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Alliance between Megan/Alex/Ramses/Jillian? All want Paul out? Jillian knows vets make it to the end.
Ding dong! In walks... Paul from BB18. With bag in tow. Everyone talking about him.

Are you playing? "No, I'm just hanging out." He's playing... And someone's going to be leaving.
Someone's entering the house next... A former houseguest...
Kevin presses the button and gets the $25K. Now the twist is now in play.

Kevin is not going to be HOH. Not eligible. Will HAVE TO THROW IT. Everyone else knows their punishment later.
Garden of temptation. Who could use $25K.

Be the first person to push the button when the flower turns green wins $25K. Then the twist is revealed... If anyone pushes it. Winner remains anonymous.
End commercial! Julie welcomes us back. Everyone is called to the living room!

She announces that it's the most tempting summer in the history of the game. Summer of Temptation! Starts now!

Tempted by money, safety, and power. How the night plays out is up to the house.
Everyone's having fun in the living room... And the temptations start next.

Alex talked too fast, so subtitles are needed.
Ramses announces he's a cosplayer. Nobody knows what he's talking about.

Dominique with the occupational lie!
Josh is being a little disturbing, talking about Jessica in the DR. Talking about how attractive she is.

Ramses, Megan, and Alex like each other already. Ramses confesses that he's a superfan.

Kevin starts the introductions. Josh says that Kevin looks like a comic book supervillian.
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