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Survivor 32: Kaoh Rong / Re: Survivor 34 Pre-Show *SPOILER* Discussion
« Last post by Marionete on Today at 08:37:49 PM »
^ That's what I can see them playing up, in the premiere at least :lol:

Seriously though, I've been longing for a newbie season with no theme, like it used to be until S21 or so, and this game changer stuff was totally unnecessary. A divide of champs/best to never win versus all the cattle would have been better.
Nicole will not vote cuz she is HOH but Corey and Tiffany will vote. There will be 11 votes so it won't end up in a tie-breaker.

With 3 nominees and 11 votes, a tie is possible at 5-5-1 or 4-4-3.
« Last post by gamerfan09 on Today at 08:04:53 PM »

I posted this in the TARCAN Fantasy Game and thought I would post it here as well.

What a leg, so much shuffles! :o

Anne & Tanya being 2-3-3-10-10-10-8-8 :lol: <3
Survivor 32: Kaoh Rong / Re: Survivor 34 Pre-Show *SPOILER* Discussion
« Last post by SteKay on Today at 08:02:23 PM »
Potential game changers(?). Yeah I'm not even buying that CBS.
Big Brother Season 18 / Re: SHOW "Discuss the Episodes" Discussion Thread
« Last post by Jimmer on Today at 08:01:25 PM »
The spy girls were kind of awkward during this ep and it makes me sad because I really love them and want them to go far <3, but I think people are on to them. :( Also I really hope they do not align with gross Jozea/Victor/Paul. Glad Jozea is going home, and I hope Paul leaves shortly after him!
Yeah she is the absolute game changer, but please also let me know how Brad, Hali, Troyzan, Debbie, Sarah, Jeff, Caleb, Andrea and Aubry changed the game :gnome

They all didn't. They could legitimately have just called this AS and it would be bad, but it's way worse to force a theme for everyone by saying they all changed the game.
There's just a notion some of us share that it's more exciting to watch legs with more teams. And having such interesting countries as South Korea visited, we want those legs to have more teams racing :tup:

And for me diversity is key, I personally want the same country to be visited at different portions of the race.
Jozea is the most delusional person and worst player ever. What planet did he come from?
Paulie is kinda of attractive and I prefer him to Cody. :hides
Zakiyah :cheer:
« Last post by Maanca on Today at 07:43:31 PM »
So from the preview, apparently going for the Express Passes involves more of a task this time. Looks like they have to chase down some kind of musical bus full of vinyl records through the downtown. That sounds like it's going to be hilarious just describing it.

Maybe this should have been in the Episode 2 thread, but I can't post there until after Oval does :)
You're all assuming Legs can just be transplanted anywhere on the Race.  Of course there are certain tasks that work better with more or less teams.  That's the point.  There are things that can be done with more teams or less teams and tasks that can't or wouldn't work with more or less teams.

For example, the pole jumping in season 12 works with more teams while it fails to deliver in season 21 with less teams
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