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In Australia, The Amazing Race Australia VS News Zealand starts on August 4th at 8:45pm on Channel 7. Link:
Most are just trying to settle down for the night. Big day tomorrow

BBAD ended for the night!  :waves:
Many hgs prepp8ing for bed in BR brushing teeth and using mouthwash

Frankie continues to tell stories about his grandpa to Zach in HOH
Frankie and Zach bonding in HOH

Frankie talking about his grandpa
Donny and Victoria doing step exercises in beehive room

Derrick and Jocasta making small talk in LR
Frankie up in HOH by himself, being emotional, decided to listen to Cody's music
Many are eating whatever Frankie made and they all like it.

Cody and Hayden cleaning the bathroom mirrors
Nicole went up to HOH to use the bathroom to do #2

Zach hiding behind the spiral steps to scare her when she comes back down

Frankie is cooking up a storm on the stove, no idea what he is fixing
Caleb has joined the religion discussion in the LR
Frankie out of DR, now fixing something to eat.

Lots of laughter in the kitchen, lots of kidding around
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