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Finally, Holland leg without visiting Amsterdam. <33333
Should I go? Peace Palace Pitstop, it's confirmed...
yea :D
This is now a big possibility, -not yet confirmed-, but per a private publication, there is a big chance that the Africa legs were (amazingly) something like this:

1.- USA > BRAZIL > Rio de Janeiro
2.- BRAZIL > ARGENTINA > Buenos Aires
3.- ARGENTINA > San Antonio de Areco
4.- ARGENTINA > ZAMBIA > Livingstone > ZIMBABWE > Victoria Falls > BOTSWANA > Kasane
5.- BOTSWANA > NAMIBIA > Kasika > BOTSWANA > Kasane > ZAMBIA > Livingstone > FRANCE > Paris
6.- FRANCE > Paris
Leg 1: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Includes tasks on Copacabana Beach and PitStop at Praia Do Arpoador.
Leg 2: Buenos Aires, Argentina. Route info directing them to Calle Bartolome Mitre 4272.
Leg 3: San Antonio de Areco, Argentina.
Leg 4: Zambia. They visited Victoria Falls.
Leg 5: Zambia.
Leg 6: Paris, France. Pictures taken near Arc de Triomphe and Sacré-Cœur Basilica. Route info at Pont Alexandre III. Pit Stop at Place Charles de Gaulle.
Leg 7: The Hague, The Netherlands. Pit Stop at Peace Palace.
2 legs in holland maybe?

No. It could be one leg. Perhaps, we'll be having a leg in Eastern Europe, probably Finland, the country with no Pit Stop?
2 legs in holland maybe?

could TAR: US and TAR: CHINA S2 have a cross-over in France...?!?  :ascared

Very interesting that BVM is in Den Hagg today, the Tour de France started today in Utrecht about 30 miles away with about 1.5 million people watching an individual time trial.
First time ever that Amsterdam is not featured for visit to the Netherlands
TAR15 went to Holland as well.
WHAT? So they are recycling France AND The Netherlands from last season?!
I now hope we don't get Germany or Japan.
And I'm not expecting any new countries tbh, this really looks like a route from the first few seasons.
It seems like all the countries visited this season will be from TAR1-TAR5. Not sure if I should be fascinated or scream into a pillow. :lol:

I'm thinking Delhi or Mumbai could be the next destination. Nonetheless, I am impressed TAR has went this long without traveling to India.
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