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Big Brother Season 18 / Re: SHOW "Discuss the Episodes" Discussion Thread
« Last post by Jimmer on Today at 05:14:13 PM »
Next time, if you wish to include personal opinions but they include spoilers that have not been in the episodes, it would be best to include them in the BB Live Feed Discussion Thread here,32285.0.html


Therefore I do not get angry when I get spoiled :)
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Man, they're really taking notes from other versions. Tokyo, like Munich, saw a few rehashed tasks.

From US, the wasabi roulette (TAR15) and looking for people with signs while riding amusement park rides (TAR9)

Also the Analyze Detour from Canada season 3 Sudbury (graphing a crime scene)
Paulie won the power of veto!
Weekly stats of Big Brother 18:

Week 1: Glenn instantly evicted
Week 1: Nicole, HOH, Jozea & Paulie nominated, Frank wins Roadkill, Paul nominated, Paul wins veto, used on self, Bridgette up, Jozea evicted 7-4-0
Week 2: Paulie, HOH, Bronte & Paul nominated, Victor wins Roadkill, Tiffany nominated, Paulie wins veto, used on Paul, Victor up, Victor evicted 9-1-0
Week 3: Bridgette, HOH, Paul & Tiffany nominated, Frank wins Roadkill, Bronte nominated, Bridgette wins veto, not used, Bronte evicted 5-4-0
Week 4: Paulie, HOH, Natalie & Tiffany nominated, Tiffany wins Roadkill, Corey nominated, Corey wins veto, used on self, Da'Vonne up, Tiffany evicted 8-0-0
Week 5: Victor wins BattleBack, back on BB
Week 5: James, HOH, Bridgette & Frank nominated, Michelle wins veto, not used, Frank evicted 9-0
Week 6: Paul, HOH, Bridgette & Paulie nominated, Paulie wins veto, to be continued...

The veto players are Paul, Bridgette, Paulie, Corey, Natalie & Victor.

Nicole is the host.
The girls had won a trip to Norway, Denmark and Iceland which was related to the origins of the sponsor's milk (same as ep1 and 2 (a trip to Australia and New Zealand)).
TAR Asia / Re: TAR Asia 5 - Contestant Spoilers
« Last post by georgiapeach on Today at 12:11:01 PM »
Malay Mail Online

Meet the Malaysian contestants of ‘The Amazing Race Asia’

July 29, 2016

Representing Malaysia are former beauty queens, Yvonne Lee and Chloe Chen, brothers Will and Alex Chee and schoolmates Alphaeus Tan and Brandon Ho. — Composite by TheHive.Asia
KUALA LUMPUR, July 29 — Eleven fearless teams who will be competing against each other for US$100,000 in The Amazing Race Asia Season Five has finally been revealed!

“This season’s audition videos were creative, witty, clever and very surprising, so it was a tough selection process. We’re thrilled with the 11 teams — they embody AXN’s brand personality, which is passionate, determined, unexpected and high-octane. This is not just a show — it’s an adrenaline-fueled adventure for everyone involved, including our viewers,” said Ang Hui Keng, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Sony Pictures Television Networks, Asia.

Representing Malaysia are three energetic teams which include; besties Yvonne Lee and Chloe Chen who are not only best friends but also titleholders of Miss World Malaysia 2012 and 2011 respectively, brothers Alex and Will Chee, also known as the Muscle Brothers, and 8TV Quickie host Brandon Ho along with his former schoolmate Alphaeus Tan.

“This season is going to be a huge adrenaline rush and a race like no other. The racers and AXN viewers can expect more thrills, more drama and more twists than ever before,” said Allan Wu who hosted the reality series for the first four seasons as well as The Amazing Race China: Celebrity Edition.

Slated to premiere in October, the chosen teams for The Amazing Race Asia Season Five hail from seven countries across Asia ranging from Singaporean DJs to Filipino beauty queens and more.

The team line-up includes:

Rach and Vicky — Travel Hosts (Indonesia)

Louisa and Treasuri — Childhood Friends (Indonesia)

Yvonne and Chloe — Friends (Malaysia)

Alex and Will — Brothers (Malaysia)

Brandon and Alphaeus — School mates (Malaysia)

Eric and Rona — Married (Philippines)

Parul and Maggie — Beauty Queens (Philippines)

JK and Mike — Radio DJs (Singapore)

Rei and Kenji — Siblings (Singapore)

Tom and Anita — Dating (Thailand)

Lisa and Nicole — Life Partners (Vietnam)

Production of The Amazing Race Asia Season 5 kicks off next week. — TheHive.Asia

Playing in the veto are....


Nominees............Bridgette & Paulie

Chosen...............Corey, Natalie & Victor


Sorry, I thought I was just expressing my opinion on what was going on.
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