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Title: EP7 play by play
Post by: puddin on March 30, 2006, 07:05:07 PM
Have a HAPPY PERIOD ??  :lol3:

thanks to Trix & Co at messhall


At C, Shane wanted out of alliance
Next morning, C women granted Shane his wish and the alliance was broken
D: Get out, see you later
At LM, alone with four men, S knew she was in trouble
S: short sighted
Challenge was both I and R
But in a twist, losing member goes to EI and no TC
LM took early lead but when D/S faltered, C put together hte pieces to victory

C sent Sally to EI saving her from certain elimination
S: Tonight is safest place for me to be
At reward, C filled their bellies
and got minds off game
Cerie: we needed that

While Sally searched for idol, Terry already found the boys club was about to lose a member
T: I feel bad but that is the way it is
At a painful TC, Dan calmly accepted his fate and his tribe stood respectfully as he gave his final salute

10 left......

Short intro again
Title: Re: EP7 play by play
Post by: puddin on March 30, 2006, 07:11:29 PM
C Night 15

Sleeping but bitching
Courtny wants blanket
Shane bitching
C: It's cold dude!

Casaya Day 16
Waking up
Courtney: got drenched, no warmth, shaking
Court conf: worst night, everyone huddled/dry, wet and alone in ball
Cou: everything I own is soaked, shane, instead of feeling that I was shivering, he was elbowing me (to D)

Cour conf: He freaked on us, give me my son's name, good, goodbye, fine, see you later

Bruce zenning

Aras: I love how Bruce makes sure the garden is clean (to Shane)
Bruce conf: Just want to make merger, know I am outsider

EI Day 16

Sally: saving grace, excited to see what's in store, spending time digging, don't know if Terry found it hope he doesn't, maybe I'll get lucky
Title: Re: EP7 play by play
Post by: puddin on March 30, 2006, 07:12:39 PM

A conf: Anxious, depending on merge, huge rolel on how far all four make it


A conf: said we are going on treasure hunt
Austin: hope it is something edible
Terry conf: tree mail says something on beach....

Terry: Hey we got a boat over here
Firewood in it
Terry: do not open any packages until you arrive to members of C tribe

Nick conf: reunited with tribe, ready to shake things up and get to know new people, can't wait

Terry conf: Merge could be disaster if we can't get someone to switch up, gonna hit up bruce and shane. hoep we can switch numbers to our advantage and then pick them off. ace in hole is HII, if I have to sue it then I will do it

Austin conf: sad to leave the tribe dynamics, but will bob and weave like sugar ray and hope I come out victorious

Shot of them rowing to new shores...........
Title: Re: EP7 play by play
Post by: puddin on March 30, 2006, 07:21:19 PM
Casaya day 16

Hanging out......

Courtn conf: we aren't doing anything today, really exciting, riveting

Arrival of boat

Three of them!

Cerie: There's Terri
Aras conf: we had a feeling, saw boat, knew they were hungry so we all just chowed rice cuz we are heathens and didn't want to share

Shane: come here everyone quickly, so proud of us, they have less than us, we stay togheter, top six, 1,2,3

ARas conf: we'll welcome you but we are going to vote you off one by one

Nick conf: they welcomed us into their home

Aras conf: intros started, my initial concern is bruce, has relationship with Terry, you know people can flip/flop

Bruce conf: so excited, sense of wonderufl things about them, being with terry again is a pleasure

Sally arrives.......

Everyone: Sally

Sally conf: I was like waht is going on, bruce comes trekking and so excited to see me, gives me huge hug, then there was this crate!


Congrats, new buffs/paints/flag, drinks, snacks....

Aras conf: inside was fruit, goodies, wine, wanted to slap myself for eating all that rice before they got here

Terry conf: everyone plesant, little sizing up, suprised how well we were welcomed, thought more competitive edge but I didn't see it.
Title: Re: EP7 play by play
Post by: puddin on March 30, 2006, 07:24:48 PM
All of them working on camp

Shane conf: LM came with tarp, the shelter they are building is amazing

TErry instructing

Shane conf: I don't think t has immunity idol, next time he doesn't get it, he is out

Shane to Aras: Next time Captain America dosn't win, he is out

Terry conf: looki8ng for two people, to clinch it

Terry to bruce: if you were worried at all about next vote, we only need one person to be even, if you cme over, WE will go to final five

T conf: Instantly tried to get B into fold

Shane conf: B is most worried about being accepted, our strategy is to make B feel like leader

Aras: Bruce you are the man, Bruce before I make any decisions I am goinna ask you guys all the time

Shane: you are senior member of tribe

B conf: I am swing vote, wonderful feeling being in power position, will get further. this is a game now, outwit, outplay, outlast everyone


Aras: come on fire!!
Terry: Bruce come talk to us when youa re ready to go to final five (the LM guys are there)

Cerie: what are they talking about
D: they are afraid about Bruce
Cerei: I know, damn

Bruce spitting up blood
Nick conf: building shelter, I have machete, goes through rope to his mouth
Nick: Sooo sorry
Nick conf: chipped his tooth, originally I'm thinking, I'm gone, I hit him with machete
Bruce: I'm not leaving this game
Shane conf: I panicked about numbers at first
Terry: If you are out of game today, you'll be right back

B conf: Nick felt so bad
Bruce: NO big deal
Austin: you are a tuff son of a gun
B conf: when it comes to competition I want to beat them all
Title: Re: EP7 play by play
Post by: puddin on March 30, 2006, 07:35:44 PM
Nice day at Merge Beach Day 17
B conf: our tribe name is guita......... means gypsy, i was desingated to be artist, i want our group to be proud of banner and do a good job for group


Austin: Terry thought when he got here, he'd be huge target

austin conf: Aras and I had a good bond
Nick there also

Auston conf: harder than I oped to flip anyone

Terry to Shane: if you want to join our six pack and bring in cerie, you wouldn't have to worry about anything for next two weeks
Shane: definitely culd try

Shane conf: Terry approached me, obviouslyy desperate, why would we join you homey, I get it, i'd do the same thing

Terry: we would like to offer you and Shane to take off the burden of TC for next two weeks *to Cerie

Cerie conf: Laughable, he isn't in a position to offer me anything, you want to sell me a dictionary when I have an encyclpedia

Terry: Are you in?
Shane: what are you talking about
Shane: like to relax, we are in good spot, maybe someone will flop but it won't be me or her
(This is the LM and C and Shane)

Terry conf: even if we get five on five, maybe time to bring out HII, ace in hole for rest of game
Title: Re: EP7 play by play
Post by: puddin on March 30, 2006, 07:39:37 PM
No one exiled
Terry wins IC !!
Title: Re: EP7 play by play
Post by: puddin on March 30, 2006, 07:40:44 PM

Nick: merge great, got to know people

Jeff: Tribal Imm no more,
UGH, what a funky fugly necklace
Jeff: simple test of endurance, hang upside down with arms/legs wrapped around pole, hang as long as you can.
Shane: pretty clear jeff

Challenge begins

Climbing up ladders and monkey challenge begins
Cerie already looks like she is in agony
Terry has his head up Danielle's ass

3 minutes
Cerie is struggling
Cerie: arms are burning
Cerie is first out

Jeff: good chance someone up there needs immunity and doesn't know it.

10 minutes
Courtney dangles from legs, Sally and Terry not moving, Shane struggling to get a different grip, Bruce in pain
Aras is down and out at 11 minutes, - okay mr YOGA man

Jeff: who wants immunity, who feels comfortable without it
Bruce now drops out at 12
Jeff: Bruce not worried
Sally hurting and drops out

Shane: Get food Jeff and I'll get down, maybe a cheeseburger
Jeff: no food
Shane: no food?
Shane drops out
Danielle drops out

Courtney now drops out with a smile on face
Three left hanging 20 minutes

Austin, Terry, Nick

Austin: I am struggling Terry, come on Terry
Jeff: bit of a osition there Terry
T: I know, they are my buds

30 minutes
Jeff: challenge is full on willpower stage
Austin can't hang on and he drops

Terry and Nick fighting for immunity
40 minutes now
Terry: right shoulder
Nick: forearms

Nick is out!!

Terry wins at 46 minutes

Half hearted clapping lol

Terrry and Sally hug
Nick gets pats on back

Jeff: congrats, safe tonight........

Austin and Nick shown and then Terry with necklace, Terry and Nick hug
Title: Re: EP7 play by play
Post by: gammonwoman2 on March 30, 2006, 07:49:09 PM
 :lol3: puddin, :lol3: no travis, huh??!!!!!!!
Title: Re: EP7 play by play
Post by: puddin on March 30, 2006, 07:49:51 PM
Back at camp

Gitanos Day 16
Terry conf: having both is a godsend, hope only have to use HII as a bribe

B conf: have a bond, especially with Terry, he is stand up guy, right in center of both tribes, i'm glad they have a high respct for me

Austin conf: i'd be lying if I thought anything could save me

Austin hugs Bruce:
Austin conf: knew I would try to look weak, oscar winning performance, falling down and bakc up

Says a prayer with bruce

Austin conf: It doesn't matter, I'mg oing home no question
Nick conf: Held on so long, want to make jury, me or Austin, hope I make thru this one more vote, big night

Aras/shane call brcue over

Nick conf: Shane gets on royal horn to show a meeting, has to look after his children

Shane: tough two days, very proud we stayed together
Courtney: I'm up in air
Cerie: Nick seems like Terry number two physically
Shane: I feel like Austin is the call

Shane conf: we thought Austin was more of a threat but at achallenge

Nick: couldn't be more obvious than that
Sally: cocky, cooler if they aren't

Nick conf: we'll vote for shane

Shane conf: we just wanted to figure out what we are doing, don't care what they think, they are still going, one at a time, barring any pyschotic episodes like Bruce flopping, just have to get this one person off
Title: Re: EP7 play by play
Post by: puddin on March 30, 2006, 07:50:44 PM
LOL Gammy , your the BEST thanks for making me LMAO  :lol3:
Title: Re: EP7 play by play
Post by: puddin on March 30, 2006, 07:52:41 PM
skip to votes


Jeff: what is new name
Courtney: gitanos..... collective and agreed
Terry: personally hoping for one more challenge before merge to knock them down one more peg prior to merge
Nick: start things up best you can, ID fringe players and exploit that and hope they come over
Bruce: rollercoaster, seemed like outside, i feel like they respect me and I respect them
Nick: the main thing was that I was on block w/out immunity, wanted to show them how bad I wanted to stick around
Austin: alot on mind, chopping block, fighting whether I wanted to act like I couldn't hang or hang and beat Terry, probably gonna play price
Jeff: youre strategy was toa ppear weak?
Austin: something like that

Shane: I was waiting for cigarette or coffee or something, we hold the cards, want to conserve my energy, we have the numbers

Jeff: very cocky group of six
Aras: not worried about the confidence, it is the wretched immunity idol, that is what I am worried about
Courtney: i would be shocked if someone flipped
CErie: would be flabbergasted

Jeff: Sefveral of you at EI, if you want to use HII ........

Title: Re: EP7 play by play
Post by: puddin on March 30, 2006, 07:54:07 PM
NIC <<<<<<<<<<<<

Title: Re: EP7 play by play
Post by: gammonwoman2 on March 30, 2006, 07:54:31 PM
good job, puddin!!  vote count wrong!!!  we did good!!!!!  woo hooo!!
Title: Re: EP7 play by play
Post by: gammonwoman2 on March 30, 2006, 07:55:46 PM
good episode!!   i think we all did good, i hope!!
Title: Re: EP7 play by play
Post by: puddin on March 30, 2006, 07:56:12 PM
Austin: Shane, cool guy but you led charge to get me outta here

Courtney: Nick. This makes me really sad


Shane smirks
Aras/Cerie look worried
Austin looks surprised, Nick looiks down
Shane looks a little hmmmm

Jeff: you have not been to EI, unless someone has given you HII< bring me your torch......

Aras nods at Danielle
Sally upset

Nick throws a towel? to Cerie and says Ceire
Cerie waves it and smiles

Jeff: 21 days left a lot of game to be played

Title: Re: EP7 play by play
Post by: gammonwoman2 on March 30, 2006, 07:59:24 PM
awww  i love nick!!
Title: Re: EP7 play by play
Post by: puddin on March 30, 2006, 08:00:39 PM
yeah , its sad  >:( :'(
Title: Re: EP7 play by play
Post by: Texan on March 31, 2006, 09:21:03 AM
Boy Cassaya was not happy with Austin's comment of appearing weak.  I think this is what makes his go next.  He should have just said I tried, Everyone wants to say they won individual immunity.  And Nick just got knocked out because he stayed the longest.

If Terry would have been smart he would have dropped knowing he had the idol and they would vote for one of the La Mina ~ Nick or Austin would have immunity and Cassay woudl have voted for him, he pulls out immunity idol and a Cassaya is voted off. Evens the numbers more and gives some one reason to jump.

cassaya was cocky, but come on Terry went to everyone and said join us and we will save you. And we know from past shows alliances shown will not last and we know that during a merge someone or more then one will do soemthing stupid that will cost them game, ala keeping Dani.

I was surprised that Sally was not shown talking to Danielle or courntey or Cirie at all.  she pretty much stuck with the guys.  You know your voting line, but mingle and be friendly.