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The Amazing Race Discussion / Re: Amazing Race Questions
« Last post by Declive on Today at 01:57:16 AM »
Did the producers ever pt a ff before a speed bumb? I don't think they would do that.
Big Brother Live Feeds and Spoilers / Re: BB16 discussion of the live feeds
« Last post by MrDS on Today at 01:40:52 AM »
Yes she's taken selfies with all the evicted HGs afaik
Victoria out of DR

Cody and Derrick in main BR shaving

Victoria in BR popping zits, then went out to grab clothes and then return to change in the stall

Caleb is in bed

BBAD ended for the night!  :waves: 7 more nights of this and I'm home free until next summer! 
Why does Tyson always go to the toilet?
I don't know but my family now call going to the toilet "doing aTyson".
Victoria in DR

Derrick in HOH

Cody laying by himself on LR couch

Caleb in bed?
Derrick and Victoria in HOH

Derrick does not tell her that she is safe and Caleb will be leaving.

She leaves HOH and he is listening to his music. Gotta enjoy that room as it will be closed for good after tomorrow.
Caleb back down

More random chatter.
Why does Tyson always go to the toilet?
Is EOnline owned by CBS?  they posted about him already and how WOOOONDERFUL he was!   :whever:  even posting a selfie of frankie with Julie.  Did she take selfies with the others?  I'm jsut filling up with disgust over here
Caleb heads up to HOh to listen to Derrick's CD

Other 3 chatter downstairs
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