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They've given an approximate start time of 3:45 PM ET. (per FB)

That will be 3:45 in the morning PH time here. Won't be updated when I'm sleeping.
TAR Canada / Re: Amazing Race Canada 6 PRE RACE NEWS and SPECULATION
« Last post by WindsorSue on Today at 10:28:39 AM »
They've given an approximate start time of 3:45 PM ET. (per FB)
As 10 new teams congregate today at a secret location hosting the official starting line, CTV announced that Season 6 of THE AMAZING RACE CANADA will be comprised of 10 heroic teams featuring Canadian heroes. THE AMAZING RACE CANADA: HEROES EDITION premieres later this year on CTV.
So exciting!  :cheer:  :cheer: :conf:
TAR Canada / Re: Amazing Race Canada 6 PRE RACE NEWS and SPECULATION
« Last post by stunami on Today at 09:10:17 AM »
So we know it's starting today!! :cheer:
It could be anywhere except Toronto (Crew from Toronto posted pics/insta in planes so we know they are flying to the starting line). One flight I saw was around 7 am from Pearson in an Air Canada flight (Options are: Vancouver/Calgary/Montreal/Charlottetown)

My best guess would be an early departure on the West Coast, BC/Yukon. So it would be late enought everywhere in Canada for everybody (Like 9 am in Vancouver is 12 eastern and 13h in the maritimes)

Maybe Victoria or Nanaimo?

We will find out soon  :D
TAR Canada / Re: TAR Canada: Wishlists (NO Spoilers)
« Last post by UttBulgingbookworm on Today at 07:35:51 AM »
My location wishlist for Tar Canada 6
Vancouver,Canada (start)
Cat island,Japan
Nova scotia,Canada
Naroi, Kenya
Oudtshoorn,Klein Karoo,South africa
« Last post by georgiapeach on Today at 01:43:17 AM »

In anticipation of the new season, CTV is partnering with Chevrolet—a key sponsor for all five previous seasons of the series—to take viewers to the official starting line as part of a Facebook Live event on Monday, April 23. The official press release elaborates:

“Hosted by etalk Senior Reporter Devon Soltendieck, the Facebook Live event will give The Amazing Race Canada fans a never-before-seen glimpse of the set, starting location, and the moment when host Jon Montgomery says ‘go’ to start the race, in advance of the CTV broadcast premiere. It’s the first of five Jon on the Road: Presented by Chevrolet Facebook Live events taking place in secret locations throughout the race.”

The Amazing Race Canada’s first Facebook Live event—which includes an interview with Jon Montgomery, as he prepares for his sixth season as host of the series—can be experienced at When you visit that page, you will also have a chance to read special messages from Montgomery, revealing clues about the far-flung locations featured in Season 6.

The Facebook Live festivities begin on Monday, April 23

Time not specified


Much better than the last season!

Jose came out too strong when she won the first challenge.
Exploding rocks.
The mud wrestling challenge was like everyone fighting for the last Chanel Bag on Black Friday. LOL
That voting urn is one of the biggest. Like an oversized mailbox.
The snuffer is like a huge ass golf club with a fancy end. LOL

What a blindside to kick off the season.

Adam didn't give 2 f**** at the immunity challenge. He let someone else untie the knots for the maze just to fix his hair LOL.
Thanks SamualDude for the updates, definitely helps with learning the names.

Thought it was an enjoyable premiere.

We saw a lot of the contestants and had several hilarious moments. (The exploding rocks & JT forming an alliance with scenes of Liam completely unaware of alliances spliced in)

Nice that Redemption Island is gone and idols are in play. However, the schoolyard pick of tribes gives me some pause. (Mostly because of the bad taste of other seasons that have included it, especially US Survivor Thailand)

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The entire episode was Jose's downfall. (An unfortunate case of being too vocal too early) She seemed liked she could have been an interesting player.

Hoping for a good season.
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