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Frankie rambling on with stories at the hot tub gang

Cody and Derrick working to get the pool pumper or whatever its called to work

BBAD ended for the night!
Derrick and Victoria resumed their talk

Hot tub gang chat about movies ongoing
All the guys minus Derrick and Christine around the hot tub talking about movies
Frankie and Zach now hammocking talking about who won comps

Derrick and Victoria's talk got interrupted when Nicole showed up. Victoria went inside.
Frankie and Hayden doing an abs workout routine in the BY

Cody and Caleb shooting pool

Nicole chilling on the hammock

Walkers ongoing
Derrick and Victoria still talking

Donny, Christine and Jacosta walking laps around the BY
I just watched it myself! They did well! Its a shame that TAR wasn't mentioned by name.
Cody and Derrick talking scenarios about getting to the end at the hammock

Victoria out of HOH, goes to hammock and asked to talk to Derrick

They move to the single loungers by the pool to talk
Caleb comes to the hammock and convo quickly changes to how double evictions work.
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