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Title: RR/RW Fresh Meat Episode 9 07/17/2006
Post by: Texan on July 18, 2006, 03:27:36 PM
Okay I think that was the right episode number... missed a few so will summarize in this thread.

okay Let's see...Wes sent his GF home and then ws already on the cell phone with her.  Notice most of the Austin crew were shown on cell phones.  I guess they can talk to people once they are office the show... must be some serious roaming charges.

Then we see the kayak show...I thought Tonya was going to do well....but the trees got them.  Then seeing her try to carry all that weight was priceless.  She gets so mad!  They flat out lost.

Then last night swiming with the sharks.  I am surprised more people did not freak out.  I would have been so nervous.  I know it had to be safe for them to do it, but still.  If katie would not have quit I wonder if she would still be in the exile.  Who knows?

Then you have Kenny voting himself in... Tina was pissed, but I think it was a smart move....he thinks they can beat Katie and Eric, plus it makes him look like a stand up guy adn might get people not to put them in again.

But the thing that threw me was Eric talking about the luggage and Kenny not bringing much.  Did wes and casey finnally tell people what the challenge was?  How do they know about the luggage issue?  And if so why are they not practicing carrying the weight to get ready for the challenge?  I am sure that the Austin crew did not tell anyone now that they have left. 

The only other thing I can think of is Wes told Katie since previews show him trying to work a deal with Katie.

have not watched overdrive lately... will report once I watch it.
Title: Re: RR/RW Fresh Meat Episode 9 07/17/2006
Post by: TXRealityFan on July 19, 2006, 12:59:54 AM
Hey Texan!    :waves:   Long time no see!

I have FINALLY caught up on these... been moving and totally missed like the first four episodes, but got them on demand!  lol  Caught the rest before last night's episode.

I HATE Wes!!  UGHHHH, this guy gives me the heebie geebie's in a big way.  And his girlfriend is so cute.. she MUST move on!  lol  I got to give kudos to Casey though for not plowing his a$$ by now. 

Anyway, I was happy to see Tonya go home... I just can't stand her, although i do love watching everyone pick on  her!  I love Coral and Evan, but it's not looking good for them... between his injury, and then the preview showing Coral on a stretcher.  Anyone know what that's about? 

Eric I think is gonna have trouble in the exile.. he's a big boy.  Who knows though... he might carry all the bags for Katie!  lol... she has really toned herself down the past few shows.  Maybe she learned a lesson somewhere!

I'm really liking Shane and Linette, and I have a feeling Darrell and Aviv (I think that's her name) are going to go pretty far, just because you aren't seeing alot of them... no real story line there.  Makes me think something comes up later.  Story seems to tend to follow the ones going to exile.

And Theo is still as adorable as ever... I just love when he's on one of these challenges.  And Diem... really liking her too... she's a tough little girl.  Gotta admire her spunk!
Title: Re: RR/RW Fresh Meat Episode 9 07/17/2006
Post by: Texan on July 19, 2006, 09:09:40 AM
HEy TXRF!!!  glad to see you again!!!