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Scheduled to dance tonight

Yanina Latorre & Carlos Bernal
José María Muscari & Noelia Marzol
Pedro Alfonso & Florencia Vigna

This list is subject to last minute changes.
The Amazing Race Discussion / Re: Amazing Race Questions
« Last post by chill_sd on Today at 11:17:14 AM »
Is there a penalty for missing a U-Turn and checks in the Pit Stop despite being U-Turned? Or disregarding the U-Turn just to continue the race without doing the other Detour after being U-Turned?
The standard penalty for TAR US is 4 hours for skipping a task.  In TAR7, three teams chose to skip the Roadblock (Eating 4 pounds of meat) in Argentina.

If a team inadvertently misses a task, they sometimes have the option of returning to the course and completing the leg properly.
I made one lay out for s30 (okay there's really no specificity for s30)
Leg 1 (a double length leg) : Vladivostok leg : roadblocks include any water related tasks in freezing winter winds, ice fishing, any generic height related task (because why not), and since we are in the russian pacific military stronghold, any military related roadblocks.
Leg 2 & 3 : Japan, osaka & kyoto. The osaka leg can be filled with Japanese pop culture and fun tasks like previous japanese legs. The kyoto leg  can delve into Japanese culture and mythology.
Leg 4 & 5 : New Zealand ! I know we'd rather have Australia (it's been nearly 11 seasons.) But New Zealand > Australia (no offense). 1 leg can be in rotorua where there are a lot of adventure related tasks and the other can be in Wellington, the highly underrated capital of NZ.
Leg 6 : India ! 1 leg can be in Kerala (it's a region in southern India with gorgeous views) which can have some tasks related with elephants (s20 waddup) and some tasks related to coconuts. there can be a detour involving two traditional malayali arts - kathakali and kalari-payattu. Kathakali is a very tough dance to master and Kalari-payattu is a very fast paced and highly athletic martial art. a u-turn on this leg will stump racers bad.
Leg 7: Croatia. I'd say Zagreb (see, nz) but dubrovnik is definitely the city to be ! y'know to improve their TRPs they could have a collab with GoT in Dubrovnik. Plus there is always this one city famous for its wines. Dubrovnik could be it.
Leg 8 : Andorra - one of the smallest countries in the world. This leg could be like the s26e6 leg. Andorra is a beautiful amalgamation of spanish and french cultures. so this would be beautiful.
Leg 9 : Ireland. I don't really remember when TAR visited Ireland before but Ireland seems really fun. There should be a fast forward or a task that involves barrel rolling. Also Irish poetry. This might be a good leg for a u-turn.
Leg 10 : Cote'd'Ivoire. A really underrated african nation. they could have some rally related tasks (abidjan) and definitely a detour involving chocolates.
Leg 11 : Kinda unsure about this leg. It could be a leg in some south american country or a second leg in cote'd'ivoire. If we do visit a south american country it would mean that we'd visit 6 continents !
Leg 12 : Idk. some american city.  Not a personal fan of the final legs.
So there you have it !! a very crude lay out of what i'd want from TAR 30. And personally the season should be an edition of unfinished business. and the tasks shouldnt be bland (you listening s29?)
The Amazing Race Discussion / Re: Amazing Race Questions
« Last post by TAR456 on Today at 09:21:52 AM »
Would TAR be any different if TAR debuted in 1980s or 1990s?
I just wonder that if they are started to finalise the cast and start filming soon.

If not, then why have they started updating everything with a new logo, for S30?

Bourkie, according to TAR casting FAQ website (link), the filming for this season will be commenced between September 2017 to January 2018. As so, production most likely to film the new season this October (around Northern Hemisphere Fall/Autumn or Southern Hemisphere Spring).
Other Reality TV Shows & News / Re: Australia Ninja Warrior!!!
« Last post by BourkieBoy on Today at 02:23:41 AM »
The show starts airing on Sunday July 9, at 7pm Australian time (2am, LA Time and 4am NY time)

This show also sadly clashes with my other favourite's shows finale, House Rules. I wonder what show I will be watching!  :funny:

I shall be doing episode-by-episode summaries (just like I did with Travel Guides), as it isn't popular enough to do live updates  :(

Meanwhile, feel free to discuss about the hosts, challenges or contestants! I think you know what I think about it!  :conf: :hoot:
Other Reality TV Shows & News / Australia Ninja Warrior!!!
« Last post by BourkieBoy on Today at 02:18:26 AM »

I am proud to announce that Australian Ninja Warrior, will start airing on the 9th of July, 2017!

Hosted by radio presenter Ben Fordham, The AFL Footy Show host, Rebecca Madden (what a shame it's not Sam Newman!  :funny:) and English cricket legend, Andrew 'Freddie' Flintoff ( :groan:), this show is a spin-off of the American version, in which contestants pit together, in attempt to complete a tough course! The first contestants have been announced and they are:

2008 Brownlow medallist, Adam Cooney
The Bachelor 1 star, Tim Robards ( :groan:)
'Titanium Woman' Zoe Featoney

I just wonder that if they are started to finalise the cast and start filming soon.

If not, then why have they started updating everything with a new logo, for S30?
The Amazing Race Discussion / Re: Twist(s) should be added in TAR US
« Last post by CanadianOwl on Today at 12:50:25 AM »
I wish that they didn't announce a U-Turn on a leg until you finish your Detour. Teams strategize differently when you don't know that a U-Turn is ahead, and I like people being surprised.

One thing I do like to see is a true double-length final leg. Teams go to the US for the leg, and after doing all of the components of a typical final leg, they are surprised with a "Keep Racing" clue. They don't even meet Phil at the mat. Sort of similar structure to the Family Edition final leg, where you find charter flights to a different, unknown US city after the first half of the leg, each with a different time.
they are my pre-race favorites
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