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Weekly stats of Big Brother Canada 4

Week 1: Loveita, HOH, Kelsey & Paige nominated, Nick wins veto, not used, Paige evicted 7-4
Week 2: Jared, HOH, Loveita & Sharry nominated, Christine wins veto, not used, Sharry evicted 11-1
Week 3: Loveita, HOH, Cassandra & Christine nominated, Dallas wins veto, not used, Christine evicted 6-5
Week 4: Joel, HOH, Kelsey & Raul nominated, Dallas wins veto, not used, Kelsey evicted 8-2
Week 4: Maddy, HOH, Jared & Raul nominated, Nick wins veto, used on Jared, Loveita up, Loveita evicted 7-2
Week 5: Tim, HOH, Dallas & Ramsey nominated, Ramsey wins veto, used on self, Maddy up, Dallas evicted 5-3
Week 6: Kelsey back on BB, Raul, HOH, Joel & Mitch nominated, Jared wins veto, not used, Mitch evicted 5-3
Week 7: Maddy, HOH, Jared & Kelsey nominated, Jared wins veto, used on self, Raul up, Raul evicted 6-1
Week 8: Nick/Phil, HOH, Maddy & Ramsey nominated, Ramsey wins veto, Ramsey leaves BB, Tim up, Maddy evicted 5-0
Week 9: Cassandra, HOH, Nick/Phil & Nikki nominated, Phil wins veto, used on selves, Jared up, Jared evicted 3-1
Week 9: Nick/Phil, HOH, Nikki & Tim nominated, Cassandra wins veto, used on Tim, Joel up, Nikki evicted 3-0
Week 10: Kelsey, HOH, Cassandra & Tim nominated, Tim wins veto, used on self, Joel up, Joel evicted 2-0
Week 11: Nick/Phil, HOH, to be continued...
I would like to see more dramas between teams. Teams nowadays are too nice to each other, I still enjoy the old days where teams do anything (including some dirty moves) to get in front of the others.

To be honest, I enjoyed almost all the episodes involving u-turns except for a few.
I enjoy seeing teams doing dirty moves as well  :funny: :funny:
That is why I always love villain teams  :cheer: :cheer: :cheer:
TAR Canada / Re: TAR Canada 4: SPECULATION and DISCUSSION of Spoilers
« Last post by fossil-racer on Yesterday at 10:59:23 PM »
So far based on sightings
Safe for Leg 2
F/F Pink Shirts, Grey Backpacks
Orange M/F, Orange/Blue Backpacks
Red F/F, Navy Backpacks
The African-Cdn F/F "Twins"
F/F Tatted Blonde and (bright) Redhead
Safe for Leg 1
Jillian McLaughlin & Emmett Blois
M/F Blue Shirts, Black Backpacks
Asian F/F, Red Backpacks
Red M/?, Black Backpacks

Never seen again after leg 1
M/M Green Shirts, Grey Backpacks

TAR Canada / Re: TAR CAN Bitch Moan & SQUEAL Thread * SPOILERS*
« Last post by ianthebalance on Yesterday at 10:43:33 PM »
I actually often root for M/M teams, but of the three winners, Mickey and Pete were the only team I liked  (:;)
Oh no, Burnie and Ashley switched detours.
Hey everyone! Leg 6 is complete, and a bit of an unexpected elimination. I have some questions.

1. Did the Roadblock take place in Tuy Hoa, or a different city?
2. Was there a name for the martial arts/posing teams did in the Learn Detour? (It looked neat!)
3. Did we get a name for the lake for the Do Detour? (Is it perhaps the same lake with the big wood bridge?)
4. The beach with the last task, is it called "Ban" Beach?

I really liked seeing Phu Yen. I love the southeast Vietnamese coast. It's one of the worldwide places I'd like to visit for a vacation.
Survivor 32: Kaoh Rong / Re: S32: Julia Sokolowski (Beauty)
« Last post by Bookworm on Yesterday at 08:31:11 PM »
:torche Amazing imo
Hope she returns in ~5 years when she's graduated and learned more about "the real world"
TAR Canada / Re: TAR CAN Bitch Moan & SQUEAL Thread * SPOILERS*
« Last post by SteKay on Yesterday at 08:28:40 PM »
Ive rooted for all the winners on tarcan so far tbh. Male winning teams always get a harsh reception for no reason.
TAR Canada / Re: TAR CAN Bitch Moan & SQUEAL Thread * SPOILERS*
« Last post by toanglobal on Yesterday at 07:45:15 PM »
Looks like that TAR Canada is fed up with 3 M/M winners in last 3 seasons. So they're only cast one or two M/M team and cast more F/F teams.
It is also the case for TAR Australia, TAR ANZ has had 2 M/M, 3 F/F and 5 M/F, and 2 out of 3 first boot were F/F, I very dissapointed when Inga & Tiharna forgot the ring in the boat and booted first
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