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Big Brother Canada Discussion / Re: BBCAN3: Naeha Sareen
« Last post by Leafsfan on Today at 07:34:51 PM »
What a star! She definitely needs to go far to help this season :P
Big Brother Canada Discussion / Re: BBCAN3: Graig Merritt
« Last post by Leafsfan on Today at 07:34:15 PM »
Not really liking him on this season!  :(

The Amazing Race 26 Spoilers / Re: TAR 26 Media
« Last post by Plaidmoon on Today at 07:31:04 PM »
Good to see that the one man Wikipedia decision board hasn't decided that TAR really didn't go to France, just to Monaco.
This puzzle is hard.

Kevin doesn't know what to do with the M. It's chomping not chopping.

Kevin hits the button and has won the POV!

Strategy in the HOH.

Bobby, Zach and Johnny.

Bobby: Its either Sindy or Naeha.

Bobby says he is forced to put up Sindy...

Bobby is struggling.

Johnny is the first one to get all 19

He is frozen, so he doesn't know the phrase.

Water starts spraying on their faces at the dam station .

Everyone now has their 19 logs.

Kevin and Johnny are neck and neck.

Kevin is solving it quickly

Kevin pulls out all his logs!!

Everybody still has a shot.
Brit is struggling in the comp.

The water is very cold - according to the 6 hgs.

Jordan: Willow is giving me wood in this costume LMAO!

Johnny gets the first predator rock and pauses the comp.

Its so cold Bobby's fingers are cold, and he shuts down and he is shaking !! wow

Time for the POV comp!

6 ppl will be chosen.

HOH (Bobby)/Two nominees (Brit/Kevin)/three random by draw Godfrey (selected by Bobby), Brit gets HG's choice and picks Willow. Kevin picks Johnny.

Bobby picks Jordan as the host.

The hgs are dressing as beavers.

There is water everywhere.

Find logs that are your's and finish your dam. There is a phrase they need to solve (its like a puzzle with their 19 pieces). It spells Off the Chomping block. If you find a name of a predator in the swamp, you can call it out and the competition stops for a minute, while the person who found it can still compete.
Big Brother Canada Discussion / Re: BBCAN3: Sindy Nguyen
« Last post by Leafsfan on Today at 07:14:51 PM »
She reminds me of Paola from BB16 but Sindy's doesn't suck (yet) in comps.

Sindy: This is awkward (and she is mad)

Kevin has a plan to turn this around.

Naeha: This is not good for my game. Kevin needs to spread this around the house.

Graig: We need to rally the house to send the girls home.

He tells Jordan and Bruno.

Graig: We need to get Graig off.

Graig tells britt about the girls alliance, and she says no disappointed

Kevin tells Bobby about the girls alliance, and we have to take out the girls. He says Sindy and Nahea are the main aggressors. He is exaggerating the story.

Bobby: Definitely changes everything.

Kevin; I painted a masterpiece in this house.

Naeha enters the bedroom. Sarah: Us girls are screwed. Sarah checked the corners lmao to see if everyone is there.

Naeha says lets push Sindy (to control damage) and then Sarah says not the time to keep pushing.

Sarah: This is the worst possible thing to happen.

We start off with the nomination ceremony.

Kevin realizes he can be screwed.

Kevin is the target due to being a threat.

Sarah and Ashleigh console Brit in the bedroom. Brit, this is bb you will always get blood on your hands.

Sindy needs to talk the girls, she wants to keep the numbers with the females. Sindy: Guys are outnumbering us.

Sindy: Kevin won't help our games. She knows where Brit's head is at. Naeha said the girls wouldn't nominate each other.

Sindy: We don't use the pov and try to save Brit with the votes.

CRYINGG Kevin was in the HOH bathroom the whole time listening to this LMFAO!

He says he could save his butt.

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