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Big Brother 17 Discussion / Re: Big Brother 17
« Last post by Hysha on Today at 07:38:59 AM »
Jackie is so <333 She has to stay in the house! Jace needs to go, he's so.... annoying. (?) Bye Jace.

I like Audrey, but she is not playing well...
Adam Mukendi ‏@adam_McKendi 2h2 hours ago

Boarded same flight to JHB with @AmazingRace_CBS Teams. Saw *Amazing teamwork but No *Race, team rivalry seen on Tv:)
Big Brother 17 Discussion / Re: Big Brother 17
« Last post by paradoxinee on Today at 04:25:50 AM »
Oh, I was saying its turning into BB16 because the house is united against one person (Audrey)

There is a lot of time to change everything. And what if Audrey wins HOH next week lol

About Audrey, she is gold for feeders and viewers. But her messy gameplay put target on her back so I'm not surprised with that.
Big Brother 17 Discussion / Re: Big Brother 17
« Last post by racer on Today at 04:14:01 AM »
Audrey such a hot mess glamazon <3
im back in for my Rff return
Food prepping continues...

Audrey got out of bed to turn off the bedroom lights and back in bed she goes.

Lively chatter in the kitchen

BBAD ended for the night!  :waves:
All in kitchen now

Major food prepping going on for have-nots
Talent show

Clay/Shellii did a cowboy dance

Jeff/Liz did a cheer rant

Austin/Jason did a flip dance

Jackie/Steve did a twirl dance

Becky/John did a denistry skit that ended with a kiss

James/Meg  did a silly skit

Da'Vonne and Vanessa did mime

Jace, the judge declared Jeff and Meg as King and Queen of the Prom!
The BB17 Prom talent show has started.

Da'Vonne is doing the blue carpet arrivals

Jeff and Liz is first

Becky and John are next

followed by James and Meg

followed by Austin and Jason

followed by Clay and Shelli

followed by Jackie and Steve

and then Da'Vonne introduced her date, Vanessa.
Jackie looks stunning in her dress.

Liz looks amazing as well.

Jeff looks handsome with a dress shirt and tie.
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