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Weekly stats of Big Brother 18:

Week 1: Glenn instantly evicted
Week 1: Nicole, HOH, Jozea & Paulie nominated, Frank wins Roadkill, Paul nominated, Paul wins veto, used on self, Bridgette up, Jozea evicted 7-4-0
Week 2: Paulie, HOH, Bronte & Paul nominated, Victor wins Roadkill, Tiffany nominated, Paulie wins veto, used on Paul, Victor up, Victor evicted 9-1-0
Week 3: Bridgette, HOH, Paul & Tiffany nominated, Frank wins Roadkill, Bronte nominated, Bridgette wins veto, not used, Bronte evicted 5-4-0
Week 4: Paulie, HOH, Natalie & Tiffany nominated, Tiffany wins Roadkill, Corey nominated, Corey wins veto, used on self, Da'Vonne up, Tiffany evicted 8-0-0
Week 5: Victor wins BattleBack, back on BB
Week 5: James, HOH, Bridgette & Frank nominated, Michelle wins veto, not used, to be continued...
Can't really judge a cast based on still pictures. We have to see them in action first.
This is a bitch, moan and squeal thread, so I thought I could freely express my opinion without being judged! Unfortunately, I was wrong. How sad.

You may ALWAYS express your opinion on the TOPIC.

You may not however make personal comments about other posters or their opinions. Stay on TOPIC and all will be well.
TAR Canada / Re: TAR CAN Bitch Moan & SQUEAL Thread * SPOILERS*
« Last post by Maanca on Yesterday at 11:26:17 AM »
Expanding on gamerfan's comment in the Wishlist thread

My wish is for them to finally GTFO of Canada and pull only International legs from now on considering how amazing Vietnam/China/France/Argentina/India/Chile was :)

I do kinda wonder how this version would have stacked up against the others if it had been fully international. They would have had to start from the 1st season, though, then we would never have had these "This is Amazing Race CANADA. It has to stay in our beautiful country!" people.

If you ever listen to production talk about the international legs, it's clear they put a lot of heart and care into designing them. Whereas some US legs in the last few years I feel are just legs for the sake of having 12 legs (one example, 26 Amsterdam. A couple of tasks stereotypical of that city, Pit Stop).

I could say similar about the casting, too.

RFF's Golden Rule:
Have RESPECT for each other, regardless of opinion. This of course includes no flaming/insulting other users and/or their posts.

We have this thread to let off steam  :gaah: and complain  (:;)  and dance for joy  :hearts:.

But I do expect EACH of you to treat each other with respect.

We may not LIKE your opinion, but you are ebtitled to express it as long as you do so nicely.

As I did, feel free to question.

But I do ask that you stay on topic. The topic HERE is TAR 29, NOT each other.

Moving on!

Everyone in bed except Day and Bridget sitting by hot tub, discussing things that Frank told her
Day...did you have a foursome with Nicole and Corey
Bridget...says that's been ongoing for 2 weeks...we heard there was a fatal five all girl alliance that you, Nicole were in so we couldn't figure out why Nicole and Corey wanted a 4 alliance with Frank and I, but yeh that was happening.
Day...Frank filled me in on a bunch of things because even though we were on a roller coaster emotional thing, we still had respect for each other.  I guess before he leaves he wants me to know what he knows...I guess he wants me to have enough information to do what I need to do in this house while protecting you.  I know this game like the back of my hand, I may not be a good competitor.  You know Frank says a lot of things to save himself, but certain things he tells me I believe.  When he told me about her when we were on the wall, that's why I started crying, I was pissed (talking about Nicole) I mean this could be 50/50 he could be telling me a lie
Bridgett...No I heard it, but what I can't figure out is who is she playing, obviously she was playing me and Frank, but
Day...she is playing both sides
Bridgett...Nicole is really the only one who talks to me, we bonded over being ER nurses, I felt like I had 1 friend from that group because I felt so separated from all of you
Day telling Bridgett that she heard that Bridgette had a vendetta after every girl in this house...

it's just Day and Bridgette updating each other...I'm leaving this convo
just a question on my I the only one posting live feeds?   I've been with this board for many years and there use to be a lot of postings, half the time I had to make sure mine posted because another was posting ahead of me.  I'm not upset by it or anything...I'm usually up overnight and I watch the live feeds, but go back hour to hour to see something I might have missed.   
The Racers / Re: TAR 19: Ernie Halvorsen & Cindy Chiang (Engaged)
« Last post by SteKay on Yesterday at 06:57:10 AM »
Fave winners <3
7/25 3:10 meeting occurring in HOH everyone present...including Day, Frank and Bridgett. 
Paul starting meeting saying we are all here and all of us know what is going on so lets put our big boy/girl pants on and talk about it.  Frank is hesitant, Day is not... the veto is not going to be used
Frank...I want the Power of Veto used and I want Day put up in my spot
Paul to Day Did you know that?
Paul point A is there a point B?
? as who the veto is not going to get used that 100% sure
Michelle...says who wants Day gone?
Frank...nobody's going to say it with her in the room right now guys are in the room as well, all parties involved in compromise are all here the end of the day there only is one truth to my knowledge, but there could be another truth to (pointing to Frank) your knowledge, so since we are having this meeting lets bring out the truth so we know what the actual truth is and have breakfast lunch and dinner and go on with our lives.
Frank...but that's not what the games about
Frank...that's what the people at home are thinking, but that's not BB you know what the games about don't ya?
Day...according to you I know it very well
Frank...I think you as a fan sitting at home would want to know what's happening...know what's going on, back room deals, its part of the game
Day...and since we are all here what you are doing I respect you wouldn't just roll over and die, I would be pissed off shit
Day...I respect what your doing even if it is at my expense so don't get me wrong
Frank...I would hope that you would
Day...I knew there was a meeting so I think why not be present about it...I mean (to Frank) I've been crashing your little meetings all day
Frank lol I know you have, I get it you and Zakiyah tagging each other...If you knew it wasn't getting used why did you squash all the meetings
Day...because you make everyone feel uncomfortable that really the case right here, cause I'll quit campaigning right now, people feeling uncomfortable in here? one is going to say it Frank
Frank...just like no one is going to say they want you to go home Day, which one is real right there, I mean do I have a point?
Day...I don't know I was under the impression that this meeting was going to go a certain way, and certain information was going to be disclosed, that's not happening so should I exit and let you talk...crying (can't understand her)
Paul...we all know what's going on so
Day...this is what the problem is, he's thinking your all playing stupid in front of me, and I'm under the impression (cluck cluck cluck noise) in front of him
Frank...I'm not saying who's fing open
Day...well there you have it the same time I have a gut feeling, but everyone gets paranoid in this house, I don't know what to believe but I got to try
Day...oh and I know
Frank...the 2 people that are talking and no one else is speaking up
Day...I didn't call this meeting I was just told to be present
Paulie...F it I don't think its cool the way this is going down, the numbers aren't in your favor stop making yourself look like an idiot am I making myself look like an idiot?
Paulie...No your not making yourself look like an idiot, your doing what you need to do I didn't mean to say idiot thing to be in the conversation, but it is what it is, you want to call a house meeting about it when it could have been done in private, to save whatever character you might want to have saved
Frank...thank you Paulie
Paulie...nobody wants to say it, i'll say it, I was going to do it on a low key basis, but if everyone wants to come up here and do this shit and sit around and like sorry bro, I hate fing seeing you do this shit and like it's going to come to no avail, I hate seeing you try and it ain't going to of you guys is going home...I said in the beginning I didn't even know if it was worth it but I know you had to try for BB
Michelle...I told you downstairs even if I did use it on you Bridgett's going home, no one is going to vote Day out
Frank...that's fine all it just means  people don't shoot straight with me, people don't have backbones...backbones outside the house then they come in here and it is what it is...thank you Paulie for having a backbone, thank you Day for having a backbone...its all good in the hood...I ain't f.up about it
Frank, Paulie Victor leaves
Corey...I would think all of us would want to be heard out if we were in that position
Day...I been hearing it now for over 2 weeks, lets b/door Day, lets put day up, lets keep Tiffany...why do I have to keep listening to all this stuff and why was this even entertained for as long as it was

TAR Asia / Re: The Amazing Race Asia 5: PRE-Race Speculation and News
« Last post by redskevin88 on Yesterday at 05:52:47 AM »
Does anyone know when they are going to start filming? Surely soon, if the show is going to air in Ocotber? :spy:

August :tup:

Editing's going to be so crap. Interesting concept though, Singapore & Malaysian teams racing through Indonesia.

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