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TAR27 will most likely happen, but after a dating couples edition, it should be back to normal. :cmas23 It can't be some other edition again.

TAR 27 is a GO. But don't count on no twists. :res:
Just get caught up with the finale, and I am beyond THRILLED that Amy and Maya won!  :cmas51 :cmas51 :cmas51

My gut is wrong and I could not be any happier!!!

Them winning is the perfect outcome of the race. They're the least of the remaining 4 but that surely didn't put them out of the victory loop. Thank God for the F4 twist and that last task... Now, THAT is a MEMORY TASK! Their short term and long term memory were actually put to the test. I bet Adam and especially Jim are kicking themselves in the nuts wishing they were doing that Roadblock LOL

If it wasn't for the F4 twist then Jim and Misti probably would have won and that wouldn't be as thrilled cause I then would be "Yeah, I kinda see it coming"

At last, thank you for a great season!!! It makes up a lot of things from last season, especially the Cast! Hopefully Season 26 delivers as well! The preview certainly does.
For the first time on TAR Israel, a team misses their chance to use the Must-Vote U-Turn by being so far behind, while the team that DOES get U-Turned is forced to do something nearly impossible.

Also, hot Swedish models.
The Amazing Race 26 Spoilers / Re: TAR 26 Contestants *spoilers*
« Last post by alltsa on Yesterday at 08:00:59 PM »
So far we have
So far
Steve and alyson
Jeff and lyla
Jon and harley
Rochelle and mikey
Tyler and laura

Partial teams
Jenny from blasian
Jeff from tall short couple
Hayley from cute couple

Survivor Live - Natalie Anderson

Survivor Live Host Jeff Schroeder sits down with the winner of Survivor: San Juan Del Sur, Natalie Anderson, to talk about the game.

<a href="" target="_blank" class="new_win"></a>
The Amazing Race 26 Spoilers / Re: TAR 26 Contestants *spoilers*
« Last post by RealityFreakWill on Yesterday at 06:12:41 PM »
From People...

New Kids on the Block's Jonathan Knight Will Compete on The Amazing Race

Does Jonathan Knight have the right stuff to win The Amazing Race?

The New Kids on the Block member and his boyfriend, Harley Rodriguez, have been revealed as one of 11 couples competing on the next season of the CBS reality competition.

Knight, 46, and his personal trainer boyfriend, 41, have more than six years' experience traveling together as a couple, which they can draw on as they race around the world, but not all of the competitors will have that same advantage.

For the first time in the show's 13 years on the air, five of the teams will be comprised of strangers who have been paired together by the show for the ultimate blind date.
TAR 25 is the first season in which ALL of the teams arrived last to a Pit Stop at one point :o

Lisa & Michelle came in last on Leg 1.
Dennis & Isabelle came in last on Leg 2.
Michael & Scott came in last on Leg 3.
Misti & Jim came in last on Leg 4.
Keith & Whitney came in last on Leg 5.
Shelley & Nici came in last on Leg 6.
Tim & Te Jay came in last on Leg 7.
Tim & Te Jay came in last on Leg 8.
Kym & Alli came in last on Leg 9.
Brooke & Robbie came in last on Leg 10.
Amy & Maya came last on Leg 11.
Adam & Bethany came in 3rd/last [at the Finish Line] in Leg 12.
The Amazing Race 25 Spoilers / Re: SEASON 25 FINAL QUESTIONNAIRE
« Last post by dryedmangoez on Yesterday at 05:46:00 PM »
1. Did you like the final leg?

2. Are you happy with Amy & Maya victory?

3. Did they deserve it?

4. Now that it's over, how do qualify the whole season?
Best season since TAR17 and one of the better seasons post-TARAS (the real one)

5. It was what you expected before it started?
No. Better than expected!

6. Which was the best leg for you?
Morocco 1 and Philippines 2

7. And the worst (or the one that wasn't as good as the others)?
Leg 1

8. Which moment was your favourite of the season?
Amy & Maya winning

9. Which one made you feel sad?
Dennis & Isabelle elimination

10. Which one was the funniest?
Amy & Maya at China Cups and Tim & Te Jay with the sheep

11. Which moment was the most dramatic?
Keith & Whitney vs Shelley & Nici and Shelley vs Nici

12. And which one surprised/shocked you?
Shelley & Nici's meltdown

13. Which team exceeded your expectations?
Kym & Alli, Tim & Te Jay and Amy & Maya

14. And what team didn't fulfilled them?
Dennis & Isabelle, Brooke & Robbie

15. Finally, who was the MVP of the season? Why? (Don't have to be necessarily one of the winners)
Kym & Alli - Biggest surprise and definitely deserved to go to the end.
The Amazing Race 26 Spoilers / Re: TAR 26 Season Preview!
« Last post by LeonardTheKoala on Yesterday at 05:43:16 PM »
Wait a minute, are they allowed to use phones right now to take selfie? :cmas11

Well as long as they don't upload online yet, they'd be fine   :cmaslol
Easily one of the most memorable teams this season. I didn't think I would like them so much but they were so much fun! :cmas23
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