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TAR Australia / Re: TAR AUS 4 Media
« Last post by BourkieBoy on November 12, 2019, 08:06:35 PM »
Mongolia saw new relationships formed, old ones tested and one team narrowly avoid elimination.

A lot happened on Monday night, with a few shifts in the dynamics of some of the teams. We rounded out the four biggest relationship shifts of the night.

Some very unhappy influencers:

Kicking things off, teams had to head from the Zaisan War Memorial in Ulaanbaatar to the Gandan monastery, but step one was getting a cab.

In last place, Sid and Ash had a plan to get a local to call them a cab from outside a convenience store. When the booked cab arrived, sisters Hayley and Mikayla flagged it down in what we ASSUME was an honest mistake.

Still, the influencers weren't hitting the 'Like' button any time soon.

"I'm not fine with it," Sid told Ash when they had finally managed to nab a cab to take them to the monastery, saying the stolen cab put them behind the other teams by about half an hour.

An unlikely alliance forms:

After managing to score a cab they didn't even order, the sisters' luck wasn't over yet. As the pair walked into the monastery second-last, they ran into the footy boys Tom and Tyler and were handed a very helpful piece of info.

Teams needed to spin and count prayer bells in the monastery but -- instead of spending the time to count and re-count bells -- Tom and Tyler simply gave the sisters the correct number as they headed out to the next challenge.

"I think maybe those boys have slipped a few numbers in their time that's why it was so quick and easy," the sisters joked.

And dreams of romance are dashed:
The sisters were full of gratitude to the boys for giving them a huge advantage over some teams still stuck counting bells, but it was a mystery to some of the teams as to why the boys helped them out.

"Tyler has a crush on Hayley," Tom said before Tyler quietly added, "Both of them..."

And while the girls were excited to be on the bus with their "really good friends" Tom and Tyler, they weren't ready to get into anything too serious. When the boys dropped the A-word (alliance), the sisters responded in unison, "Ohhh big word".

Later, Hayley clarified to-camera, "It's probably just a friendship right now."

Consider our dreams of a cross-team double couple dashed.

Short-sighted near misses:

While the sisters seemed to be in the middle of a few relationship dramas on Wednesday, and Femi and Nick had to battle a compass, there was one couple who seemed to be fighting against themselves.

Viv and Joey started the leg at a slight disadvantage -- climbing a whopping 3000 steps at the war memorial only to not be able to spot the next clue.

"We probably circled the memorial about three times because we couldn't see the bloody clue," Joey said before Viv pointed out, "The clue wasn't actually at our eye level."

And while that was a stumble, it was the camel trek to the pit stop that really put our mighty siblings at risk of being eliminated from the race altogether.

Heading into the sand dunes hoping to find Beau, Viv and Joey fell far behind the other teams heading in the wrong direction.

The pair managed to narrowly slide through, after Chris fell off his camel and was too injured to continue with the race, just missing out on elimination.

Talk about a close call.

'The Amazing Race Australia' Airs Mondays And Tuesdays From 7.30 pm, Only On 10 And WIN Network.

TAR Australia / Re: TAR Australia 4: Chris & Adrienne (Married Alphaca Farmers)
« Last post by BourkieBoy on November 12, 2019, 08:03:54 PM »
During the incense challenge, a throwaway comment by Chris, the alpaca farmer, raised a few eyebrows.

Teams had to bundle two kilos worth of incense and neatly deliver them nearby. Before the challenge, Adrienne asked Chris if he thought he could estimate two kilos by feel alone.

"Do you know exactly, when you're doing alpaca meat, how much two kilograms feels like?" Adrienne asked her husband.

"Did she just say 'meat'?" everyone at home asked themselves.

Following their heartbreaking elimination due to camel-related injury, Chris spoke to 10 daily to clear things up.

"We started the meat business about seven years ago," the farmer said. "We have a herd of roughly 1500 animals, so we have probably 500-600 babies every year. We probably only sell 10 or 20 percent of the boys."

The problem for Chris then became what to do with the rest of his male alpacas. "When they become two and three years old we process them -- they've had a nice life for three years. We get them up to a good weight then we'll put them into all of our meat products."

"We had to do something," Chris went on, explaining that alpacas can live for up to 20 years. "So, all of a sudden we could have a very large number of old male alpacas that aren't producing a good enough fleece for us to cover the cost of shearing.

"It's just the next step in sustainable farming," he added.

Chris says they produce a range of small goods, "from sausages to burgers and all of our prime cuts". Selling at farmer's markets every week, Chris also delivers directly to restaurants.

But is there a growing appetite for alpaca?

"Very much," Chris said, "The difficult part is to get people to stop and try it because they've had no contact with alpacas but they see them as such a cute, cuddly animal."

According to Chris, once people get over their reservations for eating alpaca, they're almost instantly converted.

One farmer told the ABC in 2013 that he was unable to export his alpaca meat because local demand was so high.

"Generally once people try it they then become regular customers because the meat is so nice and good for you," Chris told 10 daily.

Alpaca meat is reportedly very high in iron and protein and incredibly low in fat and cholesterol. Due to the limited amount of meat harvested from each animal, alpaca meat is a byproduct of culling, as Chris explained, but Modern Farmer described the meat as a great alternative to beef and pork.

The Australian Alpaca Association also says the meat is environmentally sustainable, as "most parts of the alpaca can be used". With the second-largest alpaca market in the world, Australia is actually leading in the international market when it comes to the production of alpaca meat.

So, there you go. If you're keen to give it a try maybe we'll make a day of it. You bring the steaks and alpaca picnic basket.

'The Amazing Race Australia' Airs Mondays And Tuesdays From 7.30 pm, Only On 10 And WIN Network.

TAR Australia / Re: TAR Australia 4: Hayley & Mikayla (Sisters)
« Last post by BourkieBoy on November 12, 2019, 07:58:02 PM »
It's not every team that can blame the President of Russia for having a role in their elimination from a reality TV show.

But for Hayley and Mikayla, luck certainly wasn't on their side when it came to 'The Amazing Race' and neither, it appears, was Putin.

Speaking to 10 daily via the phone after they were the last team to check-in at the pit stop at Mongolia's Chingisiin Khuree, the Foruria sisters said lucky truly wasn't on their side.

The first challenge saw the seven remaining teams digging through sand dunes for their next clue with the sisters and nurses Nick and Femi digging for four hours before they had exceeded the challenge's time limit.

"It was so hot," Hayley said, "It's surprising how much you need your hand and fingers to dig with. Some of the other teams thought it was a great idea to dig with their water bottles in the middle of the desert,"  she said before coughing Nick and Femi's names, "but my hands were so sore for maybe a week after the challenge."

After bending over trying to dig their way to the next clue, both teams were handed a time penalty at the pit stop for not uncovering a clue.

But they were able to make up great time, blasting through the remaining challenges.

"We left at the same time as Femi and Nick," Mikayla said, "but their driver knew a sneaky shortcut. They got to the next detour an hour before us."

Sometimes there are elements of the race completely out of your control and for Hayley and Mikayla, one of those elements was Putin's arrival in Mongolia.

"The traffic was crazy and we couldn't work out why, but Putin was in Mongolia the day we were eliminated. Everyone was going into the city for a big ceremony," Hayley said.

Digging for their clue wasn't the only time Hayley and Mikayla were unlucky in the race -- despite having a massive lead on other teams in Vietnam, the dreaded green rice challenge saw Mikayla celebrating her birthday bent over a bucket.

"It was terrible," Mikayla said, "I didn't expect to spend my 25th birthday eating rice but the clue said 'Who's feeling lucky?' I thought what's luckier than doing a challenge on my birthday?"

Losing track of just how many packets of new green rice (cốm), production later told Mikayla she finished 24 of them while other teams like Tom and Tyler and Rod and Tim were lucky enough to not even eat a single grain before moving onto their next challenge.

"We were there for hours. I couldn't keep counting, I'd eat one and then vomit it up," she said. Because teams were only allowed to drink Vietnamese coffee provided, the dry rice began to take its toll on Mikayla -- who isn't a fan of coffee at the best of times.

When the packets of rice were coming back up, the lack of moisture meant was scratching her throat. "It was like vomiting a dry sausage of rice," she poetically described.

Then, on the first leg of Mongolia, the teams were tasked with polishing off a delightful bowl of fermented horse milk.

"I had only just started eating again after the rice and they handed me a big bowl of milk that had been sitting out for weeks," Mikayla said. "You're trying to be respectful but I just couldn't stomach it."

While the sisters were disappointed in their elimination, the influencers were probably thrilled after deciding Hayley and Mikayla had crossed a line in stealing their cab. Watching the episode back, this fierce rivalry was news to the sisters.

"We had no idea," Mikayla said of the blood feud between the two teams, explaining, "We both ordered a taxi at the same time so when it arrived we were like great! We had no idea."

"We actually thought it was our taxi," Hayley added, "I don't even think it was their taxi. It's funny because they were throwing shade and we didn't even know why.

"We just thought they were being generally standoffish."

Despite making enemies for life (or whatever), Hayley and Mikayla were thrilled about their time in the race, adding that they now feel like they have something to prove if they ever got a second chance.

"If it didn't come down to luck, we thought we were in for a good shot for the finale," Mikayla said. "We want a second shot!"

"My blame," Hayley added, "is going to Putin."

'The Amazing Race Australia' Airs Mondays And Tuesdays From 7.30 pm, Only On 10 And WIN Network.

TAR Australia / Re: TAR Australia 4 Ratings
« Last post by BourkieBoy on November 12, 2019, 07:26:32 PM »
We're doing MUCH better! 605,000 and #8 for the night!

I feel much more confident about our future, after the last two episodes!  :conf: :hfive: :cheer:
TAR Australia / Re: TAR Australia 4 Ratings
« Last post by Maanca on November 12, 2019, 06:05:44 PM »
The ratings are going up. Apparently Episode 6 did quite well, too.

There may be hope for that Season 5 yet.
TAR Australia / Re: TARAus 4 Episode 6 Live Updates (Tuesday 7.30pm AEST)
« Last post by BourkieBoy on November 12, 2019, 03:23:38 PM »
Thanks for updating aussieamazingracer! Great work!  :tup:

Tonight's episode was OK, but not as good as last night. Enjoyed how President Putin disrupted the Mongolian traffic. That was great to watch.  :funny:

The tasks were all OK. Enjoyed the Roadblock and the Dance Detour, but the others were pretty stranded. Felt very sorry for Hayley & Mikayla because that 2-hour penalty for not finding the clue in 4 hours, was quite harsh. If the conditions were fine, you should be allowed to keep going!
TAR Australia / Re: TAR Australia 4 Racing report, episode #1
« Last post by maf on November 12, 2019, 02:58:40 PM »
Racing report
Amazing Race AU Season 4, Episode 1

The Amazing Race Australia is back again after a long hiatus. Now on a new channel (10) and with a new host Beau Ryan.

The show starts with the host presenting the finish line Nitmiluk Gorge (aka Katherine Gorge) in the Northen Territories.

We then cut to the 11 teams which are making their way to the starting line in Seoul, South Korea.

The teams are:
  • Judy & Therese, Nuns, NSW
  • Femi & Nick, Nurses, NSW
  • Viv & Joey, Short siblings, aka Mighty Siblings, Vic
  • Rowah & Amani, Mother/daughter, NSW
  • Tom & Tyler, Footy mates, Vic
  • Jasmin & Jerome, Indigenous parents, aka deadly duo, NT
  • Hayley & Mikayla, Sisters, Qld
  • Alana & Niko, Gen Z siblings, SA
  • Sid & Ash, dating instagrammers, aka The influencers, NSW
  • Tim & Rod, Newlyweds, NSW
  • Chris & Adrienne, farmer and firefighter, SA

The starting line is in front of City Hall in Seoul, South Korea. As usual the first clue waits on the team backpacks a few meters away and when Beau gives the go all teams run over there and rip it open.


Make your way to the top of
Seoul at Namsan Tower!

Reach the tower observatory
and search the city below for
your next destination.

You have 200,000 Korean
Won for this leg of the Race.

Teams jump into taxis and make their way to Namsan Tower. As this is a major landmark all taxi drivers know it and teams have no problem getting there once they find a taxi. This seems to be harder than expected, at least for some teams.

 "We're in The Amazing Race and we're not last", Judy
 "It starts of hard and it only gets easier", Alana when Niko complains about how hard it was to get a taxi

Viv & Joey and Tom & Tyler are the first two teams to reach the tower and they both decide to work together for the leg as both teams are from Melbourne.

The observation deck is high up and it feels as if you can see the whole of Seoul from there. So finding your next location without any clues looks like a daunting tasks. But those who know the race suspect they should be looking for red and yellow flags, but that does not help that much since the area they can see is so vast.

Sid & Ash has an interesting take on this task. When they reach the Namsan tower they do not go up to the observation deck but instead takes the stairs down to the city below to search for their next clue. As the tower is located on a big hill there are many steps in these stairs.

 "A strategy going into the first leg of the race is to read the clue, and try not to make mistakes", Ash interviews after the leg

Hayley & Mikayla are the first to spot the next location. They must now find a postcard in the gift shop which matches this location. The card will have the address on the back. Teams must then make their way on foot to this location.

The next location is known as the Stone Time Capsule. Here teams will "find a written message from home and your next clue". The message from home is a statement from the people of Australia and the next clue is taped to the stone underneath it.

Mikaya is a bit careless when she finds the postcard so Tom & Tyler see which one she gets and grab the same one. And then Tom & Tyler and Viv & Joey cut the line to the elevator so they get out of the tower before the sisters.

Meanwhile Sid & Ash have finally realized that they need to go to the tower observation deck and they have to climb all the stairs back to the top again. On their way up they encounter teams who have found the clue and are on their way down. They try to be evil and slow other teams down by telling them they have to go back up again. This fails as nobody believes them.

Back up at the tower we learn that production has planted a number of false postcards as well in the gift shop. The nuns pick up one of them and asks the  staff to translate the address on the back. They learn that it says Lotte Tower (in Korean) but they are unsure if this really is it. After praying they stay in the observation deck and keep looking. However Alana & Niko saw them with the postcard and they do not hesitate and make their way down the tower and jump into a taxi and ask the driver to take them out of the race, sorry to Lotte tower (which is one hour away).

Alana & Niko run around a bit at Lotte tower before they realize this is wrong and they make their way back to Namsan tower (another hour). Here it takes them a while to spot the flag and then they struggle to find the clue at the time capsule. So they are way behind when they get it.

Teams find their clue at the stone time capsule in the following order:
  1. Tom & Tyler
  2. Viv & Joey
  3. Hayley & Mikayla
  4. Jasmin & Jerome
  5. Tim & Rod
  6. Femi & Nick
  7. Rowah & Amani
  8. Chris & Adrienne
  9. Sid & Ash
 10. Judy & Therese
 11. Alana & Niko


Who's ready for a river

Once they decide who will do this they can open the clue and read:
It's time to go
Flyboarding in the
Han River! Stay in
control and lift
yourself at least two
vertical metres out of
the water to earn your
next clue.

The flyboarding seems to take some practice but is not overly difficult.

Alana & Niko are way behind the other teams and it is dark when they arrive. They do not get to flyboard but find a clue stuck to the locked gate. This says that this location is now closed and directs them directly to the pit stop.

Teams complete this road block in the following order (* denotes team member doing the roadblock):
1(+0)Tom & Tyler*     (0-1)
2(+0)Viv & Joey*      (0-1)
3(+0)Hayley & Mikayla*(0-1)
4(+2)Femi & Nick*     (0-1)
5(+0)Tim* & Rod       (1-0)
6(-2)Jasmin* & Jerome (1-0)
7(+0)Rowah* & Amani   (1-0)
8(+0)Chris & Adrienne*(0-1)
9(+0)Sid & Ash*       (0-1)
10(+0)Judy* & Therese  (1-0)

"Stack 'Em High" or
"Fold 'Em Fast"

Stack 'Em High:
Try your hand at a sport
dominated by South Korea.
Both of you must properly
stack your cups within the
time limit to receive your
next clue.

Fold 'Em Fast:
Roll, fill and fold 50
dumplings to the cook's
satisfaction to receive your
next clue.

Stack 'em high takes place at Hanyang university. Each team member must stack and unstanck 12 cups in under 8 seconds. They must make three pyramids of respectively 3, 6 and 3 cups. The world champion is at hand and she demonstrates doing it in less than 2 seconds.

 "We've got this, how hard can it be", Tom & Tyler are about to find out as they walk in to the cup stacking

Tom & Tyler have a hard time with the cups and that makes them frustrated. But as Viv & Joey arrive they seem to pull themselves together and they finally get it. Later in the taxi they speculate that the other teams will switch since it was so hard. The camera then shifts and we see the mighty siblings complete the task on their second attempt and Hayley & Mikayla do it on their first.

Tim & Rod go for the dumplings and as soon as they have made their first dumpling they go to the cook and ask if it is good. This is really smart and avoids potentially wasting a lot of time making bad dumplings.

Judy & Theresa arrive to the dumplings place as Jasmin & Jerome are leaving.
 "And don't listen to anything Sid & Ash say, they like lied to us and tried to trick us", Jasmine to the nuns

At the dumpling making Judy & Therese have to go out of the room to get some more dough. As they do this Sid steals one of their completed dumplings.
 "I'm going to hell after this", Sid after stealing from the nuns

Teams complete the detour in the following order:
  1(+0) Tom & Tyler, cups on their 13th attempt
  2(+0) Viv & Joey, cups on their 2nd attempt
  3(+0) Hayley & Mikayla, cups on their 1st attempt
  4(+1) Tim & Rod, dumplings
  5(-1) Femi & Nick, cups on their 6th attempt
  6(+0) Jasmin & Jerome, dumplings
  7(+1) Chris & Adrienne, dumplings
  8(-1) Rowah & Amani, cups on their 29th attempt
  9(+0) Sid & Ash, dumplings
 10(+0) Judy & Therese, dumplings


Make your way to Seoullo
7017 Bridge 서울로 7017 and
search for Beau at your first
Pit Stop!

Hurry! The last team to
check in will be eliminated.

Teams reach the pit stop in the following order:
  1(+0) Tom & Tyler
  2(+0) Viv & Joey
  3(+0) Hayley & Mikayla
  4(+0) Tim & Rod
  5(+0) Femi & Nick
  6(+0) Jasmin & Jerome
  7(+0) Chris & Adrienne
  8(+0) Rowah & Amani
  9(+0) Sid & Ash
 10(+0) Judy & Therese
 11(+0) Alana & Niko, are eliminated

 "I think we're probably the first team in history of Australia, America or whatever to not complete one single road block or detour", Niko
TAR Australia / TAR Australia 4 Racing report, episode #2 is on page #1
« Last post by maf on November 12, 2019, 02:57:52 PM »
I am doing the reports for this season as well. Some personal travel made me start a bit behind but I will try to catch up.
Other Reality TV Shows & News / Re: DANCING WITH THE STARS 28
« Last post by RealityFreakWill on November 12, 2019, 02:55:29 PM »
James & Emma-Jazz

<a href="" target="_blank" class="new_win"></a>

Hannah & Alan-Tango

<a href="" target="_blank" class="new_win"></a>

Sean & Jenna-Foxtrot

<a href="" target="_blank" class="new_win"></a>

Lauren & Gleb-Rumba

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Kel & Witney-Viennese Waltz

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Ally & Sasha-Jazz

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