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Title: The Biggest Loser 2 Premieres Sept 13
Post by: puddin on September 06, 2005, 12:56:04 PM
Title: Re: Tthe Biggest Loser 2 Premieres Sept 13
Post by: Texan on September 06, 2005, 01:14:11 PM
SHould be interesting guys vs girls.  Normally guys lose weight faster so I wonder if it will be total body fat and nto jsut pounds?
Title: Re: The Biggest Loser 2 Premieres Sept 13
Post by: puddin on September 06, 2005, 01:16:15 PM
If I keep sitting here on my butt I may have to apply next season  8-)'
Title: Re: The Biggest Loser 2 Premieres Sept 13
Post by: Mandoli on September 12, 2005, 12:24:47 AM
If I keep sitting here on my butt I may have to apply next season  8-)'

Yeah. Me too.
Title: Re: The Biggest Loser 2 Premieres Sept 13
Post by: puddin on September 12, 2005, 12:50:01 AM
 ^/^ LOL Mandy ..I cant wait untill the Fall ..thats when I love to walk and no BB to sit around and watch all day  :unde: ..scary ...I might actually have a real life .
Title: Re: The Biggest Loser 2 Premieres Sept 13
Post by: Mandoli on September 13, 2005, 07:15:54 PM
Episode 1:

The contestants arrive at the ranch to be welcomed by Caroline Rhea. She first tells them that they completed their first task: walking up the big hill to the mansion. Then they walk into the mansion and have a 30-minute chow down fest. After that, a trip to the fitness room and a meet and greet with the scale. Caroline then divides them into men and women and announces that they are going to be teamed up like that.


It's now time for the first weigh-in. It's only a starting point. Some of their weights are as follows:

Ryan: 225
Ruben: 278
Shannon: 257
Seth: 291
Jen: 267
Suzanne: 229

Total weights are:
1642 for the women
2383 for the men

Lowest percentage of weight lost loses the weigh-in and will have to vote a member off their team. The winner recieves $250,000.

The contestants leave the gym to head back to the mansion. All of a sudden...

CUE JILLIAN AND BOB! Bob's with the women (blue team) and Jillian's with the men (red team). Jillian can't believe that she's with a team of men. Bob says "Help."


Bob and Jillian get a peek at the full teams for the first time. Jillian can't get over the fact that she's coaching seven men who weigh 400 pounds. Bob says he's never trained seven women. They're in for adventure. Bob talks to the women. Kathryn (217) said he's a Yoda. Jillian talks to the women. Seth needs someone to keep him working. Bob and the girls are going up a mountain. The men are running on pavement. If they suck, pushups. Bob and the girls make it to the top of the mountain. They start celebrating. Now up steeper. Guys are in for it. "What the hell is going on up there! This is not the girls' team!" says Jillian. She's the "chief". She's working out until the sun goes down. Matt pukes three times.

The men talk about their lives. What they do, how much they weigh, what their goal weight are. Matt (339) was a state champion in wrestling. He starts crying. He's never felt physical pain before until now. Jillian tells him not to beat himself up anymore. Matt says the talk with her made a difference. Jillian says this is where the change starts.

Title: Re: The Biggest Loser 2 Premieres Sept 13
Post by: puddin on September 13, 2005, 11:56:09 PM
Oh thanks Mandy for the update  {|
Title: Re: The Biggest Loser 2 Premieres Sept 13
Post by: Texan on September 14, 2005, 10:06:08 AM
thanks for the update
Title: Re: The Biggest Loser 2 Premieres Sept 13
Post by: Mandoli on September 14, 2005, 02:29:56 PM
Internet was being a jerk.

But the men won the challenge (collecting colored balls in a weightless chamber) and deducted five pounds from the women's total. Even with the five taken off, the women had the most amount of body fat lost and therefore won the weight-in. Ruben got voted out.
Title: Re: The Biggest Loser 2 Premieres Sept 13
Post by: Mandoli on September 20, 2005, 11:10:12 PM
Second episode, mini-recap:

The remaining contestants get back to the mansion, only to see tables with letters from home and platters. Either you skip out on the letter, or you read the letter and eat a platterful of food. Nobody took the tempation (smart cast!).

Then you see everyone taking up balancing. This would be for the weigh-in challenge. The object was to get across a shaky beam over the water. The first team to make it over the beam would get to read the letter from home...and earn an extra day of exercise. (They would weigh-in 24 hours after the losing team.) The women won this challenge.

Men weigh in that night. They lose a total of 51 pounds and lose about three percent of their total weight. The next night, the women need to lose 33 pounds in order to win the weigh-in. They get...not even close. The men win. A woman is going home.

At the vote-off point in the show, the women vote out Kathryn. She is the second one to go home. 12 contestants remain.

On the next episode, the men are working as a team, while the women are falling apart.
Title: Re: The Biggest Loser 2 Premieres Sept 13
Post by: puddin on September 20, 2005, 11:35:25 PM
 :yaya: Mandy !!  {|
Title: Re: The Biggest Loser 2 Premieres Sept 13
Post by: Texan on September 21, 2005, 12:32:28 PM
WOO HOO Great job Mandy!! Thanks for all the help on the boards!!!
Title: Re: The Biggest Loser 2 Premieres Sept 13
Post by: Texan on September 29, 2005, 09:25:23 AM
The recap thsi year is by Gary from last season.

Episode 3

"You are what you eat"

The show opens up to the contestants being tempted by milkshakes after being told that all their healthy food will be gone for a week. This gives them an opportunity to get a taste of the outside world after living in a bubble for a while. I mean you don't realize how good you have it until it's taken away. You crave all this food while you're on the ranch and now they are forced to order out for a week so Bob and Jillian try and school them on how to order.

At the temptation one person will win by drinking the most mini milkshakes and will bring one friend along for a weeks worth of healthy celebrity chef prepared food. It was interesting to watch as it seems as though everyone is unwilling to be tempted. I like the twist of this challenge that you can't see what your opponents are doing.

You can hear some of the rationale of people figuring in their daily calories and such, some of them even moving the little glasses around. I think I may have done this challenge but then again I never wanted to give in to temptation. Suzy chooses to go for it and its bottoms up time. Did she fall off the wagon? I guess she thought the chance was worth the risk. Not knowing what's in your food can be a big problem when you are on a plan to achieve good health. So I think Suzy made a good choice. And there's the other little thing of who will you ask to join you and how will that affect the others.

My first reaction to finding out that the cast has to order out for the whole week is that they are going to be loaded up with salt and fatty foods this week. This means they are going to have to work hard to see big numbers on the scale.

At the workout after the temptation Suzy is feeling the alienation from her teammates and I think she is second guessing her decision. She loses it and runs to Bob for support. Bob as always is there for his crew. Mark on the other hand is telling the others he is not sure how many calories crying burns so maybe she should stay out there all day. Mark seems a little insensitive to Suzy's Binge.  This kind of thinking and action will comeback to haunt you if you're not careful.

The cheesecake factory is a tough place to go to and not be tempted however I have been there and you can order healthy food there. It can be done, and Jillian is right willpower is over rated so you have to take steps to prepare for these temptations.

After a come from behind win from last weeks challenge the girls are feeling confident as the men are determined to get even. Being at these challenges is so exciting you really never know what they are going to throw at you. I remember my adrenaline pumping up before each one. For these physical challenges you really can't tell how physical they are until you're doing them. I felt like the men would have the advantage here but early on the women seemed to have taken the lead.

Half way through you could see the blue team losing some "steam" as Shannon slowed to a walk as the men are running as fast as they could. I remember saying to myself before the challenges this is going to be painful for a while and then it will be done so I will go all out for each one.  The guys were to determined to get that phone call home. Red wins.

So Ryan and Pete end up going to see the doctor with some medical issues. But they both return, and here you can see a little more of the camaraderie that is building or not. Ryan is greeted and doesn't seem too happy by the response she receives from the other women while Pete has a triumphant return with the men. They all cheer him and are happy to have him back. I guess the loss of the phone call set the women back a bit.

The phone calls home are emotional and again bring me back to the saying you don't know what you got till it's gone. I can only think of how determined I was to get healthy so my family wouldn't have to go without me. And I can feel for these guys that are trying to do the same. I bet their families were thrilled to hear from them

Going into the weigh in Matt says that no one thinks they lost much weight his week. And from the looks of it I agree. It's hard to tell when you are in that situation if you have lost anything especially without a scale. Even the small numbers they may get this week seem like a big success in the real world. But when your game life is on the line you really want to see the big numbers especially with immunity on the line if your team loses the weigh-in.

Nick the comedian is boasting about how much sushi he ate and that he feels like he gained weight this week. Later he goes on about how he has to watch what he's eating and he should've dropped more like the other guys and he should've worked out more. I think Nick is confused about what he really wants and took a spot on the show that may have gone to someone that would have been empowered by the experience rather than be bitter. And with his not so funny closing statements I will pass on the 2 drinks minimum and cover charge and buy the Biggest Loser book instead.  As it appears that since you got home it looks like you may have put a few back on.

So as I thought, with all of the take -out food the numbers mostly came back small even though again those numbers really are a huge success.  The girls win the weigh in as Suzy's shakefest turns out to have been a good move As Ryan loses the most for the women and brings home the victory. And the men are off to the elimination room.

Winning the immunity Mark goes to Matt and tries his hand at forcing out Seth but Matt puts the kibosh on it and can't rightfully send Seth home. Matt I just want to say that flipping like that is a dangerous move I did it and it came back to haunt me big time. I prevailed and made it to the top 3 anyway let's see if it works for you.

My last impression is Matt is still the leader of his team and seems to really want the team to vote in a way that's best for the team, which could also come back to hurt you. Anyone from season 1 know what I mean?

I still have yet to really devote to a team or an individual as of yet. I look forward to choosing an individual and a team by next week.

Title: Re: The Biggest Loser 2 Premieres Sept 13
Post by: Mandoli on September 29, 2005, 10:46:27 AM
I totally forgot to watch this episode Tuesday! (Blame me being on the internet). I got most of the weight loss from the weigh-in. But not Matt's. Anyone know how much he lost?
Title: Re: The Biggest Loser 2 Premieres Sept 13
Post by: Texan on September 29, 2005, 01:42:17 PM
It said on his video from leaving he lost 41 pounds on the show ~ the 3 weeks total.  But he said in his video the biggest loser was his worst experience and that he does not weigh himself so he does not know if he lost more weight or not.  This either means he has gained and does not want to tell or could be he really does not weigh himself.  He did say he still walks.

There are videos of each of the people when they are booted...the first guy has lost alot.
Title: Re: The Biggest Loser 2 Premieres Sept 13
Post by: Mandoli on October 04, 2005, 07:09:37 PM
Episode four starts with the two teams gathering together to hear the news that they are going to the ultimate city of temptation: LAS VEGAS. *cue shots of Vegas...I was there* They are staying at the Aladdin. Caroline returns. The contestants are going to eat at Planet Hollywood and then stay on the 50th floor. Someone on the men's team lied about it being their birthday and dined on a quarter-sized chocolate cake. And's time for some gambling! One of the women won over $1,000 on slots.

The next morning, Bob's in the room with the women. So is Jillian with the men. All are working out.

Time for a tempation test. Someone could walk out of Vegas with $5,000. All they must do is choose a card. The catch order to draw a card, they must give up the services of their trainer until the weigh-in. Jaws drop.


In for the challenge:

Two guys and three women. Time to reveal.

$1,000. $2,500. $1,000. $2,500. $1,000.

Double or nothing time. Some people double down, others don't. Back to the room. Bob and Jillian enter. The contestants spill the beans. Bob's like "Nobody did that". Jillian said "What are you f**king thinking!" Bob and the three who didn't choose the cash are talking in a bedroom. It's a big deal to choose him over the cash.


Challenge time. The winners get to come back in 2006 with someone who they love when the Aladdin turns into the Planet Hollywood. The challenge is to jump into the pool and move the stacks from the bottom of the pool to the scale. First team to get all of the bars up wins. Winners get to choose which woman sits out of the weigh-in. And the men win.


Those who don't work with their trainers work out during the night. Matt's training his team. The women are arguing. Ryan and Suzanne are bitching about how it's easy how Bob's training three women. Ryan just backstabbed everyone. Bob comes in and denies that. There really isn't a blue team. Bob's talking with some of the women. Jillian is in the room with them.

Cue the scale. Jen's weight doesn't count.

Jen -10
Ryan -5 (under 200)
Shannon -7
Suzy -5 (under 200)
Suzanne -7 (under 200)
Andrea -4 (under 200)

Men must lose more than 42 pounds.

Jeff -14
Mark -10
Matt -10 (under 300)
Seth -8
Pete -17

The men lose a bigger percentage. Jen has immunity. They come back to Jillian and Bob. Jillian asked who won. Someone rattles off the men's losses. Jillian's jaw drops. Slow shots of the women play.

It's time to vote. Remember...Jen has immunity.

Andrea votes for Shannon.
Suzy votes for Shannon.
Ryan votes for Shannon.
Jen votes for Ryan.
Shannon votes for Ryan.

Ryan has two votes and Shannon has three votes. If Ryan gets another vote...the men vote. Suzanne has the final say for the women.

Suzanne votes for...


Suzanne votes for Ryan.

The men get the final say. And here they come. Remember...Jen still cannot go. Taking out one of the lighter ladies. They take out Ryan. Ryan goes home. Caroline says that the women need to unite as a team. Try to enjoy the rest of your evening. Ryan speaks for the final time before we see her now...

And she feels fantastic. No inhaler since she's been home. Combined total weigh loss: 55 pounds.

Next week...videos from home inspire the best weigh-in losses yet.
Title: Re: The Biggest Loser 2 Premieres Sept 13
Post by: puddin on October 05, 2005, 11:53:47 PM
Mandy !! I can't thank you enough  :cheer:
Title: Re: The Biggest Loser 2 Premieres Sept 13
Post by: Texan on October 06, 2005, 11:02:54 PM
thanks for the update
Title: Re: The Biggest Loser 2 Premieres Sept 13
Post by: Rob on October 07, 2005, 04:37:43 PM
This is my first season watching. Is this season better than last?

Title: Re: The Biggest Loser 2 Premieres Sept 13
Post by: Mandoli on October 11, 2005, 07:01:16 PM
The season's all right. It's not a whole lot better than the first, but it is cool.
Title: Re: The Biggest Loser 2 Premieres Sept 13
Post by: Mandoli on October 11, 2005, 07:08:19 PM
After Ryan is eliminated, three of the girls talk about her and her motivation. I hope that helps out during the temptation. It's a pop quiz...the total calories of a plate of junk food. The winner (as a team) gets to go to Universal Studios for the day. There's a double cheeseburger, French fries, onion rings, and a chocolate milkshake. Suzy cannot help her team out at all. Guys are done first.

Girls say 4249.
Guys say 2950.

One team is off by 1415 calories. One team is off by 116 calories. The winners are...


The winners are...the men. It looks like the women are going to be walking a whole bunch of stairs. The women say this sucks, while the men are having the time of their lives with Jillian. The doctor is scared of going on a roller coaster, but he goes on anyway.

The girls are working as a team. In Bob's eyes, they won the temptation. As a reward, he brings in Dre from the first Biggest Loser. She looks gorgeous today! She pep talks them, saying that the best prize out of everything is a better self.

Cue the challenge. Cue a bunch of fridges and Jello packets. What the hell are they doing today? In 10 fridges, contestants will find sugar-free Jello packets (10 calories each). In order to win the challenge, all of the teams' fridges must be opened and the Jello packets must be brought back to the start. The winners get videos from home.

The men find a fridge first, followed by the women. Women find another fridge, making them ahead. Men tie it up. Men are in the lead now. Women tie it up again. 3-3.


It's all tied up. Next team to find two more fridges wins the videos from home. Women find another fridge. And another. They've found them all. Bringing them back to the team fridges...women win! They spill the news to Bob and Jillian. And now it's time to watch the videos. First, Shannon's family. Followed by Jen, Suzy, Suzanne, and finally Andrea. It's very touching.

Last day before the Weigh-in. The men are working hard to lose the much needed pounds. The women are working on an "ass kicker" of a workout. Suzy says that the women are winning the Weigh-in.


Men go into the Weigh-in first.

Jeff -10
Seth -7
Pete -12
Matt -11
Mark -17 (under 300)

Mark jumps into the pool after the amazing loss. They've lost 57 pounds, or a 3.74% weight loss. Women need to lose more than 39 pounds to win.

Suzy -5
Suzanne -8
Jen -10
Shannon -8

Andrea must lose 8 pounds to win the Weigh-in for her team. If not, Jen gets immunity again.


Andrea -5

Women lose 36 pounds. A 3.41 percentage. Not enough. Men win. Jen's sticking around again. Bob says the women have done a fantastic job. Jillian's really liking the numbers again. The women are bickering about trust. Suzanne's game is on the line. But her numbers are making a difference. Slow shots of the women play again with the women saying this game has been really motivating and they don't want to go home.


Caroline is ready for the elimination ceremony. Jen has immunity.

Andrea votes for Suzanne.
Suzanne votes for Shannon.
Shannon votes for Suzanne.
Suzy votes for Suzanne.

That's enough. Suzanne is eliminated. She said it's only just begun. It's not over. She's won herself back...even today. A 70 pound weight loss. There's nothing she can't do today. Yes...she looks fantastic.

Next's a climbing game. They're climbing during the challenge, and one's weight might climb. (a guy?)
Title: Re: The Biggest Loser 2 Premieres Sept 13
Post by: Mandoli on October 18, 2005, 08:16:32 PM
(Sorry this is so late. My brother was on at the start of the show.)

First off, we get a shot of Gary from season one today. Man...he looks fantastic! Keeping that weight off. Good man! And then we get a shot of the four women left in the game. Bob comes down a flight of outside stairs. In confessional, he says that the women must be on track every day this week. The men are in the workout room. Mark decides to work out every chance he gets, and Jillian wants him to lighten up a little.

Then it's time for temptation. There's a nice chocolate cake waiting for the contestants. But there's three slices. Someone has a chance to win $2300. Remember the three slices of cake? Someone has a 1 in 3 shot to win the cash. With three mystery boxes, nobody goes for the cake. Will we go for some cake with two boxes left?


Any takers? No? Fine. Go up to Bob and Jillian and they'll show you what you passed up. Bob's on a bike/TV combo. It's like you're on the road but you're on a bike at the same time at home. It's a cool prize. Sorry nobody took it.

Jen and a guy are talking. Jen says she shouldn't be talking with anyone from the red team. Well, boys and girls. Live with it. If she doesn't go this week, you'll have to put up with it. End of story.

Ooh...this next challenge is an uphill climb of sorts. Jeff's ankle is going to cost him if he does play in this challenge. And that's just going to suck.


Welcome to Universal Studios, home of the next challenge. Caroline meets the players and reveals the rules of the game. It's a stair challenge. Up and down the same flight of stairs 10 times. Winner gets $5000 for his/her team. (What?) You heard me right. His or her team. That's the catch. Only one person from each team will compete. The men will choose a woman to compete and the women will choose a man to compete. Men choose Andrea and women choose Mark. Let the challenge (or ass whooping) begin.

It wasn't even a challenge. Andrea practically dominated the challenge right from the get-go. She wins and the women choose what guy will back off from the Weigh-in the next night. With that win, Bob says that he couldn't ask for anything more than that. As a treat, let's make some healthy desserts. Whipped cream and pudding. A wonderful combination. Only 100 calories and 3 grams of fat.

That night, the trouble starts. Matt wakes up and cameras film him eating...well, a wonderful breakfast at a late hour. Will that affect the scales?


Let the Weigh-in begin. Women go first for a change. Because I forget who went in what order, here's the names in alphabetical order:

Andrea -2
Jen -3
Shannon -3
Suzy -5

That's a total of 13 pounds lost or a percentage of 1.57. Men must lose more than 19 pounds.

Seth is the one who is taken off of the team total.

Seth -11
Mark -4
Matt No Change

Whoa...what a culture shock. Matt doesn't lose ****. He starts bitching that he didn't lose a single pound. Cut the crap and let's get on to the next person. (There's a commercial between his ****fest.)

Pete -13
Jeff -11

Yup. Men win. 28 pounds lost. 2.3, to be exact. Suzy's not going home. And that's final. Let's get to the votes and get on with it.

Andrea votes for Jen.
Jen votes for Andrea.
Suzy votes for...


Suzy votes for Jen.
Shannon votes for Jen.

Jen goes home and looks great today! She's awesome!

Next week...teams are gone. It's all for one and one for all. Solo competitions. And more great weigh-ins.
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Post by: puddin on October 18, 2005, 11:58:42 PM
thanks Mandy  :strum: :999:
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Post by: Mandoli on October 19, 2005, 11:40:57 PM
I had a feeling that if the men didn't win the Weigh-in (and it wasn't going to be), Matt probably would have went home. The food he ate I said in my summary, wonderful. He burned off a lot of calories and then ate them back on!
Title: Re: The Biggest Loser 2 Premieres Sept 13
Post by: Texan on October 20, 2005, 09:34:27 AM
Godo thing it is individual next week,  But the woman are goign to have to step up to the plate, they are getting their buts kicked. 

Thansk for all the updates Mandy
Title: Re: The Biggest Loser 2 Premieres Sept 13
Post by: Mandoli on October 25, 2005, 07:33:15 PM
Abbreviated summary
(due to previous commitments I was not able to catch the first 20 minutes)

The remaining contestants were put into teams of two:

Suzy and Seth
Shannon and Matt
Andrea and Mark
Jeff and Pete

They'll be weighed individually, but there will be "duo Weigh-ins"...whatever the hell that means.


It's time for the challenge. One person from each team will hold a container. The other person will be filling up the containers of the other teams. Once a player lets go of their bucket, the team's out.

The winners of this challenge are going to be taking surfing lessons in Hawaii. A nice 5-day stay in Hawaii and immunity from elimination.

First team out...Jeff and Pete. Then Andrea and Mark. It's down to two teams. And then...someone lets go.


The last team to go was Shannon and Matt. That means Suzy and Seth are safe from elimination and someone is going home. After the challenge, Matt's uncle died.

Final workouts and then the partners talk about how they need to lose a bunch of weight. Except for Suzy and Seth. Suzy pushes Seth on the bed and he nearly lands on the floor.


Weigh in time! The pair with the lowest pound percentage will be nominated for elimination. Suzy and Seth have immunity.

Suzy -4
Seth No Change

That's minus four pounds for the week. They they have immunity. Pete and Jeff are next.

Pete -7
Jeff -11 (under 300)
Duo total: -18 (2.86%)

Andrea and Mark are next.

Andrea -6
Mark -14
Duo total: -20 (4.18%)

Andrea and Mark will not go home. But will Matt and Shannon do better? They must lose more than 14 pounds.

Shannon -6

Matt's going to have to lose 8 pounds. But remember last week...he lost NOTHING. We know that's not going to happen again. So, much did you lose?


Matt -17
Duo total: -23 (4.63%)

This means that Pete and Jeff are up for elimination. Jeff says he's ready to go home after dropping below the 300 pound mark, but Pete says he shouldn't go. Jeff mentions that he won the temptation challenge and he made the teams. He's King Solomon. Jeff wants to go.

Shannon says that putting up a blue flag is the best thing in the world. The last time she put up a flag, Ryan was in the house. So it's that long since that color went up. Even though it's going up with a red flag, it's a good feeling. Matt's a good partner to be with, so it's all good.

Jillian is talking to Pete. She says that he's phenominal. She wants him to kick some ass.

Pete and Jeff are giving somewhat closing statements. One of them will be voted out of the game.


It's time to vote.

Matt and Shannon vote for Pete.
Seth and Suzy vote for Jeff.
Mark and Andrea vote for Pete.

It looks like Pete is gone and the doctor is still here.

Damn...Pete looks good today. 137 pound weight loss since the show.

Next time...makeovers, family meetings, and a favorite's going home.
Title: Re: The Biggest Loser 2 Premieres Sept 13
Post by: Nuala on October 25, 2005, 08:51:05 PM
Yeah I think Pete looks fantastic.  I am hoping the he did it all with exercise and eating right.  I am tired of looking at skinny people who got that way by surgery.  He is amazing and an inspiration to me.  I am trying to lose weight and I am having a hard time.  I ride my bike daily, but it is the food that is getting me from time to time.

I thought it was so cool that they made the show in honor of Matt's uncle.
Title: Re: The Biggest Loser 2 Premieres Sept 13
Post by: puddin on November 17, 2005, 12:58:58 AM
The Final Four's Last Challenge at the Ranch on The Biggest Loser Nov 22nd  11/16/05



SCARY SCALE -- During the last episode taped at the ranch, the final four contestants discover how far they have come in terms of weight loss and exercise by doing the same workout from their first day at the ranch.

For their challenge, they have enough quarters to equal the weight they have lost since the first episode placed on their backs. Weighted with coins, they must scale the side of the building, and then make a second trip up the side minus the extra weight. The contestant with the most improved time between the climbs wins, and even gets to keep their quarters. Caroline Rhea ("Sabrina, the Teenage Witch") hosts.




Source: NBC Press Release

Title: Re: The Biggest Loser 2 Premieres Sept 13
Post by: puddin on November 23, 2005, 10:29:27 AM
The Biggest Loser Two Hour Season Finale Tuesday, November 29th  11/23/05


THE BIGGEST LOSER  (8:00PM-10:00PM)  (TV-PG) . "212 - Season Finale" . 'THE BIGGEST LOSER' SEASON TWO FINALE  Tuesday, November 29 2005


After weeks of training and careful eating, it comes down to choosing "The Biggest Loser" in this special two-hour, live season finale. Only three contestants remain in the contest to see who has the biggest percentage of weight-loss. The winner will be chosen during the live portion of the telecast. Hosted by Caroline Rhea ("Sabrina, The Teenage Witch).


The final three contestants are Matt from Marion, Iowa, Seth from Salinas California, and Suzy from Des Moines, WA.   Contestant Andrea was voted out this week by Matt and Seth after losing the least amount of weight this week.


The series will broadcast its second-season finale in a special live, two-hour episode on Tuesday, November 29 (8-10 p.m. ET). The first hour will feature the "winner of the losers" where the kicked-off contestants will compete to see who has lost the largest percentage of weight since leaving the ranch. The winning "loser" will take home a cool $100,000. During the second hour of the finale, viewers will see how the three finalists continued their weight-loss journeys at home after leaving "The Biggest Loser" ranch. The finale will culminate with the live weigh-in where one the three finalists will be crowned "The Biggest Loser" and win $250,000.


NBC has announced the series will return for a third season.
Title: Re: The Biggest Loser 2 Premieres Sept 13
Post by: Mandoli on November 24, 2005, 08:16:25 PM
Sorry I haven't been reporting for the past few weeks. I've been under the weather (reason is kept confidential), so that's why. But I can't wait for the finale.
Title: Re: The Biggest Loser 2 Premieres Sept 13
Post by: Nuala on December 18, 2005, 11:53:22 AM
My hubby and I watched this entire season.  Let me tell ya we were rooting for Suzy and Matt the entire time.  We hope they hook up.  They would make a great couple.  But, we could also see that the female personal trainer, oh what's her name?, was checking him out on the season finale.  I think she has a soft heart for him as did the guy trainer for was it Shannon.

I am hopping all the guests continued losing their weight by eating right and exercising.  That way we all have a hope of doing it also if need be.

This show is up lifting and inspirational.  Unlike most shows that are always negative.