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jon and arlie in the bathroom

jon you think im fucked

 arlie yeah like 95%

 jon laughs

 arlie i mis calculated things  but people in your position  have made it like maybe once.. especially knowing that people are craving  to make a big move  but now that you are taking me out that makes you huge

Jon is that cool?

 Arlie yeah especially taking andrew, kenny out.. but everyone is going to be hungry man

Jon im still learning about this game
Jon got called to the DR

 Jon out with Bunny ears and a camera

 Jon they said no to do your make up and  you can only take pics with the bunny ears on and they said to GET HOPPING

 Jon they also said that all the papers that were taken out of the DR need to go back

TH HG's got  Q&A fan questions

 Sabrain we have F.A.N.S

 Heather that was the coolest thing that happened in the house

Adel wants everyone to gather in the  bedroom and talk about it

 Arlie is still searching for a super pwer

 Jon they want to know why we always say Why do we say Awake up Canada

Adel Rachelle you seemed stunned like you knew  one of them

BB didnt tell teh HG's that the lockdown is over but Arlie got up and  is searching around again
BB Attention HG's please make your way to the main bedroom

 Bedroom lockdown???

Not sure what that luggage case is for but something is up!
Sabrina arlie was freaking me out saying that some secrets are best left secrets

 rachelle yeah  but today is more calmer than yesterday.
Feeds back and this is what we see so far  they are all looking  around the house for a secret veto

I have a feeling the Cowboys use the Express Pass at the detour, and we'll see if it becomes an issue at the U-Turn decision board. (I'm guessing it doesn't.)
TV Shows that are NOT Reality / Re: Once Upon A Time.....
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I saw this and I had to post it for you OUAT fans. Apparently Snow White and Prince Charming got marred for real.



And working the real pregnancy into the storyline. <3 :P

Didn't work quite well in Mole Storybooke :(
HOH Lockdown Everyone is gathering
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