounded from leg 1. Cody & Jessica took the win home after the first head-to-head! Meanwhile, Henry & Evan lost and lost and lost, until Evan fell at the finish. Duking it out in the final race, the goat yogas and firefighters competed and resulted in April & Sarah losing the race.

9 teams remain, who will be eliminated next?!
Here waiting for a great leg!
The Amazing Race 30 / Re: LIVE STREAMS
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TAR Canada / Re: TAR Canada: Wishlists (NO Spoilers)
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100% agree.
Add to your list a "sports" team. And you know what's starting next month - wink, wink. hahaha.
Want me to talk to your boss?? :funny:

WhooHoo!! thank you!!
Here and hoping for a wonderful night! I've been pretty busy with work so I can't predict what will happen with my schedule come the following weeks.
The Amazing Race 30 / Re: LIVE STREAMS
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Lets have some fun with more TAR30!!
The Amazing Race 30 / Re: Ratings
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Time slot has nothing to do with the quality of a season.
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