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I really don’t think they were going to China anyway bc of the whole trade war/ putting a whole ethnic group in concentration camps thing.
Survivor: General Discussion / Re: I Got Problems...
« Last post by BourkieBoy on Yesterday at 05:55:16 PM »
Thx for welcoming me guys.  To answer to your questions, i've watched the first episode of Survivor New Zealand but i wasn't feeling it. The candidates, the host,  idk, maybe i should give it another shot but i wasn't a fan. I've never watched an eposide of The Amazing Race though. If it resembles Survivor in anhy way, i'm sure i'll love it. Which season would you recommend for me to start watching ?

You should start with US Season 1 Episode 1! Episodes can be found online! I’m sure you’ll enjoy The Amazing Race, because most people who like Survivor, also like The Amazing Race! :)

Survivor: General Discussion / Re: I Got Problems...
« Last post by IIPacKMasteRII on Yesterday at 07:00:43 AM »
Thx for welcoming me guys.  To answer to your questions, i've watched the first episode of Survivor New Zealand but i wasn't feeling it. The candidates, the host,  idk, maybe i should give it another shot but i wasn't a fan. I've never watched an eposide of The Amazing Race though. If it resembles Survivor in anhy way, i'm sure i'll love it. Which season would you recommend for me to start watching ?
James Mathison is set to host the all-new 'Talking Tribal' with fan favourite Luke Toki -- but he nearly ended up in a very different role.

Speaking to 10 daily after wrapping one of the first episodes of the new web series, James explained that he originally wanted to be the guy snuffing out torches and whispering, "the tribe has spoken".

"When 10 picked it up, I was so excited I made a video pitching myself to host 'Australian Survivor'," the former 'Idol' host said.

"And then I saw JLP [host Jonathan LaPaglia] get announced and I thought, ‘Man, I could have done this!’"

He said it wasn't until he sat down to watch JLP's impeccable tribal council interrogation skills that he conceded, "Oh okay this makes sense, he is the guy for the job".

But years later, James is finally getting to host a 'Survivor' show and will be untangling alliances, unpacking blindsides and anticipating big moves.

"My obsession runs deep and long and, [I'd make] any excuse to be involved," James told 10 daily.

“'Survivor' is one of those shows where there is so much to talk about, so many permutations, so much strategy, so many scenarios that could play out -- it’s not like any other television show.”

The upcoming 'All Stars' season is expected to be so jam-packed full of mystery, strategy, and energy so it's a relief to know that some of our most burning questions will be answered over at 'Talking Tribal'.

James explained that the series (launching this week on 10 Play and 10 Speaks) will be "the sort of conversations people will be having with their roommates, with their family about what’s going to happen next".

"'Talking Tribal' will be actually giving them an avenue for that where we can actually dig deeper in a lot of those conversations," he added.

Along with 'Survivor' expert Shannon Gaitz, he'll be poring over 'All Stars' episodes with the People's Champion and certified King of the Jungle, Luke Toki, who James said he's been "bombarding" with questions.

"It’s amazing to have someone who’s played the game and can shed light on what the guys are going through in each episode," James said.

"He thinks about it much more deeply than I do because he’s played it and he also understands that you have to be four or five steps ahead," he continued, describing Luke's natural 'Survivor' instincts.

Whereas I’m probably thinking how to get the numbers for the next couple of weeks, he’s four or five weeks ahead."

James' obvious enthusiasm for the game made us wonder, will we ever see him on a 'Champions vs Contenders' series?

"Oh my god, in a second, I’d love to do it."

Talking Tribal. Premieres Friday, 31 January At 4pm. Only On 10 Play And 10 Speaks.

Fan favourite Luke Toki is heading back to the world of ‘Survivor’ in a very different role.

Instead of putting himself through the physical, mental and emotional challenges of the competition, he’s going to be using his insider knowledge to bring us a weekly web series called ‘Talking Tribal’.

The King of the Jungle will be taking his place in front of the whiteboard as Professor Toki -- an expert who’s earned his Survivor PhD on the ground in Season 2 (Samoa) and Season 4 (Champions vs Contenders) with a skilled social game and a knack for strategy.

And with ‘Australian Survivor: All Stars’  -- there’s going to be a lot of strategy to unpack.

“You’ve got 24 people that know how to play the game so everyone’s talking strategy,” Luke told 10 daily ahead of the ‘All Stars’ and ‘Talking Tribal’ premieres, adding that, ”everyone’s trying to make sure the vote’s not on them.

That gives the viewer crazy-ass tribals and crazy-ass scrambles. When they know that they’re on the chopping block, they scramble.”

Luke is going to be taking us by the hand and untangling these scrambles with a parade of special Survivor guests and the help of super fan and TV host extraordinaire, James Mathison.

But while the 'Talking Tribal' panel will meticulously pore over the gameplay of ‘All Stars’ from afar -- Luke admits that some of his insight will be biased towards his ‘Survivor’ family -- the people he’s formed close friendships with after late nights spent scheming on the beach.

“To be truthful, I’ve still got my favourites and I am kind of leaning towards my seasons and the guys on there,” he told 10 daily.

Luke will be watching his former competitors AK, Jericho, Henry and Tarzan from Season 2 as well as David and Harry from Season 4, and will be quietly (or not so quietly) rooting for his pals.

“Naturally, I think that’s what happens when you spend such a long time with people. I am a bit subjective and I do have my favourites. I don’t know if I’m trying to be neutral on the show [Talking Tribal] but it’s hard not to feel a little bit upset if your guys have a bad run.

“It’s also the fact that it is such a cutthroat game out there,” he said of having to potentially watch his mates get hammered by the Survivor Gods.

But it’s a cutthroat game with an addictive allure -- one that Luke said he’d have “normally have said yes to head back there and give it another crack”.

“Unfortunately everyone’s life has different things that prevent them from spending that time and you’ve got to commit to win. Otherwise, what are you committing to? To come second?”

Luke's decision to play this round of Survivor from Australia means he knows how much the All Stars are putting on the line to compete again.

“To watch all these guys put their family on the backburner and go out there and put their legacy on the line.

“A lot of them are there because they’ve got good legacies and you can potentially ruin that,” he said.

Having Professor Toki on the bench means that us non-Survivors will be able to get a step closer to understanding what it's like to be constantly scrambling away from having your name written down at Tribal.

Being able to explain to the people at home, it's not as easy as one, two, three," Luke said, describing the 'Survivor' mentality.

"When you are on the bottom, you’re fighting to get out -- that could be creating little lies or pulling out little tricks.

"It’s nearly like a round, you go to tribal, and when everyone wants you out and you survive that one round, it’s like walking out of the ring after Mike Tyson just came at you."

'Australian Survivor: All Stars' premieres on February 3. Only on 10 and WIN Network.
The most villainous 'Australian Survivor' snakes are slithering their way into 'All Stars'.

The masterminds that didn't make it all the way to the final tribal their first time around are returning on a mission to befriend, befuddle and then blindside, baby!

'Australian Survivor: All Stars' has just dropped the longest, juiciest look at the new season and literally shows the most notorious villains returning to camp, sliding their way through long grass with a glint in their eyes.

"I’m the original Survivor snake but since then, we’ve seen way bigger snakes than me," Season 1's Nick Iadanza explains, humbly paying respect to the reptiles that joined the game after him.

"I was like your garden variety earthworm compared to these guys so… I’ve evolved and now I’m going to be like the King Cobra," he added.

He's going to have to Out-Snake last season's ~cockroach~ Dirty Harry plus the diabolical A.K. Knight from Season 2 and then work out how he's going to manipulate the genuine folk like Mark 'Tarzan' Herlaar who just wants to play with honour, alright?

"I played it honestly and it cost me the game but that doesn't mean I'm prepared to change who I am," Tarzan said, surrounded by golden beams of sunshine and laughing grandkids in his Queensland lime farm.

While most of the 'Australian Survivor: All Stars' cast are returning for revenge-- Shane Gould and Jericho Malabonga are back to show they can Outwit, Outlast and Outplay all over again.

It might seem downright audacious for the winners of Season 2 and 3 to come marching back into camp for a second, delicious bite of the Sole Survivor cherry -- but this competition is all about bravado and backing yourself.

“People underestimated me," Jericho said ahead of 'All Stars' of the sweet demeanour he presented to his gullible Asaga tribe back in 2017.

"People thought that I couldn’t hurt a fly. But one by one they were dropping like flies," he added

Jericho famously used an almost never-ending cookie jar to build his power base -- but how well will he fare with a winner's target on his back and without his closest strategic ally, Luke Toki?

Shane is just as sure she can claim the title of Sole Survivor again, just like she did in the 2018 'Champions vs Contenders' season -- very narrowly beating out Sharn Coombes at the final tribal.

The Olympic swimming legend very eloquently summed up her warning to her future tribemates of villains, heroes and challenge beasts -- "Don't f*** with Shane Gould".

"Last time I played 'Survivor', I was the dark horse and then I won and I'm here to prove I can win it again," she explained ahead of her arrival at Savusavu.

But can a dark horse remain under the radar after said horse has galloped all the way to the finish line before and pocketed $500,000?

There's a possibility both Jericho and Shane will have targets smack bang in the middle of their backs -- but they could also present themselves as useful allies that tribemates could be lining up to work with.

We have a feeling there are going to be a lot of nicknames this season with all the big personalities floating around, from cobras to cockroaches and cookie monsters but here's a reminder of all the human names that have been announced so far.

Brooke, Flick, Nick and Phoebe from Season 1; AK, Jericho, Locky, Henry and Tarzan from Season 2; Lydia, Mat and Shane from Season 3 and David and Harry from 2019’s Australian Survivor: Champions V Contenders.

The very first All Stars season of 'Australian Survivor' is nearly upon us!

The upcoming series is going to throw the most cunning villains, the bravest heroes, and the most energetic challenge beasts together and we can't handle the anticipation.

But at least we have a night to lock in to sit back and watch the experienced players form tribes, alliances and begin mapping out their first blindsides.

'Australian Survivor: All Stars' will premiere on February 3 at 7.30pm-- so make sure you mark the date in your calendar right now.

There are still a few of the show's most memorable players to be announced but it's already looking like a dangerous bunch of strategic masterminds, elite athletes and crafty puppet-masters.

Oh, and most of them are back for some kind of revenge!

We've got Harry Hills who got painfully close to winning in the last 'Champions vs. Contenders' season, David Genat who got beautifully blindsided (with an idol!) and challenge beast Brooke Jowett, who was betrayed by her best friend Flick Eggington -- who will also be returning to try and become Sole Survivor.

Winners Shane Gould and Jericho Malabonga are returning to show that they could win 'Australian Survivor' easily a second time around.

"I’ve studied chimpanzee politics, politics in the jungle and I think I can see quite a lot about how chimpanzees relate," Shane said ahead of her triumphant return to camp.

"It’s like some people in my tribe. I’m ready for monkey business.”

The winners will be joined by superfan Nick Iadanza, tactical expert Phoebe Timmins, the villainous A.K. Knight, yoga ~expert~ Henry Nicholson and grandad Mark 'Tarzan' Herlaar.

Plus you'll see faves Mat Rogers and Lydia Lassila -- and, honestly, it could be anyone's game in 2020.
You can find all Australian Survivor social media platforms in this article!

Short summary...

Instagram: @survivorau
Facebook: SurvivorAU
Twitter: /survivor_au
TikTok: @survivoraus
GIPHY: /survivorau
Luke Toki and James Mathieson will host a show Talking Tribal this season!

It all starts on Friday January 31 on 10Play (only accessible to Australian viewers... at this stage! :0328:

The ‘People’s Champion’ Luke Toki and James Mathison will co-host the digital Australian Survivor: All Stars companion series you can’t afford to miss.

You read that correctly, Luke Toki is back, baby! Australian Survivor fans wept when it was revealed that their idol Luke Toki wouldn’t be competing in All Stars. But wipe away those tears, because we’re not letting the King of the Jungle get away that easy. After all, who better to host an All Stars After Show than a true Survivor icon?

That’s right; while he won’t be playing for the title this season, Luke will still be putting all his Survivor experience and savvy to good use as one-half of Talking Tribal’s dynamic hosting duo, alongside veteran Aussie presenter, and Survivor aficionado Luke Toki and James Mathison will co-host the digital Australian Survivor: All Stars companion series you can’t afford to miss.Luke Toki and James Mathison will co-host the digital Australian Survivor: All Stars companion series you can’t afford to miss

Kicking off Friday January 31 on 10 play and 10 speaks, Talking Tribal is a Survivor superfan’s dream. Each week Luke and James will dissect the events everyone's buzzing about, from the bruising challenges to the biggest blindsides. They’ll offer a unique insight into how the ultimate game is stacking up, and who’s staking the most convincing claim to be crowned All Stars Sole Survivor.

The pair will be joined by some very special guests, including ex-contestants, along with Survivor superfan and expert Shannon Guss (Gaitz), whose staggering knowledge of the game promises the kind of detailed and informed perspective All Stars absolutely demands.

Australian Survivor: All Stars premieres 7.30 Monday February 3, and there’s no better preparation than to join Luke and James for a pre-season chat, so grab your torches and get ready for Talking Tribal, from 4pm Friday January 31 on 10 play and 10 speaks.
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