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Confirmed today, next rythm is MERENGUE.
1. Have you liked episode 6?
The Leg was better than last week's. We finally got to see more of Morocco than the old quarters of Marrakesh.
2. Do you think race karma bitten Shelley & Nici?
Not necessarily. If Shelley & Nici aren't bitter about their elimination, then it is not karma. It's called sportsmanship.
3. Who are goin to claim victory on Leg 7?
Adam & Bethany
4. And who are the racers going home?
Non-elimination, I can't just assume anyone will go to Elimination Station.
5. The title quote is said by...
6. Which of the sweet scientists did it pretty flying?
The sweetest of the sweets.
7. Do you often so things pretty?
Let's see, condo redecorating, shopping for new clothes, cooking, anything that regards presentation.
Hmm.. so we'll have to see what we can find in the half-season preview. Other than that, we'll have to wait until Wednesday for any vids/pics of this leg  :'(
After-episode analysis
BETTER TITLE QUOTE: "It's Really Hot and I Need My Sunscreen" - Kym
Tonight, the teams went to work with the rest of Marrakesh and its breathtaking surrounding settings. Stepping off the Pit Start, the duos jogged the old quarters to transport sacks of hay onto a dried mud rooftop. Heavy the hay is, the real challenge apparently was for keen eyes and navigation... Amy & Maya :snics:.. For not beating themselves out, they were rewarded with a free Moroccan carriage ride by a team of horses afterward. The next task is to drive smooth Ford sedans into the rural southern region of Marrakesh where they had to open their eyes to finding a clue box in amidst a marked pottery vendor. A Detour was encountered. After the Detour, teams went to T'erre de Amanar to perform tightrope acts of balance and fear conquering, a great Halloween task! Alas, the Pit Stop at a kasba proved to be an emotional and joyful awakening for many of the teams.

DETOUR: (Berber Living or Butter Leavening)
In Berber Living, teams had to construct an authentic Berber tent with the provided materials. Surprisingly, only Tim & Te Jay took a chance with this task despite its nonexistent time strain. I found the task interesting, but not intriguing. In Butter Leavening, teams had to milk a goat and churn butter using a traditional shake method while being serenades by a lovely Berber folk musician. The elapsed time to gyrate a solid blotch of butter took nearly an hour's work, but teams succeed with patience and focusing on nature, not pain. I really liked this cultural task.

ROADBLOCK: (Who has a knack of sliding things in place?)
This Roadblock pitted teammates to a Halloween nightmare of facing two fears in one task - falling into a canyon and puzzles! Shocking! I never imagined Morocco having a scenery of green trees and Grand Canyon-like features. I've always imagined the rural regions of Morocco to be as desolate and dry like what TAR10 portrayed. I really loved the teams conquering their fear and channeling their fortuity of incredible heights, but the puzzle was quite simple even for a confused Brooke.

PIT STOP CONFIGURATION: 8/10 (Getting better because of less teams, but never aired Phil revealing TTJ and Brookie's placements)
BROOKE'S HAY THROWDOWN: 10/10 (No real comment, just out there.)
MISTI & JIM RE-DOMINATION: 10/10 (I don't care what anyone else opinionates!)
KYM's SINGING: 9/10 (Counting off for redundancy. :lol:)

Cool episode tonight! :)
The Amazing Race 25 Spoilers / Re: LIVE STREAM
« Last post by Platrium on Today at 08:16:59 PM »
Thank you very much! :kuss:
TAR 25:
Only season where the top 6 teams in Leg 1 ended up being the Final 6.
Also, Internationals please note!! The US comes off daylight savings time this Sunday, so NEXT weeks episode will be an hour later if you are outside the US! :waves:

Noted. Thank you! :hugs:
The timing of that mid-season preview is a bit odd, since there is an episode next week, and not the week after. Wonder if CBS changed their scheduling after the first six episodes were edited post-production, as Phil even mentioned the mid-point of the Race on the mat with a couple of the teams.
Adam and Bethany are just an amazing team. Seriously. They're the closest thing to Kris and Jon from season six since Kris and Jon.
The leg itself continue the wonderful trend this season of tasks that are challenging, and animals always make some of these tasks harder. (Goats, take your bow!) It was good to see Shecky's relatives on the show again; they've been missed.
ARI: 8.5/10
~It was a bit boring, but it shuffled the placements.
Detour: 10/10
~Both sides are equally difficult. :hrt:
Roadblock: 8.5/10
~Love the view, love watching the extreme heights. :hrt:

Bonus points for:
~Self-driving :luvya: :hrt: :wohoo: :hearts: :conf: :<3 :yess:
~Wrestlers' drama :funny: :funny: :funny:
~Dentists getting up once again. (They could've done that last leg if Misti noticed the one-hand earlier.)
~Shuffle of placements despite linear leg.
~Victims of self-driving.
and more... ???

Overall: 11/10 :hrt: TAR25 continues to outshine TAR24.
Brooke wanting to smash the puzzle: :funny: :funny: :funny:
What an entrance to the pit stop! :lol:
I'm enjoying the wrestlers so far. :lol: They're so funny.

Shelley & Nici were eliminated because they got lost. Common for self-driving legs I guess. *insert self-driving emoticon*
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