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TAR Australia / Re: TARaus 2 James and Sarah *Dating*
« Last post by Air on Today at 02:17:28 AM »
we love you sarah find true love <3
Sarah (from TARAus 2) is on a new show called Married at First Sight!

I might actually watch that show next year!
The Amazing Race Discussion / Re: Previous TAR Seasons Discussions
« Last post by dryedmangoez on Yesterday at 04:38:04 PM »
Currently re-watching Oz Vs. NZ, and I really can't understand why it's so underrated.  ???  This is the first time I've watched it since the original airing, but even then I remember really enjoying it.

- The route's fantastic - Visited all 6 Continents.
- There's a number of All-Star worthy tasks.
- Every Leg is jammed with tasks.  Way more than the standard RB, Detour, Pitstop we're accustomed to nowadays.  :groan:
- The Teams!!! Great cast.. Some of my all time favourite teams in Sally & Tyson, Cat & Jesse... and Eh... John & Murray.  :escape

I've always considered Oz 2 as the measuring stick all other seasons should aspire to reach, so following it was always going to be tough, but it did a really good job of living up to the expectations, even it is a gimmick season.

Even though the ratings sucked, the quality warranted a renewal alone.  I'll just continue to pray for a return, or if nothing else, an All Star season to at least give the Oz version a proper send off.

It's not even underrated. Some people outright hate it. 
For me, I enjoyed it very much. TARAu2 is the best of the 3, no question. But seasons 1 and 3 are very close. All three seasons,  honestly, are the gold standard for international TAR franchises. At least in terms of production and casting. And really, TARAu was better than most of the TARUS seasons that came during and after TARAu's run.
^^The show has had a lot of creativity this season especially in putting its own twist on tasks we've seen (TAR 20 land sledding & TAR 12 high wire bike).


They go for the absurd. The Roadblock was pretty creative though the punishment was just weird. Guessing the producers are happy Neta is still in the race due to her reactions.

Regev & Michael Jackson :lol:
Neta & Omer's Rocky moment :lol:

Show content
Glad to see Yarden pull through after succumbing to exhastion during the flower task.

Preview: El Totumo mud volcano, teams vomiting, impending Pit Stop
The Amazing Race Discussion / Re: Previous TAR Seasons Discussions
« Last post by RaceUntilWeDie on Yesterday at 03:31:55 PM »
Chuck & Wynona beating Jessica & John at the surfboard roadblock was one of the best edited segments in the HD era. I literally felt just as frantic/panicked as Jessica with John having not used the Express Pass
The Amazing Race Discussion / Re: Previous TAR Seasons Discussions
« Last post by RaceUntilWeDie on Yesterday at 03:22:21 PM »
I feel FF teams had a great run for some time:

S17: Nat/Kat 1st
S18: Kisha/Jen 1st
S20: Nary/Jamie 6th (they completed 8 out of 12 legs so they kind of lasted long?)
S21: Natalie/Nadiya 4th
S22: Mona/Beth 3rd
S23: Ally/Ashley 5th
S24: Caroline/Jennifer 2nd
S25: Amy/Maya 1st
S27: Tiffany/Krista 4th

S28 and S29 were just horrible for FF teams :(

ANYWAY, I've probably posted this before but I'm gonna repeat myself: TAR used to put so much effort in editing, especially eliminations (even in the HD era!) These days they quickly dismiss them in 30 seconds and throw in a lame confessional. Rewatch these eliminations to know what I'm talking about:

TAR 17:
- Gary & Mallory (6th)

TAR 18:
- Margie & Luke (8th)

TAR 19:
- Bill & Cathi (5th)
- Kaylani & Lisa (9th)

TAR 21:
- Natalie & Nadiya (4th)
- Abbie & Ryan (5th)
TV Shows that are NOT Reality / The 70th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards
« Last post by RealityFreakWill on Yesterday at 02:57:08 PM »
Sunday, September 17, 2018 on NBC
Don't exactly know where to post...

I was watching Big Bang Theory (S3E3), they were in a goth bar and Kent & Vyxsin were extras  :funny:

Oh yeah, and Brian Thomas Smith (of Brian & Greg, S6) has been a cast member on the odd episode throughout the series as Zack, Penny's dimwitted ex, one not too long ago.

I like his character, wish he was on more episodes :P
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