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Preview edited in.
Zach Frankie Cody Derrick and Victoria in HOH

Derrick now in KT with Caleb talking about ???

Derrick did you ask them about your 30 seconds of fame yet?

Caleb no but I am going to
Victoria comes up to HOH and every one is mad because they can't shake her

Donny Hayden and Caleb talking about Tony Hawke is 42 and still competing

Derrick and Cody talking about how they don't trust Nicole and she didn't tell them exactly what went down

Frankie Nicole told me she was gonna do that

Derrick ok then Don't know what they are talking about

Derrick and Frankie now in the SRT talking about Nicole

Frankie Nicole came to me and ask me what she should say to him

Derrick she is trying to cover her ass

Frankie I feel good with Nicole and Hayden and so that makes you good too

Derrick yeah man I understand and I always got your back

I really hope Donny and Jacosta can turn this thing around.

The TA choices are so awful! Who thinks this crap up? America wouldn't and who would want to choose either one? I'm doubting all of this so called interaction. I'd rather call in the vote offs like we did in the beginning. I thought this TA stuff would be more prankish. Or, psych everyone out with a false comp or false vote off.

A was the only choice tonight. God forbid they give Derrick and Frankie any more power but, with A I thought (can't even remember the task now) they would almost have to put 2 of the 3 up anyway to ensure the outcome provided the 3rd person won or controlled the POV.

Awful.....just awful.

The Amazing Race Canada / Re: TAR Canada 2: INTRO! Screencaps!
« Last post by Slowhatch on Today at 09:31:21 PM »
It's not at all conclusive, but the fencing and leaning light/power pole do sort of match those at the Whitehorse biathlon range (photo source).
I love the TARSA idea, but I feel like teams could easily drive from Mendoza to Santiago. Unless you want an equalizer.
Initially, I felt the self-drive to Santiago could have been great with an Andes Mountain task or two, but I thought a Leg in Valparaíso would have been better.
Just hoping the next Mission is a success for Donny's sake only. I'm sure he'd really appreciate the money - Good Guy!!!
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