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Title: Insider clips
Post by: Texan on September 16, 2005, 11:06:22 AM
Do we have any volunteers to transcribe the insider clips?  They are free on the CBS site.  There are things like tribal votes and all.  These have things that we can look at alliances and things so they would have to be posted in spoilers so we can discuss.

Thanks for any help on these!!!!
Title: Re: Insider clips
Post by: puddin on September 16, 2005, 11:09:01 AM
  I just swipe them from DC reads @ Survivor Shrine..I shouldn't say swiped I did ask for his approval a few years ago and he agreed as long as we gave him credit and of course we do .
If someone wants a go at it ..that would be great .. me ? I hate typing   (%# .
Title: Re: Insider clips
Post by: Texan on September 16, 2005, 11:11:26 AM
Well nice lady where are they....if he is okay with us posting and giving him credit we are greatful!!!
Title: Re: Insider clips
Post by: puddin on September 16, 2005, 11:15:10 AM
Miss Smarty pants† {l{ . He/She works on it when they have time .. for now
 :t-up: to DCReads56

Survivor Insider: Guatemala Episode 1  (

DC Notes: I have new heros, and their names are angela8675, BlackjackMan, and my archnemesis Groundeeoso! Big thanks to these kickass people who helped transcribe this week's clip. You guys are awesome.

I am opening the thread in between classes and have to dash, but I will be back this afternoon to transcribe. I waited till 2 AM or so and the clips weren't up then. Thanks for being patient.

Yes, angela - ignore the "ums". I only use them to poke fun at people, like Space Cadet Leann.

Interesting things to note:

- Jim talked to everyone individually and asked them to vote him out

- Jim's vote at Tribal Council doesn't explain why he voted for Margaret. On Survivor Live he said the others drew a lottery to decide who would get Jim's vote

- Once again, the first set of clips of the season is full of Survivors saying how difficult it is to live in the conditions

- Bobby Jon thinks Brandon and Jim were the strongest men at Yaxha. Perhaps a Brandon-Bobby Jon work ethic alliance will show up later

- Stephenie singles out 1/3 of her tribe for criticism. We might have some early boots in the weak Amy, Lydia, and Jaime

- Judd's a big klutz (look at what he does to the tribe's water jug), and is starting a smear campaign against Blake

- Margaret's definitely playing the maternal card

Clips left to go:

If you have half an hour and want to give a clip a go, PLEASE do. Post in this thread which clip you are working on so we don't have double transcripts.

Rope Swing - in progress

Jim's Final Words
Transcribed by angela8675

angela notes: I took out the um's - they're distractng when I type, and he didn't have a ton of them. Imagine them in the breaks in the sentences.

Jim: Well, I'm not particularly surprised by the outcome of all this, given the difficulty of this game and you know an older guy, if you got an older guy operating at 50% in the challenges are absolutely enormous. I don't blame the guys for voting me out, all I really want to say is I wish them good luck and I hope nobody gets hurt.

Well, it was something that I guess I didn't fully believe when they talked about the difficulty of this whole thing and it really came to fruition. It's just that I was able to, and I think I had some help in doing this, but you know to take that many people through a difficult jungle situation for 24 hours and over 11 miles I think it's a credit to me and certainly a credit to the kids but I think I did well for what I had to work with.

Well, I learned that I'm probably not as strong as I thought I was, compared to these challenges, you know everyone has, maybe overestimates their abilities and as we get older, you know, mother nature turning down those thumb screws on us every day, sometimes we don't like to admit that, but this kind of brings it all out. It's realistic.

Well, I knew that I had strengths in, you know, people management, group dynamics, being able to work with people in a democratic kind of way. Weaknesses? Eh, it's the half (???) thing, the body's starting to fall apart, you know running 12 miles a day doesn't compare to this, on a flat mountain road, is nothing like this. So, weaknesses? They came out.

I'm proud of what I did at my age. I like to motivate people my age to do things, not necessarily this, but, you know, get off your couch, quit bitching into a coffee cup about some political issue and do something for yourself.

Challenges... I didn't fully, I don't think anybody, any of the survivors fully realized, you know, how tough this, and it's not just the toughness of the evolution that you're expected to do, but to compete under the circumstances of the humidity and the heat and the beating sun and, really, the lack of resources that you have is, it's really grueling.

I have no regrets. I'd do it again in a minute if everything was healed up, but that's probably not gonna happen, I did it once, and it was fun and something I'm never ever gonna forget.

The Day After
Transcribed by DCReads56

Jim: Well Iím out of the game primarily from an injury that I suffered during the second challenge. It was a challenge of pulling these huge weighty boats up a hill, and you had to row out and go out through these buoys, pick up a torch. For four or five revolutions it had to be boom boom boom. But on picking up that canoe, first thing off the beach, picked it up a split second before anyone else did with this left arm and I could just hear it snap. It snapped and went right on through the rest of the challenge. But you know, youíre operating at 50% and you know darn well you just are holding everybody back when youíre like that.


Well when I was originally injured we started back home, Iím tearing up, everybodyís tearing up. We lost for a reason. It wasnít just something that fell out of the sky. Just like Probst said. It was something we did. Some faux pas we made. Some tactical error that we made. My estimation it was not going on the outside of those buoys, not going on the outside. We were trying to hit the center. Who cares about the center? I was against it, everyone was for it, I said, ďOkay weíll do what you want to do.Ē

The point is, when we got back to our tribal area, I knew that probably Iím going to drag these kids down. I knew when this thing snapped, I said, ďI am screwed.Ē Iím not going to screw these guys along with me. I want to see them do well. If they can do better without me, fine. Iím not going to have these kids waiting on me, having them running challenges with me, sit on my butt. Thatís not me. Thatís not in my character. And I talked to them. Each and every one I pulled aside. I said, ďYou do what you got to do.Ē And it was tough. It was very tough.


Now the guys got sick. For whatever reason, I donít know. The girls Ė they were relentless. And I was so proud of them. And Iím puking myself. Myself and some of the other guys have perceived themselves as being tough. That bug somehow got into us. What happened? Beats me.


Yeah, I think had I continued they would have perceived me as a father figure. Not so much father, but an uncle kind of guy thatís going to help take care of them. Hopefully in that short time I was on - I did get them out of the jungle. I did help them spend the night safely in the jungle and got them back out. And ended up winning that challenge. So it was big for them and I think they appreciated that.


I think overall my Survivor experience was not really what I expected. I knew it was going to be tough. I knew it was going to be grueling. But I didnít expect the conditions Ė the humidity, the heat. Just the toughness and the intensity of that long trek specifically. It was stifling.

Well the way Iím feeling is today, to put it in a couple of words is somebodyís got to go first. But itís still bittersweet. You get Ė you leave that game that you worked so hard to get in. Youíve come all those miles. It seems like it went quick. It seems like it was long and grueling Ė you think like youíve been out there a week. So like I said, it is bittersweet. I wish I could have gone farther, but injuries happen. It would have happened to anybody.

Bobby Jonís Scared
Transcribed by DCReads56

Description: How tough does Bobby Jon think he really is? Find out as he describes the difficulties of surviving the Guatemalan environment.

Bobby Jon (Confessional): Iím feeling like I just got through having a seizure. Iíve never had one, but if youíve ever had a seizure, I had one up there a little while ago. I didnít, but it was just severely, severely dehydration. Iíve heard people talk about it before but I think Iím a badass and that kind of thing never happens to me. And it did, and it whipped me like a little girl, a little boy, whatever you want to call it. Just right in front of everybody. Just go ahead, day 2, and show them my weakness. I was really mad at myself. I really couldnít move. When I say I couldnít move, I mean, I was that far from biting my tongue. I didnít know what was going on.


I was very surprised with the conditions that Iím in right now. For me, I just never thought that type of thing would ever happen to me, and it did. And it hit me head on. Itís still going on some now, but we have a lot of water up there, and luckily the girls have been pulling more than their weight. Brandonís definitely been pulling his weight, and so has Jim. So knock on wood. Those guys are really carrying the tribe right now. Iím still hanging in there.


This thing is Ė itís a nightmare, sort of (laughs). It really is. I didnít plan on it being like this. I think that on Day 1, I was like, okay, go go go go go go as hard as you can. And thatís what I did. I carried two bags of corn all day yesterday and I got up this morning and I was feeling it.


Right now Iím feeling pretty exhausted. Pretty winded. And I know if Iím going to contribute to this team that Iíd better tighten up quick or Iíll be home. Thatís it.

Stephanie is Positive
Transcribed by Groundeeoso

Stephenie (Confessional): I think the difference between Ulong and Yaxha is we lost today but we gave it everything we had, and we still lost. So there's always a winner and a loser, and our time will come, and we will win. And our heads are still up, and we're still really positive, and we're so excited to still play this game, and come out you know as a winning tribe. Whereas you know when I was on Ulong, people were like, oh well, no big deal. It's totally different this time.


I'm going to be honest, I don't blame anybody for losing this race. Gary and I decided to take the direction into our own hands in the beginning, and it took us a little while to get it down, and then we had it downpat. And then when we caught up to them, there were a couple people who were slow. So it was kind of a team thing. And we were handing the compasses off, it wasn't just us leading the whole time. So I'm not going to blame just one person. I'm not. I mean, there's clearly, there's people who are more physically fit then others, who can run with bags of corn, 30 pounds, and who can't.

And we're just going to have to work with that, and if that doesn't work, then we may eventually have to start getting rid of the weakest first obviously.


I think possibly the weakest is a cross between Amy and Lydia. And I think the laziest is Jamie. I just think his head's not in it. I don't know.

Thirsty And Tired
Transcribed by DCReads56

Description: Check out never before seen footage of life at camp as the Yaxha tribe struggles in their new home.

? female: Our priorities are fire, boiling water.
Cindy: Iíll do the fire.
? female: Iím ready to
Brandon: ???
? female: Want to wash the dishes?
? female: Yeah
(Margaret examining Blakeís back)
Blake: Ow!
Margaret: Oh, sorry. Iím just going to pull it.
Cindy: Itís a fricken big one.
Margaret: Itís going to fester its way out.
Cindy: Oh!
Margaret: Just leave it. Letís get some clean water. You okay?
Blake: Yeah.

Brooke: We should take everybodyís clothes down and rinse out like all the fruit that got on peopleís stuff.
? Guy: Yeah, I guess we can do that.
Brooke: All right yaíll!
Danni: Weíre going to get water too and bring it back up here.
(Shots of guys going out holding something?)

Margaret (Confessional): We won the challenge so we got the better camp, which is great.

(Danni, Brooke, Brandon and ? are walking in the jungle)
? male: You two should be carrying this, and we should get the jugs, man.
Brandon: What the hellís that one?

Margaret (Confessional): But at that point, Blake, he was nauseated and in a lot of pain.

Blake: (Grimacing, to Danni) My whole bodyís just vibrating right now.
Danni: Just stay here, okay? Just rest.
Judd: Why donít you just sit there for a little bit Ė
Blake: (Vomits) Oh god.

Margaret (Confessional): The combination of going through the jungle yesterday and trying to get here today dehydrated so many of us.

Cindy: Theyíre going to bring water back.
Blake: Aw ****. Ahh. Ahh.
Cindy: Whereís the blanket? Letís put the blanket on him.

Margaret (Confessional in a different location): Blake got hit on the shoulder, and the combination of the pain and desperation Ė

? female: Just breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth.

Margaret (Confessional) Blake is so dehydrated that heís cramped up. Weíve been drinking water, but itís just not enough water. Iíve been a trauma nurse for a lot of years. Now Iím a nurse practitioner.

Margaret: (By Blake) Right up my alley! If we get some fluid in us, we should be okay. I think theyíre doing pretty well back at camp with fire.

(Shots of guys working on fire)
Jim: Dammit.

Brandon: (Filling pot with water and handing it to Judd) Got it?
Judd: (Grunting) Oh yeah! (He drops the pot) The pot just broke.
Brandon: Aw man! That sucks, man!

(Danni and Brooke walking back)
Brooke: Hey Judd, Brandon.
Judd: The pot just broke. Cheaply made, man.
Danni: OhÖ
Brandon: The whole bottom!

(Margaret helping Blake up)
Margaret: One, two, three. Walk slow.

Judd: Whatís up with him, man?
Brandon: Yeah, how is he? Is he ? or what?
Judd: I mean, Iím 240 pounds and I carry my own damn weight, man.
? female: Well he Ė
Judd: I mean, heís a nice guy and all Ė
? female: He was tired in the boat, remember?
Judd: Yeah, but still Ė
? female: And he Ė on his shoulder -
Judd: Listen, Iím not knocking the guy by any means. Iím just saying Ė I hope he doesnít get sick every day.

(Margaret and Blake in jungle joined by Brooke and Brandon, who give Blake a wet buff to put on his neck)
Brandon: How you doiní man?
Brooke: Better?

Judd (Confessional): I did the wash, I hung out by the water. Everybody had a little chore to do, but the dehydration is just kicking in. I know tomorrowís going to be a big day, so hell, I want to rest up.

(Guys making fire)
? female: Put sticks on it.
Guys: Yeah.

Jim Reveals All
Transcribed by BlackjackMan

Jim (Confessional): Well we lost the immunity challenge, probably for a couple of reasons, if uh, you looked at what we did when we went after the torch, we got a little bit messed up on the turn, and it cost seconds in that, in that critical time, we got up on the beach, and made a couple of blunders, uh I got ran over, you know, and then from the very get-go I heard my arm, putting the canoe in the water, so I'm like 50% it's those little things, those little nuances, that's what'll kill ya.


The whole problem happened initially when we were putting that boat in the water. I picked up, I thought everybody we were all on cue, I picked up before everybody else did with my left, and my bicep just literally snapped, you could hear it snap. So I pretty much did the entire challenge, from the very get-go, with you know, a pulled bicep muscle. Coupled with the things that happened, uh, the glitches that happened, you know. But the thing spasmed the whole time, so I was in pain and it's still spasming.


This challenge, is everything. It's your whole lifeblood in this game. When you go to tribal council, and you've lost, you didn't win that immunity idol, and you've lost, somebody is going to go home. One of your tribe is going to go home, while the other tribe sits in camp, and let's face it, they gloat. It doesn't take much because these teams are evenly matched. You know, that's just the way it is.

Blake Talks Back
Transcribed by The Dastardly Groundeeoso!

Clip Description: Blake reveals the combination of reasons why his shoulder has been in pain.

Blake (Confessional): I think with our group so far, there's been some maternal leadership from Margaret, just because she's a nurse, and she is older than most of our mothers, but a strong woman. And obviously Bobby Jon because you know the position he's held in the past. I think the rest of us have all kind of had our own perspective and nobody's really stepped forward.

We hit that 1.2 miles in the jungle and that was hands down the most gruelling part. Travelling with our flag was so intense, just trying to get it through every vine.


We were walking through maybe the first .12 miles of the journey through the jungle, heading up a hill. I was middle of the group, Jim kind of walked around a tree, and everyone pointed out that it had thorns on it. Somehow the base snapped and this entire tree fell. I guess I'm kind of lucky it didn't hit me in the face or the top of the head and embed me with giant thorns. I've had surgery on the shoulder in the past, and I was favoring it the day or two before I came here. I wasn't looking forward to hauling that load.

All of a sudden, this branch collapses, and it didn't just deflect off me, it snapped over my shoulder. And you know three or four thorns went in. Margaret started pulling them out, there's still a few stuck in there I can't get out. It slowed me down, it was startling enough that it took my breath away. It kind of put that fear in me, because the one thing I was afraid of here was that. I dont't want to come in here with a shoulder injury and reirritate it and all of a sudden not be able to compete. It was numb for a good while, and it jammed me up pretty good. There was a throbbing sensation from the needles in there, cause they went in so deep. I mean, we all brushed them, I've got scrapes and stuff all over my body from just catching the thorns. But these got shoved all the way in there, I mean, Margaret couldn't even get them out today. Probably going to have to take tweezers to get them out. Not only that, but it just knocked my shoulder down. My problem in the past has been it displacing out the back, and it got hit right there. Again, I've got to favor it for awhile, carry water bottles on my right shoulder, throw everything around my neck.

That was the least of our problems, once I started getting sick. That kind of took it to a whole new level.
Title: Re: Insider clips
Post by: puddin on September 16, 2005, 12:58:47 PM
Tribal Council Episode 1 Transcription

-BLAKE (sighs) (Votes JIM): Jim, you're an amazing man, if I have half the energy and zeal for life you have at 63, what more can I ask for. We all got a little sick. Hopefully the irations in the (inaudible) (something about his bicep). I think that our team is strong enough that we have a real chance every single event, I think that today (inaudible). As great a man as you are as hurt as you were you wouldn't say anything about it. We're all gonna miss you.

DANNI (Votes JIM): Man, why did ya have to go get yourself hurt? You're the wisest one of the bunch and you're one tough dude. If it wasn't for you, there's know way we'd be in the place we're at now, at our camp.

BOBBY JON (Votes JIM): Jim, you've got a lot of heart, a lot of character, and a ton of perseverance. You're more of what the world needs to be. Hope you're arm gets better.

BROOKE (Votes JIM): Jim, thanks for helping us through the jungle, and I know you're a fighter and I know you don't want to quit, but I have to make this vote thinking of the team for the long term.

BRANDON (Votes JIM): I'm sorry, Jim, I can see in your eyes how much you wanted this, and, uh, you're one of the toughest guys I've ever met. So, I'll uh...I'll talk to you later.

MARGARET (Votes JIM): Jim, you're a great fellow, and a great player, and you gave so much to our team. I know you understand exactly why we're doing this, so thank you for everything, God bless and good health, okay?

JUDD (nervous) (Votes JIM): Jim, you're one of the toughest dudes I met.

CINDY (Votes JIM): Tonight ma vote's for Jim, we kinda talked about this before. We left to come here tonight, and we all understand why. I just hope that you get better so you can enjoy all the adventures that life has in store for you. Get better, and thanks for leading us in the jungle.

JIM (sighs) (Votes MARGARET): Margaret, I love you like a sister. You're a tough competitor, you're intelligent, you're a wonderful leader. If I could have stayed in this game, I know you would have been my greatest competition. I love ya.
Title: Re: Insider clips
Post by: Texan on September 16, 2005, 02:01:32 PM
okay puddin it's on  _-^   ((^  I thought you said they were up meaning they were transcribed already.  |(

Please let them thanks for the hard work in typign it all know my typing so it would be interesting.
Title: Re: Insider clips
Post by: puddin on September 16, 2005, 02:12:24 PM
 )<  take that Texan ... {l{
I havent had a chance to watch the insider clips because I am locked into BB with my realone player  |(
Form what I've been reading there is plenty to type.. lots of good stuff .
BB is killing my Survivor time.. soon  soon I can get back to concentrating on S11  |(
Alos I'm going to rewatch the 1st EP some time thi weekend  .. I know I missed alot cause I was too busy picking my jaw off the floor  :shocked: !!
Title: Re: Insider clips
Post by: puddin on September 16, 2005, 02:55:01 PM
thanks to Garbo Talks

Survivor Live--------------------------------------------------------------------------------
 I'm listening to Survivor Live. I had a question aired on there again! I asked about the women of Nakum, are they the girl power force I think they are, and are they taking the power of that tribe? Jim agreed completely, saying Margaret was in charge over there. He held up his fist as if she had an iron fist.

My original question was not allowed to air. I wanted to know if the doctor gave the men of Nakum IV fluids to help them over their dehydration as they did for players in Africa. Jenna said they aren't allowed to talk about that on the show but inferred that it happened. Later, Jim mentioned something about IV's in a joke but they moved on quickly.

Jim said that he knew he was going. Margaret told the others that his arm wouldn't heal and he wouldn't be able to handle the challenges. That sealed his fate. He said, "I knew I was toast." Margaret said, "He cost us this challenge." They all agreed to vote for him. Since he couldn't vote for himself or abstain, they drew corn (7 light, one dark) to see who Jim would vote for. Margaret drew the dark corn, so she got his vote. It wasn't personal.

Jim said there was not really any strategizing. They spent their time trying to survive. He said Bobby Jon was very helpful making their shelter and worked hard.

He said Judd gave him unboiled/unfiltered water that Jim sucked down, then Judd said, "Uh oh, I think I messed up giving you that." This contributed to Jim's vomiting and feeling sick. He seemed pretty bummed about that. He insulted Judd's intelligence too.

Jim said he didn't want to injure himself further. He didn't want to be a detriment to the tribe. It sounds like he was ready to go. His arm is still bad, even with therapy. A ligament was torn. I guess he didn't have surgery.

He said they weren't allowed to live or sleep in the pyramid ruins, so they still had to make a shelter. They wouldn't let them move alot of stuff either.

That's about it that was new information.

Title: Re: Insider clips
Post by: Texan on September 16, 2005, 04:37:59 PM
tahnks for the update