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The Amazing Race 26 Spoilers / Re: TAR 26 Ratings
« Last post by Alenaveda on Today at 09:00:40 PM »
And by the way...

 :bigwelcome to the R.F.F., Absolute!
The Amazing Race 26 Spoilers / Re: TAR 26 Ratings
« Last post by Pi on Today at 08:45:35 PM »
I'd also say we have a good shot at an Emmy, especially with TAR 25 Ep 5. That would solidify another season IMO.

Best visit period: Early June - Late June
Start Line: Los Angeles, CA (Since WRP was being cheap nowadays.)
Leg 1: Seoul, South Korea (Korean Wave culture leg such as K Pop and Drama) :hearts:
Leg 2: Dunedin/Invercargill/Mount Cook, New Zealand (A winter + snow leg in New Zealand is long overdue)
Leg 3: Alice Springs/Uluru, Australia (A fantastic Australian outback leg is overdue)
Leg 4: Melbourne, Australia (A Night leg infused with Melbourne culture such as Melbourne shuffle dance)
Leg 5: Kathmandu, Nepal (Interesting Indian-ish leg with Nepali culture)
Leg 6: Lumbini, Nepal (Buddhism culture tribute leg in Buddhism cities) :hrt:
Leg 7: Johannesburg/Pretoria, South Africa (Full leg focus in African urban cities and culture)
Leg 8: Sao Paulo, Brazil (An urban South America leg)

Leg 9: Manaus, Brazil (First ever Amazon leg in TAR US please)
Leg 10: Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic (Hispanic Caribbean leg in TAR US please)
Leg 11: Montreal/Toronto/Vancouver, Canada (Long overdue full Canadian leg in TAR US)
Leg 12: Boston/Detroit/Seattle (Self driving across the border to the final destination city and finish line) :hearts:  (Special thanks to Zack. for remember me a Canadian border leg with a US border leg in following leg)

P/S: The route seem like it still expensive due to the route have a South Korea leg (South Korea leg expenses = Japan leg expenses), 3 Aus/NZ legs, a South Africa legs (it's expensive to have a leg actually), a transatlantic flights to South America, a leg in Sao Paulo, and a leg in Canada. :lol:

BUMP with some modification and change it to eastward route.

Best period: Broadcast for fall season (Filming start on Early/Mid June)

Staring Line: Los Angeles, USA
Leg 1: Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic OR San Juan, Puerto Rico, USA
Leg 2: Manaus, Brazil
Leg 3: Sao Paulo, Brazil
Leg 4: Helsinki, Finland
Leg 5: Johannesburg, South Africa
Leg 6: Kathmandu, Nepal
Leg 7: Lumbini, Nepal
Leg 8: Melbourne, Australia
Leg 9: Alice Springs, Australia
Leg 10: Dunedin/Invercargill, New Zealand
Leg 11: Seoul, South Korea
Leg 12: Chicago/Seattle, USA
The Amazing Race 26 Spoilers / Re: TAR 26 Ratings
« Last post by TheRabbi on Today at 07:57:56 PM »
I'll agree with you on one of those points(referencing georgiapeach's post)...that TAR27 is in little doubt at this point.  I think we've done plenty to secure ourselves another season.  Whether its renewed for one or two cycles will certainly remain to be seen.

As for the holdup, I see a few possibilities.  For starters, CBS usually renews a bunch of shows at a time (last year TAR was one of like 15 shows renewed together).  So its possible TAR's renewal has already been settled and they're hammering out details with other shows.  Other than that, its possible CBS is still demanding some budget cuts and WRP is fighting for every dollar.  While more tepid ratings expectations had to be a given for moving to Fridays, the fact that ratings are down from this point last year might mean that CBS wants to slash the budget further.

I would be SHOCKED if the timeslot changed to anywhere from Mon-Thurs.  I genuinely think that Fridays at 8 will be where we stay from now until the show is eventually retired.  The performance of the well-promoted premiere on the Wednesday after Survivor was nowhere near strong enough for CBS to consider moving it.

One interesting thing to note, is that CBS Sundays have actually kind of imploded in the new year.  Madam Secretary (which has already been renewed mind you) is cratering, and The Good Wife and Battle Creek are performing dreadfully.  TAR is actually doing about as good or better than all 3 of those shows now, even airing in the Friday deadzone. TGW has been around long enough to where it will likely get a pity renewal with a "final season" tagline.  Battle Creek will get canceled.  But I wouldn't be surprised to see more changes to CBS Sundays.  Maybe moving TGW to 10 pm for its final season burnoff, and you never know, maybe even moving TAR back to 8 pm and MS to 9 pm?  Just speculating.  I'd predict MS at 8, a new show at 9, and TGW at 10, with TAR staying on Fridays.   
I just hope not all the returness are from the newer seasons, but also the older seasons.
The Amazing Race 26 Spoilers / Re: TAR 26 Ratings
« Last post by Absolute on Today at 07:44:15 PM »
Overall viewers are meaningless to any shows renewal. Its the 18-49 that matters most and its doing as well as it can do on Friday. It should be safe for another two cycles.

Especially when you look at this(Last 4 episodes)

Amazing Race: 1.5, 1.1, 1.2, 1.3
Hawaii Five-0: 1.4, 1.2, 1.2, 1.2
Blue Bloods: 1.3, 1.5, 1.4, 1.4
Madam Sec: 1.3, 1.1, 1.2, 1.3
Good Wife: 1.1, 1.0, 1.0, 1.0

As you can see, It's doing better than shows like The Good Wife, it's arguably on the level with some others. I would have posted the Undercover Boss ratings but they're pretty much TAR esq anyway, but this should show you that TAR isn't going anywhere anytime soon. Why would it? It's cheaper than the shows listed below it, and it's matching most of them. Seasons 27 and 28 should come when CBS announce their annual renewals, no doubts.

Don't worry about it.

They can perform a Roadblock with the indigenous tribe that has had no human contact!  :funny:

Best idea ever.

This  :lol:
Yep. That's why they are now married. lol

Or so they say....
The Amazing Race 26 Spoilers / Re: TAR 26 Ratings
« Last post by georgiapeach on Today at 05:34:20 PM »
^^ Absolutely. TARCan had some great ideas!
Did you guys know that they have appeared on a reality series called Marriage Boot Camp?  :o
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