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The Zombie paintball would have been an EXCELLENT Face-Off.  :duno:

Quote from: crossfire paintball PEI

Try our zombie shooting gallery (50% of proceeds go to the Children's Wish Foundation), PEI Chapter.

Fittingly it goes with the season's heroes theme, but ah well someone thought darts would've made a better face off.
The Amazing Race Discussion / Re: TAR Disaster Curse
« Last post by violetb1911 on Today at 04:11:26 AM »
The South-Indian state of Kerala (visited on TAR4 and TAR20) is experiencing massive flash floods. The rains have only worsened and the entire state is practically submerged, and everybody is trapped in as the rivers and dams have overflowed and blocked railway lines and the airport. People are losing their lives by the minute, there has been a huge damage to property and the central government has still done NOTHING :)

I've been stuck in my office for 36 hours continuous because the rains have flooded the basement (and the first floor!) and the rains don't stop, but the central government has done nothing so far. People in the north argue that Kerala "deserve the flood as people of Kerala eat beef." it's disgusting and honestly this just shows the massive divide in culture and mindset between north-india and south-india.

I'm so done. 
Frankie and Amy
Lucy and Emilia
Ann and Yarden
Mor and Mor

And it's only leg 8 but
Martina & Phil
Leanne and Mar :cheer:
Survivor Discussion / Re: US Survivor: Previous Seasons Discussion
« Last post by Gra1162 on Today at 03:20:36 AM »
Michelle to for second chance please  she was such a cheerleader and got screwed because of that horrible twist
5 A sneak peak for the upcoming episode posted on CTV YouTube
Beth was on TKO!!!!!
BIG BROTHER Season 20 / Re: BB 20 LIVE FEED UPDATES! *Spoilers*
« Last post by RealityFreakWill on Yesterday at 07:58:23 PM »

Week 1:Tyler, HOH, Sam & Steve nominated, Faysal wins veto, not used, Steve evicted 7-6
Week 2: Kaitlyn, HOH, Scottie & Winston nominated, Tyler wins veto, used on Scottie, Swaggy C up, Swaggy C evicted 8-4
Week 3: Scottie, HOH, Brett & Winston nominated, Scottie wins veto, not used, Winston evicted 6-5
Week 4: Sam, HOH, Haleigh & Kaitlyn nominated, Faysal wins veto, used on Haleigh, Rockstar up, Kaitlyn evicted 9-1
Week 5: Bayleigh, HOH, Brett & Rachel nominated, Tyler wins veto, not used, Rachel evicted 5-4
Week 6: Angela, HOH, Rockstar & Scottie nominated, Scottie off, Tyler up, Angela wins veto, used on Tyler, Bayleigh up, Bayleigh evicted 6-1
Week 7: Haleigh, HOH, Angela & Kaycee nominated, Kaycee off, Rockstar up, Tyler wins veto, used on Angela, Kaycee up, Rockstar evicted 5-1
Week 8: Faysal, HOH, Brett & Scottie nominated, Brett wins veto, to be continued...
BIG BROTHER Season 20 / Re: BB 20 LIVE FEED UPDATES! *Spoilers*
« Last post by RealityFreakWill on Yesterday at 11:45:04 AM »

Playing in the veto are...


Nominees..................Brett & Scottie

Chosen.....................Angela, Haleigh & Tyler

Host.......................... Kaycee (Zingbot)
TAR Canada / Re: TARC 6 Episode 8 "The Zombies Are Honing In On Us" 8/21/18
« Last post by Leafsfan on Yesterday at 09:44:51 AM »
Thanks Alen!

Things I noticed:

1) Same pitstart as S2?
2) Looks like they need to unscramble the menu at the lobster challenge.
TAR Canada / Re: TARC 6 Episode 8 "The Zombies Are Honing In On Us" 8/21/18
« Last post by Alenaveda on Yesterday at 09:12:43 AM »
Caps are up!
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