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Scores by juror:

(Order of voting:  A. De Brito - C. Ardohain - M. Casán - M. Polino)

Federico Bal & Laura Fernández: ? + 9 + 9 + 6 = 24

Silvina Luna & Leandro Nimo: ? + 7 + 10 + 6 = 23

Cecilia "Chechu" Bonelli & Facundo Insúa: ? + 8 + 7 + 0 = 15
Second gala of Folklore (between brackets the style of folkloric dance couples performed):

Federico Bal & Laura Fernández - Score: 24 (Zamba)


Silvina Luna & Leandro Nimo - Score: 23 (Chacarera)


Cecilia "Chechu" Bonelli & Facundo Insúa - Score: 15 (Chacarera)

Twenty fourth zero from the season, this time from Marcelo Polino. The victims, Cecilia "Chechu" Bonelli & Facundo Insúa.
Worst season ever. This cast is terrible. Josh, Alex, paul, Christmas, Matt, raven, all terrible. Unlikeable. Losers. Yet think they are awesome. Nerds who think they've found their way. And then turned bullies. Jess and Cody only likable people. Show sucks. I'm done watching.

:welcome2: to RFF Ktd!
Unpopular opinion I guess, but so ecstatic to see Jacqui gone! It was so satisfying to watch. Lol.
New maps, as always, give me feedback! Longest map I've made, 37,581 miles.

Starting Line: Mount Rubidoux, Riverside, California

Leg 1: Vieux Fort, Saint Lucia
  • Two flights via Miami and JFK
  • Jazz festival task
  • Pit Stop: Moule a Chique

Leg 2: Manchester, United Kingdom
  • Self-drive
  • Soccer task
  • Detour option relating to Manchester's literary history
  • Pit Stop: Mamucium

Leg 3: Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom
  • Self-drive to Newcastle and throughout leg
  • Nightlife task
  • Pit Stop: Theater Royal

Leg 4: Dakar, Senegal
  • Task ideas?
  • Pit Stop: Pink Lake

Leg 5: Helsinki + Turku, Finland
  • Self-drive
  • Music roadblock at Sibelius Academy
  • Task in Turku, then come back for pit stop
  • Pit Stop: Finlandia Hall

Leg 6: Beirut, Lebanon
  • Cliff climbing roadblock
  • Detours in Souk Tawileh
  • Pit Stop: Imam Houzai Square

Leg 7: Beirut, Lebanon
  • Banking task
  • Other task ideas?
  • Pit Stop: Raouché

Leg 8: Hyderabad, India
  • Cultural tasks?
  • Pit Stop: Golconda Fort

Leg 9: Sapporo, Japan
  • Teams fly to Tokyo and take a bullet train to Sapporo
  • Task involving miso ramen
  • Double U-Turn
  • Pit Stop: Odori Park

Leg 10: Adelaide, Australia
  • Self-drive
  • Task ideas?
  • Pit Stop: Adelaide Oval

Leg 11: Canberra, Australia
  • Self-drive
  • Nature tasks
  • Pit Stop: Commonwealth Park (Grant Bowler as greeter)

Leg 12: San Francisco, California
  • Alcatraz visit
  • Memory challenge involving food (there will be food presented in some shape or form in each leg)
  • Finish Line: The Presidio
Big Brother Season 19 / Re: **SPOILERS** BB19 Discussion of the LIVE FEEDS
« Last post by deltabwa on Yesterday at 08:09:06 PM »
What kills me is Christmas's statement of she wants to make BIG moves!  Strategic Big moves!   I sure wish someone could explain to me how getting out the entire house's target a "big move"  and more importantly a "strategic big move"!   These people get so excited about getting out people that everyone wants out!  And then to gang up on people because, heaven forbid, THEY may try to make a big move or save their tail.  THEY are actually making a big move and are being ripped apart for it.  Yet if they don't try to save themselves, they are bashed for that.  This is the Bully to the extreme season.  The fact that someone self evicted and did so, so very early in the game.  that says so much

Can't stand her.  Well, can't stand any of them anymore.  Every season I say, it can't get worse.  Every season I am proven wrong. 
Who, me? Not me.
Another 'inovative' twist providing messy outcomes.
Go figure.

Btw, why are you so obsessed with Jacqui, Bourkie?
My main problem with your map is Medellin to New Orleans. Usually, with newer TAR seasons, the final city is a city that can be flown to nonstop from the previous city. If you're looking for a Latin American country, I'd consider Panama City, Cancún, or Punta Cana.

Also, instead of Taipei, maybe consider Kaohsiung? I used both in my map, but if I only did one leg in Taiwan it would've been just Kaohsiung, because every season so far has gone to Taipei and Kaohsiung has so much to offer.

Other than, it's a cool map

S26: Trujillo —> Lima —> Dallas
S25: Manila —> Tokyo —> LA
S23: Tokyo —> Seattle —> Juneau
S22: Belfast —> London —> Washington
S18: Rio —> São Paulo —> Miami

Okay I guess definitely 23 and 26 weren't direct flights, but where did they say they took those flights? 22 they flew out of London, so that was a direct flight, but, again with the exception of 23 and 26, all other of those have options for nonstop. There are direct flights from Seoul to Chicago, Guangzhou to LAX (because they flew out of Guangzhou not Shenzhen), HKG to NYC, Manila to LAX, London to Vegas, London to Washington, Paris to NYC, Osaka to Honolulu, Panama City to Atlanta, Rio to Miami, Seoul to LAX, and Shanghai to San Francisco. Alaska was tricky because it's incredibly to get direct flights outside of the US to Alaska except for Canada, Reykjavik, Frankfurt and Kamchatka. 26 is really the only real exception to this rule.

I personally would really love a final leg in New Orleans. Beautiful city, and as music composition major, I would love to see tasks related to the jazz culture there. That being said, I think we'll have to see penultimate legs in Cancun, Panama City, Frankfurt or London.

I don't mean to come off as s***ting on your map, but I wanted to help make it a bit more realistic.
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