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Frankie done with shower, now going to bake some fish for dinner

All but Cody are really sore.

Caleb is in a lot of pain.

Derrick and Frankie helping Caleb walk to the BR so he can shower

Due to the number of the couples in the Duel, the show ended with a partial decision about which couples keep competing:

1. Victoria Xipolitakis/Cristian Falcón (3-1 decision)
2. Florencia Viterbo/Pedro Alfonso (3-1 decision)
3. Anibal Pachano/Laura Fernandez (3-1 decision)
4. Mariana "Loly" Antoniale/Cristian Ponce (3-1 decision)

The decision about the remaining four couples to be saved and the corresponding elimination are going to happen next Thursday.

These are the four other couples saved by the jury:

5. María Eugenia Ritó/Fernando Bertona (3-1 decision)
6. Luciano Tirri/Bárbara Reali (3-1 decison)
7. Anita Martinez/Marcos "Bicho" Gómez (3-1 decison)
8. Lizy Tagliani/Gabriel Usandivaras (3-1 decison)

And this is the audience decision, made by phone and SMS:

Maximiliano Guerra/Patricia Baca Urquiza - 33,42 % (ELIMINATED)
Hernan Piquín/Cecilia Figaredo - 66,48 %
Caleb's knee is messed up. He has a ice pack and is wrapped up

Nicole to the DR

They were commenting about the family videos they saw during the live show. They thought it was cool.
This sucks :(
I'm here for BBAD

Caleb laying on LR couch

One by one are taking showers

Griping they'll be sore tomorrow
The Amazing Race Discussion / Re: How would you categorize Legs?
« Last post by Kamineko on Yesterday at 11:56:37 PM »
Legs with cryptic clues? :)
The Amazing Race Discussion / Re: How would you categorize Legs?
« Last post by maf on Yesterday at 11:52:45 PM »
Needle in a haystack challenges?
Legs with self-driving.
And he is wearing the same shirt Max wore on s22 iirc!
Still fish....probably giving the HG a little time to clean up from the HOH.
Feeds are fish right now.
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