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Pool tourney ends

Derrick and Hayden won

Cody, Zach and Hayden now eating the salmon Frankie made earlier
Average Placing as of Leg 4
Natalie & Meaghan: 1
Cormac & Nicole: 3.5
Alain & Audrey: 4.25
Mickey & Pete: 5.25
Pierre & Michel: 5.25
Rob & Ryan: 5.5
Rex & Bob: 5.5
Sukhi & Jinder: 7
I've lost count of how many games they have been playing but Derrick and Hayden have been dominating the tourney. they haven't lost a game yet.

Jocasta is now outside to watch the game and talking with Amber
Natalie & Meaghan are like The Gypsies from Expedition: Impossible.
Frankie and Amber chatting about what went down earlier, Frankie BSing her, telling her she's safe, have the votes

Pool tourney continues...
Again Bungee Jump from Macau Tower :o
The Amazing Race 25 Spoilers / Re: TAR 26 and beyond.....
« Last post by theschnauzers on Today at 10:35:40 PM »
One of the limiting factors about Brasil, is how to get outside of the Rio/Sao Paulo areas. With the exception of Manaus, to go anywhere in Brasil, you would have to go to either Rio or Sao Paulo and change planes to get there. American has since added direct flights from Miami to Natal, Brasilia, Salvador, Curitiba and Porto Alegre too.

TPTB have regularly used flights from LAX to connect to South America via Miami. Salavador is definitely one city that would be visually attractive; at least that was one of the takeaways I got from Anthony Bourdain's Parts Unknown episode there, not to mention its historical role in the development of Brazil.
Amber got bored watching the pool tourney and went to lay down on the bathroom couch
No change...still pool tourney

It's Caleb/Frankie vs Derrick/Hayden vs Cody/Zach
Third gala of Cuarteto:


Anibal Pachano/Laura Fernandez - Score: 25
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