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Victoria asks Cody what this scenario reminds him of

Cody I have no idea what you are talking about

Victoria look around all this it reminds me of Brittany

Cody and Hayden are like WTH are you talking about
Cody and Hayden talking about Frankie and how he is sketchy

Victoria is in the BY too

Caleb and Derrick having a chat about sleeping bags in the LR
Currently - 4:19 am BBT

All four feeds on pool in the backyard.

Starting at about 1:34am (until about 2:48 am)  BBT

Caleb pleading his case to his bros in the HOH room - Zach, Frankie, Derrick, Cody (Frankie in and out)

Zach: That whole amber sigutation, I think she lies to you and I don't think you have as much control over her as you think.  THat's the only thing that I worry about

Caleb: Loyalty and trust are my main things

Zach: I trust you I just don't trust her

Caleb: When she was HOH did she put you on the block?   YOu're going to vote how you want and I'm not going to ask you to change, you do what you gotta do.

Silence . . .

Zach: Too bad she's not up there against victoria it'd be an easier decision.  I question amber and I don't want to be that fifth vote sending her home and you'll be pissed at me, right?

Caleb: Yeah, here is how I look at trust and loyalty.  Devin started us down the path.  THen it was you, you threw some of us under the bus and then put Christine on the block and you're still on the block? why because you're in an alliance.  Devin done it and he's home and you done it and you're here.  At the end of the day you're going to vote how you want if you feel you don't want to be that fifth person, don't

Victoria comes up to say goodnight, Derrick hides because if she saw him she'd never leave. 

Derrick goes to DR

Loyalty talk continues

Derrick returns

Frankie: Her tactic is failing because our trust is so strong.  What she is saying is consistent and its concerning. 

Zach: She can tell me all she wants that she's not going after me but in my gut I feel she's going after me and I heard she told other people that she's voting me out.  If I'm the fifth vote I'm screwing myself either way.  At this point I'll stay true to my alliance and vote to keep her and hope and pray that she doesn't put me up


Caleb: At the end of the day, we as an alliance need to come to an agreement and we can do that tomorrow.  Let's get some sleep, think about it and tomorrow come back and do this to discuss.  I can give you all of the reasons why she should stay.  You guys say why we shouldn't and at the end of the day we have to all vote the same. 

Lots of awkward silence.  Zankie agrees its a bad situation

Zach: We're loyal to 6 people I guess, but at the end of the day you would have her back over mine?

Caleb: I have both of your back's equally.  The main six, one of them ain't here because he messed up. 

They discuss who the six is

Derrick: THis is the original core right here.  We are the original six on week 1 when caleb was hoh with Devin we agreed to get each other to the jury house

Caleb: We did make a pact and amber and christine were part of the pact.  They both have been put up. 

Caleb: Quite frankly I have your back over heres if that point ever comes. 

Frankie to the DR

Zach: Do you trust her 100%?

Caleb: 100%  I think Cody does?  I don't trust anyone 100% because I"m in a game.  NOw, honestly in my heart do I trust her as much as I trust you all.  Quite frankly she hasn't done nothing that all of us has done.  That's a fair assessment.  When she was HOH she didn't put any of us on the blcok

Zach:  She scares me more than Jocasta. She scares me.  She's inconsistent.  She doesn't listen to what we say.  She's not listening to Frankie, She's not listening to you.  I'm not going to go against the alliance  I don't know why we're talking about this.

Caleb: I'll tell her that if she wins HOH and sends us home I'll will HOH and put her up.

Derrick: Zach doesn't questions caleb

Zach: Right, I just think she's lying to you about who she will put up

Caleb: She told Cody and Me that you're not her target. 

Frankie back from DR

Frankie: Caleb I have to tell you something? 

Caleb:  Let me guesss I'm her target?

Frankie:  She's telling everyone that you are her target because you're ruining her game

Caleb: HOw am I ruining HER game?

Zach: She's blind.  That's why I stood up in the veto meeting and said all of that.   She's not respecting the trust he's givingh you

Caleb: I'm her target.  She tell you that? (Cody)

Cody: I didn't want to say it.

Caleb storms out and all the boys yell for him to stop.  Caleb is in his onesie and quite angry.  Frankie goes after him. 

Cody finds ihim in the bathroom and Caleb says COdy I don't want to talk.

Caleb goes out in the backyard gives Amber a glare

Derrick and Cody and Zach in the HOH room

Cody: This is why I wanted to tell him.   He thinks that Frankie and Zach have an agenda not that you're a target, but he thinks maybe you guys are planning this.  I told him that straight up, we had to talk.  NOw he's going to be like why didn't I tell him.  the whole time I was starting to figure out when I needed to tell him 1 on 1 solo that she was his target

Derrick: Christine told me she said that. 

Cody: She told me the things you said I said in the beehive and she said she's not made at Zach anymore, her target is cody, but Ididn't want totell Caleb because he will run back and tell her. 

Derrick: He's not mad at you.  He knows he can trust you. 

Cody: We confided our final group to him.  Is he a target of ours?

Derrick: NO. He is talking so loyal to us, he won't ever put us up.  I'm going to go ask him to come up here. 

They rehash all of the events.

They agree that Caleb is not going to put them up.  They figure they have to bring Christine in at some point. 

The boys carry on . . .

Derrick goes down to talk to Caleb.  Caleb was stewing in the living room and Derrick pulled him into the rock room on the way, Caleb threw his bunny slippers across the living room. 

Derrick telling Caleb that Cody isn't lying and that he's not going to lie.  He's pissed because Cody wanted to tell you alone and didn't want you to look like a fool on tv.  You're going to have the last laugh. Let's go up there, let's go up there

He gets Caleb to come back upstairs. 

Derrick: Thisis a game dude, game on.

Back in the HOH

Cody: YOu good?

Caleb: No, but go on

Cody: So we (Amber) and I were talking.  You know I have your back.  She was like she loved Zach, but she said that there was someone hurting her game.  My one thing was that I was torn on whether to grab you because  she's clearly going behind your back and I didn't think she was initially.  I didn't want you to think I was tryin to rally behind getting her out.  I had no idea that Frankie knew.  SHe told me that I was the only she told.   I know that when I told you stuff, you went to her.  When Frankie brought it up, I wanted to tell you one on one.  YOu were running when we got out of the room. and then where this converstaion was going this isn't. . . when she said that she was coming after you there is no way I can keep her in this house because I know you have my back.  I don't know how you feel about it. When she told me that downstairs in the rock room.  I knew I didn't want to put a dagger in your chest after everything you've done for her.

Derrick: That's what Zach said in the pov meeting, all that you've done for her

Cody: We all thought she wasn't appreciated what she was doing, but this is more than that.   I know you say that she's been up there and didn't put us up.  At the end of the day, Devin was up there.

Derrick: I know that in week 2 you saved me because I was talked about right?

Caleb:  Nods

Cody: Apparently she has told other people.  She told me don't say shit becaus I'll know it came from you because she was only telling me.  I was a frustrated that you went and told her stuff that I told you one on one.  I understand where your head is at. I don't want to be the one putting a dagger in your chest.


Derrick: This is a tough pill to swallow.  YOur loyalty is stronger than hers.  YOu're up her defending her to Zach.

Cody: That is what pissed me off because this kid is literally doing her campaigning for her.


Derrick: You all right? No? We're all here for you bro. 

Zach: No doubt

Derrick: We have to stay loyal.  We started in this room together, we're all in this room together. We have to stay in this room together.  Her plan backfired.

Zach: I don't know if this is the right time to speak up, but to defend myself.  I told you 2 weeks that Amber isn't who she says she is and she's lying to you.  This sucks.  I'm upset foryou bro.  I have your back and I know you have my back and I don't want anything to be tarnished at all.


Hayden comes up.

Lots of silence.

Hayden: Should I ask what's going on or just leave it?

Caleb: YOu can tell him it doesn't matter.

Derrick: As you know this kid has been going to battle for Amber, and Amber has told some people that Caleb is her main target.  Frankie told him and sometimes he embellishes so he asked Cody and Cody confirmed.  We're just trying to tell him that we have his back and we're here for him.

Hayden: Sorry Caleb, that sucks man. We do have your back man!

Caleb:  Dude, I ate the pickle!

They all laugh.   Derrick is glad he has a sense of humor and he was wondering what his first words were going to be.

Derrick: The thing is that we are loyal and we are going to get into jury and no one will get in the wya of it. 

Caleb: I knew it before I heard it.

Derrick: People don't know how tight this group is.  We aren't going to burn it.  She went to COdy and tol dhim and then he came to you in an hour. 

COdy:  I couldn't believe she said.

Derrick: SHe ain't making you look like a fool because you have the last laught.  She has you going around like a sucker campaigning for you and she's playing you.  Unfortunately for her she thought you were playing her but the people she is talking to are the people you've been with since day 2.

Cody: I never questioned you and I have your back.  Iknow its a tough pill to swallow.

Caleb:I swallowed bigger pills than that.  It pissed me off a little bit.

Derrick: It should.

Caleb: I just want to go hit her in the face with a banana. 

Zach: YOu should. Just throw a banana at her.

Cody and Derrick: No don't do that.    .   .

Zach: YOu know I'm loyal to you at a fault.  Its kind of funny and ironic that I was talking abot how I questioned amber and this came out. 

Caleb: Prank session tonight that's for sure. 

Derrick: Have your glory.  SHe thought she was flipping the switch on you and you had the cards all of the time

Caleb:I need to goin in there and do my goodbye message.  I didn't get the last one out.  What do I do if she tries to talk to me?

Zach: You don't talk to her

Caleb:DO i tell her she's going home?

Derrick: Game wise that's not the right thing to do.  For the next two days she can go tell people and ruin your game.  I would soldier up for the next day an half and at the second lock down at 5:45 right before we go live you tell her you knew all along and have a nice trip.    SHe'll know. If you tell her now, you'll get instant gratification but she has 2 days to spread rumors.

Caleb: I don't think anyone will believe her.  I think I need to make the next 2 days a living heck for her.

Zach: And, I'm right there behind you.

Cody:  No one says anything.  I know if this gets out people won't say things to me because it;ll get out.  I think it'll screw all of our game up. 

Zach: IF she tells Donny, and donny puts us up one of us is going home.  I agree we don't tell.

Caleb:  That is why after THursday, the first person in the jury is Donny

Cody:  I don't know where he's at. 

Caleb That doesn't matter, but he has the potential to win.  Then we have Jocasta, VIctoria and Nicole

Derrick: Now you're thinking game

Caleb: NO reason to keep Donny here because he could win.

Frankie comes in.

Derrick: He's back.  He's back in game mode.

They all talk about getting Caleb a 30 second message on the live show to tell off AMber.  They think he'll get some air time for that for sure.

Frankie says that he did damage control with Amber and said that Caleb stormed out because he got in a fight with Zach.

Derrick: She doesn't know?

Frankie: No.

He starts joking around and talking about all of the pranks he could do to amber (some are disturbing).  Cody doesn't think are some cool.  He's going to throw freezing cold water at her face and then a handful of flour.  The boys want her to clear it with DR first.  Zach is trying to encourage him. The other boys say don't listen to Zach.  They don't want Caleb to be too aggressive. 

Gotta go to work, have no idea what happened after this point.

I feel boring with 4 winning in the row. Hope the domination is over soon.

I don't mind it.

Unlike Rachel/Dave, Andy/Tommy, and more dominating teams, Natalie & Meghan are not only a strong team, they are entertaining as well and I love them for that <3

Andy/Tommy was not that dominating. They got luck some times with their first place. Rachel/Dave had 4 wins in a row in the end of the season, not in the beginning.
And I don't find the Hockey team entertaining. Sukhi & Jinder, Cormac & Nicole are more the stars of the season for me.
The Quest / Re: Pre Show Discussion
« Last post by Hysha on Today at 05:19:16 AM »
If someone make a reality like this, but inspired on The Hunger Games... OH MY GOD. I could die.
where can i watch this episode omggggg

I'll message you, hold on
where can i watch this episode omggggg
I feel boring with 4 winning in the row. Hope the domination is over soon.

I don't mind it.

Unlike Rachel/Dave, Andy/Tommy, and more dominating teams, Natalie & Meghan are not only a strong team, they are entertaining as well and I love them for that <3
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