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The Amazing Race Discussion / Re: Which is Your Favourite Sibling Team?
« Last post by supah on Today at 08:04:21 PM »
It's definitely Michelle & Jo for me  :hrt: :hrt: :hrt: :hrt: :hrt: :hrt:
So much about being environmentally friendly at the cost of the budget for production.

But they get to +1 country....
The Amazing Race: International Versions / Re: LINKS TO WATCH TARLA
« Last post by Declive on Today at 07:03:37 PM »
Episode 3 link available on the same place as always.

Can you send me? I wanna watch the Ep3.

TV Shows that are NOT Reality / Re: The Big Bang Theory!
« Last post by Kacper on Today at 06:21:26 PM »
The Big Bang Theory Season 8, Episode 6 - Tonight, 8/7C on CBS


"The Expedition Approximation" - Sheldon and Raj test whether they could survive a dark-matter research expedition in a salt mine by simulating the conditions in a steam tunnel. Meanwhile, Leonard and Penny seek advice from Wolowitz and Bernadette after they fight about money, on THE BIG BANG THEORY, Monday, Oct. 20 (8:00-8:31 PM, ET/PT), on the CBS Television Network.

Season 8, Episode 6 press photos!
"The Expedition Approximation" - October 20, 2014
Photo: Monty Brinton/CBS ©2014 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved

The whole group

Amy helps Sheldon get prepared

Penny and Leonard

Getting prepared for their simulation

Seeking advice from Howard and Bernadette
The Amazing Race: International Versions / Re: LINKS TO WATCH TARLA
« Last post by Alenaveda on Today at 05:52:51 PM »
Episode 3 link available on the same place as always.
Ok, I'm done. This franchise is a joke. A bad one.  :dick
And the race continues.

Juan is hanging from the guide rope, with Clara & Martin waiting right behind him. Martin is encouraging him to keep going on.
He's helped by the instructors, and pull away to the previous conection point. That allow Clara to pass him too. She completes the circuit, picking the flag; the same for Martin a minute behind her. Delfina tells him not to mess with her sister, and Jenny tells Clara not to mess with her hubby.

They check in sixth and seventh position. Girls say that they came to the race for this kind of things. Martin says that when he competes, it doesn't matter if it's her mother, her brother, or anyone. He yells at everybody.

On the rope structure, Juan is trying to end it again. And he's finally done! :conf: They arrive in eightth place. Jaime ask him what happened, and he answers that he put a lot of pressure on himself to complete the RB.

And here comes the "particular" rules of TARLA: despite a team quit the race, what means that is automatically eliminated, Juan & Ceci are told that they're the last team to arrive and as this is a NEL: must complete a SB on the next leg.  :groan:

Both say they saw themselves in the finals. Only need to get over this situation and recover their strength. Hope never dies.
Back to the race.

Stefa has to do the RB, but Felipe says to use the EP instead. Stefa - who is stubborn as a mule, as Felipe recalls in the confessional - persists in completing the task, and it's all said so.  :funny:
In the meantime, Nico is completing each section of the structure.
Stefa is about to start, and his hubby remind her that she has 2 minutes to complete each section of the circuit. To use that time. And she says she's a little dizzy.

At the first RB, Ceci complets the task in fifth place, and Christina in 6th.

On Cotopaxi, Javier says it's funny to see the other making all the job; and Stefa comments that wind is blowing.
Gio & JC get the second RB clue, as Sonia & Gabriel. Gio and Gabriel must do it.

Delfina finish the first RB in seventh, leaving Jenny in 8th.

Nicolas reaches the end of the circuit and picks the flag, that exchange for their next clue.
RI: Make your way on foot to the Hacienda El Porvenir patio, the Pit Stop from this leg of the race. The last team to check in here, may be elliminated.
The PS is at 3.600 meters height.

Juan and Dina perform the other RB.

Friends arrive to the patio. They're team number one! :yess:  Each one won a Samgung tablet, courtesy of Claro. When Toya ask about their race, they say they slowed down their pace.

At the RB, Stefa is having difficulties in one of the sections, asking for help. Soon, Gio and Gabriel arrive to the same section, and must wait for her to end it to continue.

Clara & Martin proceed to complete the second RB.

In the confessional, Felipe says that he was about to tell her to give up and use the EP, but in the end it wasn't necessary. Stefa finish the RB with Gio seconds behind her. They grab the flags and trades them for the clue. It's a race to the PS.
The married couple claim second place. Tell Toya & Jaime that doctor explained that Stefa needs one more day to get better.

Gio and JC are the team number three. They're proud they started in 7th and finished third.

Sonia & Gabriel finish RB in fouth, and check in the same position at the PS. They say in confessional thay saw problems on teamwork in many of the teams.

In the RB, Juan & Dina are fighting for fifth place. Juan is taking the whole two minutes to complete each section, making her waiting. She asks for him the letting her go first, what he answers no. But he suddenly made a mistake, and has to let her surpass him. That allows her to end in fifth place and reach with Christian the PS in that position.

Juan keeps struggling, while Clara & Martin are getting closer to him. And he falls from the structure. Ceci's face reflects dissappointment and suffering.

The race continues.

Judge tells Gio & JC that the plants must be planted without the covers.
Christina & Dina call the judge, and isn't good. On the contrary, Juan & Ceci got a thumbs up, and now are in third place.

Nico & Javier arrive to the lodge.
RB: "Who loves heights?" One team member must test their matematical skills while challenging the heights. Racer has to climb up the Sierraloma Lodge circuit and surpass their different stations until come to 24 points. (Is shown that every station has a number)  When this is done, it will receive the next clue.
Javier is doing it.

At the farm, Gio & Jc finally gets the clue in fourth place. Meanwhile, Stefa & Felipe reach the lodge and the RB clue. Of course, Felipe does it.

At the RB location, Javier start the ascension through the climbing wall, that is the only point to enter the circuit. The exit point is the middle of it, and the jumping from there worths six points. Once at the top, he ask the instructor about the values of each section, and picks the one who gives him 2 points.
Chilean couple reach the RB location. Nico says they have a lot of time.

Back to the farm, Sonia & Gabriel get their clue in fifth place and the sisters in sixth.

At the lodge, Ceci chooses to perfom the RB. So does JC.

On the RB, Javier reach the end of a 6 points station.
Stefa is having medical assitance: they're checking her pressure. Juan & Ceci arrives. Felipe is at the top of the wall.

At the farm, Dina & Christian end the task in seventh. And Jenny & Martin in last.

(I just realize that none of them know what happened with Mexican friends and are racing just as their lives depend of it)

Lodge: Sonia will perform the Rb. Delfina and Christian will do it.

At the wall, JC says that Spiderman was an amateur in comparisson with him climbing. :lol:
OMG! Javier has no idea of his score! But when he arrives to the middle he jumps! And their in the lead! A female instructor handle their next clue.
RI: travel on taxi to the Hacienda El Porvenir, located at 4 km of the north entrance of the Cotopaxi Volcano Park. There they will find the next clue.
As they leave the place, Jenny & Martin arrives to the lodge. Jenny does the RB.

Felipe reach the middle and jumps.
Ceci is tangled and can't move forward. She asks for help, and that allows Sonia to pass her.
JC ends the rb in third.

Argentinean friends at the Hacienda. And it's a second RB!
RB: "Who has more balance?" The team member who didn't perfomr the first RB must complete the whole Cotopaxi Rope Circuit and pick a race flag at the end of it to exchange for a Samsung tablet with the next clue.
Of course, Nico is doing this RB. He receive some instructions and proceed to the structure.

On the way to the Hacienda, chileans taxi must stop to allow Stefa to vomit.

In the RB, all remaining teams are giving their best to finish it. Sonia needs only 6 points to end, so she goes to t he middle and jumps, to leave in fourth place.

In the taxi, Chilean couple talks that they could use the EP to surpass the friends, but they say it's not how they race. That they prefer to save it for a really complicated moment. And then they rip the RB clue and realize that Stefa has to do it.

Back to the hospital.

Oh, God! Due to the accident on the bike RB in leg one, she suffered multiple internal injuries, including a serious one on her liver. She's also having a transfusion. ER doctor tells that on this conditions she can't keep racing. Guys, Audi doesn't look well at all.
Toya is at the hospital now and talks with David. She tells David to give Audi her support and love. Of course, they're out of the race, but the reason is not elimination but quitting due to a health problem. She kisses David and then is shown doing the same with Audi. Last scene is her waving to the camera in her bed.

Chilean couple finally arrives to the station. They say they thought not to continuing racing, mad at the last leg penalty; and because of the time waiting in the chill, she got sick: sore throat and stomach ache with vomits, etc. (Flashback from the moment when she drunk water from the same creek where they had to wash the wool, and Martin telling her not to do it). Felip insist in blaming the cold while waiting the penalty end.

Finally time to board the train comes. During the travel, Stefa keep feeling bad, needing to go to the bathroom several times.

Jaime presents Machachi, as the "Gate to Heaven" and an important destination for the mountain tourism. Gosh, it's clear that he's fair ahead even from Toya, cause he ends the segment talking about the nine teams getting that place to keep racing.

They're at the Aloasi station now, and it's a mad dash to the clue box. Dina & Christian first to get the clue.
RI: Travel on taxi to the Bee Farm Ugshapamba, where is waiting a Claro tablet with their next clue.
Gio (I'm going to call it that way from now on) & JC second with the clue. Sonia & Gabriel 3rd. Martín & Jenny in 4th. Mexicans in 5th. Argentina's teams in number
six and seven. No sights of Stefa & Felipe.

All teams on route to the Bee Farm. Ecuador couple first arriving there. They get the tablet.
RI: Starting now, they must carry the Claro localizer all the leg. Now they must locate the bee sanctuary and do an orchard following the pattern of the example. If it's ok, they'll receive the next clue.
Sonia & Gabriel in second. Jenny & Martin in third. Juan & Ceci in fourth. Sisters in fifth. Nico & Javi in sixth. Gio & JC in seventh. All teams run to the sanctuary.

All teams look to the locals while giving instructions. They use diffent techniques to do the task. Nico & Javier says that maybe because they're getting old they love to do this kind of things :lol:

BTW, still no sight of Chilean couple. 

JC says to Gio that "you want your Amazing Race, here you have it". It's really a very physical task. All teams are struggling with it one way or another. And the picks and shovels disarm almost all the time.
Ecuadorian friends in confessional says that those hands are not from farmers.

And finally Stefa & Felipe appear doing the task with the others! Felipe says that the pace today is led for her.

Gio and JC call the judge, and it's not right at all. Chileans try is also not good. Nico & Javier ask the judge too... and it's good! They get the clue in first.
RI: travel by taxi to Sierraloma Lodge to find the next clue. Keep your taxi.

Sterfa & Felipe second attempt is good, and they're in second place.
Jenny & Martin first call is bad. Gio and JC try again, and fail. They argue with the judge saying he told them something different last time.

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