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Title: Fans can’t take pictures with touring idols
Post by: chunkylover53 on July 14, 2006, 08:31:05 AM
Fans can’t take pictures with touring idols, producers demand approval over media’s photos


For the American Idol 5 tour, the show’s producer 19 Entertainment is becoming a little fascist. At the concerts, fans “were reportedly allowed to snap pictures, but were not allowed to stop and pose with the performers, nor to hand them cell phones,” according to E! Online.

More significantly, producers are demanding that media covering the event get approved before being published. As a result, “the New Hampshire Union Leader elected not to send a photographer to the concert or kick-off press conference,” according to E! “The paper instead ran an editor’s note, explaining it would not be publishing any images of the concert because the ‘show’s organizers made an unacceptable demand: the right to review and approve our news photos before publication.’”

The Boston Globe also “refused and left,” according to a story in the paper, but apparently the other spineless pushovers bowed to the will of the Idol machine. As The Globe notes, reporters even allowed themselves to be humiliated by the tour’s sponsor, Pop Tarts. That’s because “the press contingent was reduced to interviewing a 7-foot-tall Mint Chocolate Chip Pop - Tart … who responded only to yes-or-no questions.” Who says journalism is in crisis?