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daily dose of <3 for Shelley & Nici  :hrt:
God, this leg was so close, from the restaurant task, to the Roadblock (everyone got lost and then stuck at the same corner, where the shop is by the side), and then together at the Roadblock.. and then the Detour.

It is unfair to say that the head turning Detour was easier. That was skill. The tea pouring was detailed oriented and of course skill's involved but it's pretty easy to pour tea that way (I've tried it). I think this is the first time I really really liked a Detour at a U-TURN which is fair, both at the same location and both seemed to be equally challenging.

The Roadblock was pretty culturally relevant and the drama made it better. Active Route Info was interesting but definitely amazing to know/see how these stalls work.

Amazing amazing leg. I think that even though the Detour gave Keith and Whitney no chance to move forward, they sort of really brought it upon themselves by getting in a quarrel with another team. Shelley and Nici were right, Whitney wasn't there yet, so why not just let them get the clue. It's probably just 1 second difference and Keith's competitiveness sort of did them in.

In any case, without the U-TURN they would have been toast either. So, bad on Shelley and Nici for wasting their U-TURN, but they did sealed the Survivor's fate.

AWESOME LEG. <3 This season make Allstars laughable.
The Amazing Race 25 Spoilers / Re: TAR 25 Ratings
« Last post by TheRabbi on Today at 11:50:21 AM »
Down to a 1.0 rating last night, which is not a good drop.  Not totally unexpected, going against game 3 of the World Series, but more troubling is that it finished behind both Dateline on NBC, and the comedies on ABC.  Next week airs on Halloween, so I wouldn't expect great ratings then either.

And while the show gained a good percentage in DVR viewing, that's not a good metric to use.  Networks care about raw numbers, not percentages.  Look at all the shows that finished behind it in the chart - many of them gained more than the 0.7 that TAR did.  When the show's same-day rating is lower, it doesn't take a big DVR number to have a higher percentage than other shows (look at America's Next Top Model, which gained a whopping 0.2 ratings in Live +7, yet is 11th place for the week in percentage.  That said, its still good that people are realizing its on and watching it.  Just gotta get more people to watch live.
I think it's just to assure that one of the last 2 teams (assuming 2 teams would get U-Turned) will battling it out for survival/elimination. That is the point of the U-Turn after all - to slow a team down and hopefully eliminate them. If it was always in the beginning of the leg, like the Speed Bumps, then they would serve no purpose (see how Misti/Jim could have won the leg if they paid attention to detail at the Tea Detour).
I HATE UTurns used AFTER a RB at the end of the leg when there is no chance of recovery. VERY poor leg planning.
TV Shows that are NOT Reality / Re: How to Get Away with Murder
« Last post by cableye on Today at 11:11:29 AM »
There are so many twists and turns on this show I get dizzy! If I turn away for a minute, I miss something big! But why is Annalisse so angry at her husband for cheating when she met him and he was married and cheating with her? Plus she has cheated on him! It seems a tad over dramatic of her to be so angry about it.
The Amazing Race Discussion / Re: Best Female Team (based on average)
« Last post by Jobby on Today at 10:30:21 AM »
Looking at this list made me realized how much I missed Kami and Karli and Tian and Jaree <3
lol go Twinnies
4th and 53rd :lol:

And Kym & Alli's current average is 3. That would put them in second!

 :funny: :( :funny:
The Amazing Race Discussion / Re: Best Female Team (based on average)
« Last post by Bookworm on Today at 07:29:14 AM »
lol go Twinnies
4th and 53rd :lol:

And Kym & Alli's current average is 3. That would put them in second!
There are a couple of insider videos from this episode of teams casually strolling through the market, which appears to be before all the tasks began (seen in Kym and Alli's "Personal Tour") was there a HoO at the market?
It was almost edited out, but you could see teams rushing through opening doors to get to the mobile market stalls.
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