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Uh oh. If they U-turn Dave & Connor next leg my liking for them may completely go out the window. :ascared
Jeez, what? U-Turns are part of the game and just because someone U-Turns your likable team by being strategic and playing the game, it doesn't mean you should hate them :res:

Good point. If it's a strategic move then it's nothing to be upset about.

I'm just worried it might knock Dave & Connor out of the race. If that happens, it will be hard not to be a little more upset because they're basically the only team I'm rooting for (or even watching for) at this point.
The Amazing Race Discussion / Re: Keep on Racing Legs Penalty?
« Last post by Hooky on Yesterday at 12:57:01 PM »
They've changed the distinction between double Legs (TAR6-10) and the Legs with zero hour Pit Stops that are being used now that are, again, non-elimination Legs without penalty.

I know. I meant that while these legs are a little different (now there is a prize for team number 1) from the TBC legs of old, the difference is not significant in my book.
The Amazing Race Discussion / Re: The Greatest Amazing Race Episodes
« Last post by Boring Dude on Yesterday at 12:45:44 PM »
Although I feel many people are not liking the current season as much, I feel that episodes 4-7 of season 24 (especially leg 6) have been some of the best HD era episodes.
The Amazing Race Discussion / Re: Your first TAR season
« Last post by Boring Dude on Yesterday at 12:38:38 PM »
My first episode was "Be safe and don't hit a cow" from season 22 in Botswana. I was instantly intrigued…
Oh, we really saw them on the TV helping Afghanimal
The Amazing Race Discussion / Re: The Amazing Race: What If
« Last post by Keepcopz on Yesterday at 10:17:36 AM »
1.What if Jason & Amy U-Turn Tim & Marie?
2.What if Caroline & Jennifer chose Titanic detour in Leg 11?
3.What if Joey & Meghan lost to oustskirts of town in Leg 8 and get too far from town and got stranded in a street miles away from border of town?
4.What if Nicky & Kim didn't switch Detour in Leg 4?
1. If its the Leg 8 U-Turn, I think that Afghanimals would be 3rd, Ice Queens 4th, Tim and Marie 5th, Nicky & Kim Last.
2. If Caroline and Jen did the Titanic Detour, they would still be eliminated.
3. Joey & Meghan eliminated 6th, Chuck & Wynona eliminated 5th. Country eliminated 4th. No change in the Final Result.
4. Nicky and Kim DIDN'T switch Detours in Leg 4. They just chose the longer Detour.

Maybe Roif456 means the switch in Leg8? If they didn't do the food prepare choice, which really time-consuming, they might arrive at the U-turn board earlier than Tim&Marie and can even U-turn Ice girl for safety?
Leg 1: USA > Hong Kong
Leg 2: Hong Kong > Macau
Leg 3: Macau > Hong Kong > Kathmandu, Nepal
Leg 4: Nepal (Pokhara)
Leg 5: Nepal > Johannesburg, South Africa > Mbabane, Swaziland
Leg 6: Swaziland > Maputo, Mozambique
Leg 7: Mozambique > Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Leg 8: Bosnia & Herzegovina (Visegrad)
Leg 9: Bosnia & Herzegovina > Szegad, Hungary
Lg 10: Hungary > Caracas, Venezuela
Lg 11: Venezuela (Valencia)
Lg 12: Venezuela > Miami, USA

It's been awhile since I posted my wishlist route.

Leg 1 (New York City, United States > Munich, Germany)
Leg 2 (Munich, Germany > Augsburg, Germany)
Leg 3 (Augsburg, Germany > Prague, Czech Republic)
Leg 4 (Prague, Czech Republic > Mombasa, Kenya) *Non-Elimination
Leg 5 (Mombasa, Kenya > Maasai Mara, Kenya) *Speed Bump
Leg 6 (Maasai Mara, Kenya > New Delhi, India) *Double U-Turn
Leg 7 (New Delhi, India > Srinagar, India) *Fast Forward
Leg 8 (Srinagar, India > Hong Kong, China) *Non-Elimination
Leg 9 (Hong Kong, China > Sapporo, Japan) *Speed Bump *Double U-Turn
Leg 10 (Sapporo, Japan > Vancouver, Canada) *Non-Elimination
Leg 11 (Vancouver, Canada > Quebec City, Canada) *Speed Bump
Leg 12 (Quebec City, Canada > Boston, United States)

Feel free to comment! :)
is us to jordan even possible in one trip.. .
This is kind of old news, since it was a sighting from the last episode in Rome, but it was interesting, so I'll post it here. I found this at the Television Without Pity forum, so props to them for finding a fairly obscure article. This is a news story from the Caledonia Argus newspaper from Caledonia, MN about a trio of women who were visiting Rome and stumbled across Phil at the pit stop in Rome. After having a chat with Phil, they wandered over to the Spanish Steps and ended up helping Jamal with Roman numeral math for an hour or so. I'll quote the relevant parts below. There is also a picture of them with Phil and the greeter and another picture of Jamal, Big easy and a cameraman on the Spanish Steps. I'd post them but I'm short on time right now.

Amazing coincidence

After getting up later than planned and having trouble finding an operational money exchange, the ladies landed at the Piazza del Popolo, a large outdoor square.

“We just got there, and we were walking through when Julie noticed cameras, several of them,” Buege said.

As the three took bearings on what was around them, Julie advised her sister and daughter that they might want to stick around because it looked like something was going to happen.

Just then Buege noticed a familiar person. “I recognized the host even from the back,” she said.

It was Phil Keoghan, host of the hit reality television game show “The Amazing Race,” which pits teams of two against one another in a race, literally, all over the world.

“I took a second to process what was happening, and I said, ‘Shut up! We’re seeing a taping of The Amazing Race,’” Buege said, to which the host whipped around and said, “Shh! We’re taping a travel video.”

The ladies knew better, being faithful viewers of the show, and enjoyed a 15-minute conversation with Keoghan about everything from family to what happens between filming. The exchange was complete when the three were able to snag a picture with the famous New Zealander.

Fifteen minutes of fame

Keoghan excused himself when he received word that a team was headed his way and filming would commence. The trio walked a few blocks in the direction the teams were coming from and landed up at the Spanish Steps, a beautiful staircase that connects the lower Piazza di Spagna with the upper piazza Trinita dei Monti. The steps were built in the 1720s using Roman Baroque Style and are a common gathering place for people from all walks of life.

Upon arrival, the ladies recognized one of the Harlem Globe Trotter contestants, but it was contestant Jamal Zadran who solicited their help. In the show contestants frequently seek help from the residents with varying degrees of success due to language barriers. But these Minnesotans, no matter what the rest of the U.S. says about the northern dialect, spoke English.

The challenge was to acquire the date on the obelisk at the top of the steps, translate that from Roman numerals into digits and add that to the number of steps. The contestant then had to write that number on a postcard and present it to “the happy couple” at the top of the staircase. For every wrong answer presented, the contestant had to run back down the steps before trying again.

Julie, Sadie and Buege set out to assist Zadran by asking people, many of whom did not speak English, how many steps there are and what “D” equals in Roman numerals, among other questions. The intensity of the game impressed Buege, who said, “It kept striking me: It really is a race. These contestants don’t know who is ahead and who is behind.”

Having witnessed three teams enter the Piazza del Popolo, the threesome knew Zadran needed to act swiftly. Well over an hour passed as he and the Caledonians worked to answer the question. Zadran had to run the steps seven times before getting the thumbs-up.

Brimming with enthusiasm Zadran hugged the ladies and ran to pay for his cab before heading out. But just as he was paying the cabbie, the ladies noticed one of the Globe Trotters sprinting away.

“We were like go, go, go,” Julie said. To this day, they don’t know if Zadran and his cousin,  Leo Temory, beat the Globe Trotters. They will soon find out when the Rome episode of “The Amazing Race” airs.

Even if you’re not a fan of the show, it might be worth checking out at 7 p.m. Sunday, April 13, on CBS. Here’s why: As Zadran sprinted off to finish the challenge, a cameraman pushed paperwork in front of Buege, Julie and Sadie urging them to sign. When Buege asked, “What am I signing?” the cameraman said, “If you want to be on TV, you’ll sign this.”

Lifelong memories

It’s unknown if their role in helping Zadran was significant enough for reality TV, but participating certainly made a lifelong impression on the family.

“It was a slow start to the morning, and we were just glad to get where we were going. Then I’m standing on the Spanish Steps thinking: I’m in Rome, which is one of my dreams, yesterday I saw the pope – I’ve been Catholic my whole life so it was incredible to me – and now I’m standing here having participated in a show that’s been part of my life. I realized how incredibly lucky I was with all the opportunities I was given,” Sadie said.

The family now waits for “The Amazing Race” Rome episode to air on CBS and is discussing having an “Amazing Race” party.
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