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The Amazing Race 26 Spoilers / Re: TAR 26 Maps
« Last post by Neobie on Today at 08:49:31 AM »
Leg 3: Phuket, and Leg 4: Bangkok.
Thanks Slowhatch and Leafsfan!

Anyone have any idea where are they going on the final leg?

I guess somewhere very random like Easter Island, Chile or Montreal, Canada?

Tel Aviv, Israel was the location of the Finish Line, but the whole leg was actually in Buenos Aires!! That was complete nonsense!!!

What??? Teams got bunched at the airport in Buenos Aires and a taxi race to the finish line in Israel??? This is like the leg design in Alaska and Hawaii on early TAR US season all over again and to me it is a  :nono2:  on TAR. I do not like the fact that the winner was determined by who is going to get the fastest taxi to the finish line like TAR24. :gaah: :tantrum

But anyway, this F3 was just like the TAR25 F3 which all of them are likeable and I'm very happy with any of them win the race.
Survivor 30: Worlds Apart / Re: Survivor 31 and beyond **SPOILERS**
« Last post by Marionete on Today at 05:49:54 AM »
I was reading through the sucks forum (one particular thread actually) yesterday and found some interesting spoilers/speculation.

Is it okay if I share that here, peach? Most of that info is from Redmond.
Laura Matthews ‏@superstar_gorg 1 min

Amazing Race - Israel is filming in Buenos Aires today - La Boca challenge. Who's the Israeli Phil? @PhilKeoghan

so we were staring at F3 spoilers the entire time apparently :lol:
American Idol / Re: TOP 9
« Last post by Ruth on Today at 04:11:01 AM »
The Amazing Race: International Versions / Re: LINKS TO WATCH TAR FRANCE!
« Last post by steve2013 on Yesterday at 11:40:03 PM »
can i have a link please  :conf:
The Amazing Race Discussion / Re: Design Your Own Tar Leg!
« Last post by RachelLeVega on Yesterday at 10:10:20 PM »
There is an iphone notes app?  :yess:
Somebody PM me the info please?
The notes app is either on the home screen or boxed in the utilities square. Open it, press "+" and type away. :nut: The iPhone 3G still works like a charm for me; no upgrades until otherwise.
American Idol / Re: TOP 9
« Last post by Jobby on Yesterday at 09:13:41 PM »
Hi Ruthy! :trampb:
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