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Great episode!

I kind of wish that they didn't do an HoO which negated the rappel Roadblock but the Detour and the stair-climbing Active Route Info was solid enough to make up for it.

Not as good as Bandung, but this season's really good so far <3

The constant placement shuffling every episode is also honestly amazing. I think this season has more placement shifts than TAR27 or 28 already! :lol: <3

Cast Rank! (Did I say how much I love this cast? I love this cast.)

Rach & Vicky were bonafide STARS this leg. Their random bickering over anything and everything and being as OTT as possible even towards the other teams absolutely won me over. NELed <3 This is basically the leg that ascends them as top tier favorites (recent examples include Logan & Chris in Africa 2, Shelley & Nici in Copenhagen, Sheri & Cole in China, Brendon & Rachel in Africa 2, and Kent & Vyxsin in Italy and THEN China!) and I really hope they survive the next leg.

Eric & Rona broke out too and were just generally fun and awesome. They truly just enjoy the journey and I don't think I need to write too much about them. They're just awesome.

Treasuri & Louisa are so strong and not even surprised they won the leg. Their manoeuvre at the train station was genius (even if they got HoOed)! They're also absolutely loving the journey and that is a killer combo to watch for. And considering the preview of them struggling they won't exactly dominate everything either <3

Tom & Anita began showing more shades of bickering and Tom being randomly jealous over another team's performance and then said team winning the leg two times in a row (Yvonne & Chloe and now Louisa & Treasuri) can be a funny running joke lol <3

Parul & Maggie were less visible this leg but then Maggie began yelling and turned into a spaztic mess at the footrace to the map and I was won over again <3 Bonus points to Maggie predicting a KOR as well and the leg being an NEL :lol: <33333

Will & Alex were also less visible but they continue their adventures in messing up tasks and then randomly finish in second despite messing up yet ANOTHER Detour <3 Their Pit Stop entrance should also be cringey but considering how much they are prone to mess-ups as a team I just find it absolutely hilarious :lol: <33333

Yvonne & Chloe were less visible but they continue to be lowkey fun and their random one-liners were fun this leg. Plus them randomly being last at the Roadblock and then leaving in 5th is nothing to scoff at.

JK & Mike was the same as last leg. JK is annoying but Mike is already over it lol <3 Still the weakest team left though ^_^
TREASURI & LOUISA TEAM NUMBER 1!  :wohoo: :wohoo: :wohoo:
Next week on The Amazing Race Asia!

Teams go on a joyride! Elephant task.

A fight causes Rach to break down while the other teams just can't calm their nerves (all the other all-female teams shown crying).
And with no suspense in the edit whatsoever, JK & Mike are Team Number Seven.

Rach & Vicky arrive.

Rachel & Vicky, you are Team Number Eight. I'm very sorry to tell you that you are the last team to arrive. However, this is a NON ELIMINATION LEG AND YOU ARE STILL IN THE RACE!  :hearts: :hearts: :hearts:

They're so happy and Rach says that they have to get it together and they have to focus on the Race to move on!

It's over.
At the Detour:

Rach & Vicky mess up on their SECOND attempt! Rach is panicking.

JK & Mike are on their THIRD attempt. JK & Mike get approval and are out in seventh place.

Rach & Vicky on their THIRD attempt. They finish in last!
Pit Stop:

Eric & Rona and Parul & Maggie arrive at the same time.

Footrace to the Pit Stop!

Parul & Maggie BARELY overtake Eric & Rona!

Parul & Maggie, you are Team Number Five! Eric & Rona, you are Team Number Six!

Rona is crying and Maggie & Parul encourage her on. Rona says it was tears of joy.
We're back!

Anita & Tom, you are Team Number Four!

They say that they're happy to at least be in the Top Five.

At the Detour:
Rach & Vicky are panicking. They begin their first attempt at the task. They are rejected.

JK & Mike are on their second attempt. JK messes up!
Street Play:

Rach screams at her own reflection after getting makeup :lol: <3

JK & Mike attempt the performance. They are rejected.

JK & Mike and Rach & Vicky are the last two teams at the Detour.

Street Art:
Anita & Tom finish the Detour in 4th.

Eric & Rona collect their fourth photo.

Street Play:
Rach & Vicky begin practicing while Parul & Maggie complete the Detour on their first try in 5th!

Street Art:
Eric & Rona complete the Detour in 6th!
Street Play:
Will & Alex begin their second attempt and get approval in second!

Rach & Vicky finally start the Detour now that Will & Alex are done.

Yvonne & Chloe begin their second attempt and get approval in third!

Street Art:
Anita & Tom continue traveling through streets telling locals that their bike is broken.

Pit Stop:
Will & Alex, you are Team Number Two!

Yvonne & Chloe, you are Team Number Three!
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