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Okay everyone.

This thread has gotten WAY OFF TOPIC today, except for the valiant souls among you trying to DISCUSS THE SPOILERS (and shadows!), which is what this thread is for.(Big thanks to all of you!)

So let me just go over a few BASICS here.

 This thread is for DISCUSSION OF SPOILERS. Not discussion of each other, other spoilers, other sites, bragging about info you have that can't be shared.

Our basic guidelines are what is in my signature (respect for each other), a true curiosity about every detail of the race, and "detecting" work that builds upon a collaboration with each other's info.

Our guidelines on posting and sharing are in the first post of the spoiler board and hopefully have been read by you ALL. Production is ask before posting if you have any doubts.

ALL racers are respected here. I have no idea where this Jody fans against the world attitude began. I for one could care less that they were on BB. What I DO care about is that they are TAR racers now, and as part of our TARFamily will be given the same courtesy and respect as any other racer. Comments and insight on their past and how it may reflect game play here add depth to the discussion and are welcomed.

I was off line for several hours this evening and returned to a thread filled with off topic chatter, personal comments and attacks on others, unsourced bragging, and worst of all, disappointment with RFF from many of our long term members. Trust me, I share this frustration and disappointment. The majority of the last 5 pages here ARE not what we are here for which is to question/evaluate/discuss/ and hopefully figure out every bit of the TAR wonders that we can. Terrifically proud of our TAR team!

So as a reminder:

#2) We love anyone who can bring and share info with us all. If you can, wonderful! This is not a competition, it is a collaboration with all our valued members. Every detail is cherished and evaluated. The search,  the research and the conclusions our whole team makes are the fun!
#3) Please stay ON TOPIC, which is DISCUSSION OF SPOILERS.

And Finally...someone(S) owes me a GIANT  :margarita: and a LARGE bottle of Advil.

We are going back to basics starting NOW.

Be kind to each other. This is supposed to be FUN.

So bring your curiosity, your insights, your finds. And working together we can make this another wonderful season!  :hrt:

dangambler is it tomorrow for you yet, can you tell us the exciting news  :D :D
Survivor - I Don't Like Having Snakes Around (Sneak Peek)

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My guess is either Jody or Ski girls got last but it was a NEL..

My analysis of the shadows:
In the photos of the skiers and lifeguards, the shadow of the tree is almost directly below the tree itself.  There is also a shadow in one of the pics of a piece of equipment (I think it's a reflector for lighting) that casts a rectangular shadow directly beneath the equipment.  This leads me to believe that these pictures were taken around noontime.
In the photo of Jody, there is a definite shadow across what we know (or at least strongly believe) to be the South side of the mat.  From the placement of the buildings and the mat, it is my opinion that the buildings on the East side of the street would cast a shadow on the North side of the mat, and that the building on the West side of the street would cast a shadow from the South.  Remember, the sun is in the Northern sky in Harare.
My conclusion, therefore, is that the Jody mat pics were taken after noon.
To sum everything up :
1) Lifeguards reached before Skiers.
2) Lifeguards & Skiers reached at around 1:30 pm (zmb time) according to a source.
3) Jody's pic also propped up later, but clearly has more sunlight.
4) Lifeguards & Skiers pic have more shade.
5) Icecream sellers are usually available when there's shade. We see Lifeguards/Skiers having icecream but not Jody
6) Phil's shirt is also more wrinkled in Skiers/Lifeguards pic than in Jody's
7) Production packed up soon (in an hour according to a source) after Skiers/Lifeguards pic was taken
8) Jody have both hands on their hips
9) Points 2,3,4,5,6,7 are proving that no way Jody reached last, and also, no way Lifeguards/Skiers reached before Jody
10) Also Jody may not have been 1st/2nd from the looks of their body language. So I'll speculate that they would've reached at 3rd/4th position
11) Skiers will get a speed bump for next leg.
12) This leg looks like NEL since both skiers & lifeguards were offered ice cream and Phil was smiling
13) The mystery team is doing better than lifeguards & skiers. We know for sure that its a male-male team.
14) Next leg can be the 2nd and final Double U-Turn leg

Rankings for Leg 7 I expect, based on above points :
1/2) Twins/Debaters
3/4) Jody/Mystery team
5) Lifeguards
6) Skiers
Anyway. I canít wait to find out the significance of the ice cream LOL I have never seen that st a pit stop before. Which season did they get the coconuts?

That would be S16, Seychelles?
I'm just amused that we will see CODY having to sing and dance on stage  :funny: if they ended up doing this task...Cody would be amusing to watch. Our luck...they chose the other tadk...hahaha. I bet this will be a very funny episode to see many of the teams doing this task. Hahaha. Now I really can't wait for the episodes to start airing! This is my first season, playing detective on the backend. It is going to be so much fun to watch each week play out TV. Comparing notes on what we think happened..and what really happens!!
Ive been reading this forum for years, always impressed with the detective abilities and how information is found. Ive also always been impressed on how everyone works together to try and figure things out.  I have to say Im a bit perplexed at this sudden secrecy and need to be so cryptic.

This has always been collaborative. No one "hid" anything or needed to withhold info. It was a group of people working together. What is the sudden need for secrecy. Not just secrecy, but the need to tell people you know something that others don't? Seems off to me and not what , I thought, this board was about.

Anyway, its the first time that I was prompted to post. But if I dont post again, thank you all for years of fun following your investigative work.  Its always made TAR that much more fun for me.

I am new this season...although I've been an amazing race fan for years. I'm also disappointed by how many people are acting...or reacting to posts on here.

It's to the point that some people seem to not care for Team Jody at all...and react as though all they want to do is disprove any posting that references this team. Other people are so Pro Team Jody that they get upset with anything that might contradict what they have posted.

And then you have the majority of us...people that are just fans...trying to have fun..look for clues and trying to work with each other to make educated, estimated, deductions on what's happening in the race.

The problem is...that this negativity is carrying over and making it hard for anyone to post a question...a educated guess..without major fallout in return. Or, having to sift through the back and forth, to try and figure out what's going on. Thats not fun for anyone and I see a lot of it happening.

Can we all remember, that regardless of who our favorite team is ( or our least favorite team ) that this forum about all teams in the race. The best way for us to get good, conclusive information about how EACH OF OUR favorite teams is doing in the race, is to piece the clues together as we get them and by everyone being inclusive with the clues we find.

And...try to show some patience for some of the newer, greener fans. I've seen people just making an innocent comment about their favorite team..or just general game chat, and suddenly getting sarcastic, undeserving comments back.

If we put our heads together, we can learn a lot! Ive been AMAZED by the insight Peach & the other unbiased veteran detectives have been able to glean from something that at first seemed like an insigificant clue. Their years of experience in chasing the Amazing Race cant be duplicated.

If you have clues or sources, but don't share the details...well..the rest of us can't take that as 100% fact/proof of something..even if we might want to.  Share the details, so we can all be excited together.  :)  let's work together, not assume facts not in evidence, be respectful of each other's opinions ( even when they differ from our opinion ) to try and get more out of each and every clue we get.

Perfect example today of the pictures and using the theory of analyzing sunlight/lighting/shadows, etc, to help try & establish times each team at the mat. Some people did great...unbiased research about sourounding businesses, direction they faced, etc try and help so we could use this info,  compare against the direction their shadows fell, etc...and it ended up getting buried in the back and forth banter. Too bad we couldn't have worked together more to see if we could have nailed this down better.

Thanks Kitty. Agree with you 100%. Appreciate your thoughtful comments.

Just hope Jody wasn't wearing their camo stuff. As somebody pointed out yesterday, it's actually illegal there.

I'm pretty sure production would have given them the heads up.  Last thing production wants to do is cause friction with the local authorities.  Plus the teams are an asset, so it would make sense that production would take the necessary steps to protect their assets.  Imagine th PR nightmare if a team ran afoul of local authorities and ended up in the glue because production didn't tell them that it was illegal to wear camo.
Completely agree. Can't imagine production not making sure all local rules are told to, and understood by, all members of all teams.

I was relieved to see that they weren't wearing camo as well, after someone discovered this was against the law here! I would never have thought this might be a law I any if the countries the team visited. I'm sure it made their tasks harder, if they are used to wearing baseball hats to block the sun and couldn't today.  This is the only team we've seen wearing anything with camo in it this season, isn't It?
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