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This is when Neda first got her HOH and her HOH letter when the feeds first came back
The Amazing Race Discussion / Re: The Amazing Race: What If
« Last post by toanglobal on Yesterday at 10:29:38 PM »
If The (Blind) Double U-Turn were introduced in TAR 16 leg 5 and leg 9, who would be U-turned in second slots and what happened for the entire race?
if Jet & Cord won TAR 16, who should be called back to UB
the HG's dont have a clue where Neda is well maybe Allison :lol3:

Neda to her self. congrats neda on your HOH cheers.  :lol3:

 you can hear Adel loud and clear :lol3:
Heather obviously Canada has a spot in the jury and that has never been done before

 Jon i love that shit

 Heather i was scared shitless of what arlie was doing i thought he was staying

Neda can hear the HG's talking in the living room even i can hear them thru the door! :lol3:

Neda Jon stop touching yourself. omg this kid!! STOOP STOP! :lol3:
Neda doing the noms voting on ehr fingers

 Neda if i put up the gremlins and one of them comes down the Allison goes up and goes home

 Neda Eww i dont ant to see the gremlins you can take them away
The treasure chest is back in the living room

Allison out of the DR

 Allison to jon yeah im pissed i would be where ever Neda is right now

Allison seems' mad and she must know that Neda is in the war room

Neda is laughing watching the living room peeps joke

 Alliosn is shaking her :ass: like adel does
Neda BB can you show people on the screen please

they do

 Neda thank you!!
Neda  clearly the gremlins are pissed cuz they asked jon if they are going up and he said that  he doesnt know but i promised that i wouldnt but i dont care cuz i hate them.. thats what im getting from this. and they are extremely scared right now

 neda cool

Neda watching the gremlins in the bathroom :funny: :funny: :funny:
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