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The Amazing Race Discussion / Re: Amazing Race Questions
« Last post by Platrium on Today at 04:16:52 AM »
We have an article for the "Switchback" on our wiki. However, it looks like the Race has dropped the Switchback name even though they're still doing Switchback-y tasks. I didn't add them to the list on the page, but I should go and do that now.

After the last "official" one in Season 25, I know there was one in Zimbabwe (27), and now two in Greece and Vietnam (29). Did I forget any?

Would the waterslide in the UAE in TAR 28 count? Racers were definitely mentioning Mika melting down and I think the show might have as well.

I thought it was a just a recall ... not a properly switchback

Same place, but not the same task. Is that considered a Switchback? ???
I have really no idea on guessing who win this season because LoLo aside every remaining team seems have chance to win this. Tara & Joey and Matt & Redmond would be normal standard TAR winner, but we can't ignore Brooke & Scott as well because we have history of Flo & Zach and especially last season Dana & Matt as a TAR winner.

As long as they're not yet eliminated, London & Logan still have a chance to win. Some teams lay low for the whole race then give it their all on the final leg to win. :tup:
The Amazing Race Discussion / Re: TAR Tombstones
« Last post by Platrium on Today at 04:08:29 AM »
Here lies Kevin and Jenn:

Eliminated by a sunset.

Here lies Jesse and Francesca:

Eliminated by a bike girl.

Here lies Seth and Olive:

Eliminated by a U-Turn.

Here lies Shamir and Sara:

Eliminated by the third door.

Here lies Vanck and Ashton:

Eliminated by bullying.

Here lies Liz and Michael:

Eliminated by [stairs to] the second lamb.

Here lies Becca and Floyd:

Eliminated by fatigue.
The Amazing Race Discussion / Re: Previous TAR Seasons Discussions
« Last post by TAR456 on Today at 03:41:22 AM »
Do people notice that TAR 9 intro looks brighter and glowing?
Survivor 34: Game Changers / S35: Heroes vs Healers vs Hustlers
« Last post by RealityFreakWill on Today at 01:46:13 AM »
Survivor: Heroes vs Healers vs Hustlers (Preview)

Survivor returns with Heroes vs Healers vs Hustlers, coming this Fall. Only CBS

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Sorry if this has been brought up before/somewhere else, but I just noticed it.

R/T and J/S received a 4-hour penalty at the end of the previous Pit Stop, but they departed only about 2 hours after L/E on this leg...
I wish we have another Amazing Race in the States.....

Expect it should be called 'The Amazing American Race', which is what Erebus said
The Amazing Race Contestants / Re: TAR 29: Floyd Pierce
« Last post by georgiapeach on Today at 12:30:57 AM »
If you run with a parent the age limit is lower.
Survivor 34: Game Changers / Re: Survivor 35 cast revealed! **Spoilers**
« Last post by fossil-racer on Yesterday at 11:22:17 PM »
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Survivor 34: Game Changers / Re: Survivor 35 cast revealed! **Spoilers**
« Last post by fossil-racer on Yesterday at 11:19:16 PM »
Heroes (Levu)

??? African - American
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