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Next week on The Amazing Race Asia...

Teams are hanging by a thread!

Rach & Vicky are fighting at a Heights Roadblock!

Tom & Anita are doing a rickshaw task!

JK & Mike are fighting when JK hits Mike with a stick at a task!
JK & Mike walk to the Pit Stop and check in as 8th Place!

Alphaeus & Brandon are the last team to arrive and they have both been eliminated from the Race.

They're sad to go from first to worst. They're happy to at least do it together.

"Good Race"
"No Regrets".

It's over!
JK is extremely lost at the Roadblock as Brandon & Alphaeus arrive.

It's them two fighting for elimination.

j/k, JK literally finds it now and they're done!

Brandon gets it too! :o

Potential foot-race to the Pit Stop!

JK & Mike are walking, Brandon & Alphaeus are running!
Parul & Maggie are Team Number Six!

JK & Mike arrive as Alex & Will finish!

Alex & Will leave in seventh!

Brandon & Alphaeus finally arrive at the Roadblock in last!

Alex & Will, you are Team Number Seven!  :hearts:
Rach & Vicky are Team Number Five!

JK & Mike finally finish the Detour in LAST place!

Alex & Will arrive at the Roadblock in SEVENTH!

Parul & Maggie finish! "GET YOUR SKINNY ASS BACK HERE!" :lol: <3
Rach & Vicky at the Roadblock still.

Will & Alex FINALLY finish the Detour in EIGHTH place :lol: <3

Parul & Maggie arrive at the Roadblock just as Vicky finishes it!

Parul begins bitching about Maggie at random :lol: <33333

Parul & Maggie are still excruciatingly lost. Maggie is frustrated.

Eric & Rona are lost.

Rach & Vicky arrive in 5th. Rach tells Vicky to do it like he's swimming and then applies bug spray to herself while telling Vicky to hurry up :lol: <3

Eric & Rona find it. They are Team Number Four!
We're back.

Tom & Anita just finished the Roadblock!

Eric & Rona just arrived. Eric is doing it.

Louisia & Treasuri finish it just as one of them bitched about Eric & Rona arriving :lol:

Tom & Anita are Team Number Two! Louisia & Treasuri are Team Number Three!

Will & Alex are STILL at the Detour :lol:
Yvonne & Chloe from almost-worst to 1st! :o

Well, I'm glad there's a roadblock. :lol: However, it was a poorly designed roadblock. They could've done better with the puppets.
Pit Stop already!? :gaah:

There's 30 minutes left I'm SURE there's another task :lol:

The "Pit Stop" wasn't shown too, just a clue box.

Allan's pre-commercial statement confused me. :lol: I blame editing too.
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