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Title: RFF Reality TV Radio Show #27 - 12/7/2005
Post by: Rob on December 07, 2005, 08:56:50 PM
Length: 43:07
- Another no edit show!
- Starting out with Survivor
- Judd eliminated, and EVERYONE else is the scumbag!
- He did the same thing to everyone else
- The Amazing Race
- Sisters eliminated last night
- They really bugged me!
- The Apprentice updates
- Funny Break thanks to Jason
- Martha Stewart’s Daughter sleeps with a cameraman
- Trevor watches a few new shows
- Please post on our frappr map!
- Let me know if you have problems getting the show -
- A POSSIBLE show on Monday for the Survivor Finale and another on Wednesday

Link to download show:

Use this link ONLY if the one above does not work: