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That is Petr of course! 100%
Good job!
Honestly I think it would be kind of cool to have a Great Circle route like Season 7!

Leg 1: Iceland
Leg 2: Belgium
Leg 3: Morocco
Leg 4: France
Leg 5: France
Leg 6: Czech Republic
Leg 7: Zimbabwe
Leg 8: South Africa
Leg 9: South Africa (have there ever been 4 African legs?)
Leg 10: Ecuador
Leg 11: Hopefully a new North American country, but I'll put my money on The Bahamas, Guatemala, or Cuba
Leg 12: With a penultimate leg in North America it could be anything, but I think cool finales would be Philadelphia or Boston!

i don't think they will skip Asia. How about finale leg in Honolulu, Hawaii? The last time we had Hawaii was season 20
I tried to post of the twins ang the guy who is being thought of as one of them, but my file is too big. The twins have cargo pants on but the guy in the pic with Cody doesnt

They look so similar, but looking at it again the guy in Jody pic also doesn't have a pack around his waist. I think in the other picture that is what is probably what is near his waist area.
This is probably old insignificant news, but I was looking back through some of the posts & this one was really bugging me.  I wasn't quite sure which 2 photos/guys were in question, but I think I've got it. I believe this is the same guy (camera man) in both pictures. At first glance (in the fuzzy photo) his hair looks like a backwards cap, but I think that's just longer blonde hair as visible in the 2nd photo.

OKAY...peach is pissed.

I go offline for 3 hours and come back to 4 pages of crapola.

THIS thread is for RFF's Discussion on SPOILERS.

NOT discussion of others..

Since the "JODY TEAM" Is hiding their work it is IMPOSSIBLE to make a judgement on their info. We can't see it so we can't assess its accuracy.

Secondhand reports of what others are saying/doing is utterly useless in a spoiler evaluation. I have repeatedly told the people regurgitating others info to post the FACTS.

No more!!

Let's start again please.

It is ~11:38 in Katmandu.

IF this is our next destination, teams could be landing now

Possible flight (thanks to traveljunkie)

Jet Air 557 Dubai 2325 04051 Mumbai       

Jet Air 250 Mumbai 0805 Kathmandu  1100

Remember that this destination is NOT confirmed. It is one of several that fit flight possibilities.

But it is EXCEEDINGLY dear to my heart, so hoping!! October is also the best month of the year there, the skies are clearer and the chances of Mountain views are much higher.


Let's all search our heart's out! I see HOURS of WASTED search time spent distracted by the unsubstantiated info being posted here.


Well, always good to have a live update for reference, anyway :)
Wold anyone like me to update this episode, in the next half hour or so, of have we all seen the episdoe?

Again, where is the proof where your source said that twins were last ? All i saw was jody in 4th position and 5 teams remain.
Agreed there are million reasons and agreed that there is no speed bump on NEL leg, but their is on the next leg. Thats what i meant with obviously considering there were 2 legs in zimbabwe. One was rural, other was urban.

Where is the evidence for this please? as best I remember this has been speculated, but no proof.

So far except one comment on a Lodge and a 4x4 that has not yet been proven, I see nothing to PROVE a rural leg ...did I miss something? ???
These Jody crew people are certainly good info gatherers but they fail miserably in making sense out of it. RFF is clearly the best place to have an unbiased conversation and argumentation.
They are blocking people left and right who are trying to argue in a constructive manner. Its pathetic of them.
No, they’re blocking you because you take their info and then present it and subscribe random ass theories and present them as fact, like I corrected you on the last page. So just stick to rff and wait for isn’t to decide to post the info like everyone else here. 💁🏻‍♂️



I thought only production was seen connecting in Dubai?

That's right.

And production's route cannot be interpreted to be the route teams would take.

Apples and Oranges. :groan:
Maybe a dumb question to ask, is there any confirmation with support for these three pieces of information we are talking about?

1. 2 Legs in Zimbabwe and we are now starting leg 9
2. U-turn in Zimbabwe and Twins get eliminated
3. They flew to Dubai

Sorry but this is NOT confirmation of anything except a convo between two unknown people. ???
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